UKIPT Manchester: Day 1A, level 1, 2 & 3 updates (blinds 75- 150)

ukiptthumb.JPG 5.20pm: Level up
Please follow the action in a new post found here. -- MC

5.18pm: Gillan has a gallon now
PokerStars qualifier Colin Gillon is up to 21,000 after doubling through fellow qualifier Ryan Lawless. Lawless opened the pot with a raise to 525 and was called in two spots before Gillon three-bet to 2,375 from the big blind. Lawless' response was to move all-in and that forced out two opponents but not Gillon who made the call all-in.

Gillon: A♣K♣
Lawless: K♠Q♥

The board ran T♣3♦5♣4♣6♦. Lawless dropped to 11,000 after the loss. -- MC

5.10pm: Pound man update
Events have taken a turn for the worse for our featured PokerStars qualifier Terence Cotter. Cotter won his package for a pound (see 3.35pm) but after a solid start he is now fairly short with 5,000 chips. We witnessed him dropping to 13,000 after he bet 3,000 on a 8♦6♣8♣9♣K♠ board only to be called by fellow qualifier Ciaran Farrell with a winning T♥T♣. Cotter tabled a losing A♠Q♣ and then went on to lose another 8,000 in the five minutes while we weren't watching his table. I hope we haven't bokked him! -- MC

5.05pm: Brammer and Kalmar
For anyone following Chris Brammer he's on around 17,300; he'll be hoping to better last year's sixth place finish. Jon Kalmar, the 2007 WSOP Main Event fifth-place finisher has 10,000.. -- NW

5pm: Spinks going well at tough table
Jon Spinks is at arguably the toughest table in the room but that hasn't stopped him amassing a 28,000 chip stack. He has Stuart Fox, Femi Fakinle and Bart Verbanck for company and the latter of these just paid off the Englishman in a small pot. Marc Foggin raised to 350 from early position and was called by Spinks and Foggin in the big blind. The action was checked to the river where the board read T♦2♣Q♣4♦2♥. Spinks bet 400 and was called by the Belgian (Foggin folded). Spinks tabled 8♥8♠ and took the pot as Verbanck mucked. -- MC

4.55pm: Some exits
Here's the latest half dozen to have busted: Mark Finnerty, Gary Smolinski, Robert Mcadam, Adolfo Jimenez, Anh Le and Joseph Ascroft. The tournament clock is showing that there are 233 players remaining. -- NW

4.50pm: Scary board
From under-the-gun Charles Denton raised to 375 and was called by Jakub Klimek (cut-off) and Chris Brammer (button). The flop was a connected 9♥7♠8♣. Despite this Denton fired out a bet of 1,150 which forced folds from both adversaries. Denton showed A♦A♣ as he claimed the pot. -- NW

4.35pm: Anti climax
PokerStars qualifiers Zachary Ford and Adam Clark were drawn next to each other and just played out a pot that saw them both all-in. The action folded to Ford in mid position and he raised to 375 before Clark three-bet big to 2,375. Everyone else folded and when the action was back on Ford and he quickly moved all-in for around 20,000.

Clark put his hands to his head and pulled back his hair in frustration. He had less than 15,000 at the beginning of the hand and after a minute's tank time he called with K♣K♦. He vented that he feared he was up against aces but he needn't have worried as Ford tabled K♠K♥ for the same hand. The board ran out 4♥Q♦4♠7♣2♠ and there were smiles all round. -- MC

4.20pm: Back from the break
The remaining players including Wayne Bentley (pictured below) are back from the break for level three. Bentley went deep in the 2010 PCA finishing 16th and banking $100,000. He's doubled his stack in the opening two levels and has around 30,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_wayne_bentley.jpg

Wayne Bentley will be hoping for another deep run


4.05pm: From the Bahamas to Manchester
PokerStars Qualifier Laurent Francois was last covered in the blog at the recent PCA in the Bahamas. He was part of the French team that finished fourth in the World Cup of Poker VII and he may well have used that time to pick up tips off his captain, Team PokerStars Pro Araud Mattern, as he's up to 50,000 chips already. He doesn't speak good English so he wasn't able to spill the beans on how he reached that mark but he's certainly chip leader as the players head off for a 15 minute break. -- MC

4pm: Some chip counts
Poker's a zero sum game, so whilst some chip counts go up, some go down. Here's a smattering of chip counts of some of the movers, shakers and notables in the first couple of levels: Stuart Fox (21,000), Jon Spinks (22,000), Femi Fakinle (20,000), Steve Jelinek (13,900), Oli Schaffmann (8,500). News on the current chip leader who has around 50,000 coming right up. -- NW

3.55pm: Of all the table draws, in all the casinos...
I wonder if the other seven players at table five know just how unlucky a table draw they've been given. In seat one is Stuart Fox, who has over $1,200,000 in lifetime winnings and has twice come runner up in WSOP events. In seat four is Femi Fakinle, UKIPT Killarney champion and not afraid to play pots. And in seat seven is Jon Spinks who final tabled UKIPT Brighton in season one and has a formidable reputation online . -- NW

3.45pm: Four more exits
Good news for the alternates, four more exits here in Manchester. Mark Elliot, Steven Anderson, Seth Webber and Morgan Sorfleet are those to have bitten the dust. -- NW

3.40pm: Early bust outs
The lovely floor lady Dena Hassan has brought us news of early bust outs. Peter Haslam, Paul Lanceley and Gerald David have all been felted in the first two levels. Haslam was particularly unlucky as he ran a set of sixes into an opponent's set of jacks. Hard to get away from that. -- MC

3.30pm: Kings are good
On a 4♦5♠K♠ flop Barry Grime checked to Paul Senter who bet 925, a bet Grime quickly called. The 8♣ turned slowed both players down and neither fired on the seemingly scary A♦ river. Grime turned over K♣Q♠ which was enough to claim the pot. -- NW

3.25pm: In for a penny in for a pound
I met PokerStars qualifier Terence Cotter in the hotel lift yesterday and it turned out he was in the room next to me. On the journey to our rooms he filled me in on how he qualified for the tournament. He had a few hours off work one afternoon so chanced his luck at the ₤1.10 re-buy feeder satellite to the main ₤108.50 satellite. He didn't bother re-buying or adding on but still won his entry and then went on to win a package later that night in the main satellite. He's determined to enjoy this week and why not? He's already banked the hotel room and spending money. We'll be keeping an eye on him throughout the day to see how his spin-up progresses. -- MC


Featured qualifier of the day, Terence Cotter

3.15pm: Whelan wounds White
Kevin Whelan just won a large pot against James White, making a couple of nice value bets along the way. Those two along with Ahmad Iftakhar saw a flop of 9♦8♦9♣, no one nibbled though.

On the 5♥ turn Whelan, who was first to act, fired a bet of 600, just White called. The river was the 9♥ and Whelan bet 1,500. After mulling it over White made the call, Whelan showed 6♥5♠ for nines full of fives, White had called with just queen high. -- NW

3.10pm: That's our Femi
Femi Fakinle is the current UKIPT Killarney champion and he didn't win by being shy about putting his chips in the middle. If you've seen the recent TV coverage of the UKIPT Champion of Champions, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Today has been much the same for the Irishman. He told the blog that he lost half his stack in the first three hands when he raised with ten-eight and was called by a player with ace-eight and the flop came down with the remaining two eights on board. He's managed to spin that up to 20,000 now though after a recent double-up. He made a straight and was paid off by a guy who made two-pair. Expect the bumpy ride to continue. -- MC

ukipt manchester_day 1a_femi_fakinle.jpg

Fakinle is already living up to his reputation


2.58pm: Hawes head shake
Richard Hawes is sat at the same table as John Kalmar but he seemed to have more pressing concerns as he was shaking his head as I walked past. He said he lost a pot to drop to 10,000 chips but admitted things weren't that bad and he still had loads of play to recover his stack. -- MC

2.55pm: The Wright move?
Over on Owen Robinson's table a chunky pot has just played out. After Robinson had folded from middle position, Carl Bennet opened to 200 from the hi-jack and was flat called by both Steven Anderson (cut-off) and Michael Wright (button), both blinds folded and it was three to a flop of 9♦Q♥5♦.

It checked to Wright who bet 375, only Bennet called. The turn was the 2♥ and Bennet check-called a bet of 850. The 2♠ completed the board, again Bennet checked and Wright fired a third barrel, 2,100 was the bet. Bennet checked his cards a couple of times before making the call and turning over A♦9♥. Wright tapped the table and mucked his cards, Bennet is up to around 19,000.-- NW

2.47pm: The family house
Chris Brammer was sat in the big blind and saw six opponents put in 150 so he called off the extra 100 to see the 3♠2♦4♠ flop. The action was checked to Stuart Rolfe in the hijack who led for 550. The only call came from Jakub Klimek in the small blind to see the K♠ turn. Both players checked to the 4♦ river where Klimek saw an opportunity to bet 1,050. He was soon faced with a dilemma as Rolfe raised to 2,650. He thought for a while before making the call but his cards were soon in the muck as Rolfe tabled 2♣2♠ for a full house. -- MC

2.35pm: It's tight right?
As previously mentioned there are a lot of tables crammed into the poker room and beyond here at the Manchester G Casino. This makes reaching certain tables a mission and access to others is impossible. Nonetheless we'll aim to bring you plenty of action from those tables we can reach during the early stages. -- NW

2.25pm: Who's here
On the first walk round the room I spotted a few familiar UKIPT faces. Amongst those hoping to negotiate their way through today's 10 levels are: David Vamplew, Femi Fakinle, Owen Robinson, Oliver Schaffmann, Steve Jelinek, Jon Kalmar, Chris Brammer and Stuart Fox. -NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_david_vamplew.jpg

EPT Champion David Vamplew

2.15pm: Damn internet
We've been having internet problems here in Manchester but luckily this is a live tournament so play has started. Blinds are 25-50. -- NW

1.45pm: UKIPT Manchester set for kick-off
Time flies when you're having fun. It just seemed like yesterday that the UKIPT was formed and already we're nearly a third of the way through Season 2. Leg 3 of the best and most fun UK poker tour is upon us and we've headed up the M1 and along the A6 from Nottingham and arrived in Manchester. Last season 518 players participated but we look set to break that record this year as the cap has been pushed out to 600 to accommodate the extra demand. Last season Joeri Zandvliet came over from Holland and defeated the likes of Chris Brammer, Mike Hill, Jack Ellwood and Dean Lyall at the final table on his way to collecting ₤63,200.

The world's top darts players are in town as well tonight, competing in the Darts Premier League at the MEN Arena. We're hoping a couple might come and play tomorrow as the G-Casino is just an arrow's throw away from where some of Europe's top poker stars will be looking for pairs and trips rather than doubles and trebles. Team PokerStars Pros JP Kelly, Liv Boeree and Jude Ainsworth will be competing this week along with WSOP bracelet winner Steve Jelinek and EPT champions Jake Cody, Toby Lewis and David Vamplew.

The buy in for this one stays at ₤550 and there will be three flights. Day 1A starts at 2pm today with Day 1B starting at 12pm tomorrow and Day 1C at 4pm tomorrow. We'll do anything we can to fit you all in and try and increase the prize pool. We're festive people at PokerStars and this week is about more than the main event. For a full list of all the side events at this festival of poker, including the ₤1,500 High Roller, check out the UKIPT website here.


The Manchester wheel

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester (in order of breakfast consumed): Marc Convey (cereal, fruit yogurt and pastries) and Nick Wright (Double Decker chocolate bar).

Marc Convey
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