UKIPT Manchester: Day 1A, level 4, 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150- 300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.40pm: Dinner break
Players are now on a one hour dinner break. During the break we'll whip round the card room and gather some chip counts. -- NW

8.35pm: Kalmar outkicks Fakinle
Jon Kalmar is up to around 24,000 after doubling through Femi Fakinle. The aggressive Irishman had opened to 825 from the button, only for Kalmar to three-bet to 2,375 from the big blind. Fakinle asked Kalmar how much he had left (around 10,000) and had a dwell up, during which time Kalmar gave him some table talk which amounted to: "Don't you just hate it when people play back at you?" Eventually Fakinle moved all-in and Kalmar made the call.

Fakinle: [A][9]
Kalmar: [A][Q]

Neither player improved and Kalmar's kicker played, Fakinle slipped to around 3,500 and Kalmar doubled up to over 25,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_jon_kalmar.jpg

Kalmar has doubled up twice in this level

8.25pm: Falling from grace
Chip leader Laurent Francios is now the former chip leader. He's at a new table now but his former neigbour, Timothy Boyle, informed us he tried and failed to bluff him. Boyle now has 36,000 and Francios is down to 16,000. -- MC

8.15pm: Justin Devenport doubles through Phillip Campbell
Philip Campbell is involved in a pot almost every time we walk past his table, a table that also contains Chris Brammer and David Rawnsley. In this particular hand Campbell opened from under-the-gun+1 to 850 only for Justin Devenport to three-bet to 3,475 from the button. It folded back to Campbell who thought for a while before sliding in the call. The flop fell 5♠2♠8♥ and Campbell moved all-in for an effective 9,600, Devenport snap called.

Campbell: 4♦2♦
Devenport: Q♣Q♠

The 9♠6♦ turn and river changed nothing and Devenport doubled up to around 27,000, Campbell slipped to 28,000. -- NW

8.10pm: More for Brammer
Chris Brammer is up to 17,000 chips now as he continues his recovery. I got to his table just as he made a call on the river versus Philip Campbell. The two highest cards on the board were an ace and a nine. Cambell tabled Q♥7♦ but lost out to Brammer and his holding of 9♠7♥. -- MC

8.05pm: Five-bet folding to Spinks
Jon Spinks is the stereo typical aggressive young phenom with a lot of money in the bank. It's rare that a player five-bet folds to anyone and almost never to Mr Spinks. It just happened though and Spinks continues to have fun and with a stack worth 45,000, why not? -- MC

8pm: Vamps bitten to death
EPT London champion and the winner of the Champions of Champions tournament David Vamplew is out. News was brought to us of his exit but no one had the details so we went of the hunt for him and found him by reception just before he headed off into the night. He explained he flopped top pair, top kicker versus an opponent who flopped a set. They got it in and that was that. Vamplew is planning on staying for the rest of the festival to play cash games and the High Roller on Sunday. - MC


Vamplew before his exit

7.58pm: Kalmar catches an ace to win the race
Jon Kalmar is back up to his starting stack after doubling through an unknown opponent. Kalmar held [A][K] against his opponents pocket fives, and won the race by hitting an ace on the flop. -- NW

7.55pm: Chris Brammer doubles through Sam Holden
Our thanks to PokerStars photographer Neil Stoddart for passing on the details of this hand, Brammer, who was down to about 6,000, held [A][10] and Holden pocket twos, with the UKIPT Season One leaderboard winner flopping a ten to win the hand. Holden is down to about 6,000 after the hand. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_chris_brammer.jpg

Brammer spiked a ten to stay alive

7.50pm: Chip counts
We've been busy scouring the tournament floor for some chip counts amongst those still in are: Stuart Fox (21,000), Wayne Bentley (14,000), Owen Robinson (30,000), Chris Brammer (12,000) and Jon Kalmar (15,000). Chip counts can be found here, news on double ups for Brammer and Kalmar coming right up. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.30pm: The dream is over
Our featured PokerStars qualifier of the day is out. I also found Terence Cotter at the bar and he explained how he ran into quads before getting it in good with second pair on a flop. His opponent called him with a flush draw but hit runner-runner straight to bust him. Cotter is enjoying a beer and said how he thoroughly enjoyed this experience that cost him just £1.10. -- MC


Unfortunately we've seen the back of Terence Cotter

7.25pm: Garcia doubles through Roberts
Pablo Garcia has doubled through Kyle Roberts in an all-in pre-flop encounter. Garcia held pocket kings, which started and stayed ahead of Roberts' pocket tens. Garcia is now up to around 24,000. -- NW

7.20pm: Bar tales
When you see a player supping a beer at the bar you know it means bad news for his/her tournament. As mentioned earlier Oliver Schaffmann was seen doing just this and he loosely filled the blog in on how he busted. An opponent raised from under-the-gun and he defended from the big blind to see a flop that gave him back door straight and flush draw. He floated with the intention of jamming any turn that improved his hand. The turn gave him a double gutshot and flush draw so he jammed. His opponent had flopped bottom two-pair with seven-three and made the call. His hand held and Schaffmann can be found at the bar if you'd like to buy him another beer. -MC

7.15pm: Rawnsley continues to rack chips
David Rawnsley was already well placed and is now up to 48,000 after eliminating Martin Parsons. It all went in pre-flop with Rawnsley holding pocket aces which dominated Parsons pocket eights and it stayed that way. - NW

7.10pm: Jelinek grinding
Steve Jelinek is playing today. The local lad won a WSOP bracelet in 2010 ($1,500 Pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo) although his biggest lifetime cash of $407,146 came in 2007 when he finished 6th in the EPT Grand Final. He's found it tough going today and had slipped to around 11,500. - NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_steve_jelinek.jpg

Jelinek is all smiles despite losing some chips

7.07pm: Hawes halted
Richard Hawes' "bad day" has come to end after he lost a race for his last 7,500 chips. PokerStars qualifier Jamie Dale opened to 725 from under-the-gun for the fourth orbit in-a-row before Hawes three-bet to 1,900 from the small blind. Hawes had three-bet folded to Dale a little while earlier but this time he called all-in when Dale shoved on him.

Dale: 9♣9♠

The board ran J♣8♠2♥T♥4♣. Dale is up to 34,000 as a result. -- MC

7pm: Schaffmann out the door
I spotted Oliver Schaffmann hanging out by the bar, suggesting he won't be adding to his UKIPT cashes here. Also out are Richard Hawes and Terrance Cotter, details on their exits coming up. -- NW

6.49pm: Final numbers in for Day 1A
Registration was open for three levels today as we tried to squeeze in as many alternates as possible. It was closed and the numbers were counted and the final player number for today is an impressive 248 players. -- MC

6.40pm: Another big stack emerging
PokerStars qualifier Laurent Francois is still top of the pile with 55,000. His closest rival is David Rawnsley who has 42,000 who one a pot off Philip Campbell just before the break. Campbell limped in and called when Rawnsley raised to 700 from the button. The flop came 2♥9♣4♥ and Rawnsley continued for 1,000 after Campbell had checked in the dark. Campbell called and checked again before the turn came 8♣. Rawnsley checked behind and both players checked the 6♦ river. Rawnsley tabled A♠T♥ and took the pot as Campbell mucked. -- MC


6.20pm: Break time
Level four has come and gone. The players are on a 20 minute break. -- MC

6.15pm: Respect for Skene
Alisha Skene is back up to her starting stack after she forced two opponents off a hand. The pot was a pre-flop limp fest before the said flop came 6♥3♠J♠. One player led for 1,350 and was called in one spot before Skene raised to 3,500. Both her opponents smiled but ultimately folded. -- MC

6.05pm: Latest exits
Lukasz Skora and Sajid Munir are two of the latest exits. Also the end of level three signalled the last chance for alternates to get in, so we'll be able to bring you total player numbers for day 1A shortly. -- NW

6pm: Keep calm and five-bet all-in
Five bets, four players and one showdown. Martin Parsons got the action started raising to 525, next to act Sam Holden raised to 1,400. Then Philip Campbell made it 4,000 total before Paul Murphy five-bet all-in for 9,525. Both Parsons and Holden folded before Campbell made the call.

Murphy: A♦A♣
Campbell: A♠K♥

The board of 8♣2♦3♠3♣5♥ meant it was all over before the river was even dealt. Campbell who is now down to around 17,000 was bemoaning his decision to not just flat call the 1,400 bet from Holden. -- NW

5.45pm; The 'fun and games' table
Jon Spinks turned around and said to me, "There's fun and games at this table" as a big hand was playing out.

The action was three-way and the flop had come as A♥J♣T♣. The action checked to Nigel Ventre in the hijack and he bet 4,500 and was called by Femi Fakinle on the button before PokerStars qualifier Shaun Farrell moved all-in for 6,500. Ventre tried to move all-in as well but as Farrell's raise was an under raise he was only allowed to call. Fakinle called as well before the two checked down the 8♦2♠ turn and river.

Ventre tabled A♠J♠ for two-pair. Fakinle mucked but Farrell had flopped the joint with K♣Q♠ for triple-up to around 22,000, Ventre was put back down to his starting satck and Fakinle is down to 7,500 again. -- MC

ukipt manchester_day 1a_jon_spinks.jpg

Jon Spinks is on a fun table in Manchester

5.32pm: Vamplew holding steady
EPT London champion David Vamplew won the UKIPT Champion of Champions event at the end of Season One and as a result he won entry to all UKIPT events in Season Two. He's squirreled away on one of the harder to reach tables at the moment meaning it's hard to follow his progress. After vaulting over three chairs, performing a triple backflip and tunnelling under a few more tables* I managed to get close enough to Vamplew's table to guesstimate that his stack is around 18,300. *Not entirely true, it was only a double backflip.-- NW

5.25pm: Rice cooked
Philip Rice is out, David Rawnsley the assassin. I missed the pre-flop action but on a flop of 7♠K♠A♠ Rice had got the last of his chips in with 7♣6♦ against Rawnsley's A♥Q♦. The turn was the K♣, the river the 6♥. As he walked off Rice said: "Three pair wins you nothing." -- NW


tournament floor

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