UKIPT Manchester: Day 1A, level 7, 8, 9 & 10 updates (blinds 600- 1,200, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.30am: Top five chip counts
Here are the top five chip counts at the end of Day 1A, we've been promised full chip counts very soon and overnight the full list of the Day 1A survivors will be uploaded to the blog. For now check out the chip counts page for the big stacks and notables.

Paul Nash, PokerStars qualifier, United Kingdom, 168,000
Richard Haile, PokerStars player, United Kingdom, 143,300
Andrew Laurie, PokerStars qualifier, United Kingdom, 126,600
Matthew McDerra, PokerStars qualifier, United Kingdom, 121,700
Gregory Howard, PokerStars player, United Kingdom, 108,300

Paul Nash, who finished 20th at UKIPT Nottingham is the overnight chip leader. -- NW

1.45am: Play has ended for the day
Play is over for the day, full wrap on the days play and top five chip counts to come. Andrew Ferguson was a late exit near the end of day 1A.-- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_andrew_ferguson2.jpg

Ferguson busted just before the end of play

1.35am: Nash wins huge pot against Xenofon Kalanas
Our thanks to PokerStars photographer Neil Stoddart for capturing this monster hand for the blog and recounting it to us. On the turn of a 2♥6♣2♣[10h] board Paul Nash moved all-in with pocket kings and was snap called by Xenofon Kalanas who held pocket sixes. The river though was the K♦, giving Nash a pot worth 150,000 and almost certainly a late charge to the chip lead. -- NW

1.30am: Tweedie likes the ladies this time
Moments after losing a large pot with pocket queens, Ian Tweedie was at it again. Holding pocket queens, he once more found an opponent (Nicholas Tate) holding pocket aces, but he flopped a queen and eliminated Tate. -- NW

1.25am: Live poker is so rigged
Oh my, cooler alert! Iqbal Ahmed, Michael Wegner and Ian Tweedie got it all-in pre-flop, holding aces, kings and queens respectively. Ahmed's aces held up, he was the shortest of the stacks but still banked 75,000, Wegner the middle of the three stacks took the side pot from Tweedie. -- NW

1.20am: Vaish vanquishes another
Rajan Vaish continues to pad his stack. He just eliminated Martin Fogg who's K♠4♣ couldn't get there against Vaish's A♣3♣ on the Q♥A♠[10d]Q♠5♦ board. "I knew you were at it," said Vaish. -- NW

1.15am: Masson muscled out
Debbie Masson has had a remarkable recovery coming back from 7,000 a short while ago to the now dizzy heights of 45,000. She opened to 3,100 from under-the-gun and was called by Mark Bointon (cut-off) and Andrew Ferguson (small blind).

All three players checked the K♥Q♥8♠ flop. The 3♦ hit the turn and it checked to Bointon who bet 5,400. Ferguson then put in a check-raise to 12,200, Masson passed quickly and Bointon went into the tank before moving all-in. A perplexed Ferguson counted down his stack (around 20,000) before electing to fold. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_debbie_masson.jpg

Masson has made a good recovery in Manchester

1am: Davies' house drowned by the river
Luke Davies has just been eliminated by Bryan Slater. Most of the chips in this 45,000 chip pot went in on the turn of a 3♦J♠A♠A♦ board and it was easy to see how. Davies had pocket threes and Slater A♥Q♠, the J♣ river though gave Slater a bigger boat and sent Davies to the rail. Slater is up to around 85,000. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ante 100

12.56pm: Spinks on a rollercoaster ride
Jon Spinks' stack has been up and down today. He was up to 50,000 chips before dropping back down to 11,000. He just informed me that his current stack went as high as 56,000 a while ago but has now settled on 35,000 as level nine has come to an end. With one more level to go before play finishes anything can happen to his stack. -- MC

12.48am: Stoekken takes some from Ferguson
Arne Stoekken just doubled through Andrew Ferguson. I joined the action pre-flop to see around 8,000 in the middle and an all-in bet of 10,800 in front of Stoekken. "I've got nothing but I've priced myself in," said Ferguson before making the call.

Stoekken: [10h][10s]
Ferguson: A♥7♥

The board ran out 7♣4♦J♦6♥J♥. Ferguson is down to 31,000. -- NW

12.43pm: Bradshaw busts
Andy Bradshaw is out. He got the last of his chips in with seven-eight on a [6][6][7] flop. The only problem with that was Paul Murphy had pocket jacks and made the call. There was no miracle through the turn and river and Bradshaw wished everyone luck and left. -- MC

12.38am: Holmberg falls from great height
PokerStars qualifier Kim Holmberg was chip leader a couple of levels ago but now he is out after falling to Mark Bointon. The action was five-way to a A♦8♣3♥ flop and the Swede bet 3,300 and was called by Debbie Masson and Bointon. The turn came Q♣ and Holmberg moved all-in for his last 24,000. Masson folded but Bointon snap called with pocket eights for a set. Holmberg tabled queen-eight for two pair and was confirmed out after the river came 7♠. -- MC

12.30am: Robinson squash
We didn't find the delightful Mr Robinson but we found out from a tablemate what happened to him. He raised from the cut off with pocket nines and called all-in when PokerStars qualifier Michael Wright shoved from the big blind with ace-queen. Wright hit and Robinson was booted out. -- MC

12.25am: Va Va Voom for Vaish
Rajan Vaish is going well he's been a big stack for most of the day and currently has around 62,000. He just three-bet to 7,100 from the small blind after Petter Brunell had opened to 2,100 from mid-position. Brunell folded and Vaish was gracious enough to show K♥K♦. -- NW

12.15am: Robinson out
Owen Robinson is out, no details I'm afraid but we'll try and track the double Irish Poker awards winner down and get the scoop. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_owen_robinson.jpg

No deep run for Robinson this time

12.05am: Holmberg on the up
At the start of level six Kim Holmberg was chip leader with over 75,000, by the start of level eight he had dropped to around 36,000 but he just got some of them back. From the cut-off Paul Senter made it 2,000 to play and from the button Holmberg bumped it up to 6,325. It folded back to Senter who gave it up. Holmberg dropped his cards in front of Senter and said: "It's a big hand," Senter asked to see one, Holmberg nodded and turned over the A♦. "Would it have mattered which one?" asked Senter, again Holmberg nodded. -- NW

11.55pm: Most players are back from break
Most players are back for the last two levels of the day. One player not coming back is Martin Malone. He lost a pot to leave himself very short and ended up calling all-in blind when an opponent raised. He only found five-six when he was forced to turn his cards over. He failed to hit and headed to the bar. -- MC

11.40pm: End of level
Level eight is over and players are on a 15 minute break. -- NW

11.38pm: Nice end to the level for Robinson
Owen Robinson more than doubled-up to 22,000 in the last hand of the level. He moved all-in with 8♠8♥ after there had been a raise and a call. One of his opponents in the hand called with A♦J♠ but the board came 7♠8♣3♠7♣A♥ to make a full house for the Irishman.

Steve Jelinek is sat next to Robinson and has recovered from a low of about 3,500 up to 19,000.-- MC

11.32pm: Nash well stacked
Paul Nash went deep in the last UKIPT event, before losing a flip and busting in 20th place. He's built a stack again and currently has around 70,000. In a recent hand he opened to 1,500, Luke Smith three-bet to 4,100 but folded when Nash four-bet to 14,500. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_paul_nash.jpg

Paul Nash is building a stack once again

11.30pm: Huge three way all-in
I just witnessed a huge three way all-in and the biggest pot of the tournament so far. I missed the pre-flop action but four players saw a J♦7♥9♦ flop. Jonathan Gill led out for 5,000, Dean Hutchinson then moved all-in for 20,200 total and Soleiman Janjua then moved all-in over the top for 30,100 total. Gill now tanked saying: "There's so much value," before calling the all-in.

Hutchinson: 9♥9♠ - middle set
Janjua: J♣9♣ - top two pair
Gill: A♦K♦ - nut flush draw

The Q♥ turn gave Gill more outs, but Hutchinson's hand held up on the A♣ river and Janjua won the side pot meaning no one was eliminated. Hutchinson now has around 70,000. -- NW

11.22pm: Malone hangs on
Martin Malone is up to around 22,000 after getting a flop fold from Andrew Bradshaw. The flop was out as Q♣6♥2♥ and Malone check-raised all-in for 12,100 after Bradshaw bet 4,000. Bradshaw tanked for a while but interrupted this to have a go at the dealer who was riffling chips. He eventually gave it up and tried to get Malone to show his cards but Malone declined the request. Bradshaw is still going well on 46,000 chips. -- MC

11.15pm: Spinks takes a big blow
Jon Spinks, like the Spinks boxing family, is a heavy weight who can roll with and hand out punches. He spent the first half of today's bout giving the punches but he was almost out for the count a short while ago after Jamie Dale landed a big pocket aces size blow on the side of his chin. Spinks had pocket kings after he got up from the canvas he realised he still had 11,000 chips to fight on with. The PokerStars qualifier Dale is up to 75,000 chips. -- MC

11pm: Cartwright crocked by the crabs
Anthony Cartwright is out, his A♦Q♠ failing to get there against Mark Wagstaff's pocket threes. -- NW

10.55pm: Jones can't catch his flush
I joined the table to see the dealer shipping a 45,000 chip pot in the direction of Vassil Vassilev and the excellently named Dutch PokerStars qualifier Lennart Lancelot Jones exiting the table. The cards and board were still visible with Jones having Q♦9♦ and Vassilev A♦J♠ on the 7♦A♥2♦2♣7♣ board. Best guess is the money went in on the flop. - NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, 75 ante

10.44pm: Couldn't Holden to his chips
PokerStars qualifier Sam Holden came back from dinner with just a few thousand chips but now he has no chips. His table mate, David Rawnsley, told us that he moved all-in with ace-eight but was called by a player with ace-king and failed to catch up. -- MC

10.30pm: Big pot sees off Harraghy
We wrote that Gerard Harraghy liked to play pots but he wont be able to play any more in this tournament as he's out. PokerStars qualifier and early chip leader Laurent Francois was the man to do the damage on his way to a stack now worth 68,000. Our kind photographer Neil Stoddart brought us the details.

All the chips went in on a J♥Q♦4♦ flop with Harraghy holding ace-queen to the Frenchman's pocket jacks for a set. The board bricked out and the Irishman headed out the door. -- MC

ukipt manchester_day 1a_gerard_harraghy.jpg

Top pair was no good for Harraghy

10.20pm: Roberts runs the squeeze play
Jose Azorin made it 900 to play from the button and Bryan Slater flat called from the small blind. Then from the big blind, Joe Roberts, made it 4,400 total. Both blind folded quickly as did Azorin. However, Slater took his time, indulging in some inaudible chat with Roberts before he too eventually folded. -- NW

10.15pm: Two hands with Gerard Harraghy
PokerStars qualifier Gerard Harraghy is a poker player that likes to play hands. We sat with him through two hands to see how he gets on:

The first hand saw him enter the pot with a three-bet to 2,550 from the button after an opening raise to 1,100 from Nicholas Tate in the hijack. Tate responded with a four-bet to 5,675 but folded when Harraghy five-bet to 10,475.

The very next hand he opened to 875 from the cut-off and was called by the button and the big blind. The flop came down J♠A♥3♣ and Harraghy continued with a 1,250 bet. PokerStars qualifier Ian Tweedie was the only caller from the button. The turn came A♠ and Harraghy kept up the aggression with a 2,550 bet. Call. The river fell T♠ and both players checked. Tweedie quickly tabled K♣J♥ giving Harraghy the chance to muck the losing hand.

Counts after those hands:

Gerard Harraghy -- 44,000
Nicholas Tate -- 31,000
Ian Tweedie -- 29,000 -- MC

10.05pm: Burke is bust
Jeffrey Burke is out. I missed the hand but he wandered over to Stuart Fox and said: "It's down to you now son." That's a pretty good indication that he's out. -- NW

9.55pm: Out for dinner
Two players who dined out rather than eating the buffet were last year's final table player Chris Brammer and Wayne Bentley. The reason being for this is that they busted near the end of the last level. Bon appétit gents. -- MC

9.45pm: Chip counts
During the break we did a sweep of the cardroom to get the biggest chip stacks and some of the notables. The current chip leader is Kim Holmberg who has 77,200. Following closely behind are Richard Haile (69,000), Thomas Seamen (68,000), Jamie O'Connor (60,000) and Paul Nash (58,800). Notable names left in include Jon Spinks (43,000) and Stuart Fox (38,000). Check out the chip counts page for more chip counts. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1a_kim_holmberg.jpg

Chip leader Kim Holmberg

9.40pm: Play gets back under way
The players are back in their seats after the dinner break and their stomachs are full of lamb rogan josh, chicken, pasta and salmon. One player who didn't enjoy his food as much as others was David Docherty who busted at the very end of level 6. He told us that he pushed his short stack in with queen-ten and was called by an opponent holding ace-jack that held. -- MC


Jelinek grinding a 5,000 stack at the moment

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester (in order of plates consumed at the dinner buffet): Marc Convey (two plates) and Nick Wright (one plate).

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in UKIPT