UKIPT Manchester: Day 1B, level 1, 2 & 3 updates (blinds 75- 150)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.26pm: Price of poker goes up
That's the end of level three so we'll be starting a new post which can be found here. See you on the other side. -- NW

3.25pm: Maudlin gets four streets of value
Dave Maudlin is a familiar face on the UK circuit and he just bet all four streets and found a willing caller in the shape of Kenneth Andrews. The Teeside player opened from under-the-gun+1 and was flat called by Andrews, Philip Caie (button) and big blind Andrew Youens. The flop fell 4♦K♠9♥ and Maudlin c-bet 1,225, only Andrews called. Maudlin then bet 2,050 on the [10h] turn and 2,525 on the 3♣ river, Andrew called both times showing Q♦Q♠ but Maudlin had A♦K♥. -- NW

3.20pm: Laurence Houghton doubles up
He opened to 375 and was flat called by Athir Kamal Ali before David Thompson made it 1,100 total. It folded back to Houghton who moved all-in for 2,800 more. Ali folded but Thompson called saying: "I hope you've got ace-king," as he showed pocket twos. Houghton though had him dominated with Q♦Q♣. The board ran out 3♠8♥4♠3♣K♠ to double Houghton up. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1b_laurence_houghton.jpg

Houghton scored a much-needed double up

3.15pm: Some chip counts
Jeff Kimber had a solitary blue 5,000 chip propping up a tower of gold 1,000 chips meaning he's on 22,000 and Kevin Williams has more than doubled his starting stack sitting as he is on 35,000. "No major pots, lots of little ones." - NW

3.05pm: News in brief

  • PokerStars qualifier Dylan Davies is up to 19,200 after flopping quad nines. He put in a big river value bet and was paid off Mark Stobbs.
  • Max Silver is going well on 22,000 chips despite raise folding to Ian Burton pre-flop.
  • Nick Abou Risk was all-in on a A♦T♦9♥ flop. Risk had c-bet the flop for 625 and then shoved for 8,625 when Graham Pound raised from the big blind. Pound agonised but folded. -- MC

    2.55pm: Hill off to steady start
    UKIPT leaderboard, er leader, Mike Hill is up to 19,000 from his starting stack of 15,000: "No real hands of note," he told me: "I've just been jabbing away, collecting bits and bobs." -- NW

    ukipt manchester_day 1b_Mike_Hill.jpg

    A quiet, but profitable start for Mike Hill

    2.45pm: Premium hands
    Top tier hands are hard to come by and they're even harder to let go once you get them. But Anthony Colclough just showed good discipline to let one go. He'd bet 3,600 into a pot of about 5,000 on the flop with the board reading 6♠7♥4♠ only for Dominic Crolla to move all-in for an additional 8,375. "Have you got a set?" asked Colclough before folding pocket jacks face up, he was rewarded for his fold as Crolla showed pocket kings. -- NW

    2.35pm; A catch up with big Sam
    I caught up with PokerStars qualifier Sam Acheampong a short while ago. He's grinding a short stack right now and it was all down to one hand with Gary Billington. There has been a lot of history between the two as Acheampong said he had been abusing his button and as Billington was in the big blind while this was happening, he didn't seem best pleased.

    The key hand saw three limpers before Acheampong raised on the button. Billington three-bet from the big blind and Acheampong and one other player called. The flop came down [k][q][2] and Acheampong bet 1,050 when checked to him. Billington raised him again, to 3,000 and only Acheampong called. The turn came a six and Billington moved all-in and Acheampong called with a set of twos but lost out to Billington who had kings for a bigger set. Acheampong dropped to 5,000 after this but has ground his way back up to 9,000. -- MC

    2:25pm: Back in the game
    Cigarettes have been smoked, bad beat tales have been exchanged and seats have been taken. The break is over and the game is back on. -- RS

    2:18pm: Counting the cost
    With the break following level 2 in effect, here's some interesting counts from around the felt. -- RS

    Toby Lewis 42,500
    Jamie Burland 19,600
    Sandra Jackson-Palin 15,400
    Alex Martin 15,000
    Eliza Burnett 14,800
    JP Kelly 13,200
    Johnathan Weekes 11,925
    Oluwashola Akindele 10,400
    Fintan Gavin 9,800
    Martin Green 8,400

    2:12pm: Better late than never
    2010 EPT Villamoura winner Toby Lewis may have made a tardy arrival but his performance so far has been singularly "untardy." He's up to 42,500 and we would love to furnish you with more details of exactly how that came to be, but he is plumb in the middle of a deep and engrossing massage. We couldn't bring ourselves to spoil this relaxing moment, so more details on this once the masseuse has stopped karate-chopping his delicate neck. - RS

    2:07pm: The fluctuating life of JP Kelly
    JP Kelly is another late arrival and he hasn't made quite the dramatic impact of Toby Lewis. In his most recent hand, he went heads up with Mark James to a Q♥J♣2♥ board, calling a bet of 550.
    Come the 4♣ turn, Kelly again flat-called the bet of 650 this time, although when the action went check-check on the 6♦ river, James turned up A♠Q♦ for "top,top" and Kelly just mucked.
    He quickly won a small pot next hand though to bring his stack up to 13,200. -- RS

    2.05pm: Break time
    All players are now on a 20 minute break. -- MC

    2.03pm: Nut no pair
    So announced Sam Grafton as he called a bet of 850 (into a pot of 1,600) on the river of a 3♥J♦K♠6♥6♠ board. His opponent Neil Walker showed pocket fives to win the pot. Grafton, who has around 17,700 mucked his hand and some of the other players were confused as to what 'nut no pair' meant, Grafton explained he had ace-queen which was the best possible hand that didn't make a pair. -- NW

    2.01pm: Table talk with Martin and Owston
    God help the other players at table 19, Alex Martin and Dan Owston are currently bantering it up like there's no tomorrow. Both of them have chirping chips as Martin is on 22,000 and Owston has 32,000, courtesy of making a set of twos against ace-king.

    They're playing a lot of pots and in a recent hand Martin made it 275 to play and picked up two callers before Owston announced raise. "I'd squeeze here too," said Martin as Owston made it 1,350 total. Everyone folded and Owston said, "He {Martin} is a spewtard and I've tagged you all as pu**ies." To which Martin playfully retorted: "You're a real shark you're Dan." As Owston took the pot he showed the 9♠. -- NW

    2pm: McCorkell straightened up
    Craig McCorkell is up to 24,000 after flopping a straight and getting value from his hand on two streets. There were two limps before Mark Gray raised to 300 from the button. McCorkell called from the big blind and the two limpers came along for the ride.

    The flop came T♣Q♠K♦ and the action was checked to Gray who c-bet for 1,000. McCorkell raised this up to 2,725 and was called by Gray after the other two players folded. The turn came K♥ and McCorkell led for 3,000. Quick call. The river came 7♦ and both players checked. McCorkell tabled J♣9♣ for a straight and took the pot as the unlucky Gray tabled A♥K♣. -- MC

    1.55pm: Ainsworth up and down
    Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth had a good start to the day but has been brought back down to earth and currently has about 13,400. "I got up to about 18,000," he told me. "But then I had [Q][9] and flopped trip nines, but a player turned a flush so I lost some there. And I had [A][K] against pocket sevens on a [K][7][x][K] board and lost a few thousand there." -- NW

    ukipt manchester_day 1b_jude_ainsworth.jpg

    Ainsworth has been up and down

    1.52pm: Kelly on his way
    Team PokerStars Pro JP should be here for the start of level 3. He tweeted a short while ago, "Just woke up and off to play the ukipt at G casino in Manchester....gonna try tweet some updates...." -- MC

    1:50pm Kimber Chopped
    Jeff Kimber has been a busy fellow in the early levels, most recently seen engaging in war with Mark Gray in a fiercely contested pot.

    Having led for 225 on the K-9-6 board with ace-king, he was no doubt delighted to see another king appear on the turn, although his joy was tempered somewhat when Gray check raised him to the tune of 3,200. Kimber made the call and also cautiously just flat-called 2k on the river.

    It was a cautious call by Kimber, tabling big slick for the nut trips, although he sensed strength from Gray and indeed, that proved the case as Gray also turned up ace-king. The pot was chopped between them, leaving Kimber just a tad above his starting stack with 16k or so and Gray on 18,200. -- RS

    1:40pm Money, Money, Money
    A crisp £10 note was found lying near table four moments ago. A member of staff collected it and made enquiries as to the owner. Incredibly there was not one claimant, including the two men nearest the money David Agnew and James Walsh.

    The dealer found their honesty incredible.

    "What are you doing? You should have claimed it and chopped it up!!!"

    So if anyone reading fancies a tenner and can make it down to the casino and lie with an honest face - it's probably yours (don't tell them we told you though.) -- RS

    1:35pm Young Guns Firing Blanks
    So far many of the younger participants have failed to show up in the early levels - Jake Cody, JP Kelly and Toby Lewis absent at this point. There are whispers of a "monster session" last night being the cause of their absence, although we aren't sure if this is a poker or alcohol reference. We'll be breathalysing them on their arrival to work out which of these is true. -- RS

    1.30pm: Fitzgerald finds a call
    I just saw a big pot play out between Andrew Taylor and Dara Fitzgerald. With a full board of 6♣J♦K♣8♣[10d] on the felt, Taylor bet 5,100 into a pot of around 7,000. Fitzgerald thought for a while before putting the calling chips into the pot, but in a manner that suggested he really didn't like it. Taylor turned over Q♣[10s] but Fitzgerald held J♣9♠ and had made an excellent call to win the pot. -- NW

    1.25pm: Former champions going fine
    There are three former UKIPT champions playing Day 1B, Jamie Burland (Brighton), Nick Abou Risk (Edinburgh and Galway Season Two) and Max Silver (Dublin). All three of them have had a steady first level. Burland gave me the international sign for 'level', Abou Risk is up to around 16,000 and Max Silver said: "I'm up to 16,500 was a slow first level, especially as we're playing ten handed." -- NW

    1.15pm: Kimber's good start undone
    Jeff Kimber had increased his stack through the first level but he just lost a pot to Vincent Mcaulay to drop back down to his starting stack. The flop was out as 9♦A♠T♠ and Kimber bet 1,100 and was called by Mcaulay, a third party involved folded. The action was heads-up to the J♣ turn and Mcaulay, sat in the big blind, check-called a 2,500 bet before both players checked the 3♠ river. Mcaulay opened A♥K♦ and took the pot as Kimber folded. -- MC


    Kimber getting busy early

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50-100

    1.06pm: Williams 'emptied the clip' to win a pot
    Kevin Williams is up to 18,000 after firing on all three streets in to Dutchman Nick Bijleveld. The action was four-way to the T♦J♥7♣ flop and Williams bet 550 and as only called by Bijleveld. The turn came 3♠ and Williams fired 1,025. Call. The river was dealt as 4♣ and Williams fired to the tune of 3,025. Bijleveld looked at the board and folded. -- MC

    1.02pm: Some notables
    With Day 1C starting at 4pm, I'd have had good money on some of the better known younger players - let's call them internet superstars - playing the later flight. But no, EPT champions Toby Lewis and Jake Cody are playing Day 1B as are Sam Grafton, Jamie Burland, Kevin Williams and Alex Martin. -- NW

    12.59pm: Tough tables
    Sat just one seat apart on table 12 are Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth and Denmark's Mickey Petersen, the Dane is a regular face on the European circuit and has a number of live cashes to his name. Elsewhere on table 10, Craig McCorkell (2010 EPT Grand Final, 9th place), Jeff Kimber and Maurice Silke (UKIPT Galway, 3rd place) can get to know each other as they're sat in seats eight through ten. -- NW

    12:55pm Bad Beat Storey
    Kevin Storey has already managed to boost his stack up nicely above the starting level - up to 19,750 courtesy of a nice early doors cooler.
    Dean Clay was the unfortunate man on the other end - his pocket sevens matching up nicely with the 7♣ on the board come the river - however there was also a king on board and when Storey turned over his pocket cowboys for a cruel-but-superior set, Clay saw his stack reduced to 12,100.
    He might be cheered up by the genial banter at his table coming from two English pros - Martin Green and Rob Sherwood, however both are highly experienced with some great results in the past so will prove a handful for anyone taking them on. - RS

    12:48pm Breakfast of Champions
    JP Kelly, multiple bracelet winner and hero of the English poker scene has yet to arrive - a lonely set of untouched chips sitting quietly at table 8 seat 9. Rumour has it the young prodigy is just finishing off his ninth Weetabix - although that has yet to be confirmed. - RS

    12.35pm: Queens good for Trinh
    I played with Lam Van Trinh at UKIPT Nottingham and he showed himself to be a good and aggressive player. He's off to a good start here after making the right river call versus Paul Brampton. The action was three-way to a 4♣A♣5♠ flop and Trinh led for 550 and was only called by Brampton to go to the 3♠ turn. Trinh kept up the aggression with a 750 bet and he was called once more. The river came K♦ and Trinh slowed to check to face a 1,700 bet from Brampton. He took his time but made a good call with Q♣Q♠ as Brampton only had 6♣6♦. -- MC

    12.25pm: King of the Hill?
    Mike Hill, is from Manchester and he finished third in this event last year. He's had a strong start to Season Two with a 25th place finish in Galway and a fifth place finish in Nottingham. Hill currently sits atop the UKIPT Season 2 leaderboard, another strong showing in his backyard will see him cement his place at the top. -- NW

    12.15pm: Looking for title number three
    Nick Abou Risk is in the field today and he's chasing a third UKIPT title after taking down Edinburgh in season one and Galway in season two. No one else even has two titles but that wont alter his ambitions. His table draw isn't the kindest though as Jonathan Weekes is sat directly to his left and will try his best to stop the juggernaut Risk. -- MC


    The man, the myth, the legend that it Nick Abou Risk

    12.02pm: Cards are in the air
    Play has begun here in Manchester. Just a reminder that all players start with 15,000 chips and ten levels will be played today. A one hour dinner break is scheduled for the end of level six. -- MC

    11.50am: Day 1B about to get underway
    One of the reasons the UKIPT has become an instant success is partly due to the multiple routes one can take to get into one of the tournaments. PokerStars run daily satellites to enable players with shallower pockets or smaller bankrolls to get in on the cheap. One can also buy in directly on the site which saves the hassle of getting the money out of your online account before entering. All the venues we are in partnership with also run live satellites and there is also the option of buying on the day at the venue. The problem now is that the tournaments have become so successful one cannot be guaranteed to get in this last way. To help solve this problem today the UKIPT will trial a new format.

    Two staggered flights will take place today. Day 1B will start in a short while at midday and Day 1C will start at 4pm. The blog will look the same for the first few levels but as soon as Day 1C kicks off there'll be two posts running concurrently until Day 1B finishes at around midnight. Some top talent is out force for Day 1B including Team PokerStars Pros JP Kelly and Jude Ainsworth along with Jack Ellwood, Laurence Houghton and Jonathan Weekes to name but a few. -- MC


    Prayers to the poker gods were said by all players this morning at Manchester cathedral

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester (in order of new boy status): Marc Convey and Nick Wright (seasoned) and Rod Stirzaker (new boy).

    Marc Convey
    @PokerStars in UKIPT