UKIPT Manchester: Day 1B, level 7, 8, 9 & 10 updates (blinds 600 - 1,200, ante 100)


12.09am: Day 1B is in the can
It's been an eventful day today with the usual slew of busts, stories, shattered dreams and growing ambitions that the game of poker always produces.

After ten hard-fought levels, the remaining 80 or so players have reached the close of play, bringing that dream of a UKIPT title that little bit closer. They are bagging and tagging the chips as we speak and it looks like Sarah Hannan has bested the best of her competition to lead the way with 159,900.

When she returns tomorrow however, there will be a pack of hungry poker players on her heels, including the likes of double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk (123,000) and Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly (79,200).

Full chip counts will follow as soon as they have been processed and we'll be posting up a more in-depth look at how events unfolded once Day 1C's play has come to a close.

Thanks for following day 1B and make sure to head over to Day 1C's coverage to find out how this dramatic day finishes up.

We'll see you there!

12.05am: Huge pot alert!
Heard the one about kings versus queens versus jacks? No? Well then read on. From under-the-gun Chun Law raised to 2,700; Gary Brewer then moved all-in, Richard Eatock then called all-in and Law - who covered both players - made the call.

Law: Q♦Q♣
Brewer: K♠K♦
Eatock: J♦J♠

The board ran out 2♦[10d]5♠3♥5♣; after the stacks were counted down, Brewer trebled up to 56,000, Law dropped to 33,200 and Eatock was eliminated. -- NW

11.50pm: Stacked table
As Day 1B draws to a close grouped together on table three are Rupinder Bedi (42,000), Jake Cody (17,000), Fintan Gavin (14,000) and Kevin Williams (63,000). -- NW

11.35pm: Edinburgh reunion
Luke Marsh is sat two seats to the left of Nick Abou Risk, both players made the final table of UKIPT Edinburgh in Season One and both players have six figure stacks here in Manchester. The former just played a sizeable pot against Sarah Hannan.

On a 9♣9♦8♣ flop Hannan checked to Marsh who bet 4,800, she check-raised to 10,800 total and Marsh made the call. Both players checked the 6♠ turn before Hannan fired out a bet of 10,200 on the A♥ river. Marsh tanked for a few minutes before folding his hand. After that hand Marsh down to around 110,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1b_luke_marsh.jpg

Marsh is building a stack once again

11.25pm: Tarnished silver
I saw Max Silver heading out of the room and feared the worst. I caught up with him and he told me that he shoved his short stack in with pocket sevens and ran into Lynne Beaumont's pocket queens. Silver has been suffering with man flu so it's straight to bed with a lemsip young man. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ante 100

11.11pm: Kelly trips up opponent
JP Kelly is beginning to steamroll his table and it can't be much fun facing his big stack right now.

Moments ago, he called a raise from the big blind three-way with 8♣7♣ and when he flopped a pair and a gutshot on the 7♠9♥J♥, he led out for 4.1k. The small blind check-called and then a juicy 7♦ fell on the turn to give Kelly trips.

Leading out for 6.5k now, his opponent check-raised all-in for around 20k and Kelly made the call - his opponent's ace-jack now scrabbling with just two outs to save him. They never arrived and Kelly's stack has blossomed into an impressive and formidable 93k. -- RS

10.40pm: Abou Risk running the show
Earlier today Nick Abou Risk told us that he'd been running pretty good. He'd been moved to the direct left of Sam Grafton and the run good continued as he's just eliminated Grafton in a 90,000 chip pot. I didn't see the hand but a frustrated Grafton told me what happened. "I had queens and raised from the small-blind, Nick three-bet, I four-bet, he five-bet all-in and I called. He had nines and hit a nine on the river."

Grafton went on to say: "I had to pass aces to him earlier on a bad board and I felt I'd played really well this tournament. If I win that pot I've got 90,000 and it takes chunk from him and I can just chill out." After that hand Abou Risk is up to around 138,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1b_nick_abou_risk.jpg

Can Abou Risk make it a hat-trick of UKIPT titles?

10.30pm: Jaffacake Tweet
Jeff Kimber is happy with the way his tournament is going and Tweeted: "Excellent stubbornness in the blinds gets me to 68k last break of the night, average is 31k." -- MC

10.25pm: Those we have loved
The last three players to bust were:

Samuel Pawson
Paul Proctor
George Kyriacou

Good game guys. -- MC

10.15pm: Poor old Pordes
One of eight PokerTubers at the UKIPT, Ben Pordes, raised from late position with A♣K♠ to 1,500. He was re-raised by the player on the button to 4,800. Pordes then four-bet to 11,000 and the button player went all-in for a total of 29,000. Pordes tanked for a minute before calling and it was a good call as he was up against his opponent's Q♦J♣. The board came Q♠7♥3♦5♥9♠ and the 63,000 pot went in the wrong direction for Pordes who is now down to 5,800. Thanks to our colleague Rikard Aberg for bringing us this information. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 100

10.12pm: Back from break
Two more levels to go before all the Day 1B players bag up for the night. Max Silver informed us that he's dropped to 35,000 chips. -- MC

9.52: Break time
The players are on their last break on the day. One player who is on an extended break is Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth. He just Tweeted, "Bust". -- MC

9.50pm: Cody steps up the heat
With the blinds now at 300-600 with a 75 ante, there is a juicy pot in the middle waiting to be picked up by anyone brave enough to have a successful nibble. They should watch out for EPT Deauville winner Jake Cody though...

Cody has certainly adjusted to this situation and is three-betting all-in with his 10k stack anytime he sniffs weakness (most lately over the top of a Philip Goron open to 1,500. Goron folded...) and as a result, he now has a 16k stack. Since arriving late today, he hasn't threatened the upper echelons of the tournament leaderboard yet, although if he continues in this vein, it won't be long before we see him up there with the other big stacks.

ukipt manchester_day 1b_jake_cody.jpg

Cody in being aggressive shocker

9.48pm: No fillip for Caie
Philip Caie was one of the shortstacks with the blinds becoming threatening and it was no surprise when he moved his chips into the middle in a bid to change that situation round.

Timing is everything in this game though and when he was picked off by aces, his A♦Q♣ didn't look so hot. No miracles arrived to bail him out and it was game over for Caie.

9.40pm: Cody and Risk sharing a table
EPT Champion Jake Cody has been moved to the same table as double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk. Winning PokerStars live events is about the only thing they currently have in common. Not only are they sat at different ends of the table but their chip counts are at different ends of the spectrum.

Abou Risk has 85,000 he told me , "I got them by running good," his latest tweet of: "JT > KJ of shortie. 85k I'd guess," backs that hypothesis up. Jake Cody meanwhile is struggling to get going and has around 10,000. "It's been a frustrating day," he told me." -- NW

9.20pm: Easy JP-easy
It seems stack accumulation comes very naturally to JP Kelly and he is proving a force once again here - moving imperiously up to 60k - mainly due to a succession of small to medium pots. He may have looked slightly bleary-eyed at the start of the day, but he is a vision of focus right now and will be a big threat for the tournament if he maintains his concentration and his luck holds. -- RS

9.10pm: Not a lucky Weekes after all
Jonathan Weekes in the latest in the long line of great British talent to bust post dinner. He explained he got his last 20,000 chips in the middle in a three-way pot. One opponent had pocket nines and one had ace-queen. The largest of the stacks was with the player holding ace-queen and he flopped a queen to claim a double scalp. -- MC


Lewis before he busted

9pm: Lewis loses the lot
EPT Vilamoura champion Toby Lewis is out. He explained he lost most of his stack after he called an opponent down with second pair. He was right in the fact that he didn't have top pair but it's hard to read an opponent who rivers a set of fours. The rest of his chips went soon after. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, 50 ante

8.50pm: Some chip counts
Here's a selection of chip counts from my last sweep of the room --NW

Sam Grafton - 42,000
Rupinder Bedi - 27,000
Fintan Gavin - 25,000
Andrew Youens - 28,000
Toby Lewis - 21,000
Max Silver - 70,000
Kevin Williams - 24,000
Mickey Petersen - 29,000

8.45pm: Cry me a rivermanl
Laurence "rivermanl" Houghton is out. He's currently enjoying/crying into a beer at the bar. -- MC

8.30 pm: Gift of the Gavin
Rupinder Bedi and Fintan Gavin just clashed in a pot. Bedi raised to 900, Gavin three-bet to 2,400 and Bedi made the call. Both players checked the 5♥3♣6♥ flop before Bedi check-folded to Gavin's bet of the A♥ turn. As he passed his cards to the dealer Gavin said: "You can look at either I promise you both are the same." Gavin then flashed the A♠, he's up to 25,000 whilst Bedi has 27,000. -- NW

8.15pm: Tales of woe from Toby Lewis' railers
Toby Lewis has two extra railers standing behind him in the form of Craig McCorkell and Jack Ellwood and the reason they're there in because they have no chips left. Their stories of demise are similar in that they both ran into an opponent holding pocket aces.

McCorkell explained that he raised with big slick from under-the-gun and shoved when three-bet from mid position. His opponent snapped him off with pocket aces and that was that.

Ellwood busted at almost exactly the same time after he shoved with nine-ten from mid position and the button called those pesky pocket aces. -- MC

8.01pm: Martin given his marching orders
Alex Martin has had a really topsy-turvy day and he threw his last chip in anger just prior to the dinner break. He went over his exit hand with us. He made it 750 with A♣7♣ and was flat-called, only for a short-stack to move all-in for 4.5k.

He called - as did the other player in the hand. The flop came ten-high with two clubs, and when both active players checked the flop, Martin was delighted to see the T♣ come in on the turn to complete his nut flush. He check-called the turn, then led for 8k on the apparently blank 7♦ river.

Surprised when his opponent now shoved, Martin made the call - only to discover the horrendous truth that he was up against T♥7♥ for a rivered boat and his tournament dreams were now in tatters.

"People are saying I should have bet-folded the river. I dunno, I think he can have worse flushes there..."

Whatever his post-match ruminations, Martin now finds himself on the rail. "I'm off for a nap!"

7.55pm: Chip Leaders
Here are the men taking the tournament by the scruff of the neck right now.
Ian Nelson - 70,000 (This is to be confirmed as there is a little confusion over the namecards in his area - more news shortly.)
Benjamin Senior - 69,000
Lori Anne Lazzaro - 61,000
Marcin Wydrowski - 55,000
William Haughey - 53,300

7.48pm: Back from dinner
All remaining Day 1B players are back from dinner break. Jack Ellwood is one of those but he only has a 6,000 chip-stack to work with. Ellwood has had phenomenal results on line but his live breakthrough came at this very tournament last season where he came 2nd for £37,500. -- MC


Jack Ellwood hanging in there

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester (and their favourite WSOP main event champion): Marc Convey (Peter Eastgate), Nick Wright (Huck Seed) and Rod Stirzaker (Russ Hamilton ;-) ).

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in UKIPT