UKIPT Manchester: Day 1C, level 1, 2 & 3 updates (blinds 75 - 150)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.25pm: Level over
Level 3 has come to an end. The new post with level 4 stories will be up shortly. -- MC

8.15pm: Missed opportunity for Channing
Neil Channing is on just below his starting stack with 14,600 but he's bemoaning his luck. He vented his frustration at not being in a pot in which he would've won 7,000. Don't be results-orientated now Mr Channing, it was no bad beat. -- MC

8pm: Coren hooked by McCloskey
I wandered over to Vicky Coren's table to see how the Team PokerStars Pro was getting on and she was down to around 10,000 and was involved in the current pot.

She raised to 350 and picked up two callers including Dominic McCloskey. On a flop of 7♠A♥8♦ Coren c-bet 600 and only McCloskey called. On the [10d] turn Coren check-called a bet of 800 from McCloskey before both players checked the 2♥ river. When McCloskey turned over pocket jacks, Coren mucked her hand. -- NW

7.58pm: Liv needs some luck
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is having a frustrating day. Her latest Tweet read. "In Manchester playing the Ukipt. Playing bad and running bad, not a good combination. Down to 7k." -- MC

7.50pm: Persaud likes pocket nines
As previously mentioned Nik Persaud has enjoyed a near double up to 28,000. He had pocket nines and eliminated Martyn Tawn who held pocket sevens. The board of 6♦4♠2♣8♠6♥ gave Persaud reason to sweat but his hand held up. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 1c_nik_persaud.jpg

Persaud riding high on Day 1C

7.35pm: Some chip counts
A sweep of the 100 or so players left in Day 1C revealed the following chip counts:

Neil Channing: 17,300
John Eames: 14,900
James Keys: 15,200
Nik Persaud: 28,000

News on how Persaud got those chips coming right up. -- NW

7.25pm: Back from the break
Bellys full of a combination of chicken, salmon, rice and pasta, the Day 1C players have re-taken their seats. -- NW

6.25pm: Buffet time
All Day 1C players are now on a 60 minute dinner break. -- MC

6.25pm: Sorry Zorlu, 'Eyazit
Dale Garrad has made a storming start in the early levels of Day 1C, his latest coup coming at the greedy hands of Zorlu Beyazit.

We joined the hand on the river of a J♠J♣8♦5♣9♠ board - Beyazit betting out 3k and Garrad making the call with pocket kings.

Beyazit didn't want to turn over his A♣4♠ for a stone cold bluff and Garrad had picked up a tasty pot that put his stack up to 29k. Beyazit's sticky fingers meanwhile mean he has fallen away somewhat at this early stage to 7.5k. - RS

6.10pm: Keys in the house
James Keys, who's had a bit of recent success finishing second in the Aussie Millions, is playing Day 1C. The youngster is a very calculated player so I wondered if he'd played this flight by choice, for strategic reasons: "No it wasn't a conscious decision," said Keys. "All the other days were sold out!" -- NW


James Keys is so hot right now that even his top is turning red

5.50pm: Top two good
Four players Hasan Qureshi, Zohaib Rehman, Stephen Ng and Neil Channing all put in 225 to see a flop of Q♥[10h]5♦. It checked to Rehman who bet 1,050, Qureshi then check-raised to 2,500 total. It folded round to Rehman who made the call. The 2♠ hit the turn and Qureshi moved all-in, Rehman - who had around 6,000 left - quickly folded. -- NW

5.30pm: Old friends, new rivalry
Back in 2006 Jerome Bradpiece was already renowned around the London poker scene as a very good player. And it was around this time that Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree was learning her trade in low buy-in tournaments. Their paths crossed many-a-time at the now defunct Gutshot poker club and the two became friends. They have been drawn at the same table today and Bradpiece just joked that he wished he was facing the 2006 Boeree rather than the 2011 version. Boeree currently had 13,800 and Bradpiece 17,000. -- MC


The 2011 version of Liv Boeree


Damned internet again
Our sincere apologies for the lack of updates. Serious internet problems have kept us all offline. We now have a dongle and will try to catch up as soon as possible. -- MC

5.15pm; Happy birthday to Kirsty Thompson
Team PokerStars Blog would like to take this opportunity to say many happy returns to UKIPT President, Kirsty Thompson. Kirsty has been instrumental in making this tour the biggest and most successful UK tour. A sign of her dedication is the fact that she has been present here all day working her little socks off. Wherever you are, please raise a glass. -- MC

5pm: Crazy table 31
The early action hasn't slowed down at table 31. James Renehan was the next player to bust after a bizarre hand. Peter Cumberlidge limped from early position before Renehan raised to 2,025 accidently. He meant to make it 225 but didn't announce it. Pravin Khilosia was on the button and made the call to see the J♣5♦9♦ flop. Renehan checked to face a 3,025 bet that he raised all-in for around 12,500. Khilosia made a very quick call to create a showdown.

Renehan tabled K♠Q♠ for over cards and a gutshot draw. Khilosia opened A♦T♦ for a flush draw. The turn and river came blank and Renehan wished everyone luck and headed off. Day 1c players are here to gamble! -- MC

4.45pm: Tough crowd
The Day 1C tables are a little spread out here in Manchester however the talent is somewhat bunched. Neil Channing, John Eames and Ash Hussain are all huddled together on the same table. -- NW


Neil Channing

4.40pm: Walker goes pro
I spotted UKIPT Nottingham champion Gareth Walker and asked the web developer how life had been since his win: "Well I've pretty much quit my job," he said. "I'm self-employed now." -- NW

4.35pm: Quads for Renehan
Robbie Renehan is up to 30,000 already after hitting quad tens. He knocked out an opponent (no player list yet so we'll update who shortly) holding pocket queens after they both got their chips in on a ten-high flop. Renenhan in the early chip leader and very chirpy as a result. -- MC

4.25pm: Day 1C is go
It's yet another first for the UKIPT today as for the first time ever there are two Day 1 flights being held on the same day. Day 1B started at midday and after a short delay Day 1C now has cards in the air too.

The G-Casino's poker room is packed. We expected most of the internet superstars who are usually only up in the morning if they're closing out a tournament to play the later flight but the majority of them appear to have got up early for once. Instead it's a bevy of 'live pros' and old school 'dinosaurs' who seem to be playing this flight.

Amongst those spotted downstairs taking their seats are Team PokerStars Pros Vicky Coren, Liv Boeree and UK poker legend Neil Channing. They'll be joined by the likes of James Keys, John Eames, Jerome Bradpiece and UKIPT Nottingham Season 2 champion Gareth Walker.

Just as in Days 1A and B players will have to negotiate 10 one-hour levels if they want to make it to Day 2. Whilst the flights overlap there'll be two concurrent posts running, one for Day 1B and one for Day 1C. On the chip counts page if someone has a (1C) after their name that indicates they're playing Day 1C. It's going to be a late one but stay with us; it is Friday night after all.

ukipt manchester_day 1C_tournament_room.jpg

Day 1C has just started in Manchester

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester (and their favourite word beginning with the letter 'C'): Marc Convey (cash), Nick Wright (curmudgeon) and Rod Stirzaker (champagne).

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT