UKIPT Manchester: Day 1C, level 7, 8, 9 & 10 updates (blinds 600-1200, ante 100)


4:11am: Day 1C is over!
It's been another day of intrigue and a tough day has created heroes and villains aplenty with the fluctuating leaderboard constantly fascinating.

Michael Oakes has plundered his way to the top of the leaderboard for Day 1C come the close of play and he has topped Sarah Hannan's mighty 160k with 167,300.

We'll have a full wrap-up of the combined day's action, but for now we appreciate you following our updates.

We'll be back tomorrow at 3pm for the resumption so get a good night's sleep ready to catch up with day 2's action as the race for the title continues.

See you there. -- RS

4.10pm: Drama as Boeree busts on the last hand of the night
I was planning on writing that nothing dramatic occurred in the last four hands of the night but no, there was drama to be had as Team PokerStars Pro Liv was eliminated in the very last hand of the night at her table.

There was a 2,000 raise from the hijack that Boeree treated to 7,000 three-bet from the small blind. Hasan Qureshi was in the big blind and shoved for around 30,000, just covering Boeree. Boeree made the call after the other player had folded.

Boeree: 9♦9♣
Qureshi: A♥J♥

The board ran 3♥7♠7♣8♠A♣. Qureshi called for an ace on the river and it duly arrived to Boeree's extreme frustration. -- MC


Boeree busts on the last card dealt of Day 1C

4.03am: Last four hands
The clock has been paused and we are four hands away from the close of play.

3.52am: Boeree Liv's again
Despite bemoaning both her luck and performance earlier, Liv Boeree has shown some great sticking power here, moving her stack over the 35k mark, and with her ability to use chips wisely in the quest for glory - she remains very much a threat, having traversed some rocky stages in this tournament.

Also on the rise is Neil Channing who has had a relatively low-key day, but the rise of his stockmark "towers of destruction" is a strong indicator as to his growing presence on the leaderboard.

He is up over 60k now and is likely to be at the very least a thorn in the side of anyone with designs on the title. -- RS

3.42am: Bennett busto
It must be agony to have traversed the long, energy-sapping day, traversing the many pitfalls lying in wait for the tournament player, only to fall at the last - and in unfortunate circumstances.

Ask Jonathan Bennett, who went for a much-needed double-up with the very worthy A♠K♣ and when he picked up action from a tablemate holding K♥Q♥ he was in great shape to do just that.

A flop of T♣J♠3♦ brought a little danger however, an open-ended straight draw threatening to bring his day to a brutal and dramatic close.

The turn blanked as the 2♦ but the final A♣ fell on the river to sound the death knell for his hopes of a positive finish. Good game sir. -- RS

3.40am: Not Gregory's girl
Gregory Geismar is the 40th place finisher from Day 1C and it was Michelle Bennett that did the deed. She raised to 3,600 from the hijack before Geismar three-bet to 5,700 (4,00 back). Bennett set him in for the extra and he made the call.

Bennett: T♣T♠
Geismar: 6♥6♠

The board ran 7♠5♣8♠T♥3♣. It was a great flop for Geismar and he still had outs even when Bennett hit her set on the turn but it wasn't to be. -- MC

3.30am: Lucky double-up for Harish Bhat
Harish Bhat was down to just 5,700 when he found A♣K♣ in the cut-off and Alex Burton raising in front of him. In they went but what he didn't account for was Anutr Amranand moving in as well from the small blind with K♠K♥. Burton folded what he claimed to be pocket threes. The board ran 7♥3♦(gasp from Burton)9♠A♦4♦. Amranand was left with around 11,000 chips after the hand. -- MC

3.20am: The final countdown
Level 10 is the last of the day. The long hours have taken their toll on some of the players with slumped postures, slack jaws and vacant looks the order of the day. However this could be the time to strike, with nearly 3k in the pot preflop every hand, the players who can turn up the heat most effectively can really boost their stacks considerably in these final stages.

Coffees all round! (Tea for Adam Latimer obviously.) -- RS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200

3.10am: N'Owen when to call
It's a useful skill and sometimes in poker, you have to call even when you know you're behind.

This was the situation facing Owen Shiels moments ago. Having three-bet an opening raise from 2k to 5,200, he now saw Justin Williams cold four-bet all-in for 15,900 behind him. The blinds moved out of the way - as did the opening raiser but Shiels tanked for a bit before realising the 10,700 extra he had to call was too little for him to pass.
He called with A♣Q♥ - and was not surprised when Williams flipped up a superior K♠K♦.

Needing to spike, Shiels did just that - the board peeling off 3♦8♦A♥4♥T♥ leaving Williams on the rail and sending a tasty 37k pot Shiels' way.
"I didn't want to call but I had to," he revealed as a good-natured Williams took the beat well, wished the players good luck and departed. -- RS

3.05am:Two British pros leave us
John Eames and Nik Persaud have been eliminated. Persaud went out a little while ago but no one has the details, not even Sophie who was massaging him at the time. Eames' exit was more recent. His shove mode attitude got him up to 20,000 before he got it in with ace-jack and lost a race to an under pair. -- MC


So long, Nik Persaud

2.50am: Get them in Eddy
Short-stacked John Eames only has one move now - to shove. When a player opened from mid position, Eames shoved for another 11,100. Eames sat stoically as his opponent thought. Eventually he folded 7♥7♠ face-up. Eames raked in the small pot to put him up to about 15,000 chips. -- MC

2.40am: More for Barry
Aaron Barry is up to 135,000 now after winning a pot off Thomas Grey. The two have been sat next to each other all day and it seemed as if Grey tried to bluff him off his hand but his cards weren't shown so one can't be sure.

Barry raised to 2,200 from mid position and Grey called to go to the T♦7♣Q♥ flop. Barry check-called a 2,900 bet here and a 6,000 bet on the 3♦ turn. Barry checked for a third time on the river and Grey gave up and didn't want to show his cards. Barry tabled A♣T♠ and it was good for the pot. -- MC

2.30am: Bartek Palka gets frosty reception
With the blinds now a chunky 400/800 and opportunities to escape from big hands being minimal, now is not the time to get coolered. When Bartek Palka was dealt ace-king, he must have been feeling gleeful about his chances of a juicy double-up. Little did he know however that an opponent was sat behind him with pocket aces.

Unlikely perhaps but that's the way it was and when palka's big slick failed to get there versus the bullets, he was left licking his wounds and clutching a minute stack that is unlikely to pose a serious threat to the tournament title.

"That's the first hand I've had in ages," he lamented slightly sadly. -- RS

2.25am: Can Latimer continue shortstack ninja-ing? Shu-ri-ken!
Yes more news about the crazy antics of Adam Latimer - who has failed to breach the 20k mark, but ships his stack in every so often to keep himself alive.
I know some of you will be wondering how he is managing to continue with all that tea in his system. Latimer is made of stern stuff, don't worry about that. He only had to make three bathroom visits during level 8. He's like the Chuck Norris of the tea-drinking community.
He has 16k. -- RS

2.18am: Players are back from break
The last two levels of this mammoth day of poker are upon us. We will try to make sense if our brains hold up to the job. The chip leader heading into level 9 is Aaron Barry and he's pictured below.


Aaron Barry

1.55am: End of the level
The remaining 46 players are now on their last 20 minute break of the day. -- NW

1.32am: Persaud Niks a pot
Latimer's tablemate Nik Persaud may have just dodged a bullet. The action all started when the cut-off raised to 1,700 and Persaud three-bet to 2,800. He was flat - called and the pair went heads-up to a A♥6♦3♠ board.

Persaud thought for a moment before leading out for 3,200, only for his opponent to make a snap-fold, whizzing his cards across the table.

He may have wished them to remain anonymous, however his intentions were foiled as a freak gust of wind caught the cards and flipped them up - pocket kings showing up.
Persaud shrugged and raked in a pot that boosts him up to 22k.

1.25am: Dangerous with a short stack
Adam Latimer remains in contention, although he is flirting with elimination as we speak - his stack a mere 17k. He has increased his holding modestly as a result of shoving preflop several times, picking up the blinds and antes.

"I'm in my element with a shortstack. It's where I've got most of my experience!" admitted Latimer, who is definitely in make-or-break mode.

1.23am: It was worth the wait for Channing

Neil Channing is up to about 40,000 after cautiously playing a hand and his line worked for him. He raised from the button and Anutr Amranand peeled to see the A♦5♣J♦ flop. The action went check-check as it did on the T♣ turn. The river came 6♥ and Amranand led for 2,850. Channing snap called with A♥6♠ for a rivered two-pair. Amranand tabled the out drawn A♥6♠. -- MC


Chatty Channing

1.10am: Chat with Channing
You don't survive as long in the game of poker as Neil Channing has without being a bit canny and his decision to play Day 1C was no accident. "I didn't want to come up the night before," he explained (less expenses). "So the later flight was ideal for that. I thought Day 1A would be easiest then Day 1C with 1B being the toughest as I knew a lot of the good young players were playing Day 1B." Channing has around 35,000. -- NW

1.05am: Bradpiece all out
Jermome Bradpiece soon found himself all-in again but things didn't work out so well for him this time. The truest pre-flop cooler of them all occurred as he had pocket kings to Assaf Hussain's pocket aces. There was no two-outer to save him.

News reached us after his exit that he had pocket aces in the last hand versus Bennett. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, ante 75

12.50am: Henry halts Leighton with Ladies
From under-the-gun James Leighton raised to 800 and it folded all the way round to Michael Henry in the big blind who made it 1,900 to play, a bet Leighton called. The flop fell 5♦[10s]8♣ and Henry bet 2,100, call from Leighton. The Q♥ turn was checked through, before Henry bet 4,100 on the 6♦ river. After a pause for though Leighton looked him up, but mucked when Henry showed Q♣Q♠. -- NW

12.45am: Bradpiece all-in
Jerome Bradpiece was just all-in against Michelle Bennett but managed to force her off the hand at the turn stage. Bennett raised to 1,500 from under-the-gun and called when Bradpiece three-bet to 3,500 from the button. The flop came 9♦7♠T♥ and Bennett check-called a 4,000 c-bet from Bradpiece. The turn came T♣ and Bennett checked once more to face an 11,500 all-in bet from Bradpiece. She thought through her options and decided that to fold was the best way to go. -- MC

12.35am: Morley gets the push through
Daniel Morley was down to his last 4,400 and after a pre-flop raise to 1,200 and a call, he also called from the big blind. On the [10h]K♠6♠ board Morley moved all-in for around 3,200 and both opponents folded. -- NW

12.20am: Lucky Latimer
Adam Latimer is up to 50,000 after hitting a two-outer. He explained to the blog that he raised from the button with jacks and got three-bet. He called to see the [6][6][t] flop where his opponent check min raised him. The rest of the chips went in and Latimer was shown pocket kings. The turn blanked but the river was a lovely looking jack to keep him alive. -- MC

12.05am: Play resumes
The Day 1C players have been pulled from pillar to post today as tournament directors struggled to fit them in before moving their tables into the main poker room as ones became available. Day 1B is almost finished so they will soon have a lot of the room to themselves to spread out and breathe. Players still in include Liv Boeree, Nik Persaud, Jerome Bradpiece and John Eames. -- MC


Adam Latimer

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester in order of the number of brain meltdowns in the last hour: Marc Convey (two), Nick Wright (one), Rod Stirzaker (none = hardcore)

Marc Convey
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