UKIPT Manchester: Day 2, level 11, 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.20pm: End of the level
Level 14 will be up for you viewing pleasure in a new post very soon.

6.15pm: Wary big stack play
David Rawnsley and Jon Spinks are the two big stacks on table two and just played out a pot. There was an under-the-gun raise with to 6,600 that Spinks called from two seats along before Rawnsley three-bet to 13,400 from the big blind. The original raiser folded but Spinks made the call to see the 6♠J♠A♦ flop. Rawnsley led for 27,000 and Spinks folded and was shown A♣K♦. Rawnsley is up to about 190,000 and Spinks is still going strong on 170,000, roughly. -- MC

6.05pm: More for Kelly
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is doing the best he can to catch chip leader Paul Nash. He's up to 215,000 after getting an opponent to fold on the flop. Kelly three-bet pre-flop and led for 17,500 on the 9♣8♥J♠ flop. Kelly's opponent open folded A♣Q♥. -- MC

5.50pm: Williams watch
In July 2010, Kevin Williams was chief railer as his friend, Jamie Burland, won UKIPT Brighton. Although Kevin has won a UKIPT side event he'd dearly love to emulate his best mate's success by winning a main event.

Yesterday Williams built his way up to an end of day 81,600 by playing a series of small pots. And it appears today has been much the same for Williams who's sporting a Superman hoodie. I just saw him make a min-raise pre-flop, get a call from Simon Cawley in the big blind and then c-bet a 9♦3♥4♣ flop to take the pot down. Williams has climbed to around 160,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 2_kevin_williams.jpg

Williams is yet to meet his Kryptonite

5.42pm: Channing bites the bullet
Neil Channing had been quiet all day. In his own words "My VPIP had dropped to zero." Suddenly though he saw a raise and a re-raise in front of him. "I was so sure that he had aces, I looked down and saw a king and I really didn't want to see another. I was throwing it away if the second card was an ace."

However he found a matching cowboy and with pocket kings - he had to go with it. His gut instincts were correct though and he found his opponent with aces and joined the throng on the rail. -- RS


It's hard to fold kings

5.30pm: Surprise duck upsets James
Mark James was short and desperate. A♣9♦ looked good to him and he shipped his stack into the middle - only for Gary Fisher to take a shot at knocking him out with 2♥2♦.

The flop of 5♣5♥9♥ looked set to move James back into a stronger position but he let out an anguished groan as the 2♠ hit the turn to give Fisher a full house.
No nine or five on the 8♠ river and James shook hands with the table and left empty-handed. -- RS

5.20pm: Play resumed
We're into level 13 where the blinds are 1,200-2,400 with a 300 ante. A total of 116 players made it through the first two levels. Check the chip count page here very shortly as we'll be updating all the counts. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ante 300

5.05pm: Break it down
It's been explosive so far with multiple casualties but at last the players have a chance to take a breather and recover from the fireworks. There is a twenty minute hiatus before we charge back into the next level.

5.00pm: Kelly continues to crush
It's a tough ask playing JP Kelly armed with a big stack, but when he's running well to boot - it must be soul-crushing.

Jack Boobyer was the latest victim of the marauding Englishman. The pair were heads up to a flop of Q♠4♠4♦ and JP Kelly led out with a bet of 18.5k.
Boobyer took some time...then called.

The turn was the A♦ and Kelly bet out 40k - more than enough to set Boobyer all-in. He shook his head and looked like he wanted to throw up BUT he did make the call, tabling K♠K♦ - whilst JP showed him A♠Q♣.

"So sick," a frustrated Boobyer said, rising from the table as the river bricked. The young Pokerstars Pro had got there on the turn and his enormous collection of chips has been bolstered yet further, now up to 220k.

"I'm getting lucky every hand!" Kelly told the rail. -- RS


JP Kelly on fire (not literally)

4.53pm: Campbell's gamble scrambled
If you're wondering what that headline means, you're probably not the only one! Translating into actual English, Gary Campbell shoved over a raise from Michael Wegner with A♣T♠ but ran into his pocket queens...and didn't get there. Another one bites the dust. -- RS

4.50pm: Oakes tanks
Michael Oakes, who was the second biggest stack with 167,300 at the start of play, has been quietly building his stack which now sits at around 195,000. He just lost a few to Daniel Cochrane though. With the board reading 2♦K♠2♥J♠ Cochrane bet 8,000, Oakes asked the dealer to spread the pot (around 17,000) and went so far into the tank that he said to the table: "Sorry guys," before eventually passing. -- NW

4.45pm: Too fast, too furious
As we've already mentioned they are falling like flies today. These following players failed to make it past level 12:

Nigel Clifford
James McCulloch
Todd Swain
Jonathan Gill
Dean Hutchinson
Damion Isaac
Michael Henry
Danny Hernon
Lee Cowmeadow
Kevin Whelan
Antonio Crolla
Richie Allen
Eetu Edvard Parpala
Robert Charlton
Dale Garrad
Michael Wegner
Rajan Vaish
Keith Bradley
Mickey Petersen
Dylan Davies
Stuart Fox
Mark Spelman
Erik Cox -- MC

4.38pm: Gregory hunted
Gregory Hunt is the latest of many players to fall putting up down to 134 players already. He raised with 9♥9♦ and called when Mark Wilson set him all-in from the small blind with Q♦Q♠. The board ran an uneventful 4♦5♠7♣4♣2♥ to send Hunt on his way. -- MC

4.30pm: Pair against pair
Elliot Hayes is up to around 160,000 after doubling through Matthew McDerra. It all went in pre-flop with Hayes holding pocket kings and McDerra pocket jacks. After that hand McDerra is down to around 88,000. -- NW

4.20pm: Latimer and Lazzaro round two
Adam Latimer is now out. He recounted his exit hand to Neil Channing saying: "I four-bet jammed with [A][7] for about 40,000 and was called by [K][Q] which hit." Further probing revealed his assassin was Lori Anne Lazzaro. She's now back to around 115,000. -- NW


Adam Latimer

4.15pm: Latimer makes it a double
Adam Latimer has secured himself an early double through as well as taking a big chunk out of tablemate Lori Anne Lazzaro.

We joined the hand on the river with a beaming Latimer holding the nut straight - T♠J♦ on a 7♠8♦9♣9♥5♦ - and a less sunnily-disposed Lazzaro counting out a 27.5k hole from her previously 100k+ stack with K♦T♦ in front of her.

We assume this went in in the flop, which seems like it would have generated some action but however it went in, the result is that Lazzaro is down to 80k and Latimer is up to just over 60k. -- RS

4.12pm: Garrad gone
Dale Garrad is an early casualty - tablemate Ben Dobson doing the damage with ace-king versus Garrad's ace-jack.

No spikey, no likey. Garrad out,

-- RS

4.12pm: Fast and furious
As always with Day twos, the early stages see a glut of bust outs as players come back with new vigour and attempt to build a stack capable of cashing. Those who tried and failed so far include:

Marcel Gruteser
Francis Dunleavy
Andrew Youens
Christoper Knights
Michael Farrer
Yiannis Liperis
Timothy Boyle
Stuart Kinghorn
Steven Warburton
Richard Hurst
Paul Bampton
Mike Glasspell
Joe Roberts -- MC


There's less of these people now

4.10pm: Nash increases his lead
It's been a good opening level for overnight chip leader Paul Nash, his stack having burst through the 200,000 barrier: "I've got about 215,000," he told me. "I had [A][Q] and hit against seat one's (Michael Farrer) pocket sevens." -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000, ante 200

4.05pm: Bedi building
Rupinder Bedi had a smile on his face for once, a sure-fire indication he'd had a good start to the day. Indeed he has building his stack up to 90,000 from 58,900 in the opening level. "I won a flip against Andrew Youens, [K][Q] against pocket threes, when I hit a queen on the turn." He also took a pot with pocket eights against [A][10]. - NW

4pm: Surprised Spinks
John Spinks just said, "F##k me" after his 19,300 flop bet got through to take a pot down. The action started with an under-the-gun raise to 4,100 from Michael Wright which got three callers before Spinks three-bet to 15,700 from the small. Wright folded but the other three players called to see the 9♣K♠4♥ flop. Spinks led and all three folded to put him up to 165,000 already. -- MC

3.53pm: Kelly busts Abou Risk
Nick Abou Risk's bad day has turned into an awful one as he just busted in a big pot to Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly. We caught up with Abou Risk on the casino floor and he filled us in on the details.

Kelly raised to 4,000 and Abou Risk defended from the big blind with K♦9♦. The flop came down K♣[k]4♣ and Abou Risk check-raised Kelly's 6,100 c-bet up to 12,700. Call. The turn came a non-club five and Abou Risk led for 8,400. Call. The river came a non-club seven and Abou Risk shoved for his last 31,000. Kelly snap called with pocket sevens for a rivered full house. Ouch! Abou Risk joked that he doesn't know what to do with himself now as he's not used to busting out of tournaments. -- MC

3.45pm: Thank you Twitter
It's hard to follow all the action all of the time, but thankfully resources like Twitter and Facebook can be the eyes in the back of our heads. Jeff Kimber is an experienced campaigner and regular user of twitter. He summed up his day two table draw in a recent tweet. "UKIPT Day 2 started with 89k, well over average. Got two similar stacks to my right and all short stacks on my left, time to get busy/get shoved on a lot."

A few minutes later he added: "Sigh ran three sevens into aces full for 60k, back to 55k after a good start. Start again." -- NW


Kimber Tweeted too soon

3.40pm: Haile to the chief
Richard Haile had over 140,000 at the start of play and he's just padded his stack and eliminated Christoper Knights in the process. It was a classic race with Knights getting his last 30,000 in with A♣K♠ against Haile's pocket tens. The board of 7♣8♥6♦2♦3♣ gave Knights no help. -- NW

3.30pm: Tales from table 15
Table 15 immediately jumped out as one to watch at the start of Day 2. It contains Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, two-time UKIPT champion Nick Abou Risk and Sarah Hannan, who was third in chips coming into today.

The table has already seen some heavy action: Nick Abou Risk is down to 53,000. First, he had to four-bet fold costing himself 18,000 and then he doubled up Michael Fletcher in a blind on blind battle, Fletcher's pocket twos holding against Abou Risk's [A][J]

Hannan too has dropped some chips to around 120,000 and Harish Bhat is up to around 180,000. -- NW

3.20pm: Glasspell shattered
Mike Glasspell is one of the first fallers today. He only came back with 14,700 chips today and he three-bet them all-in after an Adam Holborn opening raise. Holborn made an almost apologetic call with A♥A♣. Glasspell let out a little chuckle and tabled his J♣T♣ which failed to catch up enough through the 7♠T♦K♦Q♠7♥ board. -- MC

3.05pm: Cards in the air
Players have been called to their seats and the cry of shuffle up and deal has been uttered. The plan today is to play down from 177 players to 54. -- NW

2.50pm: Welcome back for UKIPT Manchester Day 2
This is where the serious end of the tournament begins. All of the remaining 177 players made it past their respective day ones but now it's all about the money. Over half of these players will leave disappointed and empty handed today as 81 places are being paid. Eighty-first place will net you £750 and this amount will steadily climb all the way up to first place who will take home £74,000. All this comes out of a total prize pool of £307,500.

Paul Nash is statistically favourite to grab that first place prize as he comes back as chip leader with 168,000. Hot on his heels is Michael Oakes (167,300) and a little further back we have Sarah Hannan (159,900) and the treble-hunting Nick Abou Risk (123,000). A lot though can change in a day in this game so stay with us and we'll bring you all the action as we approach, burst, and leave behind the bubble. Play is due to begin at 3pm.

ukipt manchester_day 2_paul_nash.jpg

Chip leader Paul Nash

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