UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 14, 15, 16 & 17 updates (blinds 3,000 - 6,000, 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG10:38pm: Top three stacks
As the players were bagging and tagging their chips we peered over their shoulder and wrote down some chip counts. By our reckoning the top three in chips are:

Robert Angood, United Kingdom, 578,500
Matthew McDerra, PokerStars Qualifier, United Kingdom, 512,500
JP Kelly, Team PokerStars Pro, United Kingdom, 484,000

A full wrap of the day's play and full chip counts to follow. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 2_matthew_mcderra.jpg

PokerStars qualifier Matthew McDerra had a good day two

10:18pm: Levi's zipped as Day 2 ends
Just moments ago, David Rawnsley, who subsequently told us everyone knows him as Neil, effectively ended the day by brushing aside the shortstacked Levi Mochan.

Mochan was desperate with just 41k and shipped Q♥J♣ and Rawnsley made a brave but correct call with A♣4♦.

The board of 7♦5♣8♣5♠8♦ maintained Rawnsley's advantage -reducing the tournament player roster to 54 and bringing Day 2 to a sudden close. -- RS

10.15pm: Haslam peters out
Big pair versus big pair is sure to elicit action at this stage and when the following players were dealt the following hands...we had fireworks.

It was K♠K♦ for Peter Haslam and Q♣Q♥ for Michael Birt, although Haslam's advantage fell to pieces on the turn of the 5♦3♣7♣Q♠2♣ board.
GG Haslam. -- RS

10.10pm: Ramsey's treat
Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours! That is unless they are Nick Ramsey, who put paid to not one, but two of his tablemate's dreams.

Holding A♣K♣ he had to wait till the river of the Q♥7♠4♣Q♠A♥ versus his opponent's jacks and A♦T♣ but when he did, he made no bones about celebrating his victory in effusive fashion - punching the air as a treble up was shipped his way and he sent Mateus Warowiec and Adam Clark to the rail. -- RS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 500

10pm: Double up for qualifier
Mateusz Warowiec is a PokerStars qualifier from Poland and he just managed to extend his stay here in Manchester. He moved all-in for his last 40,000 with Q♥[10s] and was looked up by Dennis Troake who had A♣4♥. The board of 5♥7♥Q♣4♣3♥ connected nicely with the Poles hand though. -- NW

9.55pm: Kelly fuming

Well JP Kelly finished off the bubble period with an impressive 480k stack - courtesy of hitting the nut flush versus another player's top pair, top kicker, although he's just lost a big pot to leave him with around 350k.

Holding 8-9 suited, Kelly and his opponent checked back the 2-3-4 rainbow board and Kelly started betting when the 9♣ came on the turn. His opponent called and when Kelly bet 47k on the 9♥ river, his opponent min-raised him. Kelly sigh-called, only to be shown K-9 for a better set of trips.

"It was a bad raise," Kelly told us. "I can easily have a set of 2s, 3s, 4s there, even a straight. He should flat call that river. I'm fuming right now!" Kelly still has 350k though, so he's not in any danger of elimination just yet.

9.45pm: Down to 62
There have been a number of recent exits; amongst those to bust out safely within the money were Day 1C chip leader Michael Oakes and UKIPT Edinburgh third place finisher Luke Marsh. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 2_luke_marsh.jpg

Another UKIPT cash for Luke Marsh (pictured on Day 1B)

9.35pm: Troake goes for broke
Dennis Troake has seen his chances take an enormous leap in the right direction - moving up to 250k when he went to war with pocket queens on a 7♥5♥2♦ board.
His opponent in the hand couldn't escape from his pocket nines and Troake's hand held to give him a sizeable stack.

9.20pm: Three quick exits
It's perhaps not total post-bubble carnage but there have been three quick exits with Jamie Coles, Gregory Howard and Steven Arundel all out for the minimum cash. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000, ante 500

9.10pm: Passing aces pre-flop
Yep that occurred during the bubble here at UKIPT Manchester. Gary Fisher had raised to 11,100 from under-the-gun and everyone folded, including Bryan Slater. When the hand was over Slater showed A♦A♥, Fisher had A♣K♣. The table was puzzled, as Slater had a stack of over 100,000 and previously got it in with A♦J♥ on the bubble to double up. -- NW

9.05pm: Bubble News: Huckle has the last chuckle
Tournament director Toby Stone has just informed us that as John Huckle and Mark Bointon were eliminated on different tables, but on the same hand (during hand for hand play) then they'll actually split the 81st place prize money meaning each has cashed for £375. -- NW

9pm: The ladies do it for Kelly
JP Kelly had been one of the busiest characters on the bubble - having been in two all-in coups on the bubble prior to this one but unable to finish the job.

Finally though he bucked that trend, raising from the small blind to 11k, only for Mark Bointon to move all-in for around 100k from the big blind.

Kelly called quickly and when their holdings were revealed, his pocket queens were a sizable favourite over Bointon's pocket fives.

No five arrived to bail Bointon out, boosting JP to over 350k. The hand was on the bubble, but by virtue of his superior stack, Bointon evades being the bubble boy by the slimmest of margins, finishing up in 80th place, good for £750. -- RS

ukipt manchester_day 2_jp_kelly2.jpg

Kelly commiserates Bointon

8.50pm: Bedi bursts the bubble
The bubble took a while to burst but in a what goes around, comes around sort of way it's fitting that Rupinder Bedi was the player who burst it. Bedi knows what it's like to bubble a UKIPT having suffered that fate in Coventry in April last year.

In the pivotal hand Jonathan Huckle shoved from under-the-gun +1 for 42,000 and Bedi called from the small blind, he was also a short stack having started the hand with 60,000. Whilst tournament staff waited for hands on other tables to finish Bedi and Huckle bantered back and forth about how sick one of them was going to feel shortly. Finally it was time for the reveal.

Bedi: J♥J♦
Huckle: A♥K♦

The board ran out 3♠2♣7♠J♠9♦ to guarantee the remaining players all at least £750. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 2_john_huckle.jpg

Bubble boy John Huckle

8.45pm: Tens moment for Hayes
Eliot Hayes had his heart in his mouth when he called a raise from JP Kelly then shoved the A♠7♠2♦ board with A♦T♦ over Kelly's bet...and was called. He had good reason to be nervous - Kelly had out-flopped him with A♥2♣ and his two pair looked likely to send Hayes crashing out of the tournament.

Needing a ten or a seven to save him, Hayes saw the T♥ peel on the turn and when the river bricked as the 4♥, he had secured a double through to 120k.

8.35pm: Double-ups galore
There have been three double-ups on the bubble and two of them were:

John Spinks is up to over 200,000 after getting his last 99,000 in with pocket jacks. Kevin Williams gave him a spin with ace-nine but jacks were lucky for Spinks this time.

Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly doubled up the micro stacked Alex Burton. Burton had kings and they held up against Kelly's jack-seven.

The bubble goes on. -- MC

8.15pm: Those exits
John Burns finished in 84th place and was quickly followed out of the soft bubble door by PokerStars qualifier Ondrej Goetz.

Burns was a little unlucky. He three-bet all-in for around 60,000 ace-jack after Kevin Williams opened for 8,000. Williams made the call with king-ten and hit a ten.

Moments later Goetz moved all-in for his last 7,000 with K♥J♥ and was called by Dan Owston with A♥Q♥. The board ran 4♦9♦5♠5♥9♠ missing both players.

Play is now hand-for-hand at all tables until we lose one more. -- MC

8.05pm: On the bubble
There have been two more quick exits; news on those coming right up, but it means we're on the bubble. -- NW

8pm: Short stack qualifier survives
I just witnessed a short stack double up to keep his hopes of a UKIPT cash alive. Dan Owston raised to 10,200 and as PokerStars qualifier Sven Ellrich considered his action, Owston said: "Don't go home empty-handed now." Ellrich then moved all-in for 33,300 and when it folded back to Owston, he made the call.

Owston: Q♦Q♠
Ellrich: A♥7♥

Ellrich didn't have to wait long as the flop fell A♠4♠J♥ and the K♥J♣ turn and river kept him in front. -- NW

7.55pm: Down to 84
Since the break there have been two exits: Andrew Laurie and Assaf Hussain have fallen just short of the money. -- NW

7.45pm: Back to the felt
The tension is palpable with the bubble rapidly approaching. There will be heartache and cheers of victory before the day is done.-- RS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2000-4000, 400

7.25pm: Break time
The players are on short break before we come back for the tense bubble play period. -- MC

7.24pm: New chip leader
Robert Angood is looking like the current chip leader given that he has a stack of around 400,000. I just witnessed the hand that took him to the top of the chip charts.

Rupinder Bedi opened to 6,300 from the cut-off; Ian Tweedie flat called on the button as did Angood from the big blind. The flop was 4♣[10c]8♥ - Angood and Bedi checked to Tweedie who bet 12,000; only Angood called. The turn was the 7♠ and Angood checked again; this time Tweedie moved all-in for over 100,000: quite the overbet. Angood, who had Tweedie covered, let out a gasp of breath, stood up and announced call, turning over 8♦7♦, which was ahead of Tweedie's J♥[10h]. The 8♠ river gave Angood a house, a huge pot and the chip lead. - NW

7.22pm: Wigglesworth cracks aces
Peter Wigglesworth moved all-in for 43,800 and Robbie Renehan gave him a spin: unsurprising given that he had pocket aces. Having seen what he was up against Wigglesworth showed pocket eights and stood up, preparing to exit stage left. The flop of [10h]9♠7♥ prompted a few of the other players to tell him to sit down. The 2♣ missed him, but the 6♠ completed his straight. -- NW

7.20pm: No more bowl for Bowden
David Bowden just hit a two-outer to triple-up to over 100,000. Mateusz Warowiec raised to 7,100 and he was called by John Spinks before Bowden moved all-in for 36,600 from the big blind. Warowiec called but folded when Spinks shoved for another 119,700.

Bowden: 2♥2♠
Spinks: J♥J♣

The board ran 9♠2♣5♠3♦8♠ to make a set for Bowden.

After the hand was over Kevin Williams moved into the spare seat at the table and had so many racks of chips that a local torture chamber must have filed a police report by now. He's up to about 280,000 thousand after winning lots of medium sized pots, so he says. -- MC


Bowden in with a great chance of cashing now

7.10pm: Nash gnashed by Hackman
He had this tournament in the palm of his hand, but the vagaries of fortune have seen Paul Nash's stock plummet in a key hand - the biggest pot this tournament has seen so far.

A throng of excited media and supporters encircled Nash's table as this hand played out. It started in simple fashion - Nash making it 7k preflop and Neil Hackman raising to 19k with pocket jacks. "He's been playing lots of pots and I knew he would at least call," Hackman told us. Nash called.

The flop fell a beautiful A♠J♣5♥ to give Hackman a set and he led out immediately for 21k. Nash now made it 55k holding A♣T♣ for top pair and Hackman shoved for his remaining stack - an additional 85k. Getting pretty nice odds now, Nash made the call, only to discover he was drawing almost dead - and when the J♥ appeared on the turn to complete Hackman's quad draw - his equity dropped to zero.

The A♥ on the river rubbed salt into Nash's stinging wound and he was left clutching the smoking remnants of his stack - down to just 80k or so now. Meanwhile Hackman has shot into the chip lead with 290k. His story is even more fascinating given that only two hands previously, he was all-in with pocket nines against pocket kings and spiked the one remaining nine in the deck (someone had passed a nine pre-flop) to stay alive. -- RS

7pm: Cooler alert!
'Sometimes it's just not your day' is a phrase that must be reverberating around PokerStars qualifier Ciaran Farrell's head right now. He raised under-the-gun to 6,000, it folded to Benjamin Senior in the big blind who put in a raise to 17,600. Farrell re-checked he cards before moving all-in, Senior made an almost instant call.

Farrell: A♠K♠
Senior: A♥A♣

The flop of 2♣A♦7♥ was greeted with a fist pump from Senior before the Q♦ and 2♠ completed the board. Their stacks of around 110,000 were pretty close, but Senior just had Farrell covered. -- NW

6.55pm: The fast and the furious: Manchester drift
All these players have failed to make the money because they're out:

Daniel Cochrane
Samuel Welbourne
Mark Wagstaff
Morgan Kan
William Haughey
Olabode Ayegun
Terence Mitford
Niall Fitzgerald
Allen Mclean
Arne Stoekken
David Kingsley
Gregory Hunt
Shaun King
Kaloyan Kirov
Scott van der Vliet
Gary David Campbell
Jose Azorin
Chun Law
Dennise Frost
Paul Glaister
Aaron Barry
Mark James
Stuart Guite
Susan Haughey -- MC

6.45pm: A flip but flop on the Mark for O'Connor
From under-the gun Mark O'Connor raised to 7,500 and Ondrej Goetz flat called from the next seat along. From the hi-jack Harish Bhat then slid out a stack of blue 5,000 denomination chips, totalling around 75,000. Back on O'Connor, who dwelled for a few minutes before moving all-in, Goetz folded but Bhat made the call.

O'Connor: J♥J♣
Bhat: A♥Q♥

The flop of 6♣8♦J♠ left Bhat drawing very thin and there was no miracle runner-runner on the 3♣ turn or K♥ river. O'Connor had 91,400 to start the hand so doubled up to nearly 190,000. -- NW

6.35pm: Nash on the dash
With JP Kelly hot on his heels, Paul Nash is trying to keep fresh air between him and his young challenger for the chip lead, and the hand he played moments ago will have done him no harm. We joined the action on the river of a K♥3♥6♦A♣7♦ board, with all Justin Devenport's chips in the middle holding A♠Q♦.
Not a bad hand, however Nash had pocket kings for a set, meaning Devenport is out and Nash consolidates his dominant position at the top of the pack. -- RS


Paul Nash is holding onto the chip lead

6.25pm: Jamie and his magic touch
Jamie Coles just bundled Gary Billington out of contention in unfortunate circumstances. It all looked so promising for Billington when he became embroiled in a pre-flop tangle with Coles, holding a dominating A♥K♠ - Coles' A♣T♦ looking decidedly inferior.
Flops can change everything though and this one came Q♣5♦3♣4♣K♣ to give Coles the nut flush and send Billington on his way.
Coles up to 120k. -- RS


They are all after these

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