UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 17, 18 & 19 updates (blinds 5,000 - 10,000, ante 1,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.56pm: Level over
Level 19 has come to an end. Level 20 will be in a new post shortly.

3.55pm: Angood beats up on Fletcher
Robert Angood is back on the up after winning two hands versus Michael Fletcher. There was an opening raise from late position before Angood three-bet to 54,000 from the button and Fletcher four-bet to 120,000 from the big blind. The initial raiser folded but Angood moved all-in to put the decision back on Fletcher. He shook his head back and forth while he pondered and then folded.

The next hand Angood raised to 21,000 from the button and Fletcher called from the small blind. Both checked the A♦K♥Q♠ flop before Fletcher led for 10,00 on the 5♥ turn. Angood called to see the A♣ river where he bet 30,000 when checked to him. Fletcher tank-called but mucked upon seeing Angood's ace-five.

Angood - 860,000
Fletcher - 170,000.

3.45pm: Birt earns a huge pot and eliminates two
Michael Birt just eliminated two players on the same hand. He got it all in holding pocket aces against Jeff Kimber's pocket jacks and Sven Ellrich's A♥K♥. The board of 8♦9♠Q♥2♣K♠ saw the pocket rockets hold up.

At the start of the hand Ellrich had 202,000, Kimber 251,000 and Birt a touch more. He's now up to around 725,000 and the chip lead. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_matthew_birt.jpg

Michael Birt is now the chip leader

3.33pm: The run good stops for Angood
Robert Angood is sat slumped in his chair shaking his head after doubling up PokerStars qualifier Paul Nash. It's so long since he's lost a hand that he mustn't be used to the pain of defeat. Nash raised to 23,000 from the button before facing a decision for his tournament life. Angood had three-bet all-in from the big blind and after a good tank, Nash called off his 248,000.

Nash: A♦6♥
Angood: 5♦5♣

The board ran Q♦J♥6♠4♦2♦ to pair Nash's six. Angood down to around 700,000 chips now which is still good for the chip lead. -- MC

3.25pm: Top five stacks
Here are the current top five:

Robert Angood, United Kingdom, 740000
JP Kelly, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 664000
Jonathan Spinks, United Kingdom, 598000
Owen Shiels,Ireland, 418000
Michael Fletcher, United Kingdom, 410000

Lurking just outside the top five are Kevin Williams and Rupinder Bedi. -- NW

3.10pm: Germany 1, England 0
Sven Ellrich, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, just took a chunk from Jeff Kimber. It all went in pre-flop Ellrich holding Q♥[10c] and Kimber A♠9♥. The 7♣[10d]Q♠3♦9♦ connected better with Ellrich's hand than with Kimber's and he doubled up to 227,000, Kimber slips to a similar amount. -- NW

3.05pm: Feature table access
Apologies again for the lack of coverage from the feature table. As the action is being filmed for Chanel 4 programs, we can't wander on to the set. We are currently processing full chip counts from the entire field and that'll include Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, Kevin William et al from said table. The updated counts will be up here shortly. --MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

2.55pm: Back from the break
The remaining 34 players are taking their seats for some more poker. To see the fallers from today and yesterday that made the money check out the payouts page. -- NW

2.35pm: Break time
The players are on their first 20 minute break of the day. It was a frantic first two levels that saw us lose 18 players. Just as break was approaching we lost Elliot Hayes (37th), Alisha Skene (36th) and Steve Els (35th). Full chip counts will be done during the break.
-- MC

ukipt manchester_day 3_chip_generic.jpg

Chips - the currency of tournament poker

2.20pm: Kong knocked out by quads
Alex Kong got it in with Q♣[10d] and was eliminated by Ben Dobson, who's A♠5♦ turned into quad aces by the river. -- NW

2.15pm: Cruel blow for Beaumont
From early position Lynne Beaumont opened to 19,000, eliciting folds all round until it got to Paul Nash in the small blind, who decided to wager all his chips - a total of 130,000. In the big blind Sam Razavi wondered aloud if Nash had seen Beaumont's bet. Either way Razavi folded (what he said later was ace-four) and Beaumont after getting a count made the call.

Beaumont: J♥J♦
Nash: A♣2♦

"I hadn't seen that you'd raised," said Nash to Beaumont, confirming Razavi's suspicions. The board of 8♥6♦9♥[10c]A♦ was harsh on Beaumont. She was left with just 4,000 and was eliminated on the next hand. -- NW

2.08pm: Bedi doubles
Rupinder "George" Bedi is up to 250,000 after doubling through his neighbour Gary Fisher. Bedi opened to 14,000 from the cut-off moved all-in after Fisher three-bet to 42,000 from the button. If Fisher called off all but 60,000 of his chips but soon found he was dominated.

Bedi: J♠J♦
Fisher: A♥J♥

The board ran 7♠Q♦9♣5♣7♥. Bedi breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed back into his chair. -- MC

2.03pm: Lori Lazzaro loses the lot
Lori Anne Lazzaro is out after three-betting all-in and running into a big hand behind her. Neil Hackman opened the pot before Lazzaro moved in. Michael Fletcher cold called the bet and that was enough to scare off Hackman.

Lazzaro: A♠T♥
Fletcher: Q♠Q♥

The board ran 9♥J♦9♠2♣3♣ to see Fletcher's queens hold. The lady assassin was assassinated herself. -- MC

1.55pm: Burton busts
In a blind on blind battle Alex Burton shoved with A♣Q♣ and was called by Om Prakash Aggarwal with pocket sixes. No aces or queens appeared and although Burton had Aggarwal slightly covered he was down to dust and was eliminated soon after. -- NW

1.50pm: Angood continues to run good
Overnight chip leader Robert Angood just extended his chip lead winning a big pot and eliminating Hasan Qureshi. The latter raised to 24,000 from under-the-gun+1 before Angood three-bet from middle position to 62,500. It folded back to Qureshi who moved all-in for 229,500.

Angood now tanked, cutting out the calling chips before telling Qureshi he had pocket jacks. After a bit more table banter Angood made the call rolling over the aforementioned jacks, which were ahead of Qureshi's A♥K♦. The board rolled off 5♠4♦6♠6♣Q♠ and Angood's stack is now around 775,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_robert_angood.jpg

Angood now has a monster stack

1.47pm: Spinks binks a set
Jon Spinks has been at it again, knocking out another player. This time he had more than nine-high though. He told us that he opened for 18,000 and called when Adam Holborn moved all-in for 85,000. Spinks tabled pocket sevens and hit a third seven, all of which was enough to eliminate Holborn and his inferior holding of ace-nine. Spinks is up to 550,000 chips now. -- MC

1.40pm: Blind battle
Hasan Qureshi has been all-in many times in this tournament and he was again but this time he got it in good unlike some of his other times. He and Neil Hackman saw a 6♣J♠Q♣ flop before the chips went in. Qureshi opened Q♦9♣ which was ahead of Hackman's Q♠3♣. The 4♥5♠ turn and river didn't change anything and Qureshi is up to 180,000. - MC

1.37pm: Spinks doesn't need to bink
Jon Spinks has just taken care of Andrew Stalker. Spinks raised and snap called when Stalker moved all-in. Spinks probably thought he was behind with 9♦8♦ but he was ahead of Stalker's 9♣7♦. The board bricked and Stalker took a walk. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, ante 500

1.35pm: Suck and re-suck
Over on the feature table Ben Senior has just been knocked out by Matthew McDerra. The former shoved with A♠8♣ and McDerra made the call with pocket kings. The flop of A♦5♦3♣ swung the pot in Senior's favour. The 9♥ turn changed nothing but the K♥ river certainly did and McDerra eliminated Senior. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_matthew_mcderra.jpg

McDerra is all smiles after eliminating Senior

1.30pm: Hackman flexes muscles on Fletcher
From the cut-off Neil Hackman made it 13,500 to play and it folded to Mick Fletcher in the small blind who three-bet to 29,000. Back on Hackman he slid out a big stack of blue chips worth 5,000 a piece - effectively setting Fletcher all-in - "Will you show if I pass?" asked Fletcher. "Ok," replied Hackman. Eventually Fletcher did pass and Hackman showed A♠7♠, "If you have 20,000 less I can't do that," said Hackman, "That's a bit too technical for me," said Robert Angood, who is sat to Hackman's left. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_neil_hackman.jpg

Hackman getting technical at the table

1.23pm: White scratched
PokerStars qualifier James White never managed to recover from losing that pot before. He moved his last few chips in and Lori Anne Lazzaro moved in over the top from the next seat along. Michael Fletcher was one more seat along and dwelled for an age before folding to leave it as heads-up.

White: J♥4♦
Lazzaro: A♣Q♥

The board ran Q♠K♠J♦3♣T♣. It's really a case of the lady assassins in the tournament room now. Gents beware. -- MC

1.20pm: Down to 45
With the exit of Wayne Thomas we're down to 45 and the final five tables. -- NW

1.15pm: Not a Carey in the world for Taylor
The players are falling like flies at the moment. Adam Carey was short stacked and got the last of his chips in good. He moved all-in pre-flop with A♦J♠ and was called by Kirsty Taylor holding T♣K♣. Lady luck was in town as the board ran K♠Q♦7♦Q♣2♥ to pair her king. -- MC

1.10pm: Hasan Qureshi doubles through James White
In a battle of the short stacks Hasan Qureshi shoved from the button and James White called from the big blind.

Qureshi: K♣J♥
White: A♥K♦

The board of 9♥Q♦5♠[10h]4♥ gave Qureshi a straight and a double up, White is now very short on chips. -- NW

1.05pm: Owston KO'd by Kimber
I saw Dan Owston doing an interview with the TV crew, a reliable indication he was out. When it was over, he filled me in on his exit hand: "It folded to Jeff Kimber in the small blind who raised to 18,000. I moved all-in for 140,000 with K♠4♠ and he called me with aces. He couldn't pass, the fish!" - NW

1pm: Murhpy's law
Paul Murphy came back with less than 60,000 chips today and needed to find some hands or some luck. I guess finding A♥A♣ could counts as both. He moved all-in and Paul Nash re-shoved from the next seat to isolate. It worked as all other players folded. Nash was way behind with A♠3♠ and didn't manage to catch up through the 4♥T♥K♦8♦5♦ board. -- MC

12.50pm: Early double-up for Burton
Alex Burton wasted little time in getting his short stack in the middle and it worked out well for him. He moved all-in for around 70,000 with Q♥T♥ and was called Jon Spinks from the big blind with A♠9♥. The board ran Q♣5♣K♥K♠7♥ to make two-pair for Burton. -- MC

12.40pm: Seat Draw

Table one:

Mateusz Warowiec
Adam Holborn
Alex Burton
Om Prakash Aggarwal
Dennis Troake
Jonathan Spinks
Sven Ellrich
Owen Shiels
Andrew Stalker

Table two:

Hasan Qureshi
Neil Hackman
James White
Lori Anne Lazzaro
Michael Fletcher
Elliot Hayes
Rupinder Bedi
Gary Fisher
Nick Ramsey

Table three:

Laurent Francois
Jeff Kimber
Dan Owston
Gary Brewer
Dean Hutchinson
Andy Lambert
Peter Barrable
Ben Dobson
Alex Kong

Table four:

Michelle Bennett
David Rawnsley
Craig Mcdowell
Michael Birt
Alisha Skene
Peter Wigglesworth
Paul Murphy
Paul Nash
Samad Razavi

Table five:

Adam Carey
Bryan Slater
Wayne Thomas
Sarah Hannan
Lynne Beaumont
Kirsty Taylor
Stephen William Else
Robert Angood

Table six:

Richard Haile
John O'hanlon
JP Kelly
Benjamin Senior
Kevin Williams
Matthew McDerra
Bo Cong Le
Mateusz Zbikowski

Table six is the current TV table, meaning access to the players seated there will be slightly restricted. -- NW

12.30pm: Cards in the air
Day 3 of the UKIPT Manchester has just got underway, tournament staff have rolled the clock back the beginning of level 17. The seat draw is coming right up. -- NW

12.15pm: Welcome back to Day Three of UKIPT Manchester
Just 52 players return to their seats today, all of them have their eyes firmly set on the first prize of £74,000, quite a jump from the £1,025 that they are currently guaranteed. Leading the field is Robert Angood who has 578,500, the only other half a million plus stack belongs to Matthew McDerra (512,500). Not far behind those two is Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, who'll be looking to become the first Team Pro to make a UKIPT final table. With the TV table filming from the outset, we suspect Kelly might find himself situated there at the start of play.

The plan today is to play down to the final table of nine, Dan Owston has a shot at making the UKIPT Manchester final table for the second year running, when Gareth Walker accomplished the same feat in Nottingham, he won the tournament. Three players - Jon Spinks, Peter Barrable and Ben Dobson - are in with a chance of making their second UKIPT final table and with the likes of Jeff Kimber, Rupinder Bedi and Kevin Williams still very much alive and kicking, it looks set to be a great day of poker.

ukipt manchester_day 3_jp_kelly.jpg

JP Kelly, third in chips going into Day 3

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Nick Wright
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