UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 updates (blinds 15,000 - 30,000, ante 3,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG10.50pm: Final table chip counts

Mateusz Warowiec, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 2,032,000
Owen Shiels, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 355,000
Michael Birt, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, 477,000
Matthew McDerra, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 792,000
JP Kelly, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,751,000

Robert Angood, United Kingdom, 1,504,000
Paul Nash, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 1,018,000
Michael Fletcher, United Kingdom, 1,209,000

Polish PokerStars qualifier Mateusz Warowiec leads the way with Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly in second place. -- NW

10.45pm: Final table set
So with just eight players remaining the final table is set. Chip counts and a round-up of the days play will be forthcoming shortly. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_jp_kelly3.jpg

Ace-King has been kind to Kelly today

10.40pm: Dennis Troake eliminated in ninth place (£5,125)
From mid-position JP Kelly minimum raised to 60,000 and it folded to Dennis Troake in the big blind. The Irishman already had 30,000 of his remaining 106,000 invested in the big blind and decided to put the rest in, Kelly called off the extra 46,000.

Troake: 6♣2♣
Kelly: A♦K♥

The flop of 5♦3♣[10d] gave Troake some extra outs, the 7♦ turn took some away and the Q♦ river gave Kelly a flush and bought Day 3 proceedings to an end. -- NW

10.30pm: Michael on Michael action
From under-the-gun Michael Fletcher made it 70,000 to play and it folded to Michael Birt who three-bet to 161,00 total. Fletcher, who has been bet off a few pots during nine-handed play, then four-bet to 320,000. After a bit of lip chewing Birt folded his hand. -- NW

10.20pm: Matthew McDerra doubles through Dennis Troake
The PokerStars qualifier open shoved for his last 12 big blinds (357,000) and from the small blind Dennis Troake, who had around 475,000 to start the hand, re-raised all-in, on their backs:

McDerra: A♥[10h]
Troake: J♠J♦

Flop: 9♥8♥4♥

McDerra flopped the joint.

Turn: 5♥
River: 3♦

After that hand Troake was down to just 125,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_matthew_mcderra2.jpg

McDerra flopped a flush to survive

10.15pm: Not much action
Whilst there has been the odd flop and the occasional pre-flop three-bet most pots in the last 15 minutes have been simple raise and takes. Mateusz Warowiec has, we think, taken the chip lead though. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000

10pm: Shiels gets one through
Owen Shiels shoved all-in for 268,000 over the top of Mick Fletcher's open-raise of 52,000 and Fletcher folded showing the A♣, Shiels showed pocket jacks. -- NW

9.50pm: Final nine re-draw
There was a break whilst the final nine players reconvened at one table and there's been a re-draw to determine where they're sitting. This will stay the same tomorrow and this is how they line, and stack up.

Dennis Troake, United Kingdom, 531,000
Mateusz Warowiec, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 1,283,000
Owen Shiels, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 274,000
Michael Birt, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, 761,000
Matthew McDerra, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 419,000
JP Kelly, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,604,000

Robert Angood, United Kingdom, 1,552,000
Paul Nash, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 1,600,000
Michael Fletcher, United Kingdom, 1,112,000

Whilst there's a clear short stack in the shape of Owen Shiels there's no run away chip leader at this stage with Kelly, Nash and Angood all within a couple of big blinds of each other. -- NW

9.23pm: Neil Rawnsley eliminated in 10th place
Neil Rawnsley has fallen in 10th place, just two places short of making the final table. He was sat in the big blind with pocket deauces in the hole. The action folded around to table chip leader Paul Nash in the small blind who raised all-in. Rawnsley had just under 500,000 at the time and made the call. Nash tabled 9♠8♠ and found a very favourable 9♦[q][9]4♥3♣ board that made him trips. All the players will now merge on one table until we lose one more player. -- MC

ukipt manchester_day 3_neil_rawnsley.jpg

Rawnsley - so close to the final table

9.20pm: Mateusz Warowiec wins a big pot
From under-the-gun Mateusz Warowiec raised to 55,000 only for his left hand neighbour, Michael Birt, to three-bet to 144,000 total. After a period of contemplation Warowiec made the call.

The flop was J♦A♦7♣ and Warowiec check-called a bet of 169,000. The K♦ fell on the turn and it checked through to the 9♣ river, a street which both players checked. Birt showed Q♦9♥, Warowiec had A♠[10d] to scoop a pot worth over 600,000. -- NW

9.07pm: Kelly gives some back
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has lost the chip lead after doubling up Michael Fletcher in a pot worth over 1.1 million chips. Fletcher opened before Kelly three-bet him from the next seat. Fletcher then moved all in for just over 550,000 and Kelly made the call.

Fletcher: [a][j]
Kelly: [4][4]

The board ran [5][9][5][6][a] to pair Fletcher's ace on the river. -- MC

9pm: Paul Murphy eliminated in 11th place
Coming back from the dinner break with less than three big blinds, it was always going to be tough for Paul Murphy to make a comeback. He gave it a good go though doubling up once with A♠6♣ against Dennis Troake's Q♣J♦. He then got a couple of pushes through uncontested.

On his third push (for 118,000) he got called by Michael Birt, who had jacks; that hand started and stayed ahead of Murphy's A♠[10h]. -- NW

8.47pm: Kevin Williams eliminated in 12th place
The first hand back at the feature table brought about the elimination of the popular Kevin Williams. He was under-the-gun and open shoved for a little over 300,000 chips. The action folded all the way around to Paul Nash in the small blind who made the call.

Williams: [a][j]
Nash: [k][q]

Williams said, "Hold, hold ,hold" but you don't always get what you ask for and so it proved on the 3♥Q♥8♦4♥9♥.

Nash takes the pot and the scalp as he climbs into second place behind JP Kelly. -- MC

ukipt manchester_day 3_kevin_williams3.jpg

Williams - out in 12th place

8.42pm: Play resumes
We're back for the final stretch of today's play. Just four more players need to be eliminated before our final table is set.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ante 2,000

8.30pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of the remaining 12 players:

JP Kelly, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,898,000

Robert Angood, United Kingdom, 1,290,000
Paul Nash, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 1,236,000
Michael Birt, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, 970,000
Mateusz Warowiec, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 795,000

Dennis Troake, United Kingdom, 745,000
Michael Fletcher, United Kingdom, 586,000
Neil Rawnsley, United Kingdom, 533,000
Owen Shiels, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 362,000
Matthew McDerra, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 350,000

Kevin Williams, United Kingdom, 325,000
Paul Murphy, United Kingdom, 63,000

7.47pm: Diner break
Play has gone on a little longer than anticipated today and that means all stakeholders in this tournament are getting hungry. The solution to this is to have a dinner break. This will probably take 45 to 60 minutes. We'll see you back here then. -- MC

7.45pm; Hey Birt, nice double-up
Michael Birt is up to around 800,000 chips after doubling through his neighbour, Mateusz Warowiec. The PokerStars qualifier raised from the button and called when Birt moved all-in from the small blind.

Birt: J♦J♠
Warowiec: T♥T♠

The board ran 8♦4♠8♥9♦K♥ to miss both players. -- MC

7.35pm: JP Kelly wins huge pot
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly just won a huge 1,900,000 pot against Kevin Williams and vaulted into the chip lead. Kelly made it 45,000 to play, Williams three-bet to 105,000, Kelly made it 192,000, Williams moved all-in and Kelly called, he was at risk all-in for 953,000.

Williams: K♠Q♠
Kelly: A♥K♦

The board rolled off 9♣5♥K♥[10s]3♣ and Kelly scooped the biggest pot of the tournament so far, Williams is down to around 300,000. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_jp_kelly2.jpg

JP Kelly now has almost 2million chips

7.25pm: Peter Barrable eliminated in 13th place
Getting short on chips he shipped it in from the button with 8♥7♣ and was looked up by Neil Rawnsley from the big blind who had A♥K♣, the board ran out 7♦9♦A♣6♣9♣ to end Barrable's hopes of a second UKIPT final table. --NW

7.15pm: Mateusz Zbikowski eliminated in 14th place
Matthew McDerra opened to 45,000 and was flat called by Dennis Troake and Mateusz Zbikowski then moved all-in, McDerra got out the way but Troake called with pocket queens, which were way ahead of Zbikowski's A♦6♦, but that all changed on an all-diamond flop as Zbikowski flopped the nuts. However there was a 5♦ on the flop and running fives gave Troake a full house, to boost his stack to nearly one million. -- NW

7.05pm: Bryan Slater eliminated in 15th place
The latest player to be shown the door was Bryan Slater. He had about 200,000 or ten big blinds when he shoved from early position. PokerStars qualifier Matthew McDerra was in the cut-off with a few more chips and he also moved in. The button and the blinds moved out the way to leave it heads-up.

Slater: A♥J♥
McDerra: A♠K♥

The board ran 5♦4♣K♦4♦5♣.

It's taken us no time at all to get down to this number as the big blind levels really take their tole of the shorter stacks. -- MC

6.50pm: Rupinder Bedi eliminated in 16th place
Two hands in quick succession have done for Rupinder Bedi. In the first he got it in for 150,000 with pocket jacks against Peter Barrable's pocket threes, the latter flopped a set of threes. Down to 350,000 Bedi and Angood got it all-in on a [10h]3♦J♦ flop with Angood having a set of tens and Bedi [A][Q], Bedi couldn't catch his straight on the turn or river. After the hand Angood is up to 1.2million. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000

6.40pm: Final two tables

TV Table:

Paul Nash,
Neil Rawnsley
Robert Angood
Kevin Williams
Mick Fletcher
JP Kelly
Rupinder Bedi
Peter Barrable

Outer Table:

Bryan Slater
Mateusz Warowiec
Michael Birt
Matthew McDerra
Dennis Troake
Mateusz Zbikowski
Paul Murphy
Owen Shiels

6.40pm: Williams wins million chip race
Kevin Williams is now likely the tournament chip leader after winning a million chip pot against Sam Razavi. The latter opened to 42,000 from under-the-gun and Williams three-bet to 100,000 from the small blind. After asking Williams for a rough count Razavi moved all-in and Williams called.

Razavi: J♥J♦
Williams: A♦K♠

The board of 6♣4♦6♦8♦5♦ saw Williams river a flush, he started the hand with 537,000 so doubled up to roughly 1,100,000. Razavi was left with around 190,000 and two hands later he got it all-in with pocket nines against Rob Angood's A♦J♣ and Angood turned a jack to eliminate him in 17th place. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_kevin_williams2.jpg

Just another day at the office for Williams

6.30pm: Dean Hutchinson eliminated in 18th place
News has reached us that Dean Hutchinson has busted from the feature table. He shoved with ace-four and was called by Paul Nash with pocket threes. Murphy flopped a set and rivered a full house. -- MC

6.20pm: Bo Cong Le eliminated in 19th place
Our final remaining player from Vietnam, Bo Cong Le, has been eliminated. He lost most of his chips when doubling up Mateusz Zbikowski. They were in the blinds and all the chips went in. Le held K♦J♠ to the Pole's T♣T♥. The board came 3♦7♥T♠2♦T♦ to make Zbikowski quads!

The very next hand Le moved his last 30,000 chips in from the button with K♠3♦. Samad Razavi was in the big blind and called with T♣8♣. The board ran A♣T♥3♠J♥A♦ to pair Razavi's ten. -- MC

6.10pm: Kirsty Taylor eliminated in 20th place
Kirsty Taylor is out after losing her chips over the course of two hands. She three-bet all-in from the small blind with A♣T♠ after Bo Cong Le opened shoved for 123,000 with A♠Q♣. The board ran 8♦J♠K♦4♣J♥ to leave her very short.

The very next hand she moved all-in from the button with A♠3♦ and Matthew McDerra called from the big blind with K♠4♠. The board came K♦3♠8♥Q♣5♥. -- MC

6pm: Sam Razavi doubles up
From the button Bo Cong Le moved all-in and Sam Razavi called all-in from the big blind, he was the at risk player, all-in for 219,000.

Cong Le: A♠2♦
Razavi: A♥K♦

The board of 5♠A♣8♣2♥5♦ meant that the 5♦ river gave both two pair and Razavi's kicker played. After the hand Cong Le was down to 140,000. -- NW

5.55pm: Om Prakash Aggarwal eliminated in 21st place
It was a blind on blind battle with Michael Birt holding A♥Q♥ against Aggarwal's 6♣5♦. The majority of the money went in on the Q♠5♠[10d] flop, the K♣ turn and 7♠ river keeping Birt in front. -- NW

5.50pm: Jon Spinks eliminated in 22nd place
Youngster Jon Spinks has just been knocked out. He got it in good with A♣J♣ against Bryan Slater's A♥[10h] but lost out when the board came 7♦6♦[10c]A♠3♥. Slater banged the table when the 10 hit and again on the river.

This hand dropped Spinks to around 50,000 and he was out two hands later. -- NW

5.40pm: John O'Busto
John O'Hanlon is our 23rd place finisher after Kevin Williams knocked him out. Williams raised to 25,000 from under-the-gun and called when O'Hanlon shoved from the small blind.

Williams: 6♥6♠
O'Hanlon: K♠9♦

The board came 5♠7♥Q♠T♦2♥. The two players shook hands and O'Hanlon and his half eaten sandwich headed off to the payout desk. -- MC

5.35pm: Chips and chairs
Here's how the final three tables stack up:

TV Table:
Paul Nash, 649,000
Neil Rawnsley, 558,000
Robert Angood, 562,000
Dean Hutchinson, 545,000
Mick Fletcher, 629,000
JP Kelly, 844,000
Rupinder Bedi, 520,000

Table One:
Peter Barrable, 442,000
John O'Hanlon, 115,000
Kirsty Taylor, 243,000
Kevin Willliams, 411,000
Matthew McDerra, 324,000
Bo Cong Le, 283,000
Mateusz Zbikowski 193,000
Sam Razavi, 249,000

Table Two:

Bryan Slater, 69,000
Mateusz Warowiec, 802,000
Michael Birt, 290,000
Om Prakash Aggarwal, 81,000
Dennis Troake, 569,000
Jon Spinks, 270,000
Paul Murphy, 140,000
Owen Shiels, 330,000 -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 3_paul_nash.jpg

Paul Nash - looking to better his 20th place finish at UKIPT Nottingham

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

5.30pm: Back from the break
Cards are back in the air here in Manchester. -- NW

5.20pm: Current chip leaders
Here are the current chip leaders with 24 players left:

JP Kelly, 844,000
Mateusz Warowiec, 802,000
Paul Nash, 649,000
Mick Fletcher, 629,000
Dennis Troake, 569,000
Robert Angood, 562,000

There's 10 minutes left in the current blind level. -- NW

5pm: Down to final 24
The field is down to 24 players now and tournament staff are balancing the remaining tables. There will be a 20 minute break while this takes place. -- MC

5pm: Action Kelly
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has been in the thick of the action in the last little while. He went on a very heavy downswing that included doubling up Neil Hackman but just shot back into the chip lead with around 900,000 after eliminating Mr Hackman in a big pot.

Hackman had just doubled up before and found queens versus Kelly's ace-queen to double to over 400,000. The two were soon at it again and Hackman ended up giving all those chips back and the rest. He raised from the hijack and Kelly called from the small blind to go to the 6♣T♣Q♣ flop. Both players checked to the A♦ turn where Kelly led for 37,000. Call. The river came 8♦ and Kelly led for 120,000 to face a very quick 330,000 all-in from Hackman. Kelly looked confused at the move but made the call with J♣9♣ for a flopped flush. Hackman tabled the losing 8♦8♠ for a rivered set. -- MC


Hackman had lots of chips for a few minutes before losing them all back

4.50pm: Hackman doubles through Fletcher
Neil Hackman moved all-in for his last 94,00 and picked up a called in the shape of Mick Fletcher.

Fletcher: A♥[10d]
Hackman: 3♣3♥

Hackman asked the dealer to put a three on the flop and he duly obliged on a 3♠J♦9♠ flop, the 4♣3♦ turn and river gave Hackman quads and a much needed double up. -- NW

4.45pm: Barrable busts Ben
Peter Barrble has won the battle of the former UKIPT final tablists, by eliminating Ben Dobson. In an all-in pre-flop pot, Barrable had pocket twos and Dobson A♣8♣. The board of Q♠7♦J♠2♠Q♥ gave Barrable a full house, he's up to around 400,000. - NW

4.40pm: Fletcher's revenge
Michael Fletcher has got his revenge over Robert Angood after doubling up to just under 600,000. Angood raised from the button and called when Fletcher moved all-in from the big blind.

Fletcher: K♦K♥
Angood: A♥Q♠

The board ran 6♠6♥3♦8♥9♠.

Angood said he had just over a million chips before the hand although how he knows that is beyond me as his stacks are all uneven. We'll take his word for it though meaning he has just over 700,000 now. -- MC

4.35pm: Another double for Warowiec
PokerStars qualifier Mateusz Warowiec is up to 440,000 now after doubling up through former chip leader Michael Birt. Warowiec was on the button with Q♦J♥ and Birt was in the big blind with 9♥9♣. All the chips went in preflop and the board ran 5♥K♣T♣A♥9♠ to see Warowiec turn broadway. Birt hit his set on the river but it was no good. He's down to 640,000 now. -- MC

4.30pm: Kelly climbs
As just mentioned, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has been moved from the feature table to one of the outer tables meaning we can get near him to bring you some of his action. The young man didn't make us wait too long either as he quickly dispatched of Gary Fisher. Kelly told us he had ace-king to Fisher's queen-jack and all the chips went in pre-flop. Kelly up to 800,000 chips now. -- MC


JP Kelly and his stack are on the move

4.20pm: The arrival of JP Kelly
Here's been here all the time of course, but he's been on the feature table for all of Day 3 so far, meaning it's been hard to cover his progress. However he's just been moved to an outer table. He's taken a seat to the direct right of Rupinder Bedi and two seats to the left of chip leader Robert Angood. The Team PokerStars Pro currently has a stack of around 650,000. -- NW

4.15pm: Two recent exits
Sarah Hannan was eliminated in 30th place her pocket nines losing out to Robert Angood's K♥Q♠ on a 2♦J♣Q♥3♣5♥ board and Craig McDowell is out in 29th place. - NW

4.10pm: Warowiec doubles through Spinks
Jon Spinks is down to 280,000 now after doubling up PokerStars qualifier Mateusz Warowiec. Spinks raised and called when Warowiec shoved for 93,000.

Spinks: 9♥7♥
Warowiec: A♥K♥

The board ran a Poland friendly 4♣A♣5♥3♥5♦. -- MC

4.10pm: Bedi straightens out Nash
I noticed that Rupinder Bedi's stack had increased to around 650,000 and asked him what happened: "I called with J♥[10h] from the small blind after Paul Nash had opened. The flop was [A][10]8♥ with one heart. He c-bet, I called, the turn was the 9♥ given me an open ended straight flush draw. We both checked and an off-suit queen came on the river to give me a straight. I led for 101,000 and he called as he'd rivered two pair with [A][Q]. Nash is down to around 350,000. -- NW


Bedi building on Day 3

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester and the trainers we're wearing Marc Convey (Nike) and Nick Wright (Converse)

Marc Convey
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