UKIPT Manchester Final Table: Level 26, 27, 28 & 29 (Blinds 50,000 - 100,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG9pm: Dinner break
The play has gone on so long that we have to take a dinner break. We'll be back in about 45 minutes. -- MC

8.55pm: 'No river bet then?'
So said Matthew McDerra after he rivered a flush with A♦2♦ on a 3♦2♠[10h]9♦K♦ board. He'd check called bets on the flop and turn from Matuesz Warowiec, before the Pole was clever enough to check behind on the river. -- NW

8.52pm: Nearly even again
Matthew McDerra has almost evened things up again by calling down Mateusz Warowiec on the flop and turn before the river was checked by both players. Warowiec raised to 225,000 preflop, bet 225,000 on the flop and 325,000 on the turn. The final board read A♦4♠T♥6♥2♠ and McDerra took the pot with king-four. --MC

8.48pm: Warowiec back in the lead
He's won a series of small to medium pots to reclaim the lead he now has around 5.6m to McDerra's 3.6m. -- NW

8.38pm: Two-pair good for the Pole
The two saw a 5♥K♥2♦ flop where Mateusz Warowiec led for 100,000. Matthew McDerra called before the two checked the 3♠ turn through to the T♠ river. Warowiec led for 300,000 and McDerra snap-called and announced, "One-pair, tens" Warowiec though had two pair showing deuce-three. -- MC

8.25pm: Matuesz Warowiec doubles up
Down to 1,695,000 he moved all-in from the button and Matthew McDerra made a quick call, on their backs.

Warowiec: K♣J♥
McDerra: A♦8♦

The Q♠7♦J♣9♣8♠ board doubled Warowiec up and the heads up battle took another twist. -- NW

8.20pm: Small pot poker
There's been no big pots or showdowns the last few hands, but Matthew McDerra has been winning lots of small itty bitty pots and has ground Matuesz Warowiec's stack down to about 1.4m (14 big blinds), McDerra has 7.75m. -- NW


The heads-up battle goes on

8.10pm: Flush over flush
From the button Matthew McDerra made it 250,000 to play and Matuesz Warowiec made the call. The flop was monotone, coming K♥7♥3♥, both players checked. The 4♥ fell on the turn and again both players checked. The 2♣ completed the board and Warowiec led out for 125,000 and McDerra made a swift call. We didn't see the hole cards but both players had turned a flush, Warowiec's was nine high, but McDerra just pipped him with a ten high flush. The Pole is getting visibly frustrated at the table now. -- NW

8.03pm: McDerra extends lead
Matthew McDerra made a tank-call on the river and it was good to extend his lead. The flop came J♥6♠8♦ after no preflop raise. McDerra led for 100,000 and Mateusz Warowiec called to see the 9♥ turn. This time Warowiec bet 210,000 and McDerra called to go to the 8♠ river where he checked again. Warowiec piled on the pressure with a 625,000 bet but it wasn't enough tot shake off his opponent. Warowiec mucked after he was called and shown J♠7♠ and dropped to 2,900,000 million. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000

7.55pm: Matthew McDerra adds more to his stack
It's been quite a turn around for Matthew McDerra he just won another large pot and has regained the chip lead. The two players took a cheap flop of 9♠5♦Q♣ and Matuesz Warowiec check-called McDerra's bet of 80,000. On the 8♦ turn he check-called 325,000 and a further 600,000 on the 4♣ river. McDerra rolled over J♥[10c] for the straight. After the hand McDerra is up to 4.9m, Warowiec slips to 4.3m. -- NW

7.45pm: Matthew McDerra doubles up
In an un-raised pot the players saw a flop of 2♦3♦8♠, Matuesz Warowiec checked to Matthew McDerra who bet 105,000. The Pole then check-raised to 325,000, McDerra moved all-in and Warowiec called, this all took perhaps 20 seconds at most.

McDerra: 9♠8♣
Warowiec: [10d]4♦

The turn was the J♣ and although the A♥ was a red card it was of the wrong suit for Warowiec. The stacks are now approximately 5.3m plays 3.9m in Warowiec's favour. -- NW

7.36pm: Warowiec reclaims lead after flipping well
It's taken no time at all for Mateusz Warowiec to reclaim the lead after winning a big flip. Matthew McDerra raised to 190,000 and then shoved when Warowiec three-bet to 500,000 from the big blind. Warowiec made the call to create a show down.

Warowiec: A♦K♥
McDerra: 6♥6♠

The board ran 8♦A♠Q♥2♠4♥ to pair the Pole's ace. His all-in was for 3,810,000. -- MC


Warowiec takes the lead, again

7.28pm: Warowiec wins more back
Again Matthew McDerra limped from the button, Mateusz Warowiec bumped it up to 225,00, a bet McDerra called. The flop of 3♦K♥6♣ elicited a bet of 250,000 from Warowiec and McDerra called. The 3♠ river saw the action check through and the 5♠ fell on the river. With the full board out, Warowiec bet 650,000 and McDerra made a quick call, Warowiec had pocket aces, which bettered McDerra's 9♦6♦. After the hand McDerra said: "It was the check on the turn that got me." -- NW

7.23pm: Warowiec gets some back
Mateusz Warowiec is clawing his way back into this as he up to 2,600,000 after a coupe of small pots and one slightly bigger one.

Matthew McDerra raised from the button to 165,000 and Warowiec defended to see the 5♣4♥4♠ flop. McDerra c-bet for 160,000 and Warowiec called. The turn came T♠ and Warowiec check-raised McDerra's 255,000 bet up to 630,000. McDerra folded quickly. -- MC

7.15pm: Huge pot goes to McDerra
The hand started innocently enough with Matthew McDerra limping the button as had done on a number of occasions. From the button Mateusz Warowiec made it 225,000 in total, McDerra then re-raised to 580,000 total, the first time he's limped then raised pre-flop during heads-up play. But Warowiec was not perturbed and made the call.

The flop of J♦9♠Q♥ saw the heaviest action of the tournament, Warowiec checked to McDerra who bet 775,000, Warowiec made it 1,875,000 and McDerra moved all-in for around 3,200,000. After a few seconds contemplation Warowiec called the all-in.

McDerra: K♥K♦
Warowiec: A♠[10d]

The turn was the K♣ completing Warowiec's straight but giving McDerra a re-draw and he implored the dealer to 'pair the board,' and indeed he did as the river was the 9♥. After that hand Warowiec has around 1,800,000 left, McDerra the rest - approximately 7,350,000. -- NW

7.10pm: River bet shakes off McDerra
Mateusz Warowiec limped from the button and Matthew McDerra checked his option before leading for 90,000 on a 9♣7♣8♣ flop. Warowiec called and then took over the initiative with a 225,000 bet when McDerra checked to him. Call. The river came Q♠ and McDerra snap-folded when Warowiec bet. -- MC

7.05pm: Chip lead changes hand
With the stacks being so close it doesn't take much for the chip lead to change hands. On the first hand at the new blind level Mateusz Warowiec made it 200,000 to play and Matthew McDerra called. The flop of 8♥A♦J♣ saw McDerra check-call a bet of 210,000. On the 3♥ turn Warowiec fired out a bet of 475,000 and McDerra folded saying that he'd misread his hand thinking that he had an eight, Warowiec showed A♥8♣ as he took the pot and the chip lead. -- NW

7pm: Chip counts as play resumes

Matthew McDerra -- 4,645,000
Mateusz Warowiec -- 4,495,000

It couldn't be much tighter. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,00-80,000

6.45pm: Break time
That's the end of level 27, players are now on a 15 minute break. We'll be getting 100% accurate chip counts of the two remaining players during this break. -- NW

6.40pm: Full house for Warowiec
From the button Mateusz Warowiec made it 180,000 to play and Matthew McDerra called from the big blind. The flop fell K♠8♥3♥ and McDerra check-called a bet of 280,000. Both players checked the 8♠ turn card before Mateusz fired a bet of 375,000 on the K♥ river. It was a bet that McDerra wasted little time in calling and although we didn't see the hands Warowiec had a king in his hand for kings full of eights to win the hand.
Approximate chip counts are now 4.7m versus 4.4m in McDerra's favour. -- NW

6.32pm: Did he call?
There was a little confusion just now when Matthew McDerra called a Mateusz Warowiec river bet. Both the announcer and Warowiec thought he said fold but it was pointed out that he did actually call.

The pot was limped pre-flop before McDerra check-called a 60,000 bet on the K♠4♠Q♦ flop. The river came [7]h and McDerra check-called a 180,000 bet. The river fell 4♥ and Warowiec bet 450,000. McDerra called and took the pot with king-six after the confusion was cleared up. -- MC

6.20pm: Four bet takes it
We've not seen a lot of showdowns recently and Mateusz Warowiec has been amping up the aggression factor since falling behind. In a recent pot he made it 165,000, Matthew McDerra three-bet to 350,000 but folded when Warowiec made it 850,000 total. -- NW

6.12pm: McDerra takes the lead
Matthew McDerra has taken back the chip lead with 5,400,000 after winning two pots in-a-row. We don't have the full details but the second hand saw McDerra make a full house.

In the first hand McDerra limp-called a Mateusz Warowiec big blind raise to fo to a 2♠2♥Q♣ flop. Warowiec led for 350,000 and was called before he himself check-called a 475,000 bet on the 9♠ turn. The river came 8♦ and Warowiec check-called a 500,000 bet. McDerra had a queen for two-pair and took the pot as the Pole mucked. -- MC


McDerra focusing on the title

6pm: McDerra wins with a check-raise
Slowly but surely Matthew McDerra is crawling his way back into this heads up battle. He called a pre-flop raise of 160,000 from the big blind and then check-called a bet of 160,000 on the 6♥K♠K♥ flop. He checked again on the 3♥ turn and Mateusz Warowiec bet 295,000, McDerra made it 630,000 total and Warowiec gave it up. The stacks are now approximately 5.2m to 4m in Warowiec's favour. -- NW

5.52pm: Play resumes
The player's bladders are empty and their full concentration can get back to the cards. -- MC

5.46pm: Pee-pee break
The players have asked for a quick break as Warowiec said, "I really need a p#ss."

If the players ask, they shall receive. We'll be back shortly. -- MC

5.40pm: McDerra doubles
Matthew McDerra has doubled-up to about 3,000,000 after hitting trip kings. The action had reached the turn and it was here that all the chips went it. The board read 8♣K♣3♣K♦ and McDerra tabled K♠4♥ to Mateusz Warowiec's Q♣3♠. The river came T♥ and it's game on gain. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000


Heads-up at UKIPT Manchester

5.30pm: Warowiec wins big pot
From the button Matthew McDerra made it 125,000 to play and Mateusz Warowiec raised to 370,000 total, a bet McDerra called. The flop was Q♦3♥A♣, Warowiec bet 375,00 and McDerra called. The turn was the 6♥ and Warowiec fired a second barrel of 650,000, a bet McDerra called. The river was the A♠ and Warowiec emptied the clip betting 1,325,000 and McDerra quickly called.

Warowiec: A♥K♥
McDerra: A♦J♥

Both players had made trip aces on the river, but Warowiec's kicker played and he won the biggest pot of heads up play so far. After the hand Warowiec is up to 7,500,000 and McDerra drops to 1,500,000. -- NW

5.23pm: Baby flush for McDerra
Matthew McDerra just won a small pot off Mateusz Warowiec with a baby flush. He called from the button and also called when Mateusz Warowiec raised to 150,000 from the big blind. The flop came Q♠3♣Q♣ and Warowiec led for 125,000. Call. The turn came 6♣ and both players checked to the 8♣ river. Warowiec checked and McDerra checked behind whilst saying, "Sick river." He tabled 5♣2♣ and took the pot. -- MC

5.20pm: McDerra wins another showdown
Matthew McDerra has taken to limping a lot from the button, he did it once more and Warowiec checked. Both players checked the 4♠3♣4♣ flop, before Warowiec bet 50,000 on the 7♥ turn. The 7♣ hit the river and Warowiec bet 125,000 and McDerra showed A♦9♠ to win the pot. -- NW

5.15pm: McDerra gets there
Matthew McDerra called from the button and also called when Mateusz Warowiec raised to 150,000 from the big blind. The flop came down 2♠7♣K♣ and Warowiec led for 175,000. McDerra announced. "Raise" and slid over 400,000. McDerra called to see the 5♥ turn. Both players checked as they also did on the T♣ river.

"I have a ten", said McDerra.

"Really?" responded Warowiec.

He wasn't lying and tabled T♥9♦ and took the pot as Warowiec mucked. -- MC

5.05pm: First big pot goes to Warowiec
From the small blind Matthew McDerra completed, but Mateusz Warowiec raised 100,000 more, a bet McDerra called. The flop was Q♦A♥3♦, Warowiec bet 160,000 and McDerra called. The turn was the 8♦ and Warowiec checked to McDerra who fired out a bet of 255,000. The Polish PokerStars qualifier responded by check min-raising to 510,000 which scared McDerra off, as he folded his hand. -- NW

ukipt manchester_day 4_final_table.jpg

Only two of these eight now remain

4.55pm: Robert Angood eliminated in third place (£27,600)
We're now heads-up! Matthew McDerra raised and Robert Angood moved all-in for 1,100,000 and McDerra called.

Angood: A♣J♣
McDerra: K♣Q♥

The board ran out 2♥J♦3♠Q♠7♥ to send Angood to the rail. -- NW

4.53pm: Four-betting
PokerStars qualifier Mateusz Warowiec just took down a nice pot with a cold four-bet to force folds from both his opponents. The pot opened with Matthew McDerra button raise to 120,000 and 270,000 three-bet from Robert Angood in the small blind. Warowiec four-bet to 600,000 and that was enough. -- MC

4.45pm: Mateusz regains chip lead
Matthew McDerra had briefly surpassed Mateusz Warowiec at the top of the chip charts but it didn't last long. McDerra raised to 130,000 on the button and both Robert Angood and Warowiec made the call. All three players checked the 7♦[10d]A♣ flop. The 9♦ fell on the turn and Warowiec bet 235,000, only McDerra called. The river was the K♣ and Warowiec checked to McDerra who bet 310,000, Warowiec called showing [8][6] for the straight, McDerra mucked his hand. -- NW

4.40pm: First raised pot
The first raised pot of three-handed play that made it to a flop just played out. Robert Angood raised to 130,000 from the button and Matthew McDerra defended from the big blind to see the 6♥9♦9♣ flop. Angood c-bet for 155,000 but folded when McDerra check-raised to 330,000. -- MC

4.30pm: Play resumes
Our final three players are back for level 26 where the blinds are now 25,000-50,000 with a 4,000 running ante. Here how the chips stack up:

McDerra: 3,645,000
Mateusz Warowiec 3,620,000
Robert Angood 1,875,000


A taste of Manchester

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manchester in order of how players they have left in the sweep stake Marc Convey (0) and Nick Wright (3)

Marc Convey
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