UKIPT Manchester: Nash leads the way after Day 1A

ukiptthumb.JPGThe third leg of the UKIPT Season 2 came to the G-Casino in Manchester today. 248 players all paid £500 in the hope they can emulate the success experienced by Dutchman Joeri Zandvliet last season when he took home a cool £63,200 for 1st place. Before they could even dream about this they had to get through the big ten legged hurdle in front of them; namely Day 1A and its 10 levels.

The player who took on this challenge best was PokerStars qualifier Paul Nash from the Midlands who bagged up 168,000 chips after hurdling all obstacles in his way. The biggest of these obstacles was when Xenios Kalanas flopped a set of sixes to his over pair (kings). A king on the river soon sorted that to keep his fine form going after his recent 20th place finish at UKIPT Nottingham. If he claimed the gold medal that was hypothetically on offer today then Richard Haile (143,300) and PokerStars qualifiers Andrew Laurie (126,600) and Matthew McDerra (121,700) claimed medals as well for their fine efforts across the baize.


Chip leader, Paul Nash

We will have to wait until tomorrow until all the Team PokerStars Pros grace us with their presence but that doesn't mean we were short on poker prowess today. The likes of Chris Brammer, Wayne Bentley, Jon Kalmar, Richard Hawes, David Docherty, Martin Malone and Steve Jelinek all came but couldn't last the pace and dropped out at various points during the day. Brammer finished 6th here last year and went on to win the Season 1 Leaderboard. No such luck today or this season in fact for the talented young Brit.

ukipt manchester_day 1a_chris_brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer failed to repeat the success of last year here

Andrew Ferguson also failed to make it through after falling in the last level of the day. This young man is desperate to get hold of a UKIPT title. Ferguson is great friends with Max Silver, Nick Abou Risk and David Vamplew, and the four of them, as a crew, have unofficially been coined Team Quidditch (you work it out!). The other three members have all won at least one UKIPT title and it's understandable that he would like to join them.


Try again in Cork, Andrew

Jon Spinks will be coming back after a very up and down day. He bagged up 52,600 but it wouldn't surprise me if that figure increased or decreased before day two begins. Stuart Fox would love to have those chips but he's ended with just 10,500 after losing a big pot at the death of play

We made friends with Terence Cotter yesterday and he became our "featured qualifier of the day" today. He is what the UKIPT is all about. He managed to satellite his way in for one British pound to experience his first taste of a live deep-stacked poker tournament. He had a solid start but ran into an opponent's quads before getting outdrawn to bust. He still had a big smile on his face after busting and that's because the UKIPT has such a fun atmosphere surrounding it. That and he got in for a steal.


The pound man, Terence Cotter

Sixty-five players in total made it through the ten levels, meaning the end of day chip average is just over 57,000. These players will return for Day 2 on Saturday when they will join the survivors from the two flights taking place tomorrow. Tomorrow is set to be a very long day to follow as play will last from midday until about 4am due to the two overlapping flights. We hope you will join us back here then to see who can follow in the success of chip leader Nash.

Check the chip counts by clicking here. A full Day 1A finishers' chip count will posted very soon.

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Some Manchester city centre architecture

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