UKIPT Newcastle: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.50pm: End of the level
That's the end of level four, players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

6.45pm: Shipley ships it
A large pot just played out between John Shipley (not the EPT winner) and Ali Ahmed. The action was started by Waseem Nazir who limped, Leon Louis then made it 725 to play, Shipley called from the small blind, before Ahmed bumped it to 2,150 from the big blind. Everyone folded apart from Shipley who made the call.

The flop was A♣A♥5♣ and Shipley led out for 2,500 and after a short think Ahmed made it 7,500 total. It was now Shipley's turn to tank and he moved all-in for over 20,000, this saw Ahmed dwell up before realising what he claimed were pocket kings. As he was raking the pot Shipley let out a deep breath and showed pocket jacks to the table. "I was pretty sure you didn't have an ace," he said to Ahmed. "So I had to represent it." -- NW

6.37pm: Hollywood or bluff?
I swung over to Martin Mulsow's table to see how the German was getting on, he's up to 25,000. His neighbour, Tony Rafter, was in the process of either performing a terrible Hollywood or a great bluff as he made a large meal of deciding what to do when getting raised on a Q♦4♣T♥Q♣ board before moving over the top after the requisite amount of 'thinking time.' I'm inclined to say it was the former.

Also, there's just one table left upstairs now. -- RD

6.30pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of some of the notables in the field today: Gareth Walker (12,000), Martin Mulsow (24,800), Brett Angell (14,300), Thomas Dunwoodie (18,800), Mateusz Warowiec (3,800), Piotr Majewski (15,300), Richard Hawes (21,300), Jeffrey Burke (21,525), Jon Lundy (31,000), Mark Trett (13,700), Oliver Schaffmann (18,400) Stephen Dunnett (6,100). -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_jon lundy.jpg

Local lad Lundy has doubled his starting stack

6.12pm: Aces not the icing on the cake for Frost
Three players were in the pot when I arrived to see this carnage. Paul Frost was sat out of position trying to decide whether to call Paul Grommitt's 10,500 shove into a J♥T♦3♣ flop that had some 8,000-9,000 next to it. The third player in this sorry tale had moved all-in pre-flop with a short stack and skirted away from the table before I had a chance to catch his name. Needless to his say, his hand didn't hold up.

Frost wasn't thrilled with the situation but eventually called with A♦A♣ and said that he was concerned his opponent had flopped a set. Grommitt showed Q♦9♦ for an open-ended straight draw and promptly caught trips with running nines.

Frost was left with a single 100 chip and managed to spin it up to 500 with 8♦2♦ into A♦Q♦ and pocket tens before I left. Chip and chair, they say. -- RD

6pm: Exits
Recent exits include: Dylan Randles, John Rigolli, Ross Johnson and Daniel Pattison. -- NW

5.50pm: The Wright stuff
I joined the action at table 18 to see two players taking a flop of 9♦9♣K♣. From the small blind Gordon Wright checked to the player in the cut-off (he has no I.D card in front of him and there's no table 18, seat 8 on our current player list) who bet 500, call from Wright.

The turn was the Q♣, Wright checked once again and the cut-off wagered 1,200 a bet Wright check-raised to 2,800 and despite only having around 3,000 total behind the cut-off made the call. The river was the 5♣ and Wright led for 2,500 (effectively setting the cut-off all-in), after around a minute in the tank his opponent folded saying, "I've got just enough chips left to fold," indeed David Vamplew made a comeback from a similar sized stack in Cork to finish 29th. -- NW


5.33pm: Tables thinning on top
We've got two tables left in the poker annex upstairs and with late registrations to end shortly that room will soon be redundant. Downstairs is still packed and we'll get a final confirmed Da 1A field size when we get it. -- RD

5.20pm: Lots of pre-flop aggression, no showdowns
Finding a showdown in this last level has been tougher than finding a Sunderland supporter in Shearer's bar. There has been lots of pre-flop aggression though. A couple of examples; Martin Mulsow made it 375 to play from middle position and was re-raised to 1,125 by Rajesh Verma, the German elected not to see a flop and passed.

And on table 16 Jason Barton four-bet to 2,500 over a three-bet 1,275 to drag the pot without the need for community cards. -- NW

5.11pm: Enthusiastic dealer discourages action?
John Pogue was sat on the button with ace-king and with a flop of A♠9♣5♦ it would have been understandable if he'd been annoyed with the dealer who'd quickly rifled through each of the other four players at the table with "Check or bet? Check or bet?"

Each player had opted for the former and Pogue's ensuing 600 value bet was met with quick folds before Pogue flashed his hand. Would he have been able to lock more chips into the pot if it wasn't for the dealer's rapid-fire calling of the action? Frankly it's not for me to say. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_dealer button.jpg

Look at the fancy PokerStars dealer button! You want one

5pm: The shape of Day 1A
Tournament director Toby Stone just informed the players that today will be eight one-hour levels with no dinner break. They won't be playing non-stop though as they'll have a 15 minute break every two hours. -- NW

4.45pm: No nine lives
During the first two levels there were nine exits, among those who can already think about playing tonight's £100 side event are: Pawel Brzeski, Nicol Macpherson, James Hunter, Paul Martin, Robert Mercer and Brian Hunter. -- NW

4.35pm: Back from break
The players are returning from their first break of the day with two levels ticked off. We'll catch up with tournament director Toby Stone sometime over the next 60 minutes to get the low-down on how many levels we can expect to play. I'm hoping guessing eight, nine at most, considering that we have five days to play the tournament down to a winner.

One man that has been there before is Martin Mulsow who was brutally unlucky at the final table of UKIPT Cork. The German had his aces cracked by David O'Connor's ace-king with a vicious runner-runner for the chip lead. Mulsow is in this Day 1A starting field and is both active and a threat at whichever table he's sat. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_martin mulsow.jpg

UKIPT Cork runner-up Martin Mulsow

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (and their food requests to colleague going to the shop): Rick Dacey ("Clementines and dunking biscuits for tea, definitely no chocolate on those because it ruins the tea. And keep those chocolate raisins away from me - they send me a bit weird.") and Nick Wright ("Jaffa Cakes, bananas and iced tea"). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
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