UKIPT Newcastle: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)


8.50pm: End of level
We're going into the final break of the day, which is not a dinner break. I've heard a couple of malcontents grumbing but we don't think they've thought it through properly. It's only eight hours of play and you can order food to the tables. If you add a dinner break in, often a split dinner break, then you're adding a good couple of hours onto the day and that means finishing post-last orders. That is never a good idea, especially in Newcastle; you can either make it out for a good night or avoid the ensuing carnage that takes place at kicking out time. Either way, skipping dinner break is hugely +EV in our eyes.

Join us in a new post shortly. -- RD

8.45pm: Shipping up
John Shipley (not the WSOP nearly man) is up to nearly 40,000 while Martin Mulsow has taken a tumble out of the tournament, unable to get back up after getting ace-king in against aces. -- RD

8.35pm: Antes send them running for the hills
The onset of antes in level five has led to a spate of bust outs, that or it's purely a coincidence. Either way around 20 players have bust out during this level including: David Cooke, Paul Johnstone and Marcin Wydrowski. Around 169 players remain.-- NW

8.28pm: Amer sends Nazir to chip nadir
Waseem Nazir and Martin Amer just tangled in a pot with the latter coming out on top. I joined the action to see Amer betting 2,500 on the turn with the board reading 4♥3♥Q♠8♣, Nazir made the call.

The A♠ river slowed both players down and after they both checked Amer rolled over Q♦9♦ to win the pot. To the direct right of Amer, Oliver Schaffmann let out a sigh and said words to the effect of 'Oh my god', indicating the perhaps he'd been bet off a better holding earlier in the hand. -- NW

8.22pm: Mulsow crippled
Martin Mulsow is down to his last 12 big blinds after running ace-king into pocket aces for a 36,000 pot. It's an unfortunate spot to get into and one that few walk away from. The German is left with a shoving stack and will need some luck if he's to make the end of the day. -- RD

8.11pm: Nuts abound
On back to back hands, albeit at different tables, Jonathan Gawith and Asif Chamadiya tabled the nuts. Gawith had rivered the nut flush with A♥9♥ while Chamadiya made a chunky 8,000 value bet with ace-queen after flopping the Broadway straight against pocket nines, which paid off with the idiot end of the straight. That pot takes Chamadiya up to 41,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_asif chamadiya.jpg

Asif Chamadiya: nice to to flop the nuts


7.55pm: Recent exits
Recent exits include the excellently named Jose Maria Pacheco De Noronha (all the way from Portugal), Stephen Dunnett and Gary Fowler. -- NW

7.48pm: Other big stacks brewing
It's around this part of the day that some larger stacks start to emerge and one such pile of chips is in front of Gordon Wright. There's some 40,000 in front of the stony-faced Wright who raised and won two hands back to back in the time I was watching.

Brett Angell is not one of the players chipping up, he's dribbling along on 12,000, which is still up from the 6,000 he was on earlier. -- RD

7.40pm: Hawes flying high
Richard Hawes is up to 60,000 which is good for the chip lead and he gave me the details of the big pot that got him to that stack. "I opened to 750 with 7♠7♣ the button and small blind called and the big blind (Michael Clarke) made it 1,800 and we all called.

'The flop was 9♣[7]6♣ and the small blind moved all-in for 7,000 with [8][4], Clarke isolated with pocket kings, I called all-in with my set and the button folded.
The turn was the [10c] to give the small blind a straight but the river was the 5♣ to give me a four flush to win the pot.' After that hand Clarke was down to around 20,000. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1A_richard hawes.jpg

Chip leader Richard Hawes

7.28pm: Just fold times three
"Just fold. Just fold. Just fold," pleaded Miikka Toikka. The board read T♠6♣5♦3♦ and Toikka had moved all-in for just a few hundred chips over Gareth Fry's 7,000 bet. Fry, incredibly, hadn't insta-called but didn't look like he was folding.

"You might have some outs so just fold," said Toikka. Fry made the call and showed 4♥4♠ for a pocket pair and an open-ended straight draw. Toikka's K♠K♥ was way ahead and he faded the river to double up to close to 20,000. -- RD

7.15pm: Carney sends Shan packing
I joined the action to see a flop of J♣8♦5♦ and around 4,600 in the middle. Daniel Carney checked to Asam Shan who moved all-in for his last 5,000. After a short dwell up Carney made the call.

Carney: 9♠9♥
Shan: 6♣6♠

Shan was well behind and would need to catch a six or running straight cards to stay alive, but the turn and river were the A♦ and the 9♣ and bought no help. -- NW

7pm: The halfway point
We're now halfway through the day with four levels under our belt as Day 1A officially turns into a one floor tournament. The main poker floor is still jammed full of players looking to stack up and send others to Value Town. Today's unofficial field totals at 226 - we'll get full confirmation when the money is counted. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_table 19.jpg

Some players are already hanging on for dear life

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in order of estimation of PokerPlayer magazine editor Alun Bowden's Day 1B longevity): Nick Wright (he'll make the money) and Rick Dacey (lucky if he'll make first break). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT