UKIPT Newcastle: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)


4.04pm: End of level
We're now at our first break and will get back into the action in 20 minutes. Join us in a new post then. -- RD

3.58pm: Happy go lucky Wealthall
When Nick Weathall's tweet hit my screen saying: "Wish I'd been 90 minutes late for this tourney..." I was always going to go to his table to chase it up. Had he bust out? Had someone spilt a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale down his new poker clobber? No, he had lost 4,500 of his 15,000 starting stack.

"It's going good, I've already got rid of four and half thousand, I'm hoping to get rid of the rest by the next break," said the UKIPT host. You too can follow Wealthall with his happy go lucky tweets on 'nickwealthall' on Twitter. He's now down to 8,000, is yet to win a pot. -- RD

3.50pm: Burland gets one through
With the board showing 7♣8♣9♦2♣ and around 1,500 in the pot, Jamie Burland bet 1,000 into the pot and was called by his left hand neighbour and they both saw the Q♥ roll off on the river. The UKIPT Brighton champion through out a solitary blue 5k chip, which was enough to set his opponent all-in. After around 20 seconds his opponent reluctantly folded and showed the 9♠ as he did so. Another player at the table turned to Burland and said: "You got one through." After than hand Burland was back up to around 11,400. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_jamie burland.jpg

Burland is battling back

3.40pm: Chip counts from the upper room
Here's how some of the runners and riders in the upper room are getting on: Jamie Burland (11,400), Keith Hawkins (15,925), Marc Convey (14,425), Sam Razavi (12,700), James Browning (15,425) and Matthew McDerra (8,550). -- NW

3.25pm: Convey wimping out
Marc Convey is down to just under 10,000 after playing just two hands. He first hit a flush under flush then open-raised and passed to a three-bet he told me.

"You didn't fold, you wimped out," piped up John Ohanlon. Convey did not disagree. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_marc convey.jpg

Marc 'The Conv' Convey

3.15pm: First man out
Earlier (see 2.35pm post) we reported of an unfortunate player who flopped middle set against Andrew Clark's flopped straight and busted after ten minutes. Having been handed the seat draw we can fill in the blank, that player was Sean Clery. -- NW

3.12pm: Bedi bouncing back
Rupinder Bedi just took a small pot down stabbing into the river of a A♣8♥7♠K♥6♣ board for 325. Nobody looked him up and George, as he's better known, raked in the pot. Bedi has a record five UKIPT cashes and has held many a big stack but has yet to make his first final table. He's fast turning into the Luca Pagano of the UKIPT. -- RD


2.58pm: In the cavern
Yesterday's play was split over two levels to begin with and today the players are split over three floors. The third area, which is right down on the bottom level of the casino, through the cash game area, is in use because there's currently 306 (and counting) players currently registered for Day 1B. There's only four tables in use but one of those is stacked as it contains David O'Connor, Mike Hill and James Williams. -- NW

2.46pm: Champs off to a flier
Both Max Silver and Nick Abou Risk are up and running early with 20,000 and 17,000 respectively. Given their records that is not good news for everyone else. -- RD

2.39pm: Media savvy
Today's field features three players that are on the other side of the rail from usual. UKIPT host Nick Wealthall is surrounded by a number of loud Geordies who are threatening to be all over each other 'like a rash,' PokerPlayer magazine editor Alun Bowden is looking slightly shell-shocked, no, not shell-shocked, hungover, and PokerStars blogger Marc Convey is, we imagine, talking the hind legs off a donkey somewhere.

Convey has already hit a flush under flush and lost the minimum, he claims, after playing the hand "like a nit." -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_nick wealthall.jpg

Nick Wealthall: TV's Mr Smiles?

2.35pm: Oh to be in Clark's shoes
It only took 10 minutes to lose a player, I didn't see the hand myself but one of the tournament staff pointed me in the direction of the table where the action occurred. It turns out Andrew Clark flopped a straight with [7][8] on a [5][6][9] board and his unlucky opponent had flopped middle set. All the chips went in and the straight held. "Lucky start," grinned Clark. -- NW

2.29pm: Thew reinforces his nice guy image
Julian Thew is known for being an all-round nice guy, both at the table and away from it, and it's easy to see why. While waiting at the airport in Cork Thew had told us that he was off on a family camping and so I asked how that had gone. Fine it seems except for when Thew got stuck entertaining his toddler in a cold paddling pool on a blustery day. There's some breaking news for you. -- RD

2.25pm: Also spotted
We've also spotted part-time PokerStars blogger and full time motor mouth Marc 'The Conv' Convey and UKIPT Cork runner-up David O'Connor. In fact according to the seat draw close friends David O'Connor and Max Silver had melded into one player - O'Connor Silver - given their respective UKIPT records that's a scary thought. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_tournament chips.jpg

On your starting stacks

2.15pm: Leaving Las Vegas
Whilst a few UKIPT regulars are playing in some little known series in Las Vegas many have turned out in force here including UKIPT Cork winner Sam Razavi. In fact, Razavi flew back from Vegas just to play in this event. "I got back last night," the continent hopper told me. "I'm flying back on Tuesday or whenever I bust this event," so hopefully Tuesday then Sam.

The reason for Razavi's jet heels is precious UKIPT leaderboard points, he's currently in first place and should he stay there he'll win buy-ins plus hotel to all UKIPT season 3 events. Chris Dowling, who's in second place on the leaderboard is also playing. -- NW

2.07pm: And we're off
Play has begun, cards are in the air. -- RD

2.05pm: Slight delay, lots of players
Due to the a late swathe of players trying to buy in there''s been a slight delay to the start of the tournament (when isn't there?). Players are getting seated across three floors here at Aspers Casino, Newcastle with the cash game area temporarily giving way to the main event. -- RD

1.50pm: Day 1B set to start
Welcome to Day 1B of UKIPT Newcastle here at Aspers Casino in Newcastle. Yesterday 226 players took to the felt and 94 made it through to Day 2. We're expecting more runners today and also more notables. One of the vagaries of tournament poker is that in a tournament with two starting days Day 1B often has a more stacked field.

That's certainly the case here in the North-East where players hoping to get a kind table draw will be UKIPT champions Nick Abou Risk, Max Silver, Jamie Burland, Sam Razavi and Matthew McDerra. Also taking to the felt will be UKIPT host Nick Wealthall (who's rating his mental game as 'strong to very strong'), EPT winner Julian Thew, serial UKIPT casher Rupinder 'George' Bedi and UKIPT Nottingham 4th place finisher Tim Bettingen.

It should be a cracker, so stay with us throughout the eight levels of play.

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_millennium bridge.jpg

The players will hope to build stacks, not bridges

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Newcastle (and their favourite Geordie): Rick Dacey (Jimmy Nail) and Nick Wright (Sir Bobby Robson). Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT