UKIPT Newcastle: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)


8.55 pm: Break
One final 20 minute break. Come meet us in a new post soon. -- RD

8.52 pm: Williams on the rail
I just bumped into James Williams who is currently nursing a tumbler of apple juice* having got mangled in two grim hands a couple of levels ago. He first turned a straight at the same time as Keith Hawkins made a full house and then shortly after he got in with A♦Q♦ against kings. Tough lines for the cash game player - get back online. -- RD

*Okay, it's probably vodka Redbull.

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_james williams.jpg

James Williams: today wasn't his day

8.50pm: Leddering nicely
Michael 'ledders' Leedham is going well. The youngster, who first came to our attention when he finished 14th at UKIPT Edinburgh, has around 31,000. Elsewhere Phil Baker has around 13,000, as does Nick Hicks. -- NW

8.45pm: Exits
Luke Hallinan, Lee Blood and UKIPT Manchester winner Matthew McDerra are all now on the rail. -- NW

8.35 pm: Convey proves it's a skill game
Marc Convey has just knocked out UKIPT Cork final tablist Peter Burnett after getting it in with A♥A♠ against A♦J♠. Desite flopping a jack Burnett failed to catch up and Convey chipped up to 17,000 - back over his starting stack for the second time today. -- RD

8.30pm:Chip counts
Some chip counts from the upstairs room: Marc 'The Conv' Convey (8,400), Mike Hill (6,700), Jamie Burland (42,000), Gerard Harraghy (26,800), Julian Thew (26,500) and Keith Hawkins (13,000). The latter two are sat on different tables but have their backs to each other and are merrily chatting away about WSOP plans and fatherhood. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins

8.22pm: Abou Risk on the warpath again
Nick Abou Risk is up to around 40,000 which is a terrifying proposition for the rest of the field given that he's won two of these main events already. Fellow UKIPT winner Max Silver is sat just behind him with 20,000.

"After three hours of being card dead now I've started running really hot," explained Abou Risk. It's a good spin up from the 10,000 he had just a level ago. -- RD

8.15pm:Holbrook burns Burnett
One of those intriguing blind on blind pots just played out between Nick Holbrook and Peter Burnett (8th UKIPT Cork). From the small blind Holbrook made it 725 and Burnett made the call from the big. On a flop of A♠K♥3♠ Holbrook led for 725 and Burnett made the call. The turn was the 6♣ and Holbrook fired again, this time 1,250 and again Burnett quickly called. The [10d] completed the board and Holbrook emptied the clip betting 2,500, after taking his time Burnett made the call and tabled K♠J♥. Holbrook had A♣3♦ to win the pot. -- NW

7.55pm:Tate that
Nicolas Tate just won a juicy pot, putting his opponent through the wringer in the process. His opponent opened to 875 from under-the-gun+2 and it folded to Tate who 3-bet to 2,200 from the big blind. Back on the original raiser who 4-bet to 3,850, Tate then put out one blue 5k chip and a red 500 chip - which meant it should've been a raise but he was given change and to the flop they went.

Neither active player seemed to complain with only Phil Baker raising an eyebrow. The flop was 8♦3♥9♦ and a c-bet of 3,800 was enough for Tate to claim the pot but only after his opponent tank-folded. -- NW


7.45pm: Thew and Burland meet, Bedi out
Julian Thew has moved to Jamie Burland's table with the UKIPT Brighton winner (that's Burland) having a slight positional advantage on the EPT winner. Antes are to kick in soon.

In other news, Rupinder Bedi has busted with kings after running into a flopped set. We've picked that nugget direct from Bedi's 'gb2loose' Twitter account. -- RD

7.34pm: Final numbers and payouts
We have had confirmation of 328 entrants today which when added to the 226 players from Day 1A we have a total field of 554, quite an impressive number for the first ever PokerStars tournament held in Newcastle. That pumps up the prize pool to a heaving £277,000 and if you want to know what that will pay first then keep clicking the refresh button. The payout structure is being worked on as I stab my fingers into my laptop. We'll post that up as soon as we receive them. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_chips.jpg

"Chips and a weird metal construct": say what you see at UKIPT Newcastle

7.25pm: Aces into kings
Domonic Cugudda looked in great shape to double up in a tasty pot with aces into the kings of David Gallacher, until two kings flopped to give his opponent quads. Runner-runner was needed. It didn't come and Cugudda was sent to the rail while Gallacher chipped up to 40,000. Aces into kings is a brutal situation whichever way it falls. -- RD

7.20pm: Three times a maybe
It doesn't look like double UKIPT champion Nick Abou Risk is going to three-peat here in Newcastle he's struggling with just under 10,000 at the moment. Still that's a 30 big blind stack so he's not out of it just yet. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_nick abou risk.jpg

Double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk

7.10pm: Mistrie of the pair of bullets
A sizeable pot was just pushed in the direction of Sunnil Mistrie. He had called a raise of 800 pre-flop from the big blind after Kirit Patel had opened from under-the-gun+2 and been flat called by the button. The flop was A♦6♥2♣ and Patel c-bet 1,525 and was called in both spots. The turn and river fell J♣4♥ and all three players checked it down with Mistrie showing A♣3♠ to claim the pot. -- NW

6.55pm: Halfway through the day
Four levels down, four to go. Final player numbers are being crunched now and that should mean a payout structure will follow shortly after.

Numbers from today are over 320, yesterday was 226 so we can expect a prize pool of over £270,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_dealer.jpg

Dealing out justice at the UKIPT Newcastle

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (and who they think the dealer above looks like): Rick Dacey (Non, the mute brute sidekick of General Zod in Superman II) and Nick Wright (One of the Followill brothers from the Kings of Leon). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT