UKIPT Newcastle: Day 1B, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)


11.20pm: End of Day 1B: too tight to call
We're going to have to wait for the chip counts here, folks. There's a swathe of players stacks over 60,000 but we'll have to see how the counts come out. We'll post up chip counts as soon as we get them as well as a wrap of the day's action. -- RD

11.10pm: Clock stopped
The clock has stopped and we're playing down the last few hands. There really doesn't seem to be much in it at the moment. Unless there's some big shift in the last hands Paul Jackson will remain the Day 1 chip leader. -- RD

11pm: No rush for the lead
It's tough to navigate between the two floors to spot a definitive chip leader but, at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any runaway monster stacks. A few big 'uns have manifested themselves with Daniel Alaimo (60,000) and Joe Laming (63,000). A late dash will be needed to topple Paul Jackson from his Day 1A perch (138,000). -- RD

10.42pm: Movers and shakers
Julina Thew has dropped to 45,000 and his tablemate Jamie Burland has followed in suit and is down to 28,000. Fellow UKIPT winner Max Silver has stepped into the breach though by stacking up to 55,000. Forty minutes of play left. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_max silver.jpg

Max Silver: running hot up to 55,000

10.30pm: Thew moving up
Julian Thew is up to 70,000 after winning a chunky 50,000 pot with aces versus kings. Jamie Burland claimed to have had jacks in the hand (losing just a few blinds). Thew has over $2.6 million in live tournament winnings and knows how to play this poker gamethingymebob. It spells trouble for the rest of the field, even at this early juncture. -- RD

10.25pm:Worley-Roberts wobbling
Deborah Worley-Roberts is down to about 11,000 after losing a near 20,000 chip pot to Mateusz Zbikowski. I only saw the showdown but with the board reading 9♣4♣K♣7♠4♦ Worley-Roberts said, "I have a nine," but Zbikowski showed pocket queens to win the pot. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_deborah worley-roberts.jpg

Deborah Worley-Roberts


10.16pm: Burland pushing on
Jamie Burland is up to 57,000 after rivering a flush and getting paid off for a 12,000 pot. As well as winning UKIPT Brighton, Burland has cashed in three other UKIPTs with a 24th place finish at EPT London (the UKIPT Grand Final) for £21,000. -- RD

10.15pm:Baker boomed
I saw Phil Baker sat just outside of the poker room checking email on his mini laptop, this either meant he had such a commanding stack that he could afford to take five or his short stack had become non-existent. "Boom," he said adding, "I've busted," just to clarify.

Also on the rail are Tony Byrne, Nadir Kleida and Ali Mallu. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_phil baker.jpg

Phil Baker

10pm: Searching for Mallu
Alli Mallu is a wanted man, a fugitive from the eyes of the tournament.

"Could you give this to Alli Mallu?" asked James Browning, passing me a note that claimed to be detailing some hotel room offer. Slightly taken aback by the request I agreed before I realised I'd turned myself into World War I messenger, running notes along the trenches. Oh well, I was heading downstairs anyway and passed Keith Hawkins and Phil Baker, both of whom had just been knocked out.

Mallu was no longer in his seat. It did bring me to Mark James however who has stacked up to 58,000 so it wasn't a wasted trip. -- RD

9.55pm: Breaking news
I've just received the prize pool breakdown and the winner of the UKIPT Newcastle will pocket £67,000, the runner-up £40,400 and third place £24,700. Make the final table and you're guaranteed £4,500 and the min-cash is £750. A total of 72 players from the 554 who started will make the money. A full breakdown of the prize pool will be available shortly. -- NW

9.45pm:Upper floor news
Unlike yesterday when players were moved from the upstairs area to the main card room, today some of the downstairs tables have broken first and players have moved upstairs - I believe to help accommodate a side event. Whatever the reasons this means this area is still very congested and some tables are inaccessible.

Among those to have been moved up a floor during the last few levels are Alun Bowden (24,000 - just won a 1k pot with quads), Chris Dowling (37,500), Max Silver (27,000) and Julian Thew (28,900).

On Thew's table (which also contains Jamie Burland) Lee Buchan raised to 1,050 pre-flop and was flat called by Anthony Mcdonald in the big blind. On the flop of 7♣9♥A♦ Buchan c-bet 1,800 when he was checked to and McDonald folded showing the 9♠, Buchan responded by showing the A♠. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1b_chris dowling.jpg

Dowling is building a stack once again

9.36pm: More bust outs
Neil Mackay, David Bishop, Darren Gay, Sean Savage, Daniel Whelan, Gary Gallagher, Sebastian Faust and Mike Hill have all busted and won't be making Day 2. While some stacks are bubbling up there's yet to be any player step forward to challenge Paul Jackson's 138,000 overnight chip lead. With two levels left there is still plenty of time... -- RD

9.30pm: Grinding
I caught up with UKIPT Cork champion Sam Razavi on the break: "I've got 14,000," he told me. "It's such a grind." -- NW

9.20pm: Two levels left
The remaining 230 players are back in their seats amongst the chip leaders is UKIPT host Nick Wealthall who is up to 41,000. "I had kings, someone else didn't," he opined when I asked how he got them. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_nick wealthall3.jpg

Nick Wealthall: a nit for life

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Newcastle (in order of how hard they'd work tomorrow if they won the Euro Millions tonight): Rick Dacey (as hard as is physically possible whilst drinking beer) and Nick Wright (professional to the last - at least until the money hits his account). Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT