UKIPT Newcastle: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.25pm: Break time
Four levels down today, another potential four levels to go. -- NW

6.20pm: Monster or air
I joined the action to see UKIPT host Nick Wealthall deep in the tank pondering an all-in river call. The board was 5♠A♦4♣3♦K♣, there was around 22,000 in the pot and his opponent, John Devlin, had moved all-in for 16,800. "You should have a monster or nothing here but it's really hard to workout" said Wealthall. "I think I'm supposed to call," he added. After about another 20 seconds Wealthall did call and Devlin showed A♥A♣ for a set of aces. "You had a monster, nice hand," said Wealthall. -- NW

6.18pm: Shipley sailing away with it at the break
As we close the fourth level of the day and the players go on break it looks like John Shipley holds the chip lead with 345,000. Shipley also has position on a deep stacked Nick Abou Risk who just bust out Mark Dolan. The double UKIPT winner is on 240,000.

We're doing a round of the largest stacks at each table and will get them posted up for the beginning of next level. We have 110 players left with an average stack 75,000. Join us in a new post in 15 minutes. -- RD

6.15pm: Brennan locks out Lockett
There was a bit of a commotion at one of the downstairs tables so I wandered over to see what all the fuss was about. The facts were thus: Hamid Montazeri had opened to 3,400 from late position, Stephen Lockett had then moved all-in for 15,000 from the small blind and Andrew Brennan had moved all-in for 44,000 from the big blind.

The action was now back on Montazeri who was debating his decision out loud and debating the dynamics of calling if only perhaps to win the side pot. At this point Lee Cockroft spoke up but the dealer, to his credit, told him to be silent as he was not in the hand. Eventually Montazeri laid his hand down and the other two players went to showdown:

Lockett: A♣Q♦
Brennan: A♠K♣

The board ran out [10h]3♣5♥J♥6♥ and Brennan stayed in front to eliminate Lockett. -- NW

6.02pm: Bennett busts O'Hanlon, builds big stack
John O'Hanlon has just bust out to Mathew Bennett after getting it in with A♠K♥ to pocket kings. O'Hanlon had three-bet to 12,100 - around a quarter of his stack - and Bennett had cold four-bet to 20,000. O'Hanlon made the shove for 40,800 and Bennett quickly called.

"Aces?" asked O'Hanlon.

Bennett shook his head and tabled kings, leaving O'Hanlon with a single over card. It didn't hit the 3♥J♣3♣7♣4♣ board and Bennett made a flush for good measure to chip up to around 160,000. Nick Wealthall was sat at the far end of the table looking fairly envious. The UKIPT host is nursing a 45,000 stack. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_nick wealthall.jpg

'Why can't I pick up kings in that spot?'

5.55pm: Nick Abou Risk doubles up
There were just four tables left in the upstairs area and that was soon to become three as a tournament official was hovering around Nick Abou Risk's table preparing to break it and hand out new seating assignment cards. The two-time UKIPT champion meanwhile was involved in a hand against Mateusz Zbikowski.

There was roughly 16,000 in the pot pre-flop and the flop fell 5♥A♦8♠, from the small blind Abou Risk checked it over to Zbikowski (button) who bet 13,000, Abou Risk then check-raised to 27,500 total. After perhaps 10 seconds Zbikowski announced he was all-in Abou Risk made a quick call and showed A♥8♦ which had outflopped Zbikowski's A♠Q♣. The 9♥ turn had Zbikowski hoping for another on the river but the 2♥ completed the board. The dealer counted down Abou Risk's stack and he had 73,300 so he's now up to around 160,000 and looking set to make another deep UKIPT run. One thing is for sure he won't be a welcome sight at his new table. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_nick abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk is gearing up his assault on a third UKIPT title

5.42pm: Jackson back in as Hobrook groans
Paul Jackson is up to 175,000 after winning a huge five-bet pot which knocked out Michael Bailey. The action had been opened in early position before getting three-bet by Nick Holbrook. Jackson came over the top with a four-bet which was then cold five-bet shoved on by Bailey. Holbrook passed his hand - pocket nines he claimed afterwards - but Jackson made the call.

Jackson: Q♣Q♦
Bailey: A♠K♠

The board brought a nine which would have given Holbrook a set but no ace or king and Jackson chipped up to 175,000 as Bailey departed the tournament. Holbrook is going well with 220,000. Average stack is 64,000. -- RD

5.35pm: Exits
Recent exits include three UKIPT champions, Brett Angell, Max Silver and Jamie Burland are all out. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ante 200

5.22pm: Another double up for Walker
Whilst watching Gareth Walker's table he told that he had scored another double up and it seems he's flopping full houses for fun. "I had ace-king and Stu Costa had pocket jacks, the board came [A][A][K][5][J].' With that double up Walker now has around 50,000. -- NW

5.17pm: Thew out
There's a table on the top floor that is getting heavy in chips with several players well above the 55,000 average stack. Paul Jackson, who came into the day as the big stack, is on around 100,000, Damian Porebski is on 160,000 and Nick Holbrook has 170,000.

A short stacked Julian Thew was sharing the table with them until he was busted by Porebski and some sneakily played pocket kings. Holbrook had opened for 2,900 and was called by Porebski in the small blind before Thew jammed for 26,000 from the big blind with pocket nines. Holbrook slowly made the call before Porebski moved all-in for just over 100,000 total. Holbrook passed and Porebski showed K♠K♦. The board failed to help Thew who was sent to the rail. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_julian thew.jpg

EPT winner Julian Thew won't be adding UKIPT silverware to his trophy case

ukipt newcastle_day 2_damian porebski.jpg

Damian Porebski and the case of the trappy kings

5.02pm: Some chip counts
All of these from the upper tournament area: Jeff Burke (55,000), Nick Abou Rick (85,000), Neil Rawnsley (47,000), Paul Hutchinson (37,000), Gemal Husnu (45,000) and Julian Thew (32,000). -- NW

4.53pm: Burland blags busts it
Jamie Burland has just bust. He admitted that his table image may not have been great, jamming with one card for three-high tends to do that. Burland was down to 20 big blinds when he ran sevens into aces to drop to eight big blinds which then went in with [a][3]. He was called by [a][q] and failed to suck out.

"Oli Schaffmann and I started with 170,000 between us and we're both out within three levels. How does that happen? I thought we were going to do some real damage today," said Burland before getting dragged off for an interview. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_jamie burland.jpg

Jamie Burland: dodgy table image and haircut

4.40pm: 'All over you like a rash'
So said Mark Coyne to Richard Hawes after the former had doubled through the latter. I only saw the action from the flop but with a board of A♣[10d]4♦ and around 9,600 in the pot, Hawes bet 5,000, Gemal Husnu passed what he later said was A♥J♥ and Coyne then moved all-in for 32,900 total.

After thinking for a minute or so Hawes announced call and showed K♦5♦, Coyne though showed A♦J♦ for a dominating hand, "I didn't think you'd shove that," said Hawes, "Why not? I'm a nuts only player," said Coyne. The 2♦ and Q♣ completed the board and Hawes was left with around 18,000 but was out soon after. -- NW

4.28pm: Curtis afraid of the light
Self-confessed nit Dave Curtis decided to get his feet a little wet with [j][7]. He fired the ten-high flop, his turned double gutter and the river, which he missed, yet was still called down with top pair by Scott Finley. "He made a great call," said Curtis, now down to 25,000. Curtis is sporting some 80's style black shades due to a late night on the tiles, so I've heard. - RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_dave curtis.jpg

Dave Curtis: sore head, short stack

4.22pm: Burland blags it
Jamie Burland wandered into the media room during the break to tell us about a nice blag he ran on the penultimate hand of the last level.

"I was on the button and the cut-off opened to 2.5x, I looked down at the three of spades and jammed all-in. He tank-folded pocket eights," said Burland. So far, it just sounds like a very light shove.

"Well, at that point I asked the dealer: 'Can I see my other card?' I'd only been dealt one card," explained Burland with a smile. Despite that he UKIPT Brighton winner has 32,000, some way below the 49,000 average. -- RD

4.20pm: Big stacks
As level 11 kicks off the likes of Andrew Dwyer (177,000), Paul Jackson (190,000) and Ciaran Boyle (275,000) are leading the way. Others over 100,000 include Grzegorz Matla (110,000) and Rachael Costa (108,000). -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_rachael costa.jpg

Costa is one of a number of players with over 100,000

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Newcastle (and their supermarket shop request): Rick Dacey (Rennies and muesli bars) and Nick Wright (blueberry yogurt and reversy percys). Photos by Mickey May (cigarettes).

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