UKIPT Newcastle: Day 2, level 13, 14 & 15 updates (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

ukiptthumb.JPG10.20pm: Play done for the day, restarts at 2pm
The 72 players who've made the money are now bagging their chips and will return at 2pm tomorrow to play down to the final table. The race for overnight chip leader appears to be a shootout between John Shipley and Nicholas Holbrook. A full wrap of the day's play is on its way. -- NW

10.15pm: Paul Hutchinson bubbles UKIPT Newcastle
It took four all-in and calls (Oluwashola Akindele had doubled up a couple of hands earlier) but the bubble has now burst at UKIPT Newcastle. The unfortunate player was Paul Hutchinson with Damian Porebski playing the role of executioner. Pre-flop there was a raise by Hutchinson, a three-bet by Porebski and a flat call by Hutchinson pre-flop. This created a 50,000 chip pot by the time the 7♣[10d]5♠ flop came down.

Now Hutchinson moved his remaining 9,200 all-in with K♦Q♥ and Porebski called with A♥7♥. The 3♥9♣ turn and river changed nothing and to cheers of jubilation from 71 other players Hutchinson made his exit. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_damian porebski.jpg

Damien Porebski just made 71 other players very happy

9.58pm: Two all-in, two survive
Ian Dawson has doubled through James Browning with aces to A♥Q♥ and Warren Bennett's flopped set held against Nick Abou Risk's [q][8] on a [9][8][2][8] board. The bubble carries on. -- RD

9.50pm: Holbrook in command, one more to go
Nick Holbrook looks like our chip leader at the moment with the action hand for hand. As soon as we lose our bubble boy players will be asked to bag and tag their chips to bring an end to the day's play. Play will resume at 2pm tomorrow... but we still have one more player to lose. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_nick holbrook.jpg

Nick Holbrook

9.45pm: Rawnsley out, bubble time
Neil Rawnsley has just bust out with ace-king to aces on must-bust ace-high flop. We're now on the bubble with 73 players left. The next player leaves with nothing. -- RD

9.35pm: Short stacks doubling
We could easily be at the bubble and beyond right now but the last couple of short stack shoves have got it in and through or in and doubled. -- RD

9.25pm: Mateusz Zbikowski busts, 74 left
Mateusz Zbikowski from Poland (as if I needed to say) has busted and we have just 74 players left. The action hasn't gone hand for hand yet but the dealers have been told to pause the action and keep all-in hands face down, just in case. -- RD

9.20pm: Mathew Bennett eliminated, 75 remain
From under-the-gun Matthew Bennett moved all-in for around 65,000 with pocket tens and next to act Daniel Carney isolated all-in for around 120,000 holding A♥K♣. Everyone else folded and it was off to the races. The flop of K♦2♥4♥ vaulted Carney into the lead and the J♠4♠ turn and river kept him there. -- NW

9.10pm: 76 remain
There are 76 players left, the latest to fall just short of the money were Fredrik Olsen and Sean Davey. -- NW

9pm: Walker walking bubble tightrope
As I wandered by Gareth Walker's table I noticed he was down to just 20,000 from the 100,000 he had previously. He told me that he picked up pocket queens under-the-gun and raised, only for Paul Gardner to shove all-in with [A][Q] for about 55,000, Walker called the all-in but Gardner turned an ace to win the pot. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

8.42pm: Staying on track
As the next level is likely to be the last level of the day we'll stay in this post until the day's end. It's a 15 minute break. -- RD

8.40pm: Some chip counts
As we approach the bubble here are some chip counts: Ralph Watson (85,000), Paul Jackson (135,000), Neil Rawnsley (58,000) and Nick Abou Risk (220,000). -- NW

8.35pm: Shipley sends some to Lawlor
One of the biggest stacks in the room belongs to John Shipley but he just sent 60,000 in the direction of Richard Lawlor. The latter opened to 6,400 from early position and Shipley defended from the big blind. On a flop of 8♦3♠9♠ Shipley checked to Lawlor who moved all-in. It didn't take Shipley long to call with A♠9♣ but he was behind Lawlor's pocket aces. The 2♦Q♠ turn and river kept Lawlor in front and he thumped the table in celebration of his double up. After that hand Shipley still has a very healthy 380,000. -- NW

8.28pm: Bennett slides, Holbrook steady
There are 76 players left in the tournament, just four more to the money, and that can make some of these beats feel that much worse. Michael Bennett has been playing an aggressive game and he's just lost a chunk after check-raising with trips and getting it in after his opponent had turned a larger full house on the turn. He's down to 70,000. At the opposite end of the table Nick Holbrook has chipped up to 420,000. -- RD

8.22pm: Brennan takes beat in stride
Poor Andrew Brennan has just been eliminated by Christopher Poulton, but he took the bad beat that caused it remarkably well. So much so that this blogger didn't twig he'd lost the hand till he got up and walked away from the table!

The action was started by Poulton who raised to 5,100 from middle position, on the button Brennan made it 13,000 and after the big blind had tank-folded Poulton moved all-in for around 90,000 and Brennan called all-in for his last 75,000. On their backs:

Poulton: 6♣5♣
Brennan: K♠K♣

The flop of 8♣8♦2♠ was innocuous enough and left Poulton asking for the 7♣ to fall on the turn. He didn't get his wish but the 4♥ did give him some outs and the 3♦ river went nicely with his hand to make a straight. Despite the runner-runner nature of the beat, Brennan just calmly left the table, no histrionics. -- NW

8.10pm: Playing down to when?
I've spoken to tournament director Toby Stone and he's told me when play will be stopping today. I could explain the ins and outs but to suffice to say, we'll probably play until the end of next level. -- RD

8pm: Grind on the mind
For every boom and bust stack there's a player who really grinds his way through the tournament, think Mickey Wernick, and in Newcastle the experienced James Browning seems to be playing that role.

He came into today with 35,200 and has hovered between 20,000 and his starting stack for most of today. He's recently got a boost though and is up to around 70,000, that's still some 30,000 below the current chip average of 100,100. He's got chip leader Ciaran Boyle (390,000) to his direct left too.

83 left, 72 pay, squeaky bum time. -- NW

7.50pm: Husnu gets unlucky, monster suck out for Kettiros
"I had outs and I got it in first," said Michael Kettiros. It was true, he did have outs and he did get it in first but the statement didn't placate Gemal Husnu who was on his feet at the end of the table, seething.

The money had gone in three ways on a K♣J♦T♠ flop with Husnu holding the nuts with A♣Q♦, short stack Scott Finley holding K♠Q♠ and Kettiros K♦T♦ for two pair. Kettiros picked up a flush draw on the 4♦ turn and rivered a flush with the 3♦. Kettiros is up over 350,000, Husnu is down short and is not a happy bunny. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_michael kettiros.jpg

Michael Kettiros

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ante 300

7.40pm: Husnu gets lucky
That's not me saying so, but Gemal Husnu's own words. He opened under-the-gun to 4,800 and was flat called by Michael Kettiros from the big blind. On a flop of 5♦Q♣7♦ Kettiros led out for 6,000 and Husnu flat called. The turn was the 3♦, Kettiros fired out 9,500 and again Husnu called.

The river was the 9♣ and Kettiros fired the third bullet, this time it would cost Husnu 15,000 to call and after a short dwell he did indeed make the call, Kettiros turned over Q♠J♣ whilst Husnu turned over Q♥9♦ for a rivered two-pair. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_gemal husnu.jpg

Gemal Husnu

7.30pm: Wealthall out
Nick Wealthall has just busted after getting 23,600 in with A♠9♠ and getting looked out by Nick Abou Risk with A♦T♦. So close to the money for the UKIPT host but no banana. -- RD

7.20pm: Classic Risk
Nick Abou Risk has just been moved next to the right of Matthew Bennett and it didn't take long for the pair to get stuck into each other. Abou Risk opened the button to 4,100 and was three-bet to 10,600 by Bennett out of the small blind. The Canadian came back over the top for 19,800 and Bennett quickly made the call. Abou Risk c-bet 22,200 into the K♠2♦Q♦ flop and scooped the pot.

"Classic Risk," said Nick Wealthall, unable to turn off his external commentary switch. Wealthall incidentally is down to ten big blinds. It's hard to make a mistake with that size stack at least, Nick. "You'd be surprised..." he replied. -- RD

7.15pm: Curtains for Curtis
Dave Curtis is one of the latest exits and there's somewhere around 100 players left in. -- NW

7.05pm: Connolly on a tear
Gerard Connolly stack continues to grow and he has broken the 200,000 mark. He did it by winning a 50k pot when his A♠K♣ held against a short stacks A♥Q♦. He's on roughly 215,000. -- NW

6.55pm: Premium versus Premium
From middle position Donald Elliot opened to 6,000 and when it folded to Lars Stockenschneider in the small blind he moved all-in, Elliot made a quick call.

Stockenschneider: J♣J♦
Elliot: Q♥Q♠

The dealer dealt the flop one card at a time and it fell J♠4♥Q♦ and both Stockenschneider and Elliot went through a raft of emotions. The turn was the 9♣ and the river was the 6♥. The stacks were counted down and Elliot's all-in was for 38,100, Stockenschneider was left with around 17,000. -- NW

6.45pm: More bust outs
Players continue to fall quickly in Newcsatle, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Johnathon Godsmark and Jeffrey Burke are the most recent casualties. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_jeff burke.jpg

Jeffrey Burke: close but not close enough

6.40pm: Playing towards the money
Although still some 30 bust outs away the shadow of the bubble is looming large for some players. Do you nurse your stack into the money before shoving once you've locked in some profit or do you go hell for leather now to put maximum pressure on your opponents?

Ciaran Boyle is the player least likely to bubble right now given he's got the chip lead over John Shipley with 370,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_ciaran boyle.jpg

Ciaran Boyle is still holding the chip lead

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in order of alphabetical order - 'boooring'): Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT