UKIPT Newcastle: Day 2, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)


4pm: Break
We're two levels down for the day now and will have 170 players left going into level 11. -- RD

3.55pm: Kerriros Kettiros on the up
Michael Kettiros seemed to being have some trouble emptying the racks he'd used to transport his 160,000 stack to table 2 (always a good problem to have). When he finally settled down he told me that he'd been getting grief from his friends as he'd been listed as Michael Kerriros, not Kettiros. Well, I can safely shift the blame to the guy with fat fingers on the cash desk who bashed the 'r' button rather than 't' button twice when inputting his chips last night. We've rectified that now, Michael, now get back to your poker.

While Kettiros was spelling his name out his neighbor, John Wray, was in the process of successfully trapping with K♣K♥ by calling Iain Maberly's three-bet and getting it in on the T♦2♣4♣ flop. Unfortunately for Wray Maberly held pocket aces, no two-outer and Wray was sent to the rail. -- RD

3.50pm: Walker doubles up
UKIPT Nottingham champion Gareth Walker just got a much needed double up. He moved all-in with pocket nines for around 12,000 after Paul Gardener had opened, the latter made the call with pocket eights and just for good measure Walker flopped a full house. He's up to about 26,000. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 2_gareth walker.jpg

Despite the double up Walker is still short stacked

3.40pm: Abou Risk up then down
It's been a rollercoaster opening 90 minutes for Nick Abou Risk. He dropped to 25,000 after doubling up Gerard Harraghy with [A][J] against pocket nines. But is now back up to 53,500 after getting a 4-bet through and then eliminating a short stack when his pocket fours sucked out on a short stacks pocket kings. -- NW

3.28pm: Carnage on the chip leaders table
Chip leader Ciaran Boyle is now up to 225,000 but the three-way pot that just took place at his table didn't involve him. Ronald Wilkinson shoved for 10,400 under-the-gun and immediately found action from Ben Dixon in the next seat along. He moved all-in for close to 20,000 before Jason Cockburn called all-in from late position.

Wilkinson: Q♥Q♣
Dixon: A♣J♠
Cockburn: A♣K♣

Wilkinson looked in good shape to treble until the K♠K♥8♦ flop was dealt. A second eight on the turn settled the hand. Dixon was left short and was sent to the rail to join Wilkinson shortly after. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_ciaran boyle.jpg

Chip leader Ciaran Boyle

3.30pm: 200 left
Over 50 players have hit the rail in the opening 90 minutes among the latest casualties are Chris Dowling, Mark Trett and Ray Norton. -- NW

3.20pm: Good flop for Godsmark
It folded round to Johnathon Godsmark on the button and he made it 2,000 to go, next to act John Kirsopp made it 7,200 total, the big blind folded and then after some deliberation Godsmark made the call.

The flop was Q♦8♠[10c] and Kirsopp checked to Godsmark who asked the dealer to spread the pot before moving all-in for 21,300, Kirsopp quickly called.

Godsmark: 8♦8♣
Kirsopp: A♠Q♣

The turn was the Q♠ to give Kirsopp some outs, but the 9♠ completed the board to double up Godsmark. -- NW

3.15pm: Interesting demographics?
Are you bursting to find out the breakdown of nationalities playing here in Newcastle? Well, your wait is over. The surprising news is that the vast majority of the field is from the UK followed by Ireland. Who would have thunk it?

United Kingdom: 444
Ireland: 38
Poland: 16
Germany: 11
Other: 45 (including USA, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, France and Italy)

The common consensus is that we will reach the money before we've played eight levels so the players can expect a slightly early finish and can hit the toon Geordie Shore style. -- RD

3.10pm: Schaffmann out, Boyle chip leader
A huge pot just played out which left Oliver Schaffmann and one other player on the rail and has made Ciaran Boyle chip leader. It was Jamie Burland who alerted me to events and although I only arrived at the table to see Boyle stacking a mountain of chips and Schaffmann packing away his headphones, the latter filled me in on the hand.

The UKIPT Nottingham runner-up had pocket queens, a shortstack had pocket kings and Boyle pocket aces. Chips had gone in pre-flop, on the flop and the turn of a [9][3][3][9] board and the aces held on a blank river. At the start of play Boyle had 98,100 and Schaffmann 67,800, it looks as if Boyle is now on around 180,000. As Boyle was stacking his chips a tablemate teased him saying: "If i were you I'd take a walk, go get a McDonalds and then come back!." -- NW

3pm: Silver and Jackson
Max Silver has just been moved a few seats to the right of overnight chip leader Paul Jackson which is a car crash waiting to happen. Who will be the player walking away from the wreck is yet to be seen but Silver, with 70,000, is the shorter stack. Average stack is currently 37,700. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_paul jackson.jpg

Will there be action between Jackson and Silver?

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

2.55pm: Wild Kamal
Nik Kamal has gone on a tear much to the chagrin of Tim Slater and Nick Wealthall. Kamal first doubled up through Slater with A♣K♥ to T♣T♦ with Slater perhaps regretting saying: "Give him an ace on the flop." The dealer had obliged. That put Kamal up to 26,000.

Kamal opened the next hand for 1,900 and was called by Slater before Wealthall three-bet to 5,100 from the button. Kamal quickly moved all-in and Wealthall instantly tossed his hand into the muck.

The hand after that Kamal opened the pot again, this time from under-the-gun. The action folded to Wealthall who looked across the table at the protagonist and said: "Stop it, young man. You're making no friends here." He seemed to have a decision to make with his hand but settled on mucking. Kamal tabled J♠J♥ after scooping the pot. He's up over 30,000, Wealthall is down to 45,000. -- RD

UKIPT_New_2011_MICKEY_MAY_IMG_1463untitled  4110.jpg

Who is this run by?

2.50pm: Burland takes a hit
UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland came into Day 2 with a healthy stack of 73,100, but he's suffered a setback early doors. He tweeted, "O dear terrible start. Lose 75k pot A♥K♠ against A♣A♦ all-in pre-flop. The flop was three spades but I bricked." A bit of detective work reveals that the beneficiary of the double up was Graham Howson. -- NW

2.40pm: Early exits
The day two carnage hasn't been as extreme as at some UKIPT's but nonetheless Marcin Milde, Ben Holmes, Adrian Grey, Paul Owen, Steven Mitchell, Leif Dalane, Joseph Khalil, Colin Lovelock, Daniel Kind and Piotr Makarejczuk have all been eliminated thus far. Tables are being broken and that includes the aforementioned Schaffmann/Rawnsley/Haile table. Their respective talents have now been dispersed to all corners of the cardroom. -- NW

2.35pm: Geordie Racers
Two short stacks - Paul Watkins and George Trett - just got in a race, the prize a below average but closer to medium stack. It was Trett who shoved for around 9,500 with K♠J♣ and Watkins (who had around 15,000) who called with pocket tens. The board of A♠K♦3♦Q♥K♥ gave Trett a much needed double through and left Watkins very short. -- NW

2.25pm: Table draw up
The Day 2 seat draw is up which you can find by clicking here. -- RD

2.20pm: Convey an early casualty
Day 2 usually sees a spate of early bustouts and one of the early fallers is Marc Convey. From the button Declan Mckenna opened to 2,000 and Convey moved all-in from the small blind with K♦[10d] for around 21,000. It didn't take long for Mckenna to make the call with [A][Q] and although Convey flopped a gutshot he didn't get there. -- NW

2.15pm: Table mates
The day two table draw has spat out a few interesting tables. On table 13 Nick Abou Risk is sat three seats to the left of Julian Thew. On table 15 tour regulars Oliver Schaffmann, Neil Rawnsley and Richard Haile can get aquainted and on table 20 Jamie Burland and Thomas Dunwoodie may well tangle in a few pots. -- NW

2.10pm: Table draw
The table draw is currently getting tidied and will get posted up in our widget shortly. -- RD

2pm: Off we go
Play has started at 2pm on the nose - impressive work from the tournament staff. We're going to play eight levels or until we hit the money, i.e. we have 72 players left. -- RD

1.45pm: Set to start
The tournament floor is swarming with players, one of which will claim the £67,000 first place prize. A total of 72 players will get paid with a min-cash giving £750 - a nice spin up if you qualified online at PokerStars! Play to start soon. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 2_outside.jpg

UKIPT Newcastle is set to start at 2pm

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in order of breakfast fodder): Rick Dacey (Sausage and Yorkshire pudding wrap) and Nick Wright (Cheeseburger and fries). Photos by Mickey May (Nandos).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT