UKIPT Newcastle: Day 3, level 18 & 19 updates (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.40pm: End of the level
That's the end of level 19, you'll find updates for level 20 in a new post shortly. -- NW

6.35pm: Double double
I just witnessed two double ups that happened at the same time on different tables, meaning I was scurrying between the two like a mad man. Anyway here's what happened:

Double up number one: Warren Bennett moved all-in pre-flop for 99,000 with pocket jacks and was looked up by Juha Lindblad who had A♦Q♥. The board of 7♠5♦2♥9♥[10s] kept Bennett in front much to the delight of his rail.

Double up number two: From early position Joshua Hart made it 18,000 to play and only Christopher Poulton (big blind) made the call. On the flop of [10d]3♣8♦ Poulton checked to Hart who bet 22,000. It was at this point that I was alerted to the Bennett all-in and by the time I returned to the table the turn card 6♠ had been dealt and there was a lead out bet of 58,000 in front of Poulton.

The chips in the middle of the pot suggested that Poulton had just flat called the flop bet. Now though Hart moved all-in over the top and Poulton made a swift call, Hart rolled over pocket nines but Poulton had flopped a set holding 8♥8♣. The river was the K♣ and Poulton now has around 450,000 whilst Hart is down to 130,000. -- NW

6.27pm: In your eye!
Tadgh Ryan has his right hand in a large plaster cast but seems to be navigating his chip stack okay. The Irishman opened the button to 21,500 and Steven Brennan three-bet to 66,000 from the small blind. Rachael Costa had a short think before folding from the big blind. The action was back on Ryan who opted to stick it in Brennan's eye shoving all-in for 225,000.

Brennan stuck his hand under his hat, resplendent with fake frosted tips wig, ala Roberto Romanello EPT Prague, and scratched his head. He passed. Ryan chips up to 300,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_steven brennan.jpg

Steven Brennan: a Roberto Romanello fan?

6.16pm: Set of kings no good for Saunders
"There's kings versus aces here," said Richard Lawlor tapping me on the arm. Thanks for the tip off, sir.

Andrew Dwyer held the aces, James Saunders the kings and there was a king in the window of the flop. Unfortunately for Saunders a bullet soon appeared as the board ran out A♦K♦2♦8♣2♠ to send him to the rail to collect £1,250 and chip Dwyer up to 500,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_andrew dwyer.jpg

Andrew Dwyer found a nice spot to pick up aces

6.10pm: Four tables left
There are 32 players left in the tournament spread over four tables. The last four exits were: Ian Dawson (36th), Michael Kettiros (35th), Lars Torngren (34th) and Graham Howson (33rd). -- NW

5.57pm: Chips!
Fresh chips have been imported into the chip counts page. -- RD

5.55pm: Lars Torngren eliminated
After a raise to 23,000 by Rajesh Verma, Lars Torngren moved all-in for 140,000 and when it got back to Verma he made the call. On their backs:

Verma: A♣K♣
Torngren: [10s][10d]

The board of 4♣3♠5♣9♣8♠ saw Verma thump the table when the turn was dealt and increased his stack to 500,000. -- NW

5.48pm: Morris gets his aces cracked
James Morris couldn't have called Ben Crellin's shove quick enough. Morris had opened from the cut-off and Crellin had shoved for 87,000 from the big blind.

Morris: A♥A♦
Crellin: 8♣8♥

The J♦3♠8♠ flop cracked Morris and the 3♥ turn and 2♦ river did nothing to swing the hand back to him. Crellin is up 180,000, Morris drops to 210,000. -- RD

5.42pm: Latest exits
Below are the latest exits, amongst them overnight chip leader John Shipley who has dusted off a stack of 540,000 in the opening three levels. We earlier reported that Paul Jackson was out in 43rd, he was in fact 42nd, with Paul Wilson finishing in 43rd place. The next player out will bank £1,250.

37th: Nick Abou Risk, Canada, £1,110
38th: Gerard Connolly, Ireland, £1,110
39th: Sunil Mistri, United Kingdom, £1,110
40th: Patrick Clarke, United Kingdom, £1,110
41st: John Shipley, United Kingdom, £1,110
42nd: Paul Jackson, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,110
43rd: Paul Wilson, United Kingdom, £1,110

5.32pm: Sinclair on top
Richard Sinclair holds the chip lead going into level 19 with 765,000 taking over from Nick Holbrook who bluffed off a large chunk of change at the death of the last level. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_richard sinclair.jpg

Richard Sinclair, UKIPT Newcastle chip leader

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, ANTE 500

5.15pm: 'Big call'- Holbrook loses a chunk
Nick Holbrook has lost a huge chunk with 4♠2♠ to Joshua Hart who made, as Holbrook said, a "Big call." Holbrook drops to 440,000, Hart moves up to 400,000. The break may be a stack saver for Holbrook who is looking more than a little rattled right now after bluffing off 200,000.

It's a 15 minute break, full chip counts to come. -- RD

5.10pm: Nick Abou Risk eliminated
From middle position Nick Abou Risk opened to 12,000 and then from the button Viktor Celikovsky three-bet to 30,5000. Back on Abou Risk and he wasted little time in moving all-in for 140,000 total.

After getting a count Celikovsky thought it over for a couple of minutes before announcing call and showing A♣[10d]. It was ahead of Abou Risk's Q♦J♦ and it stayed that way as the board came down 7♦3♠2♠K♥K♣. The Czech player is now up to around 305,000. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_nick abou risk2.jpg

No third title for Abou Risk

5.01pm: One up, one down for calculating Costa
Rachael Costa finished Day 1 in the top five chip counts and she's played a solid game ever since to make the final 39 players. She'd just taken one pot down pre-flop with a raise from the hijack before opening the next from the cut-off for 18,500 but this time she had a three-bet pushed in her direction this time.

She looked at the raise, 64,000, at her own stack, at her opponent's stack before fiddling with her necklace for a short while and passing. Costa is just below average with 150,000 but looks like she has a good enough game to give herself a shot in these later stages. Strong potential of the final table if she can win that key flip that will undoubtedly come in the next couple of hours. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_rachael costa.jpg

Rachael Costa

4.50pm: Post-flop play
There's still plenty of post-flop play to be had here in Newcastle, two recent examples:

Hand One: Rajesh Verma opened to 16,500 from the cut-off and called big blind Richard Sinclair's 3-bet of 39,000. The two of them took a flop of 5♥3♥7♣ and a c-bet of 49,000 from Sinclair won him the pot.

Hand Two: Craig Hindson opened to 16,500 and then from the button James Morris made it 29,500 total from the button, a raise that Hindson elected to call. The flop fell Q♥6♥[10s] and Hindson checked it over to Morris who fired out a bet of 24,500. After checking the bet size, Hindson asked Morris how much he had left (around 200,000) before check-raising to 75,500. Head bowed low and riffling chips, Morris mulled his decision before releasing his hand. - NW

4.40pm: Jackson out
The chip leader from Day 1A Paul Jackson is another early faller on Day 3. Here's the latest batch of exits:

43rd: Paul Jackson, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,110
44th: Thomas Seamen, United Kingdom, £1,110
45th: Sam Maddison, United Kingdom, £1,110

46th: Mark Coyne, Ireland, £970
47th: Iftikhar Ali, United Kingdom, £970
48th: Colin Turnbull, United Kingdom, £970
49th: Mark Holland, United Kingdom, £970
50th: Keith Foster, United Kingdom, £970
51st: John Devlin, United Kingdom, £970
52nd: Gareth Walker, United Kingdom, £970
53rd: James Browning, United Kingdom, £970

For a full list of today's exits click here. -- NW

4.30pm: Holbrook still out in front
Nick Holbrook is driving this tournament from the front with close to 900,000. We have 42 players here at Aspers Casino, Newcastle and a chip average of 198,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_nick holbrook.jpg

Chip leader Nick Holbrook

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in order of pairs of electric blue chinos owned): Nick Wright (one - 'they are not electric blue, they are light blue') and Rick Dacey (zero - 'Okay, they are light blue, but electric blue winds Wrighty up more'). Photos by Mickey May (chinos? what are they?).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT