UKIPT Newcastle: Day 3, level 20 & 21 updates (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)


9pm: The last five eliminations
Here are the five eliminations since the start of level 21 that have taken us down to the final two tables.

17th: Andrew Dwyer, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,920
18th: Craig Hindson, United Kingdom, £1,920
19th: Mark Ritchie, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,920
20th: Nick Holbrook, United Kingdom, £1,920
21st: Gemal Husnu, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £1,920

ukipt newcastle_day 3_nick holbrook.jpg

Nickk Holbrook: early lead turned sour

8.55pm: Andrew Dwyer eliminated in 17th place (£1,920)
From the button Andrew Dwyer moved all-in for around 100,000, Richard Sinclair re-shoved all-in from the small blind to isolate and Juha Lindblad folded from the big blind, showdown!

Dywer: 7♥7♦
Sinclair: A♠Q♣

The board of J♣[10d]Q♥K♠2♥ gave Sinclair broadway and with that we're down to the final two tables. -- NW

8.45pm: Morris up and down
James Morris is having trouble keeping hold of his chips. Every time he wins a pot he seems to lose bunch shortly after. Here is a case in point; Morris four-bet shoves all-in from the cut-off over Juha Lindblad's big blind three-bet to chip up to over 400,000. A couple of hands later he defends his big blind from a Richard Sinclair raise and check calls 51,000 on the 2♦4♣8♠ flop before the 7♠ turn is checked. He calls a bet of around 71,000 on the river and is shown A♠A♦. Morris is left with 250,000, Sinclair up to 1,100,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_james morris.jpg

Stephen Merchant James Morris

8.35pm: Take from the Ritchie give to the Poulton
Another player who has fallen just short of the final two tables is Mark Ritchie who has been eliminated by Christopher Poulton. The chips went in on a [Q][9][9] flop with Poulton holding pocket aces and Ritchie [J][10] and the bullets held. -- NW

8.25pm: Northern soul read
The rollercoaster tournament of Nick Holbrook has come to an end after Rajesh Verma made a very nice call to eliminate him. Those two and Tim Slater all put in 30,000 each pre-flop to see a flop of A♣Q♥4♣.

On the flop Holbrook bet 29,000, Verma made it 91,000 with A♥[10d], Slater passed what he said afterwards was A♠[10s] and Holbrook then moved all-in for 390,000 total. After taking some tank time Verma made the call and Holbrook turned over Q♣8♣. The turn and river were both blanks and Verma is now the new chip leader and has just over a million and is the first player to cross that threshold. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_rajesh verma.jpg

Verma - the million chip man

8.18pm: Interesting fold
Ben Crellin open shoved 190,000 and the action passed to Rakesh Paul Gupta in the big blind who obviously had a decision on his hands. He stood up, hands behind head and starting questioning Crellin: "They good?" he asked, motioning to Crellin's hole cards. Crellin said nothing, unscrewed the cap of his drink and took a swig.

"Tell me your name. You show me if I pass? You show?" Gupta asked. Crellin still remained silent.

"You're breathing very heavy. I don't know what to do," said Gupta who finally settled on passing and mucked T♥T♣ face up. Crellin looked more surprised than relieved, but that's not to say that he wasn't happy with the pass.

"There's no value in me calling," said Gupta curiously. Crellin back over 200,000 - he may have been let off the hook there. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_rakesh paul gupta.jpg

Rakesh Paul Gupta

8.10pm: Two in a row for Ritchie
I just watched Mark Ritchie take down two pots in a row. In the first he made it 30,000 pre-flop from under-the-gun+1 and was looked up by Nick Holbrook from the small blind. On the flop of [10h]K♥Q♦ Holbrook led for 50,000 only for Ritchie to move all-in for around 200,000, Holbrook quickly gave it up.

On the next hand Ritchie again made it 30,000 to go and this time Rajesh Verma was the lone caller. On the flop of [10s]Q♦6♦ Verma checked it over to Ritchie and his c-bet of 48,000 earned him the pot. -- NW

8pm: The final three tables

Table 1
Mark Ritchie
Tim Slater
Keith Ridley
Christopher Poulton
Nick Holbrook
Barry Foley
Rajesh Verma

Table 3
Tadhg Ryan
Craig Hindsom
Juha Lindblad
Jonathan Gawith
James Morris
Andrew Dwyer
Richard Sinclair

Table 5
Gemal Husnu
Ciaran Boyle
Jason Barton
Rakesh Paul Gupta
Ian Maberly
Benjamin Crellin
David Grayson

Click on the chip counts link of the tournament widget (on the right) to find current chip counts. -- RD

7.55pm: Back from the break; latest exits
The remaining 21 players are back from the break, we'll have full chip counts and the table draw for you shortly, meanwhile fix your eyes on the latest exits.

22nd: Rachael Costa, United Kingdom, £1,530
23rd: Joshua Hart, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £1,530
24th: Damian Porebski, Poland, PokerStars Player, £1,530
25th: Steven Brennan, United Kingdom, £1,530
26th: Viktor Celikovsky, Czech Republic, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,530
27th: Paul Herbertson, United Kingdom, £1,530

28th: Richie Lawlor, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,250

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000

7.43pm: Mistake almost leads to melee
I missed exactly how it happened but David Grayson hadn't seen that Rakesh Paul Gupta was already all-in and somehow managed to call-in with 9♣6♣. Gupta held K♦J♥ and the 7♣T♠J♠ flop was a good one for him, but gave Grayson was not without outs. The J♣ brought the flush draw to add to his gutshot and when the 9♠ hit the river Grayson's wife celebrated thinking he'd hit a full house with pocket nines.

Gupta was not best pleased, momentarily believing he'd lost the hand but once the dust settled it was he that raked in the 300,000 pot. Grayson is left with just 30,000 for a few big blinds.

We're now on a 15 minute break and getting a full chi count. We have 21 players remaining and the final table fast approaching. -- RD

7.30pm: Rachael Costa eliminated
The last female player in the main event has been eliminated. The action was started by Andrew Dwyer who raised to 22,500, then Rachael Costa three-bet to 66,500 with pocket nines, before Jonathan Gawith moved all-in for around 180,000 with A♠K♠. Back on Dwyer, he folded and Costa called all-in for around 140,000.

The board ran out A♣6♥4♦A♦8♣ and Costa wished everyone good luck before leaving the table. -- NW

7.22pm: Dwyer open folds king-queen
The action folded to Andrew Dwyer in the small blind and he raised to 22,000 into chip leader Richard Sinclair who made a small three-bet into 47,000. Dwyer looked at Sinclair's stack and folded K♥Q♣ on its back. The power of the big stack in action. -- RD

7.15pm: Down to three tables
We've got just 22 players left across three tables with a 377,700 chip average. Our chip leader still seems to be Richard Sinclair who has just about broken the million mark. -- RD

7.10pm: Chip counts
These are rough done using bloggers eyes, full chip counts will be done at the end of the level by the dealers: Gemal Husnu (160,000), Juha Lindblad (600,000), Richard Sinclair (760,000), Viktor Celikovsky (340,000), Steven Brennan (190,000), Rachael Costa (180,000), Damian Porebski (150,000), Tadhg Ryan (195,000), Nick Holbrook (320,000), Tim Slater (380,000), James Morris (310,000), Andrew Dwyer (360,000), Ben Crellin (160,000), Jason Barton (240,000) and Ciaran Boyle (130,000). -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_juha lindblad2.jpg

Juha Lindblad is hoping to Finnish first

6.58pm: Lawlor broken by Morris
Richard Lawlor was short stacked and open shoved Q♣8♣ hoping to steal the blinds. It didn't work. James Morris instantly reshoved with A♥Q♠ and caught an unbeatable A♠A♣J♥ flop. Lawlor wished his table luck and departed to the rail to find out if he'd managed to make it to 27th which scores an extra £300.

Ciaran Boyle shoved the next hand and, unlike Lawlor, didn't find any opposition. He's still short with 130,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_richard lawlor.jpg

Richard Lawlor: unlucky to run into a genuine hand

6.50pm: Exits
Recent exits include: James Saunders (32nd), Warren Bennett (31st), Daniel Carney (30th) and Eleazar Atenza (29th). I caught Atenza's exit first hand, he moved in from the button for 60,000 with Q♥9♦ and Nick Holbrook made the call from the big blind with A♣4♥. The board of 3♣4♣5♠3♥2♣ gave Holbrook a straight and he took the pot. -- NW

6.35pm: Costa all-in
Rachael Costa had two outs to catch to stay alive after getting it all-in for 87,000 with pocket tens and finding herself out-flopped by Tadgh Ryan who had flipped trips with a raggy king. The turn was a blank but the river binked a ten. Costa remains afloat with 180,000. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_rachael costa.jpg

Costa catches the river to stay alive

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in order of Father's day gifts given): Rick Dacey (a belated phone call at 6pm) and Nick Wright (the new Elbow CD). Photos by Mickey May (She's Danish - we don't think they have Father's day, they probably have Longship Pillaging day instead).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT