UKIPT Newcastle: Day 3, level 22 & 23 updates (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)


11.05pm: Sinclair folds a straight
From the button James Morris made it 42,000 to play and Richard Sinclair called from the big blind. Both players checked the J♦9♠4♣ flop, before Sinclair fired out a bet of 63,000 on the [10s] turn, a bet Morris called. The river was the 8♣ and Sinclair checked to Morris who bet 83,000. After a brief dwell Sinclair asked the dealer to spread the pot before folding 8♥7♥ face up.

Level about to go up, head to the next post. -- NW

11pm: Jason Barton eliminated in 11th place (£3,300)
It folded to Jason Barton in the small blind and he moved all-in for around 380,000 with K♣J♦ and Rakesh Paul Gupta made the call with A♦8♦. There was no help for Barton on the 5♣Q♥8♥2♠4♥ board and Barton exited in 11th place, there was a short delay whilst Barry Foley was moved tables to keep them balanced. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_jason barton.jpg

Barton banks £3,300

11pm: Poulton and Foley continue to tangle
From under-the-gun Christopher Poulton made it 42,000 to play and both Barry Foley and Tim Slater made the call. The three of them saw a flop of 6♣7♦7♠ and it checked to Foley who bet 100,000, only Poulton called. Both players checked the 6♠ turn before Poulton bet 108,000 on the 3♠ river, Foley quickly called and showed 9♣9♦ to win the pot, Poulton mucked face down. -- NW

10.55pm:Chip leader chips up
Current chip leader Richard Sinclair is not easing up on the aggression. He just three-bet to 113,000 after Richard Morris had made it 42,000 to play, Morris folded pocket sevens face-up with Sinclair showing A♦Q♥. Sinclair has 1.8m some 700,000 ahead of Rajesh Verma who is in second place. -- NW

10.45pm:Poulton gets some back
From under-the-gun Rajesh Verma made it 51,000 to go and then called Christopher Poulton's three-bet of 102,000 total. To a flop of 2♠4♠2♦ which checked through with the A♣ coming on fourth street. Verma checked for a second time and a delayed c-bet of 122,000 from Poutlon saw Verma release his hand. -- NW

10.35pm: Barry Foley doubles through Christopher Poulton
Barry Foley is up to 500,000 after getting it in with pocket queens and holding against Christopher Poulton's A♥9♠, Foley up to 500,000, Poulton down to 670,000. Full chip counts can be found here. -- NW

10.30pm: James Morris doubles through Richard Sinclair
The very next hand James Morris moved all-in with [10s]9♣ from the small blind and Richard SInclair tank called with A♠6♦. The board of K♥9♠2♦2♥3♠ saw Morris double up to 600,000. -- NW

10.25pm: Rakesh Paul Gupta doubles through James Morris
From the small blind Rakesh Paul Gupta raised to 56,000 and James Morris made the call The action checked all the way to the river on a board of A♣7♣A♦5♦J♠ before Gupta bet 117,000 from a stack of 285,000. After a minutes thought Morris moved all-in and Gupta called in a flash showing A♠K♠, whilst Morris sheepishly turned over Q♣6♣ for the busted flush draw. After that hand Morris is down to around 300,000. -- NW

10.12pm: Ridley out in 12th (£2,800)
Local boy Keith Ridley has just bust out to James Morris after jamming from the small blind with J♣J♥ into A♥K♦. The board ran out 3♣K♣6♠2♦A♦ and Ridley was sent to teh rail where his supporters tried to allay his disappointment with a rousing chant of "Ginger Balls."
Eleven players remain. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_keith ridley.jpg

Keith Ridley: out in 12th

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, ANTE 2,000

9.50pm: Ciaran Boyle eliminated in 13th place (£2,800)
After doubling up James Morris, Boyle got the last of his chips in with [10d]5♥ but ran into the pocket kings of Jonathan Gawith. Although Boyle flopped a ten the turn and river were both blanks. Just 12 players remain as we go to the break. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_ciaran boyle.jpg

Ciaran Boyle

9.45pm: James Morris doubles through Ciaran Boyle
It was a race with Morris holding [10c]J♥ and Boyle pocket sevens. The board ran out 5♥3♠3♦[10h]4♥ to leave Boyle very short. -- NW

9.40pm: Final two tables
Here's the rough chip counts of the final two tables at is currently stands:

Table 1
1. Tadgh Ryan 330,000
3. Tim Slater 430,000
4. Keith Ridley 220,000
5. Christopher Poulton 950,000
6. Juha Lindblad 500,000
7. Barry Foley 390,000
8. Rajesh Verma 1,300,000

Table 5
2. Ciaran Boyle 300,000
3. Jonathan Gawith 750,000
4. Jason Barton 380,000
5. Rakesh Paul Gupta 270,000
6. James Morris 180,000
8. Richard Sinclair 2,050,000

Richard Sinclair is still the chip leader and has broken the 2m chip mark. -- NW

9.40pm: Three all-ins in a row
All the action right now is on table five where I just witnessed three all-in and calls in a row.

Hand One: James Morris open-shoved for around 180,000 from the button with Q♣2♠ and Ciaran Boyle called all-in for his last 120,000 from the big blind with A♦[10s]. The flop of J♥[10h]A♥7♥9♠ saw Boyle double through.

Hand Two: The next hand Morris moved all-in for 60,000 with [10c]8♦ and got called by Jason Barton who had A♥K♠, but Morris got his double up as the board ran out 7♦5♠6♠3♣9♣ and he rivered the straight.

Hand Three: Rakesh Paul Gupta raised to 120,000 from under-the-gun with pocket nines and Jonathan Gawith moved all-in from the small blind for 370,00 with A♠Q♠ and Gupta made the call. The board ran out J♠J♣8♠7♠A♣ to double up Galwith. -- NW

9.25pm: Ben Crellin eliminated in 14th place (£2,340)
I didn't see the hand myself but Ben Crellin told me that from the cut-off Rakesh Paul Gupta had shoved for 400,000 which [A][J], Crellin made the call with pocket queens but Gupta flopped an ace to eliminate him. - NW

9.18pm: Ryan enjoying the luck of the Irish
Things are going very well for Tadgh Ryan at the moment. First of all he shoved short with A♠5♦ and stayed ahead of Christopher Poulton's Q♣5♠ to double up. After swiping the blinds with his next shove he chipped up to 140,000.

He got it all-in with 6♦6♠ against Barry Foley's T♦T♥ and rivered a flush on a K♠Q♠A♠J♦J♠ board. Ryan now up to nearly 300,000. -- RD

9.10pm: David Grayson eliminated in 15th place (£2,340)
He'd shoved in a few times and not been called, this time he shoved all-in over the top of Jason Barton's raise with [Q][10] and Barton called with A♠[Q], the flop gave Grayson two pair but was all spades and indeed bot the turn and river were also spades to give Barton the nut flush. To balance tables James Morris has been moved to seat six on table five. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 3_david grayson.jpg

David Grayson

9.02pm: Final two tables
Our final two tables line up as follows. Iain Maberly has bust out to Richard Sinclair in a chunky pot which has seen Sinclair's chip leading stack move out to 1,850,000.

Table 1
1. Tadgh Ryan
2. James Morris
3. Tim Slater
4. Keith Ridley
5. Christopher Poulton
6. Juha Lindblad
7. Barry Foley
8. Rajesh Verma

Table 5
1. David Grayson
2. Ciaran Boyle
3. Jonathan Gawith
4. Jason Barton
5. Rakesh Paul Gupta
6. Iain Maberly (now bust)
7. Ben Crellin
8. Richard Sinclair

Seventeen players remain with a couple of short stacks, most notably David Grayson who has had a handful of big blinds all level. -- RD

ukipt newcastle_day 3_richard sinclair.jpg

Chip leader Richard Sinclair

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle (in disorder): Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT