UKIPT Newcastle: John Shipley steady at the helm of UKIPT Newcastle Day 2


John Shipley leads UKIPT Newcastle into Day 3 with the bubble burst and £277,000 on the line. Seven one-hour levels were played during which the converged Day 1 fields were whittled down from 252 to the money and the final 72 players. While Shipley will go to bed dreaming of the £67,000 first place prize, Paul Hutchinson will lie awake thinking of what could have been after bubbling the main event.

In case you were wondering, the John Shipley that bagged up 540,600 at the end of the day is not EPT winner, WSOP Main Event finalist John Shipley but a sun hat wearing amateur from Wallsend, Newcastle who was so unbelieving of his chip lead at the end of the day that he miscounted his stack and nervously had trouble scrawling his name on the bag which held his monster 540,900 stack. It was a far cry from the way that he had confidently navigated his way through today's field; low slung in his chair, burgundy hat equally low over his eyes and brass monkeys protecting his cards. Shipley will be unlucky not to go very deep here at Aspers Casino.

ukipt newcastle_day 2_john shipley.jpg

John Shipley is the tournament captain at the end of Day 2

Shipley is closely pursued by Nick Holbrook (526,200), a player with close to $70,000 in live tournament winnings but no previous cashes on the UKIPT. Holbrook played a strong game today, unafraid to tangle with other big stacks, but not so foolhardy as to overcommit himself and was often in amongst the action. He twice correctly passed hands pre-flop in big pots that would have sucked out for monsters. That twist of variance would be enough to send some players on what-would-have-been tilt but Holbrook sucked it up and focussed on his continued campaign of chipping up. It was a successful one.

ukipt newcastle_day 2_nick holbrook.jpg

Nick Holbrook: solid game, big stack

Today's Day 2 field started with plenty of players with previous UKIPT credentials, two of which, Jamie Burland and Oliver Schaffmann, were well stacked at the beginning of the day. The pair had bragged to each other before play had begun that they would smash the field apart and chop first prize. Overconfidence can be a killer, both were out within three levels.

Burland at least got his value for money, showboating with a three-bet shove with just one hole card, a key fact that his opponent had missed. Burland forced a fold from pocket eights with the bare 3♠. The UKIPT Brighton champion bust shortly after.

ukipt newcastle_day 2_jamie burland.jpg

Jamie Burland pushes three-high minimum

What of the fate of other UKIPT champs? Max Silver was sucked into a table heavy with chips and aggression but things didn't really work out for him there. Overnight chip leader Paul Jackson, Holbrook and Damian Pobreski (the man that burst the bubble) all became deep stacked at that table, unlike Silver who bust he bust halfway through play. Those chips had to come from somewhere and one of the sacrificial lambs was EPT winner Julian Thew who three-bet jammed pocket nines from the big blind only to run into Pobreski's slowplayed kings. Thew nodded his head as if to say, "That figures," and didn't look like a man optimistic of a suck out. It didn't come.

ukipt newcastle_day 2_julian thew.jpg

EPT winner and nicest-man-in-the-world Julian Thew

The other UKIPT winners, Gareth Walker (local boy) and Nick Abou Risk (double trouble), both made it through. Abou Risk (173,300) also got to claim the scalp of UKIPT host Nick Wealthall in the run up to the bubble, his A♦T♦ holding against the TV man's A♠9♠. Walker (57,100) simply refused to budge. He started the day short with 14,000 and played with the patience of a saint (his own description). A home win would mean a lot to Walker, and we don't expect him to go down without a fight. Join us tomorrow to find out if he makes his third UKIPT final table.

ukipt newcastle_day 2_gareth walker.jpg

UKIPT Nottingham winner Gareth Walker

ukipt newcastle_day 2_nick abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk is on for his third UKIPT title

All 72 players can be found on the chip count page which can be found by clicking here. A seat draw will not be available until play begins tomorrow. To catch up on all the day's action click on the links below:

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