UKIPT Newcastle: Richard Sinclair clears the way to final table


Richard Sinclair is on the brink of UKIPT glory with just seven players standing between him, the Newcastle trophy and its £67,000 first place prize. Sinclair carries the chip lead into the final table with 1,938,000, his biggest obstacle being Rajesh Verma (1,343,000). Most of the pack are snapping at their heels with twenty to thirty big blinds so any double up could be a game changer.

ukipt newcastle_day 3_richard sinclair.jpg

Sinclair takes close to two million to the final table

The final table
Seat 1: Tadgh Ryan, Ireland - 836,000
Seat 2: Rajesh Verma, United Kingdom, PokerStars player - 1,343,000
Seat 3: Rakesh Paul Gupta, United Kingdom - 958,000
Seat 4: James Morris, United Kingdom, PokerStars player - 926,000
Seat 5: Barry Foley, Ireland - 446,000
Seat 6: Richard Sinclair, United Kingdom - 1,938,000
Seat 7: Tim Slater, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier - 858,000
Seat 8: Jonathan Gawith, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier - 898,000

While all eyes are on the eight players that remain there were 72 players that came back today, all of whom started sat down happy in the knowledge that they were in the money for at least £750 a pop. Some were intent on laddering, others happy to get their chips in first and ask questions later, notably James Morris who was the player who notched up most metaphysical clicks of the all-in button throughout the day. Morris had his aces cracked by Ben Crellin, who bust in 14th, but grew his stack back by shoving in many other spots, critically wining a key flip against Richard Sinclair with two tables left for a 600,000 pot. He held steady to finish on 926,000.

UKIPT_New_2011_MICKEY_MAY_JamesMorris_IMG_2896_  4598.jpg

James Morris: not afraid to get his chips in

Play lasted over nine one-hour levels with Juha Lindblad taking the UKIPT final table bubble spot losing twice to kings, the first of which belonged to Tim Slater, the coup de grace coming from Tadgh Ryan. The Finn's exit cleared the way for a rare all UK and Ireland final table that will guarantee a new domestic champion.

ukipt newcastle_day 3_tim slater.jpg

Tim Slater: languid, loose-lipped and through to the final eight

ukipt newcastle_day 3_juha lindblad.jpg

Juha Lindblad bust in 9th to set the UKIPT final table

So who else didn't make it to the final table? Notably things did not go fantastically well for overnight chip leader John Shipley who bust in 41st (£1,100) while Nick Holbrook, second in chips coming into the day, set himself up with a dominating lead in the earlier levels. Holbrook looked calm and self-assured of his place at the final table then he ran a large bluff for a 400,000 pot with 4♠2♠ into Joshua Hart. The wheels came off his poker wagon shortly after and he exited in 20th (£1,920). It just so happened to be around the same time Sinclair started his inexorable creep to the top.

ukipt newcastle_day 3_nick holbrook.jpg

Good, great, out: Nick Holbrook's Day 3

Decked out in eye catching/searing green Sinclair refused to relinquish his grasp on the chip lead and steadily cultivated it with uninterrupted aggression and pressure. He opened wide and often, using well-timed large three-bets to bully the medium-sized stacks. His strategy worked; his stack blossomed from big to large to monstrous. He will be hard to beat tomorrow.

ukipt newcastle_day 3_richard sinclair.jpg

Richard Sinclair: not just green fingers

We had two previous UKIPT champs come back with chips today. Nick Abou Risk, already with two titles to his name, started well but faltered at the point his run-good normally kicks in and he bust in 37th (£1,100). It's nice to know he's human. Geordie UKIPT Nottingham champion Gareth Walker had a tough Day 2 and had ground his way through that 252-string field, another 70-odd players was too tall an order. He bust in 52nd (£970) and was swiftly pressganged into being a bounty target in the charity event which took place on behalf of The People's Kitchen.

ukipt newcastle_day 3_nick abou risk2.jpg

UKIPT double champ Nick Abou Risk

The final table begins at 3pm tomorrow. Join us then to find out who will be the inaugural UKIPT Newcastle champion. You can check who busted and how much for by clicking here. To catch up on all the day's action simply click on the links below:

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