UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)


9.57pm: Break and colour up
It's a 20-minute break this time as we have a colour up of the redundant 25 chips.

9.55pm: Satnam's sat-nav still working
Satnam Sandhu is still sitting pretty on 95,000 having been bounced around a couple of seats due to table breaks. In terms of chips he's barely moved, constant seat changes can do that to a man.

Rickie Silcock is on the next table along and is still well stacked with 85,000. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_satnam sandhu.jpg

Satnam Sandhu: still on course for a good Day 1A finish

9.50pm: Big names, no chips
This tournament just got a little softer as Karl Mahrenholz and Matt Perrins have been eliminated. -- NW

9.45pm: Kitchen cleans up
I joined the action to see a board of 4♦K♠5♦7♥ and around 11,500 in the pot. Nadim Sarwar led for 2,600 and then John Kitchen moved all-in for around 21,400. Sarwar stood up and began contemplating his action, Kitchen piped up: "Are you on a draw? You got diamonds?" Sarwar nodded before saying, "I can't call and folded Q♦9♦ face up, Kitchen showed 8♥6♥ for the nuts. Despite the hand being over both players were keen to see the river and the dealer obliged with a meaningless 2♥ rolling off. -- NW

9.40pm: Good fold, bad language
Phil Baker opened the action to 1,750 from early position and was shoved on by John Bonadies for around 11,500 from the small blind. The big blind, Nicholas Keith, made the call, which seemed to worry Baker. He passed as Keith opened up K♣K♠ to Bonadies Q♠A♥ (if I saw it correctly).

"What did you fold?" asked Keith. "Ace-king, ace-queen?"

"I folded tens," replied Baker an instant before a third ten hit the flop. Baker couldn't contain himself and swore at the cards while Liam Flood, the elder statesman of Irish poker, looked on in amusement. Keith has chipped up to around 60,000. -- RD

9.30pm: Crafty Colclough
Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough has been quiet today, at least whenever we've observed him and I'd yet to see him put a chip in a pot until now. It folded to him on the button and he made it 1,250 to play. The small blind quickly folded before Victor Kaye in the big blind said: "I don't like that raise to 1,250 but you've made it too cheap, I can't pass."

Kaye flicked in the call and to a flop of A♠6♦7♥, he checked to Colclough who bet 1,125. "Trip aces are good," said Kaye as he tossed his hand in the muck claiming to have held Q♣J♣. Colclough showed just the A♣. -- NW

9.25pm: Williams doubled, actions plays around him
Kevin Williams had been down to 17,000 when I wandered past his table a little earlier but on my way back he was up to 35,000. I didn't get a chance to ask how it happened as play swam on around him.

First Paul Garner whispered "Sorry" to John Bonadies when he couldn't call his shove, dropping the 1,600 he opened for. Next Phil Baker, a large and loud Irishman, called an early position raise from Trevor Pearson and stared intently into the side of Pearson's face while wearing a wide smile and firing a constant chatter. The action was checked all the way down the T♦5♥7♦4♣6♥ board despite a cry from Baker about the six: "Aooow, the bingo card!" Baker's A♣Q♣ took the pot. -- RD

9.20pm: Count 'em
We're updating the chip counts page regularly, it's not exhaustive but contains the notables and big stacks so just because your friend, relative or other isn't listed there doesn't mean they're out. If there were such a thing as a big stack and notable Venn diagram Carlo Citrone would be best placed, he's currently on 70,000. -- NW

9.10pm: Age - who knows, wisdom - priceless
Most of the tables in the bar area have now broken and as a result Julian Thew has found himself plonked to the direct left of Paul Jackson. Also at that table is Keith Hawkins between them they've seen a lot of day ones and a lot of flops. At the moment Jackson has 36,000, Thew 27,000 and Hawkins 6,000. -- NW

9.02pm: Steady as she goes
We caught up with Marc 'The Conv' Convey during the break and he told us he'd had a steady last level with little chip movement: "I did get up to 26,000 at one point but have hovered around the 20,000 mark." With blinds now 300-600 ante, 75, Convey said, "This is a crucial level for me." -- NW

9pm: Cards back in the air
Entering level 8 we have 249 players left in. -- RD


8.40pm: Break time
We're going into another break here. -- RD

8.35pm: Muslow crushed by Demetriou
Maria Demetriou just found a nice spot to pick up kings. An under-the-gun limp had encouraged Martin Muslow to move all-in for his last 7,125 with A♠8♠, Demetriou made the call from late position with K♠K♣. She must have lost a few since we last spoke to her as the 15,000 pot only just took her back over her previous total of 35,000.

It's a shame to see Muslow go. He was a lot of fun in Edinburgh when he ran up a big stack. Slighty unhinged in a good way. -- RD

8.30pm: Zero sum game
Poker is a zero sum game, for every chip winner there must be a loser. Currently riding the uptick side of the variance rollercoaster are Warren Wooldridge (50,000) and Carlo Citrone (70,000) whilst David Vamplew and Oliver Schaffmann have got their bus fare home to Bustoville. -- NW

8.25pm: Ladies fight off the cowboy
Michalis Michael got the last of his chips in with K♣9♣ and was in bad shape against Matthew Noonan's pocket queens. Before the board of A♦[10h]J♦J♠K♥ was fully dealt he was out of his seat and off, obviously not feeling a double up. -- NW

8.15pm: Down to a mere 273
We've got 273 players left here in Day 1A, which is still more than the entire UKIPT Brighton field. In its defence, UKIPT Brighton was scheduled for the end of the World Series and was a £1,000 buy-in. Plenty more players to fall before the end of the day. -- RD

8.05pm: Double the trouble
We last met Andrew Youens at UKIPT Brighton in July when he took the chiplead to the final table before finishing seventh. He had to miss the next event in Edinburgh as he was getting married, we're glad to see that things are going smoothly for him so far. Since Brighton he's given up the day job to concentrate on poker full time and informed us that he will soon be doubling his number of children (from one to two). He's also doubled his stack here in Nottingham and is on just over 30,000. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_andy youens.jpg

Andy Youens is chipping up for a run at another final table

7.55pm: Nottingham's a hoot
As we wandered past Jake Cody and a friend in the Dusk Till Dawn bar we overheard the following snippet:

Friend of Cody: "We going out soon?"
Cody: "Yeah, we've got a table booked at Hooters."

Lads you're in for a treat, fellow blogger RD says their wings are really good! -- NW

7.40pm: Post dinner ruckus
We're hoping that players are going to come back from dinner ready for a punch up (not literally). There are still plenty of classy players out there, such as Maria Demetriou. She has around 35,000. -- RD

ukipt nottingham.jpg

Maria Demetriou is one of the known players crusing through Day 1A

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of buffet appreciation): Nick Wright (certainly had worse) and Rick Dacey (not keen, chose unwisely).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT