UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, level 9, 10 & 11 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.30am: Play is done for the day
Dave Colclough appears to be overnight chipleader with 224,300, not far behind are Stuart Barnett (205,500), Carlo Citrone (203,600), Timothy Boyle (188,500) and Oluwashola Akindele (186,400) by our reckoning 100 of the 478 runners made it to day 2. The day's wrap will follow and we'll get full chip counts overnight. -- NW

1.10am: Four more hands
UKIPT tournament director Toby Stone has stopped the clock and annouced four more hands are to be played. Following the bagging and tagging we'll try to get the chips to you as soon as we can. -- RD

1am: Last level is being a bit lethal
The last level of the day has seen a flurry of exits, amongst them Julian Thew and Joeri Zandvliet. 116 players remain and there's 22 minutes of the day left. -- NW

0.55am: Late surge up the HIll
Mike Hill who has, it's fair to say, been grinding for most of the day is now above average with a stack of 70,000 as we approach the end of day two. Despite the long day he reckons he could play a couple more levels if he had to. That's the spirit, Mike. -- NW

0.40am: Baker building
Phil Baker is up to 70,000 after eliminating Vaidas Masaitis in one of those spots that the internet kids would call 'standard'. The pot was about 30,000 and it all went in pre-flop, Masaitis holding pocket jacks to Baker's A♦K♦. The board of Q♥4♦4♣A♣5♦ was kind to Baker and the Irishman said: "I love you," to the dealer as he stacked his chips. -- NW

0.25am: It's the final countdown
A marathon day 1A is drawing to a close and the remaining players are back in their seats. Dave Colclough currently has one hand on the overnight chip lead. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_dave colclough.jpg

Dave Colclough is the current chip leader

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1600, ante 200

0.20am: Hawkins and Fry gone
Just before the break I noticed that Keith Hawkins wasn't in his seat and Julian Thew confirmed he was out: "He shoved over a raise with pocket threes and ran into pocket aces and that was all she wrote," said Thew, who is himself grinding a short stack. Will Fry is another recent elimination. -- NW

0.15am: Break Time
Level 10 is in the books, one more level of play today for the 133 players who remain. -- NW

12am: Colclough wins the battle and the war
Dave Colclough is now chip leader as his stack has vaulted from 80,000 to 213,000. "Did you just win one massive pot Dave?" I asked and he replied: "Yeah I had aces, another fella had kings and John Exley had Q♣J♣ on a 8♣9♣[x] flop. As you can imagine World War Two broke out." Colclough's hand held up and it looks likely with just over a level to go that he'll finish day 1A as chip leader. -- NW

11.55pm: Camel doubles
Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins has just more than doubled up his short stack. Mark Vinsky got the action started raising to 2,600 from under-the-gun+2, Paul Jackson flat called from middle position and then Hawkins moved all-in for 7,900 total from the big blind. Vinsky flat called and Jackosn folded, on their backs:

Hawkins: A♣J♥
Vinsky: 6♠6♣

The board of A♠J♣3♣[10h]Q♠ kept Hawkins alive, Jackson claimed that he had folded A♦J♦. -- NW

11.45pm: Zandvliet and the other TV champs
Joeri Zandvliet is up to 35,000 and looking to get a stack more before the end of the day. Two other Season 1 UKIPT champs, Nick Risk and Max Silver, were having a chat with the Dutchman having got to know him well at the Champion of Champions tournament which followed EPT London, which doubles as the UKIPT Grand Final.

The UKIPT TV show, which can be watched by UK viewers by clicking here, has been a resounding success (according to viewing figures, not just our opinion). If you haven't watched it then maybe you should give it a try. -- RD

11.35pm: Convey's stack cut
Marc Convey's stack is down to 18,000 after losing two races with ace-king. The second was against Simon Hawkins. "I raised the button to 2,800," said Convey. "He moved in for 18,800 with pocket fives, I called and the pair held." -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_marc convey.jpg

Marc Convey not flipping well

11.25pm: Big blind jump
This last blind jump has been a big one going from 400-800 to 600-1,200. It's going to catch many by surpise and we suspect they'll be a lot of fallers in this level. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ANTE 200

11.15pm: Checking up on those shout outs
Gavin Hall is on around 40,000 and James Mill a little more on 45,000. As I checked Hall's table Maria Demetriou had finally managed to pass that 40,000 barrier and is up over a little 50,000 after committing herself with a raise to 25,000 on a 7♠J♣9♠ flop which forced George Hepburn to pass.

You can find chip counts for a lot of name players and big stacks by clicking here. -- RD

11.10pm: Sandhu splashing around
Current chip leader Satnam Sandhu certainly likes to play pots he's involved most times I pass his table. In a recent example Lixia Hu raised from early position to 2,000, Sandhu flat called from middle position, only for Timothy Boyle to make it 5,100 from the big blind. After a rueful glance Hu folded, before Sandhu made a quick call.

On the flop of J♠9♦7♠ Boyle bet 6,600, Sandhu said: "Will you show me if I fold," Boyle remained stoic and didn't show when Sandhu eventually gave it up. Despite losing the pot it was only a scratch as Sandhu has around 135,000. -- NW

11pm: Fan requests
We have has requests for Gavin Hall and James Mills. At the moment I can only tell you that they are still in but I'll try to hunt them down on the next sweep. Chip and a chair, folks. -- RD

10.55pm: Demetriou still grinding
Maria Demetriou is having trouble building a stack today and seems to be stuck on the 35,000-40,000 mark. She just raised under-the-gun and successfully c-bet a 4♥9♥Q♣ flop to take her back to near 40,000. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_maria demetriou 2.jpg

Maria Demetriou: blocked by the 40,000 glass ceiling

10.45pm: Characters
If you've ever played poker with Andy Bradshaw, you'll know he belongs to that portion of UK poker players who is known as a character. He's a chatterbox and showcased his 'skills' in both departments in a recent hand.

It was his voice that alerted me to the hand in the first place: "Jack-seven? Why had you done that?" boomed out across the cardroom. I arrived on the scene to see Bradshaw (big blind) all-in with pocket fours for around 42,000 and Cloudio Devito (small blind) holding J♠7♠.

Flop: K♥9♥Q♥
"Come on," exclaimed Bradshaw.

Turn: A♦
"Get in," shouted Bradshaw.

River: 8♠
"Yes," screamed Bradshaw.

He then launched into a mini-rant at Devito saying: "Why did you do that with jack-seven? You've burned all your chips." Before saying to anyone who would listen: "This is a great table this, my friend." Devito was left with about 15,000 after the hand and was eliminated soon after. -- NW

10.35pm: Old school going strong
Paul Jackson and Carlo Citrone are right near the top of the chip tree here in Nottingham, both weighing in with over 100,000. Dave Colclough is just behind them with 80,000. These internet kids may have something to learn after all. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_carlo citrone and dave colclough.jpg

Carlo Citrone (left) and Dave Colcough showing the love (or something like that)

10.25pm: Action stations
I arrived at table 37 to see a flop of K♣5♣3♠ and a 16,000 bet in front of Paul Bowser and an all-in of 50, 300 in front of Mark Murphy. The all-in bet sent Bowser deep into the tank. He had Murphy covered and this was a potential six figure pot. Bowser though eventually gave it up with a confused look.

Meanwhile whilst Bowser was tanking I heard two shouts of 'seat open' and looked across to see Rickie Silcock stacking a pot which took him over the 100,000 mark. This level has certainly started off lively. -- NW

10.15pm: Owston is in the house
We thought it had been quiet. Serial satellite and general troublemaker Dan Owston has just arrived and, as usual, he's started celebrating several days early. Owston went deep several times last year but stood as just as much for his prolific performances in casino bars the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

"You're so sexy, I love you so much," Owston's voice echoed into the press room. He wasn't talking to a lady. "Ooooo, can I have a chip?" He is already battered and providing a lot of entertainment. The tour wouldn't be the same without him. He'll be playing, probably loudly, tomorrow. -- RD

10.10pm: Citrone taking control
Right at the death of level 8 Carlo Citrone knocked out Ary Van der Lee to build a massive 111,500 chip stack putting him in likley contention for the overnight chip lead.

On a 5♠5♥J♠4♠ board Van der Lee moved all-in from the button for over 11,000 and Citrone slowly made the call. Van der Lee held [5][6] and Citrone tabled T♦T♠. He pushed the ten of spades forwards and that seemed to do enough to call forth the 3♠. Vander Lee burst out of his chair obviously unhappy before quickly regaining his composure, wishing the table good luck and heading for the exit. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_carlo citrone.jpg

Carlo Citrone: happy as a pig in something or other

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of most likely cause of death): Rick Dacey (alcohol poisoning) and Nick Wright (narcolepsy).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT