UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)


2.05pm: End of level
It's the first 15-minute break of the day. Just another nine levels left to play. -- RD

2pm: Freerollin'
Chris Brammer finished Season 1 at the top of the UKIPT Leaderboard and won entries into all nine UKIPT events this season. That's quite some freeroll. He's currently on around 9,000, not the best of starts, but the young Brit has plenty of time to make yet another deep run here in Nottingham. -- RD

1.55pm: Pyefinch finished
Suzanne Pyefinch first came to our attention at UKIPT Edinburgh in August where she final tabled and told us that a friend of hers had a premonition that she would win but would have to lay down pocket aces heads up. In the end she finished seventh for £6,300. She'll have to wait until Manchester to try and make her second UKIPT final table as she's one of 15 players to have exited the tournament so far today. -- NW

1.45pm: Ainsworth straight up the chip charts
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth has near doubled his stack in the opening 90 minutes and has around 27,000. He filled us in on the key hand that boosted his stack:

"There were two limpers and seat two (Julian Lefevre) made it 500 to go, I made it 1,300 with [4][5] and he called. The flop was [A][2][2] he checked, I bet, he called. The turn was a [4] and it went check, check. The [3] on the river gave me a straight and he check-called a bet of 3,500 with pocket kings. -- NW

1.40pm: Ulliott x-rated action
Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott isn't shy. He's pretty far from that to be honest. So when our Channel 4 camera crew swung by his table to look into the fish bowl Ullitott was more than happy to put on a performance.

"You trying to film my ring?" asked Ulliott, hinting towards the 'Devil' and 'Fish' gold rings which adorn his right and left hand respectively. He quickly rose to his feet and turned round as if to drop his trousers.

"Yeah, the old ones are the best," said the cameraman, looking quite unimpressed by the whole incident.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Ulliott, perhaps a little too concerned that his derriere might be anything other than pert. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_ulliott.jpg

Lord of the rings Dave 'Devilish' Ulliott

12.30pm: Nani wins a big pot
Luis Nani has just won a big pot against Manchester City... Hold on, that's not right. Nani has just scored in the Manchester derby for the red half of the city. The screen that we were looking at yesterday for the tournament clock has been switched to the football and it's proving to be quite distracting. Back to the poker. -- RD

1.25pm: Due
If this tournament had taken place a month ago I'd be saying that James Keys was in that group of young talented British players who were 'due' and good candidates for that big breakthrough live result. Well lo and behold he struck gold downunder winning just over a million Australian dollars (£626,000) in January. Last night was his celebration party and a heavy night was had in Nottigham: "I've only been back two days it's the first time I've seen everyone," explained Keys. "We went to Hooters, then to town and then I don't remember much!" Despite that Keys seems bright and alert and says of his tournament thus far: "I lost 5,000 then won it back, so no net movement." -- NW

1.12pm: He who dares loses
So said Dan Owston, who is currently watching the Manchester derby from the comfort of the bar, his tournament having come to a premature end after 40 minutes. "I got it in with a open ended straight flush draw against bottom set. He made a house on the turn, thanks very much for coming!" Eight players in total perished during the first level.-- NW

1.10pm: Grafton and the dragon
London-based Sam Grafton went deep in two UKIPT events in season one and always seems to run up a big stack but not quite get the big result. He'll be looking to put that right here in Nottingham. Amongst those hoping to put a dent in his stack early on will be Jeraint 'JJ' Hazan, who is the poker player famous (or should that be infamous) for his appearance on Dragon's Den. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_sam grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton


12.55pm: Calculated Risk
Nick Abou Risk has an incredible UKIPT record. In August last year he won UKIPT Edinburgh for £50,000 and in December he took down the first event of Season 2, the €1,000 Galway main event, for a further €67,000. His other live cash was a £150 deep stack event here at Dusk Till Dawn in June off last year. He won that as well for £7,090. It's a ludicrous showing; three cashes, three wins. -- RD

12.45pm: Quite a spread
Despite the number of well known players in the field the random table draw seems to have spread them far and wide. Table 62 could be one to watch with two players who've made UKIPT final tables Marius Lietuvninkas (6th Coventry), Suzanne Pyefinch (7th Edinbrugh) and Fintan Gavin sharing a table. With the players packed in some tables are hard to access but we'll do our best. -- NW

12.35pm: Players as far as the eye can see
Everywhere you look there are players here and I mean players. Irish legend Liam Flood is sat at the next table to WSOP bracelet winner James Dempsey, who is talking to John Eames, who last year really started converting his online dominance into live success, who is... We could go on and on. And probably will.

That said, these big names only make up a small percentage of the field, the majority of which comprises of players looking to make their name and satellite heroes looking to make a major score. There'll be plenty of beats and banter as we make our way through the day. We're half way through the first level but with blinds at 25-50 and a 15,000 starting stack it should be hard for anyone to go bust. -- RD

12.25pm: Big field, big names
As well as the Devilfish the first sweep of the room has unearthed some familiar UKIPT faces. Last years winner Andrew Couldridge is playing, James Keys - who's a man in form - is also here as are Liam Flood, Marius Lietuvninkas, John Eames and the never- knowingly-quiet Dan Owston. Keep an eye on the chipcounts page where we'll be keeping track of the notables and big stacks. --NW

12.15pm: The fish is in the house
Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott is here, ladies and gentlemen. This event has truly brought out all the biggest names in British and Irish poker. Forget EPT London (okay, don't actually forget EPT London) but this event could crown the true UK and Ireland champion. Jude Ainsworth for one will be looking to take this title back across the Irish sea. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_jude ainsworth.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth looking to do it for Ireland

12.05pm: The clock is running
The tournament room looks fantastic again today and is packed to the rafters with Brtitish poker talent. We have, among others,Team PokerStars Pros Vicky Coren and Jude Ainsworth, EPT winner Jake Cody, Jeff Kimber, Irish Open James Mitchell, Chris Brammer and double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk. Chip counts of the named, notables and big stacks will be posted in our chip count section throughout the day. -- RD

11.50pm: Record breakers
Day 1B is set to complete a record field here at the Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham. We had 478 runners yesterday, 100 of which made it through, and the Day 1B field looks strong to tip the combined field over the 1,000 player mark. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_chips.jpg

Chips will soon be flying around here in Nottingham

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of direction shouted at a junction before getting lost on way to DTD): Rick Dacey (Left!) and Nick Wright (Right, right, right).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT