UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, level 9, 10 & 11 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.40am: Big stacks
As the players bagged and tagged their chips we peered over their shoulders and have compiled an unofficial top five. The top two in chips - Sam Macdonald and Luke Fields finished with more than Day 1A chip leader Dave Colclough, full chip counts will be with us soon.

Sam Macdonald: 260,100
Luke Fields: 255,900
Samad Razavi: 222,300
Kim Holmberg: 199,900
Paul Nash: 179,900

A re-draw will be done overnight but will not be available until 11.30a.m. A full wrap of Day 1B is on the way. -- NW

1.35am: Play has ended
The final hands have been played out and most players have already bagged and tagged. The clock is saying 117 players left, but that is yet to be finalised. It does mean we're likley to have a field of around 215 tomorrow though. A full wrap and the overnight chip will be with you shortly. -- RD

1.20am: Clock is paused, last three hands
The tournament staff have just paused the clock and players will play three more hands. Currently Sam Macdonald still appears to be chip leader although Like Fields is closing in fast. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_luke fields.jpg

Luke fields is making a run for the chip lead

1am: 30 minute warning
There's 30 minutes left to play here and approximately 127 players left. Recent exits include Henry Griffiths and UKIPT Galway finalist Maurice Silke. -- NW

12.48am: Schaap houses up
Rowan Schaap is up to about 180,000 after winning a house over house pot against Alan Rapoport. The full board was [K][K][Q][7][4] with most of the money going on in the river. Hardly surprising as Schaap held [K][Q] and Rapoport pocket fours. -- NW

12.45am: Griffiths loses a big pot
Henry Griffiths is down to 40,000 after losing a 140,000 pot to Pakken Yung. It was a set over set affair with Griffiths flopping a set of fives, Yung a set of jacks. -- NW

12.35am: Kay doubles through
Eric Cox and Dominic Kay both put in 7,700 each in a three-bet pot pre-flop to see a flop of A♣4♣6♣. Kay checked to Cox who bet 9,200, Kay check-raised all-in for around 50,000 total and Cox made the call.

Kay: A♦K♥
Cox: A♥Q♣

Kay was infront but Cox had a big draw, Kay managed to fade it though on the 9♠4♥ turn and river and is up to around 115,000. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600 ante 200

12.25am: Players back in their seats
The 151 players who remain are now back in their seats for the final level of the day. Sam Macdonald is the current chip leader with around 240,000 that's more than Day 1A chipleader Dave Colclough. The youngster though still has a level to extend or lose that lead. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_sam_macdonald.jpg

Young Macdonald has a lot of chips

12.20am: Abou Risk flushed out
I didn't witness the hand myself but Thomas Rolfe and Stuart Kinghorn certainly did as they're both seated at table 68 where the hand occurred and said the pot was around 140,000. In a three-bet pot Nick Abou Risk and Sam Macdonald saw a flop of J♥4♥2♦ it went bet, call. The turn was the 9♦ and Macdonald moved all-in with A♦Q♦ and Risk called with J♦9♣ the river was the [10d] giving Macdonald the flush and a commanding chip lead as he now has around 240,000. -- NW

12.15am: Break time
Players are on their last 15 minute break of the day, they'll come back for one more level.

12.10am: Abou Risk out
Nick Abou Risk will not be claiming a third UKIPT title, or even a cash as he's out. Details on the way. -- NW

12am: Like father like son
I'm sure Jamie Roberts is tired of having his dad's name mentioned (Ben Roberts) everytime his own is in a poker update. Anyway Jamie is a player of some repute too, a regular in the cash games at The Vic. He's not bad at tournaments either and proved so in a recent pot. He raised from middle position to 2,400 and got flat called by the player on the button (since knocked out and we don't know his name). The flop fell 2♥9♦3♥ and Roberts led for 3,200 only to be faced with a raise to 8.500 from his opponent. After a considered dwell Roberts moved all-in for around 46,000 and his opponent surrendered the pot. -- NW

11.50pm: Griffiths going great guns
Henry Griffiths has been quietly building his stack in the last couple of levels and now has around 110,000. Just now he took a nice chunky pot without seeing a flop. Pakken Yung opened to 2,700 from the cut-off and was three-bet by Darren Fuller, who was on the button, to 7,100. From the big blind Griffiths cold four-bet to 15,700. Yung made a frustrated fold, but Fuller took more time before also electing to muck. -- NW

11.48pm: Suhail so high
We're getting second hand information on this one but the key part, that Mohammed Suhail is up to 165,000 seems to be correct. Suhail enthusiastically passed on a message that he won an 85,000 pot with aces against kings, queens and a short stacked ace-queen. Stranger things have happened. He's pushing up towards the chip lead, but will need to pull in a lot more if he's to overtake Dave Colclough's 224,300. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_mohammed suhail.jpg

Mohammed Suhail

11.37pm: Abou Risk chipping up again
Nick Abou Risk is building yet another stack in a UKIPT main event. The two-time winner is up to 77,000 after forcing a fold from Sam Macdonald in a button and blind battle.

Abou Risk, whose mother contacted us on the blog when we slackly dropped the Abou part of his name in a post, opened from the button for 2,400. Macdonald three-bet to 5,300 and Abou Risk made the call. Macdonald looked at Abou Risk's stack, around 55,000) and led 11,600 into the pot. Abou Risk moved all-in and won the pot. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_nick abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk picking up chips yet again

11.25pm: Chipped up
We the blind jump this really is going to be the level to get moving for many players. Sam Macdonald though is sitting on a rather tasty stack of 174,000, we think that makes him chip leader. On the next table along Dominic McCloskey is also going well and has 123,000. -- NW

11.15pm: Blinds up
As we the blinds move into the penultimate level of the day we have 207 players left. We finished yesterday with 99 (not 100 as previously stated due to an admin error) and tonight we're going to lose a chunk more before the bell rings for the end of play. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ANTE 100

11.05pm: Teatum on the brink
Gareth Teatum is down to fumes after doubling up Steven Brennan to around 60,000. The money went in on a flop of J♥9♦9♥ with Brennan holding Q♣[10c] and Teatum A♦J♦ the Q♥ turn gave Brennan a better two pair and the [10d] river only strengthend his position. -- NW

10.55pm: In form
Table 54 might just be the form table. Four of the players at that table have had a live tournament cash of over £20,000 in the last six months. They're Sandiep Khosa (Seat one: £ 34,189), Ray Norton (Seat three: £27,531), Luke Fields (Seat four £44,250) and Alex Torrance (Seat five: £24,684). -- NW

10.52pm: An entertainer to the last
James Dempsey is out. I didn't see the bust out but I did see him through the window in front of our press box walking away with his coat. He looked down as I glanced up just long enough for the bracelet winner to throw a 'oops-I-got caught-at-it' gurn. Still, it's Saturday night in Nottingham, it could be worse. -- RD

10.45pm: Some more chip counts
With the field becoming a little more manageable we've added a few new names to the chip counts page, amongst them are Jerome Bradpiece (37,300) and Nick Slade, who when we were estimating his stack held up eight fingers - we're guessing that means 80,000. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_nick slade.jpg

Nick Slade

10.35pm: Peters keeps Dempsey honest
Andrew Peters opened his button for 2,200 and James Dempsey three-bet to 6,400. Peters thought about it for a short while then shipped it in. Dempsey quickly passed. Someone had to keep him honest, I suppose. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_james dempsey 3.jpg

"So you don't believe me then?"

10.28pm: May as well have slept in
Lee Cockroft has just doubled through Antonino Milioti with Q♠Q♥ to J♦J♠ for a 15,000 pot. After over eight hours of play he's back to his starting stack. -- RD

10.20pm: No comeback for Cody
On the first hand back from the break Jake Cody found a spot to get his last 2,600 in holding J♣[10d] and he was looked up by Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq who held A♠4♦. The board ran out 8♥K♥8♠5♥2♦ and Sadiq in a playful manner shouted: "Yes I knocked Jake Cody out!" With his exit the remaining number of EPT champions in the field is zero. -- NW

10.15pm: Entering level 9
Three bonus levels in this record field. A tournament with one-hour levels will often play eight levels, not so here. We've got to get through 1,058 players and that means jamming in 11 levels across both Day 1A and 1B. More tomorrow. We've got 258 players left and I think we'll lose around half of those in these final three levels. One of those is likley to be Jake Cody - he's on fumes. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_play.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of favouite bisciut): Rick Dacey (Rich tea), Nick Wright (Chocolate caramel digestive) and photographer Neil Stoddart (Ginger nut - shouldn't that be Stephen Bartley? - SY).

Rick Dacey
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