UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)


2.10pm: Bubble bursts three-way
We lost three players simultaneously, according to UKIPT tournament director Toby Stone and that bursts our bubble. No grim two-hour bubble grinding here!

The player I witnessed busting was Dainius Antanaitis who had just a couple of big blinds left. He got it in with A♠9♠ to Paul Schwarz's A♣K♥ and failed to catch up. Waiting for full confirmation on the bust outs now.

Full chip counts to come - we'll be getting them every break now. -- RD

2.05pm: Break Time
Players are now on break, tournament staff are doing a full chip count of the remaining players who are now all in the money, bubble news coming up. -- NW

2pm: Bubble drawing near
We have 131 players left and 128 places playing. Hand for hand must be announced imminently. -- RD

1.56pm: Bogle given two-hand penalty
Lee Bogle accidentally, so he claims, turned his hand face-up in the big blind to show A♣J♣. He reckons he thought he was getting a walk but in fact Jonathan Crabb on the button - how can you miss that? - opened for 5,200.

For exposing his hand Bogle was given a two-hand penalty but moved all-in anyway forcing Crabb to pass. There was plenty of chat about whether Bogle should have been penalised, but the rules are quite clear. You can't expose your hand in a no-limit tournament. No complaining, boys. -- RD

1.50pm: Colclough thinking of what might have been
Dave Colclough was standing up from the table looking a little exasperated, but he hadn't lost any chips, he explained the cause of his pain: "I could've just taken out the other two big stacks at my table," he said with a sigh, "He (Gavin Hall) flopped a straight, and he (Mark Maunsell) flopped a set and I passed my flush draw which hit." By our reckoning that would've added around 400,000 to Colclough's stack with Hall now having 260,000 and Maunsell 150,000. Never mind Dave you've still got 350,000. -- NW

1.45pm: Anonymous Fox
Gary Fox just took a big pot off a player who is listed as 'Anonymous'. Anon opened from under-the-gun to 5,100 and Fox called. On the 4♣J♠[10c] flop Fox bet 7,000 and Anon called. The turn was the 6♠ and the pattern repeated itself 7,000 bet and call. The river was the A♣ and Fox checked to Anon who bet 7,000. Fox check-raised to 14,000 and was called. He showed A♠J♣ to win the pot. -- NW

1.42pm: Words of wisdom
Andy Bradshaw should have listened to my advice; stay away from Matthew Heeps. Bradshaw had three-bet shoved ace-queen only for Heeps to call with ace-king. He's now on 415,000 and Bradshaw is out.

Thanks to Richard Rudling-Smith for passing on the info. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_matthew heeps.jpg

Matthew Heeps has started the day on a heater

1.30pm: Clear out
We're approaching the bubble here in Nottingham - 144 left, 128 get paid - so tournament staff have kindly asked all spectators and non essential staff to clear the area in between the tables. Let's hope we're still allowed in! -- NW

1.25pm: The brothers Razavi
Ebrahim Razavi and Samad Razavi are both still in the tournament and both doing well. The former has around 210,000 and the latter about 230,000. -- NW

1.20pm: Big stack watch
Dave Colclough has added over 100,000 to his overnight total and now has just under 350,000. Luke Fields has treaded water and has 240,000, Sam Macdonald still has a lot of chips, over 300,000 by our reckoning although with the way his chips are arranged it's impossible to tell his exact count. Ashique Miah, who has just been moved to the same table as Macdonald is also hovering around 300,000. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_dave_colclough1.jpg

Colclough is back in the chip lead

1.17pm: Heeps of chips
Following his big win with aces against big slick (mentioned earlier) Matthew Heeps has chipped up to almost 300,000. He has the cantankerous Andy Bradshaw two seats to his right. Bradshaw doesn't seem to mind rubbing people up the wrong way, in fact he seems to thrive on it, but he may do well to avoid Heeps. He's massive. -- RD

1.10pm: No go for Joe
Joe Whittaker, who made a deep run at UKIPT Edinburgh, will not be repeating the trick here in Nottingham I joined the action to see a flop of 2♦A♣4♣ and with about 14,000 in the pot Patrick Thompson bet 7,200. Whittaker then raised to 20,700 total. Thompson tanked and then moved all-in and Whittaker called all-in having started the flop with around 55,000.

Thompson: A♦5♣
Whittaker: J♣[10c]

Whittaker couldn't get there on the6♦K♠ turn and river though and exited the tournament. -- NW

1.05pm: Holmberg home early
Kim Holmberg came into today with almost 200,000 in chips which was good for a top 10 chip stack. However he's already out. Ashique Miah who now has over 300,000 got most of them he told us: "We got in a raising war and I was pot committed with [K][10] and he had [K][8]." Miah also had a good stack at the beginning of the day and it's now even better and is around 300,000. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ANTE 300

12.50pm: Macdonald applying the pressure
Overnight chip leader Sam Macdonald has picked up where he left off and extended his chip lead in the early stages of Day 2. First he three-bet Najib Kamand 5,200 open to 16,300 and got Kamand to fold then next hand he won a bigger pot.

Martin Mcgeough limped under the gun and Macdonald raised to 5,600 from middle position, a bet Mcgeough called. The flop was 5♠7♦9♥ and Mcgeough check-called a c-bet of 7,600. The J♥ hit the turn and Mcgeough led for 15,000 and Macdonald called. The 6♠ completed the board and Mcgeough led for 20,000., Macdonald thought for a while then slid out a raise to 53,300 total. After a couple of minutes in the tank Mcgeough gave it up. Macdonald now has over 300,000.-- NW

12.45pm: Field wide open
This tournament field is anyone's for the taking. A huge percentage of the big names that started this £500 tournament didn't make it through to Day 2. Yes, we have the Dave Colcloughs and Paul Jacksons but over the course of the two Day 1's we managed to lose seven EPT winners and six UKIPT winners (although David Vamplew falls into both camps). That's not to mention a swathe of WSOP bracelet winners such as James Dempsey and Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott. Didn't they realise this was a poker tournament for the people? -- RD

12.35pm: Old hands playing hands
Paul Jackson and Carlo Citrone both came into the day with over 100,000 and will be relieved that they're as far away from each other on the table as they could be.

1. Paul Jackson
2. Nicolai Henschel
3. Lee Postlethwaite
4. Neil Walker
5. Carlo Citrone
6. Paul Nunes
7. Tim Bettingen
8. Lukasz Laskowski

Action is going to be fast and furious until the inevitable bubble slow down. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_carlo citrone.jpg

Carlo Citrone giving the universal I'm-not-sure-what-to-do-in-this-photo sign

12.30pm: Convey in trouble
Marc Convey just ran into trouble, shoving all-in with A♠2♣ over a late position raise and getting called by Paul Senter in the big blind. He must be down to around 2,100. Not good news for the erstwhile PokerStars blogger.*

Oluwashola Akindele has also lost a chunk with jacks into kings. -- RD

* He's now out.

12.25pm: Predictable day two carnage
The start of day two is often charactarised by multiple bust outs early on and sure enough around 20 players have busted out in the opening 30 minutes, including Stuart Fox. -- NW

12.20pm: Cold deck for Winter
You're always hopeful of progress when you come back with the average stack, but it was a short day for Adam Winter. He got his 74,000 in with A♥K♦ but ran into Matthew Heeps A♣A♠. The flop of [10h]7♥8♥ led Heeps to say: "Your huge," to Winter. But the 4♠[10c] turn and river were no help for Winter. -- NW

12.15pm: Stacked table
Table 26 has got a number of stacked players on it at the start of play, Samad Razavi, Ondrej Goetz, Alfie Baldwin and Matthew Heeps are all well placed as play gets underway. -- NW

12pm: Play starts
The feature table is being introduced today as we play down from 215. The tables are going to run eight-handed, which should speed things up a little bit and give chips to the more aggressive players, who can complain about that? -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_tv table.jpg

The TV table

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of likelihood of having a brain snap and thinking they're Robin Hood): Rick Dacey (36% - already pulling on green tights) and Nick Wright (9% - doesn't like the outside, is unlikely to want to climb a tree).

Rick Dacey
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