UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 14 & 15 updates (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.25pm: Break Time
The 82 remaining players are now on a 20 minute break, during which tournament staff will colour up the redundant black 100 denomination chips and do full chip count. -- NW

4.20pm: Repeat final table chance for Walker
Gareth Walker has flown under the radar here in Nottingham. Last year he finished eighth in this event and with 90 players left he's got a shot at a repeat final table. He currently has around 270,000 so is giving himself every chance. -- NW

4.15pm: Hill climbing
Mike Hill is up to 330,000 after eliminating Rahim Tadj-saadat. Hill held ace-queen, Tadj-saadat pocket nines and Hill turned a queen and rivered an ace. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_mike_hill.jpg

Hill has every reason to smile at the moment

4.06pm: Residents of Bustoville

Players are continuing to fall here and the last few confirmed were:

101. Paul Mctaggart, UK, PokerStars player, £1,165
102. Najib Kamand, UK, £1,165
103. Lee Postlethwaite, UK, PokerStars player, £1,165
104. Richard Rudling-Smith, UK, £1,165

Keep up to date with who has been knocked out by clicking on the Prizepool and payouts page. -- RD

4.06pm: Wooldridge takes a piece out of Pizzo
Warren Wooldridge has doubled up to 110,000 through Romano Pizzo. Wooldridge told me: "I defended my big blind with Q♣J♣ and shoved on a jack high flop and Pizzo called me with ace-king and my hand held up." -- NW

4.05pm: Deep and plush Fields
Luke Fields started the day second in chips and hasn't stopped raking in pot ever since. His stacks, which are now five-deep in front of him and reach right up to the betting line, total almost half-a-million.

In the last hand I saw, he called a raise of 9,200 from Timothy Boyle while in the small blind and led 11,200 into the 8♦7♦7♣ flop. Boyle raised to 31,000, Fields called before leading 15,700 into the A♣ turn. Boyle looked pained and then passed. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_chips 2.jpg

Luke Fields' deep stacked chips

3.55pm: Horton hits the river
Richard Hortong now has a 450,000+ stack after eliminating Russell Allcock. Horton had A♦K♦, Allcock pocket nines and Horton spiked a king on the river to amalgamate Allcock's 140,000 stack into his own. -- NW

3.40pm: Nguyen on top
Khoa Nguyen is now chip leader with around 500,000 after eliminating Paul McTaggart in what would be described as a cooler. I missed the exact pre-flop action but it was a 3-bet pot with Nguyen being the initial raiser and then calling McTaggart's 3-bet. The flop was 8♣5♦6♦ McTaggart led, Nguyen raised, McTaggart shoved and Nguyen called.

McTaggart: A♦K♦
Nguyen: 8♦9♦

The board filled out with the [10s] and 6♠ after the stacks were counted it was established that Nguyen had McTaggart covered. -- NW

3.30pm: Royal flush crushes Hannam
Just before the end of the last level Tamas Konya made a royal flush to eliminate Peter Hannam. Konya was behind pre-flop with A♥Q♥ against Hannam's A♣K♣ but a K♥J♥2♣ gave Konya plenty of opportunity to catch up, which he did by catching the T♥ on the river for the Royal Flush. Must be nice.

Hannam took it incredibly well and departs in 106th for £1,060. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000, ANTE 400

3.20pm: Chips and payouts
We've just been given the chip counts that tournament staff did during the last break so click here for chip counts of those left in. We're also busy updating the payouts page showing who's won what and what's left to play for. -- NW

ukipt notitngham_day 2_tv table.jpg

The UKIPT Nottingham TV table

3.15pm: Norfolk has chance
Jason Herbert, he of the loud hoodies (and even louder shirt today) beckoned me over to a table where a friend of his Richard Norfolk was involved in a big pot. Norfolk had raised to 9,000 and been flat called by Steve Redfern and now Romano Pizzo made it 22,000 to play. Norfolk responded by moving all-in for around 60,000, both Redfern and Pizzo folded, Norfolk showed pocket aces. Norfolk is I'm told Herbert's optician and with the latters dress sense some might say he should find a new optician. -- NW

3.05pm: Climbing up that Hill
Mike Hill is in the money here in Nottingham and that's two cashes from two events in season two for the Manchester man. He finished third in the UKIPT season one leaderboard and I reckon if there were such a thing as an all-time UKIPT leaderboard Hill would sit atop it. -- NW

3pm: No go for Goetz
Ondrej Goetz has just busted after shoving light from the big blind. James McShane had opened from the button and slowly called.

McShane: Q♦9♠
Goetz: A♠J♥

McShane flopped top two and Goetz couldn't suck out, despite catching a pair on the turn. -- RD

2.55pm: From far a field
Players have come from far and wide to play in the UKIPT and we've had a request for chip counts for a couple of those who've made the money. Zdenek Kures who's from the Czech Republic qualified online for this event and currently has a comfortable stack of 197,000. Dutchman Rowan Schaap has 136,000. Having technical issues with getting the full chip counts. Hopefully that should sort itself out as the day goes on.-- NW

2.45pm: Fields finds value
Luke Fields appears to be in the zone today, making a nice river value bet in a pot against Andreas Kyprianou. Pre-flop Fields made it 7,200 to go from early position and Kyprianou called from the cut-off. Fields bet 11,500 on the [10s]4♥[10c] flop and Kyprianou almost beat him in the pot with his call. Both players checked the 6♠ turn, before Fields fired 19,500 on the 2♥ river. Again Kyprianou made a quick call. Fields turned over 7♥6♦ and Kyprianou made an anguished noise before flinging A♥Q♠ into the muck. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_luke_fields1.jpg

Fields is looking focused

2.37pm: Murnaghan makes the money, then blows up
Richard Murnaghan was one of the shorter stacks to make the money and the relief of doing so seems to have gone to his head.

There weren't that many chips in the middle, probably just a raise and a call, when he shoved for almost 30,000 on the K♠6♠9♣ flop. Murnaghan was called and showed pocket fives to a paired king. He failed to catch a two-outer and is now out. He takes home £955 to double his buy-in. -- RD

2.28pm: For the Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen just took a nice pot from Paul Schwarz. I joined the action on the 9♣4♣8♠ flop to see an in position Nguyen betting 25,500 (this suggested a three-bet pot pre-flop) and Schwarz making the call. Both players checked the A♠ turn before Schwarz bet 30,000 on the Q♣ river. Nguyen made a quick call and showd A♦J♥ which was ahead of Schwarz's [10d]9♦. - NW

2.15pm: Into the money
The players are now into the cash, unless I'm very much mistaken, and players such as Andy Bradshaw will be kicking themselves that they haven't.

"Congratulations on cashing in the UK's largest ever tournament," said UKIPT tournament director Toby Stone as the players sat down. I'll take that as confirmation. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_andy bradshaw.jpg

Andy Bradshaw missed out on the money

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of forgetting to format 'in order of'): Rick Dacey (forgot to do it) and Nick Wright (spotted that Dacey had forgotten to do it).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT