UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 16 & 17 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)


6.48pm: End of level
Players are going on an one hour dinner break. Full chip counts to come upon their return. We have 55 players left. -- RD

6.47pm: Seperated at birth?
Young? Check. Grey hoodie? Check. Chipped up? Check. All three of these statements apply to both Sam Macdonald and Jonathan Crabb, infact it can be a bit confusing telling them apart. Crabb has around 300,000. -- NW

6.45pm: Kinghorn clinging on
One of the shortest stacks left in belongs to Stuart Kinghorn, so he must've been delighted to get his remaining chips in with ace-king and find a willing caller in the shape of Gethin Jones, that is until Jones turned over the same hand. Neither player made a flush and the pot was chopped. -- NW

6.40pm: TV time is over
The Dave Colclough table has just been jettisoned from the TV area and thrown out into the wilds of the outer tables. As he was unracking his chips (he needed a few racks) I estimated he had a lot! "It's about 770,000," said Colclough, "I'd love to say it was good play but it was set over set. Every hand has played itself. -- NW

6.35pm: More knockouts
The last few players to bust are Andrew Blair, Demetris Theophanos, Robert Mcadam and Lee Bogle. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_lee bogle.jpg

Lee Bogle busted in 60th for £1,690

6.30pm: Action stops at the flop
The stacks are still relatively deep for this stage of a tournament but whilst there are lots of flops being taken, there are not so many turns or rivers being seen. Two recent examples:

Hand one: Jim McShane opened to 15,500 and was called by both blinds, Romano Pizzo and Mike Hill. The flop of Q♥K♥J♠ looked like it should create action but Pizzo's leadout of 35,000 was enough to claim the pot. He showed the A♠ as he mucked.

Hand two: Gavin Kan raised to 19,000 from under-the-gun+1 and was flat called by Marios Arkadiou two seats along. Arkadiou actually didn't know they'd been a raise and had thought he was opening the pot so put out a bet of 17,000, once his mistake had been pointed out he threw in the 2,000 required to see the flop. It fell [10d]9♥3♦ and Kan's c-bet of 18,000 saw a visably disgruntled (with himself) Arkadiou fold his hand. -- NW

6.20pm: Bemmel versus Thomas round two
Earlier I reported how Nick Bemmel won a big pot from Gethin Thomas and the two just clashed again. Thomas opened to 15,500 from under-the-gun and was called first by Bemmel in the small blind and also by Andrew Blair in the big blind. The flop was 7♠5♠A♦ and it checked to Thomas who bet 20,500 and was called by only Bemmel. The turn was the Q♦ and both players checked. The river was the 9♦ and both players checked, with Bemmel showing A♣[10d] and Thomas J♣9♣. -- NW

6.15pm: Heads up fail for Hu
Lixia Hu got his short stack across the line in good shape against Gareth Walker with pocket sixes against K♦2♦. Unfortunately for Hu Walker flopped two pair and that was all she wrote.

Lots of chunky stacks but no runaway chip leader at the moment. -- RD

6.05pm: Majewski needs to make a move
Piotr Majewski is part-time poker player, part-time poker blogger and the Pole obviously loves Dusk Till Dawn as he finished sixth in this event last year. He's on about 75,000 although it's hard to tell as he's on the TV feature table and we can't get close enough to know 100%. Either way he's short on chips and will be looking to score a double up.

He's currently on a feature table that looks like this:

Seat 1:David Colclough 312,000
Seat 2:John Hull 38,500
Seat 3: Ebrahim Razavi 291,000
Seat 4: Chris Dowling 240,000
Seat 5: Lee Bogle 114,000
Seat 6: Piotr Majewski 75,000
Seat 7: David Heaton 164,500
Seat 8: Carlo Citrone 100,000

Ebrahim Razavi's brother Samad is still in, he's on one of the outer tables and has around 270,000. -- NW

5.55pm: Slade slipping under the radar
Nick Slade is undoubtedly one of the most familiar names left in the tournament but he's slipped under the radar today. Partly this is because he's on a table that is quite near the outer extremities of the TV table area meaning it's somewhat tough to get to the table easily. However on a recent foray I saw that he appears to be going well, he currently has a stack of 310,000. There are a couple of bigger stacks at his table including Deborah Rawson (320,000) and Scott Mcgrory (430,000). -- NW

5.45pm: The last few knockouts
We're starting that long descent towards the final table runway. We have just over 60 players left and the last few confirmed bust-outs are:

66. Gavin Hall, UK, £1,585
67. Dean Swift, UK, £1,585
68. Tom Drew, UK, £1,585
69. Ali Zihni, UK, £1,585
70. Mark Maunsell, UK, £1,585
71. Christopher Lythgoe, UK, £1,585

The money is slowly ramping up as we go into the last 5% of this UK record field. -- RD

LEVEL UP: 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

5.35pm: Lixia licked by the ladies
Robert Mcadam was down to his last 10 big blinds and shoved all-in over the top of a raise from Lixia Hu, the latter made a swift call to put Mcadam at risk.

Hu: 4♥4♣
Mcadam: Q♠Q♣

The board of J♦9♦3♥2♥5♥ kept Mcadam in front and he doubled up to the relative comfort of 120,000. -- NW

5.40pm: "I'm live"
Ali Zihni got his short stack in with 8♦9♦ and was looked up by Ian Gilchrist with A♠Q♠. "Ace-queen? I'm alive at least," he said before flopping a pair on the 9♠7♣J♣ flop. Gilchrist picked up a flush draw on the 3♠ turn and rivered a larger pair on the Q♦ river.

Zihni slapped his headphones down on the table with frustration. It wasn't a good turn card for him. -- RD

5.35pm: The Fields and Boyle show
Luke Fields and Timothy Boyle have been clashing in a lot of pots and so far it's Fields who is dominating the exchanges that we've seen. In their most recent skirmish, Fields opened to 11,500 from under-the-gun+1 and was three-bet to 26,500 by Boyle from the button. The flop fell 6♠J♠4♣ and Fields led out (something he's done often) for 40,500 and forced Boyle to fold. They're both big stacks with Fields having 450,000 and Boyle around 420,000. -- NW

5.28pm: Recent exits
There are 72 players left, recent exits include Warren Wooldridge, John Conroy and Alfie Baldwin. Check out who's won what here. -- NW

5.25pm: Check the chips
A fresh sweep from the end of the last break has been imported to the chip counts. You can check them by clicking here. -- RD

5.15pm: Bemmel bags a big one
Nick Bemmel is up to around 475,000 after winning a huge pot against Gethin Thomas. The two of them got all the chips in on a 7♣[10d]7♦ flop with Bemmel holding A♠[10s] and Thomas 5♦4♦. The [10c] turn gave Bemmel a full house and although the J♦ river completed Thomas's flush he was forced to send the majority of his stack over to Bemmel. -- NW

5.05pm: Fitzpatrick over half a million
We've been informed that Steven Fitzpatrick has a stack of 500,000 which puts him up there with the chipleaders. He's sat to the direct right of fellow bigstack Sam Macdonald. -- NW

5pm: Fields unrelenting
Luke Fields is not missing a beat and seems to be exerting maximum pressure on his opponents whenever he's in a hand. From the small blind he just cold called a 10, 500 open by Timothy Boyle and then fired out a bet of 14,000 in a 6♦[10d]8♣ flop and Boyle gave it up. -- NW

4.52pm: Fields running hot
Luke Fields is playing a lot of pots and is hitting flops hard. He just flopped a straight with 4♠2♣ on a 3♠6♠5♠ flop against queens. Easy game. -- RD

4.40pm: Kures on the spin up
Zdenek Kures has come over to the UK from the Czech Republic to make a mint. He qualified online and is already guaranteed £1,375 but is unlikely to bust anytime soon given that he's sat on a comfortable 311,000 stack.

Kures is just one of the PokerStars qualifiers left in the tournament. Overnight chip leader Sam Macdonald is another. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_zdenek kures.jpg

PokerStars qualifier Zdenek Kures

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of musical ability): Rick Dacey (bought a harmonica at 16, realised it sounded like an old man dying and never touched it again) and Nick Wright (not by choice, forced to play the recorder when five years old).

Rick Dacey
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