UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 20 & 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.10am: Break time
The 25 remaining players in the main event are on a 20 minute break, during which tournament staff will do official chip counts. Here are the latest exits:

26. Sam Macdonald, UK, PokerStars qualifier, £2,380
27. Gavin Kan, UK, £2,380
28. Justin Devonport, UK, £2,380
29. Gemal Husnu, UK, £2,380
30. Marios Arkadiou, Cyprus, £2,380
31. Jakub Klimek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, £2,380
32. Scott McGrory, UK, £2,380

There's a money jump to £2,645 after the next elimination. Players will either play two more levels or down to the final table, I suspect it will be the former, this blogger is predicting 14 players will return for day three. -- NW

12.07am: Kings not good today
Chris Dowling lost a 700,000 pot to Ian Gilchrist with kings to ace-queen earlier. The same has just happened to Richard Horton who got it all-in against Timothy Boyle for a 600,000 pot. Horton held K♠K♦ and Boyle A♠Q♦ as the board ran out 4♠5♥2♥A♣5♠.

Steven Fitpatrick won a small pot shortly after taking 80,000 from Luke Hallinan in a limped pot when he turned top trips. -- RD

12.05am: Colclough on tilt
Dave Colclough is down to around 250,000. "I'm officially on tilt now," he told the table. He proved this by folding his small blind the next hand when it had folded to him! "You tilt by folding?" asked tablemate Khoa Nguyen. -- NW

12am: Serious tank time for Angell
Brett Angell (not the old Southend centre-forward) just tanked for a shade under 10 minutes when faced with a tricky river decision. Such was the length of his tank that there were more spectators near the table than players left in the tournament by the time he reached his decision...

I know not how the betting went prior to the river but Tim Bettingen had shoved for exactly 432,000 into a pot of 453,000 and the board read 7♣J♥9♥3♦Q♥. An in-positon Angell first counted down his stack to discover he had just 60,000 more than Bettingen's all-in wager. He then thought about the hand, mostly in his head but he also muttered: "I have a really tough decision, I've got a hand."

As the minutes went by no one called the clock, partly because all the players at the table bar Bettingen and Paul Nash had long left the table, but also because all involved realised the severity of Angell's decision.

Eventually it seemed Angell had reached a conclusion to his problem. He picked his cards up off the felt, cupping in his left hand, no obvious body language to indicate his action and he then softly dropped his cards over the betting line face down and whispered fold. -- NW

11.49pm: Up and down for Hallinan
Luke Hallinan isn't enjoying the smoothest of rides at the moment. Here's a quick look at the last few hands he's played.

1) He open shoved 180,000 into Dominic Kay's big blind. "Don't make a bad call," he told Kay, who passed shortly afterwards.

2) Hallinan opened and then called a shove of 150,000 from Thomas Rolfe. Hallinan's K♠Q♠ was dominated by Rolfe's A♠Q♣. He was left with 80,000.

3) Kay made a small raise into Hallinan's big blind and said: "Don't make a bad call." Everyone at the table, including Hallinan, laughed before he passed leaving himself with 62,000.

4) Gareth Walker opened the pot and Hallinan got his last chips in. Walker showed K♣Q♣. "I don't even want to show," said Hallinan as he reluctantly tabled K♥J♦ before turning two pair to double up to 150,000. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_luke hallinan.jpg

Luke Hallinan is playing bust or double up poker right now

11.40pm: Squeeze
On two adjacent tables two almost identical hands played out simultaneously, both showcasing that classic poker move - the squeeze.

Table one: Piotr Majewski opened to 35,000 and was flat called by Khoa Nguyen before Sam Macdonald moved all-in for around 386,000. Majewski tanked the harder but both players passed.

Table two: Tim Bettingen opened to 31,000 and was flat called by Brett Angell, only for Sean Davey to move all-in for 220,000. Bettingen was quick to muck, but Angell really mulled it over before he too gave up the pot to Davey. -- NW

11.30pm: Colclough plays it safe
Chris Dowling opened from the hijack to 35,000 and was called by Dave Colcough in the big blind, which left him with 320,000 behind. Colcough checked the Q♠6♠9♥ flop and quickly passed to a 40,000 c-bet.

The Welshman has a photocopy of the payouts in his pocket. It's hard to imagine he'll do anything stupid at this point in the game but a quick look at the £109,000 first prize is always a good way to keep focussed. -- RD

11.25pm: Nash won't show
The board read [10h]K♥4♠7♠J♣ and Brett Angell (small blind) checked to Paul Nash (big blind). Nash asked the dealer to spread the pot (around 270,000) and Nash settled on a bet of 150,000.

Angell stared at the board for an age, took out his headphones and leaned around the dealer to say to Nash, "Will you show if I fold?" In short shrift Nash shook his head and a while later Angell mucked. As Nash collected the pot he flashed a cheeky smile and although it looked like he was going to show after all, he just calmly slid his cards into the muck. Nash still on around 900,000. -- NW

11.15pm: That's sick
So shouted Dominic Kay (700,000), so I rushed over to see what the commotion was about. Thomas Rolfe had shoved from middle position for around 210,000 with A♥9♥ and been looked up by Luke Hallinan from the small blind with pocket fives. The board had come a tantalising 8♥7♥J♣[10s]9♣ to eventually give both players half the pot. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ANTE 2,000

11.08pm: Feature table chip counts
These are as accurate as they can be from our vantage point.

Romano Pizzo - 1,150,000
Mike Hill - 400,000
Matthew Vollar - 330,000
David Louden - 340,000
Justin Devonport - 180,000
Nick Slade - 1,250,000
Gemal Husnu - 430,000
Gavin Kan - 120,000

Romano Pizzo - who is reading a newspaper - has lost his position as table chip leader now that Nick Slade has joined the fray. And Mike Hill is making yet another deep run in a UKIPT event. -- NW

11.04pm: Nizzles for Nash
Paul Nash just flopped the nuts with J♣T♥ on a A♠K♣Q♥ flop against Scott McGrory, who got it in with top pair and turned two-pair. He didn't fill up on the river though. That pot takes him up to almost 900,000. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_paul nash2.jpg

Paul Nash: happy to flop the nuts

10.55pm: Nice shove from Macdonald
The overnight chip leader Sam Macdonald just got paid open shoving pocket kings under-the-gun courtesy of David Heaton. Macdonald pushed his last 190,000 into the middle and the action passed to Heaton in the cut-off. He made the call leaving himself with 800,000 and Khoa Nguyen, Dave Colclough and Ian Golchrist to act behind him.

Heaton opened up 8♦8♥ and failed to catch up as Macdonald rivered a boat. "I didn't think you'd shove a massive hand," said Heaton. You thought wrong in this case, David. -- RD

10.52pm: Action table
Table 23 is definitely the table to watch right now as it's action, action, action all the way. This two hands happened on the trot.

Hand one: Timothy Boyle moved all-in from the button for his last 110,000 with A♠Q♣ and was called by small blind Luke Hallinan who held A♦9♣ the board ran out 2♥A♣[10d]Q♦2♠ to double Boyle up.

Hand two: Hallinan opened to 32,000 from the cut-off and was three-bet to 67,000 by Steven Fitzpatrick. Hallinan thought, dwelled and thought some more before folding. Fitzpatrick flashed his cards to a couple of fans on the rail who were stood near him. -- NW

10.48pm: Chips and bust outs
We have just lost Andrew Booth and Ralph Shalson who are the last two players to pocket £2,120. The next player to bust collects £2,380.

Keep up to date with the bust outs here and the chip counts here. -- RD

10.40pm: Bad start for Dowling is good for Gilchrist
Chris Dowling was left shaking his head. He'd come back at the beginning of the level with 1.4 million and is now down to around 850,000. Still good, but it could have been so much better.

His big loss came when Ian Gilchrist opened the button to 31,000 from the button and Dowling three-bet from the small blind to 66,000. Gilchrist moved all-in for 350,000 and Dowling made the call.

Gilchrist: A♦Q♣
Dowling: K♣K♦

Great spot for Dowling to stretch into a monster lead but not when the board ran out 5♠A♠T♦J♠T♥. Gilchrist is up to 700,000, not far behind Dowling. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_chris dowling2.jpg

Dowling: brought back to Earth with a bump

10.35pm: Slade ships a 1.1 million pot
Nick Slade just won perhaps the biggest pot of the tournament so far in a hand against Thomas Rolfe. The action was started by Timothy Boyle who raised to 24,000 from under the gun, two seats along Slade flat called as did Rolfe who was on Slade's direct left. The flop of [10d]7♥4♦ was where the action went batty though. Boyle led for 22,000, Slade made it 75,000 and then Rolfe (who covered Slade) moved all-in for an effective 500,000. Boyle got out the way and Slade snap called.

Rolfe: 6♦8♦
Slade: [10c][10s]

Slade was in front but Rolfe had a monster draw, which Slade faded on the Q♥2♣ turn and river. Rolfe was left with 270,000 after the hand. Almost immediately Slade was moved to the feature table meaning Rolfe won't have a chance to get any of his chips back just yet.-- NW

10.20pm: The Colclough Chronicles
Dave Colclough has been ensconced at, or near, the top of the chip counts for most of Day 2. Annoyingly he was also squirreled away on the feature table for the first six levels meaning access and updates to arguably the biggest name left in the field were thin on the ground.

And then when his table was relocated to the outer tables, he found perhaps the only two chipstacks bigger than him on his direct left in the shape of Luke Fields (who's now busted) and Chris Dowling (current chip leader). As a result we've barely seen him play a hand all day.

As Dave said when we asked him how his day has gone. "I had a very good first half of the day but haven't played a hand in the last hour cos I've had Luke Fields on my left. I'm on 690,000 from a peak of 770,000 and I've got some super strong players on my table. The call* from him (pointing at Chris Dowling) with second pair against Fields was incredible, that was a hand and a half."

* see Million chip pot post at 9.05pm
-- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_dave colclough.jpg

Colclough - hoping to play a hand this level

10.15pm: View from the Hill: Feature table update
Mike Hill is one of the players currently seated at the feature table. It's nigh on impossible to see chip counts of the players at the table, let alone catch any hands. Hill himself has 370,000 and took time out to tell us what's been going on there for the last two levels.

"Romano (Pizzo) is the chipleader on it and he's winding everyone up with his speech play! There's no malice in the guy, it's just part of his game. He likes to play a lot of pots and what with him and a few shortstacks being at the table the dynamics are a bit forced," said Hill. "Although we've been the feature table for the past two levels, the table hasn't really settled." -- NW

10.10pm: Back from the break
As we come back from the break we have two players that are returning to huge stacks. They are Chris Dowling with 1.4 million and Khoa Nguyen with 1.2 million. No-one comes close at the moment. Nguyen is just a few seats to the left of Dowling. It could get really messy. Let's hope so. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_khoa nguyen.jpg

We say goodbye to the red 500 chips

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