UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 22 & 23 updates (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.55am: Overnight chip counts
12 players remain in the UKIPT Nottingham main event, amongst them there are three PokerStars qualifiers and two players who made a UKIPT final table in Season One - Mike Hill (Manchester) and Gareth Walker (Nottingham). There will be a re-draw tomorrow and play will re-commence at 3pm. Here are the remaining players in chip order:

Mike Hill, UK, 2,422,000
Tim Bettingen, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,908,000
David Heaton, UK, 1,893,000
Khoa Nguyen, UK, 1,708,000
Romano Pizzo, Italy, 1,673,000
Gareth Walker, UK, 1,320,000
Chris Dowling, Ireland 1,172,000
Steven Fitzpatrick, UK, 1,103,000
Thomas Rolfe, Uk, 888,000
Ian Gilchrist, UK, PokerStars Qualifier, 580,000
Brett Angell, UK, PokerStars Qualifier, 555,000
Nick Slade - 500,000

So Mike Hill takes the overnight chip lead into the final day, Gareth Walker is in with a chance of making the final table of the UKIPT Nottingham event for the second year running. -- NW

2.40am:Play has ended
There are 12 players left, chip counts and a recap of the days play coming shortly. Mike Hill looks like he'll take the chip lead into the final day. -- NW

2.35am: David Louden eliminated in 13th place
He was short on chips after losing that pot to Thomas Rolfe and got the last of his chips in with A♦[10h] and Gareth Walker woke up with pocket aces and they held. Walker is up to 1,100,000. -- NW

2.32am:Four more hands
Tournament director Toby Stone has paused the clock in the main event, four more hands then players will bag and tag. -- NW

2.30am: Deborah Rawson eliminated in 14th place
It was Mike Hill who did for her his pocket kings, crushing her pocket nines, he even had her suit dominated. Hill added another 300,000 to his stack with the scalp. -- NW

2.25am: Thomas Rolfe doubles through David Louden
Thomas Rolfe opened to 55,000 from under the gun and was three-bet to 130,000 by David Louden from the big blind. Rolfe moved all-in for around 430,000 and Louden shrugged and called.

Rolfe: Q♦Q♠
Louden: A♦K♦

The flop of 3♣2♣K♠ put Louden in front, the Q♣ turn vaulted Rolfe back in front where he stayed as the river was the 8♣. Rolfe is up to 900,000, Louden down to 180,000. -- NW

2.15am: Hey presto for Hill
Mike Hill now has a commanding chip lead after eliminating Nick Bemmel in a sizeable pot. Bemmel opened to 52,000 from under-the-gun and Hill smooth called from the big blind. The flop was J♥K♦5♦ and Hill checked to Bemmel who bet 77,000. Hill check-raised to 500,000, Bemmel moved all-in for not too much more and Hill called.

Hill: 5♥5♠
Bemmel A♣K♥

Bemmel let out an expletive when he saw the bad news and the board ran out 9♣3♦ to eliminate him in 15th place. Mike Hill now has 2,400,000. -- NW

2.05am: Timothy Boyle eliminated in 16th place
He shoved the button for his last 300,000 with [J][4] and Steven Fitzpatrick called him with K♣J♣ from the big blind and flopped the flush and that was that.-- NW

1.55am: Dave Colclough eliminated in 17th place
He got his last 300,000 in with A♥[10h] but ran into the pocket aces of David Heaton who now has 1,600,000 and is vying for the chip lead. There's a short break whilst the TV crew prepare the feature table. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_dave colclough2.jpg

Dave Colclough out in 17th

1.50am: Typical!
You come back to the hub to report that there's been little action and you partially miss two all-ins, but I have my sources so here's what happened:

Hand One: Romano Pizzo eliminated Andrew Peters with Pizzo's J♦[10s] connecting squarely with the Q♦9♥8♦ flop, Peter's A♣5♣ was drawing dead to a chop, which didn't arrive on the 2♣Q♣ turn and river and he exited in 18th place.

Hand Two: Gareth Walker opened to 55,000 from the button and Timothy Boyle made it 155,000 from the big blind. Walker moved all-in for 600,000 with A♥K♥ and Boyle called with pocket queens. The board ran out A♣5♣J♣9♠[10d] to double Walker up. -- NW

1.40am: Action has slowed
There's been few flops and even fewer showdowns across the three remaining tables in the last 20 minutes. Any all-in has got through with Dave Colclough and Thomas Rolfe getting all-ins through. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

1.25am: Vollar vanquished
Matthew Vollar moved all-in for his last 315,000 from middle position and was looked up by Tim Bettingen, on their backs.

Vollar: K♦6♦
Bettingen: A♠Q♥

Flop: 8♠J♠9♠
Vollar was drawing thin.

Turn: 6♣
Suck: Vollar hit one of his two outs.

River: A♦
Re-suck: Bettingen hit the river and padded his stack. -- NW

1.20am: Hill batters his way into the chip lead
Mick Hill is up to around 1.7 million after pushing Romano Pizzo off a coin toss pre-flop and then knocking out Paul Nash in a cooler of a hand.

In a battle between the blinds and button Hill was left sat stone still as the Italian rattled questions at him. "This is the only way to win it," said Pizzo as if he was about to call the 400,000 or so more that it was to call Hill. There was close to 300,000 in the middle already. Pizzo eventually passed A♥J♦ face up and Hill tossed pocket tens onto their backs.

ukipt nottingham_day 2_romano pizzo.jpg

Romano Pizzo

Shortly after Pizzo opened for 75,000 and Hill three-bet to 200,000. Nash was in the big blind and he moved all-in.

"Get two hundred on top," said Nash, knowing that Hill was never passing in this spot. He announced the call showing kings to Nash's queens. The 800,000 pot took him up over 1.6 million and into the chip lead.

"Now you're dangerous, Mr Michael," said Pizzo, the master of understatement. -- RD

1.10am: Runners and riders
There's 20 players spread out over three tables, here's their seat order and how they stack up

Table one:
Romano Pizzo - 1,730,000
Mike Hill - 500,000
Matthew Vollar - 315,000
David Louden - 1,070,000
Andrew Peters - 467,000
Paul Nash - 550,000
Tim Bettingen - 1,224,000

Table two:
Timothy Boyle - 637,000
Deborah Rawson - 160,000
Steven Fitzpatrick - 900,000
Thomas Rolfe - 300,000
Gareth Walker - 900,000
Nick Bemmel - 638,000

Table three: (feature table)

David Colclough - 281,000
Ian Gilchrist - 625,000
Brett Angell - 265,000
Chris Dowling - 1,100,000
Nick Slade - 896,000
David Heaton - 768,000
Khoa Nguyen - 1,557,000

Romano Pizzo still leads the way. -- NW
1am: Piotr Majewski's exit hand
It occurred on the feature table about 20 minutes ago but the Pole, who can sometimes be found blogging at EPT events, was happy to tell us what happened.

"It was a set-up," he opined. "I opened [8][5] from the cut-off and he (David Heaton) flat called on my direct left. The flop was [Q][7][4] with two hearts. I c-bet 68,000 and he called. I hit my gutshot on the 6♥ turn and bet 170,000 leaving about 160,000 back. The river was the J♦ and I moved all-in and he snap called with A♥[10h]. -- NW

12.57am: Chips bang up to date
Chips have been updated and players knocked out. Colclough still short, Pizzo still ahead of the pack. -- RD

12.55am: Fitzpatrick finishes Kay
Dominic Kay was down to his last 12 big blinds and found a spot to get them in with [A][Q], unfortunately for him Steven Fitzpatrick woke up with [A][K] and a 10 high board did not give Kay a reprieve. -- NW

12.50am: Peters doubles through Nash
Andrew Peters shoved from the button for his last 10 big blinds with Q♠8♣ and was looked up by big blind Paul Nash who held K♣Q♦ the board of 9♣6♥2♠5♥8♦ saw Nash let out a cry of anguish when the eight hit the river. Nash is down to around 575,000 -- NW

12.45am: Walker on a charge
Gareth Walker, who finished eighth in this event last year, is on a tear. He just eliminated Richard Horton, Walker's A♦K♣ holding against Horton's A♠6♠ who was all-in for 164,000. -- NW

12.43am: Down to three tables
The players are having a shift around as they move down to three tables. Luke Hallinan has gone in 25th and Piotr Majewski suspiciously looks like he's out. He's wandering around with a beer in his hand anyway.

Table draw and chips to come. -- RD

12.35am: Walker cuts Kay in half
In a blind on blind skirmish, Gareth Walker moved all-in for 315,000 and Dominic Kay called.

Walker: K♠Q♠
Kay: 8♣8♠

The board of 4♥K♦Q♦A♣6♦ sent the pot Walker's way and left Kay with around 260,000. -- NW

12.30pm: Back into the action
Romano Pizzo is our chip leader going into the last two levels of the day. The Italian, described to us as 'crazy, hoovered up a lot of chips in his time at the TV table and is on 1.73 million. Khoa Nguyen is close behind with 1.557 million and Tim Bettingen has 1.224 million.

The biggest name left in the field is Dave Colcough, but he's only got just 14 big blinds with his 281,000 stack. Full chip counts to come. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 2_racks.jpg

Chips, lovely chips

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham (in order of cups of coffee drunk today): Rick Dacey (too many - banging caffeine headache) and Nick Wright (too few - now on the RedBull to make up for it).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT