UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 30 & 31 updates (blinds 100,000-200,000, ante 20,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.40am: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break, the next blind level with be 150,000-300,000 ante 30,000. The chip stacks are as follows:

Brett Angell: 4,345,000
Gareth Walker 5,790,000
Romano Pizzo 5,565,000

The tournament is still anyone's for the taking. -- NW
2.25am: Gareth Walker doubles through Romano Pizzo
Romano Pizzo made it 750,000 to go from the button and Gareth Walker moved all-in for around 2,950,000 from the big blind. Pizzo got a count and then called it off.

Walker: A♠Q♣
Pizzo: K♦Q♥

The board of 9♥A♦3♣4♥ meant Walker could breathe easily even before the 3♠ hit the river. With that pot Walker and Pizzo are both on about 6,000,000, Angell has the other three million. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_gareth walker 4.jpg

A major double up for Gareth Walker

2.20am: Gaining some ground
Gareth Walker and Brett Angell have reigned Romano Pizzo in a little bit in the last few orbits. Despite this Pizzo still has around 9,000,000 with there being little difference between Walker and Angell's stacks, both of whom have around 3,000,000. -- NW

2.15am: Walker takes some
"Should have raised. I should have raised," said Romano Pizzo. He had limped in on the button and called a 250,000 bet from Gareth Walker on the 9♠4♣8♦ flop. "Straight away. Instant call," saiid Pizzo.

Both players checked the 3♥ before Walker led 300,000 into the 3♠ river. Pizzo called and was shown 9♥7♥. Pizzo flashed the 4♥. -- RD

2.05am: Walker not jogging on quietly
Although Gareth Walker is the shortest stack and has thus far been the tightest player during three handed play, he's not just sitting there blinding down. He just moved all-in over the top of Brett Angell's 475,000 raise. Angell tanked for an eternity and stared Walker down for most of his tank time (maybe he likes his face?) before electing to muck. -- NW

1.55am: Table talk
Romano Pizzo is a constant stream of chatter at the table, it's funny chat not vindictive though. Just now after Brett Angell moved all-in from under the gun (Pizzo's big blind) Pizzo piped up, "I gave you life, now you do this." It didn't seem to deter Angell though, who moved all-in over Romano's 400,000 open the very next hand. -- NW

1.45am: Brett Angell doubles through Romano Pizzo
Romano Pizzo open shoved from the small blind and Brett Angell snapped him off from the big blind for his last 1.3 million.

Pizzo: K♦Q♣
Angell: A♥J♥

The board ran out 3♣[10d]K♥A♠4♥ and Pizzo graciously said: "You deserve it," and even joined in with the chants of 'Go Brett' that Angell's rail were chanting. -- NW

1.40am: Is he or isn't he?
The amount of raising that Romano Pizzo is doing must be leading the other players to wonder how often, if at all, he is 'at it'. On the first hand at the new blind level Gareth Walker made it 400,000 and Pizzo shoved all-in. From the big blind Brett Angell was contemplating the call, but he eventually folded. Pizzo showed A♠Q♣ and is reminding the other players about the significant pay jump (£19,950 is the difference between third and second) every opportunity he can. -- NW

1.35am: Quick break
The players are taking a five-minute break. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100,000-200,000 ANTE 20,000

1.30am: Aces cracked, Walker doubles through Angell
Poor old Brett Angell. He's had another monster cracked, although to be fair it was one of those hands that played itself. First to act Gareth Walker moved in for a shade under two million with K♠Q♠ and was called by Angell in the big blind with pocket aces.

The flop fell J♠Q♦6♣ to give Walker some hope. The J♦ turn card meant that kings were no longer good for Walker, but the Q♥ river certainly was. Walker's and Angell's chip positions have almost flip flopped with Walker having four million and Angell having around 1.5 million. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_aces cracked.jpg

Angell has to look away as Walker fist pumps the river

1.20am: Pizzo with the monster stack
Romano Pizzo now has almost 10 million, which is approaching two-thirds of the chips in play.

"I'm not going to let them take it away again. I've had enough. I'm really tired," said Pizzo. -- RD

1.15am: Tim Bettingen eliminated in fourth place (£31,700)
First to act Romano Pizzo made it 500,000 to play, Brett Angell and Gareth Walker got out the way, but Tim Bettingen moved all-in for around 2,900,000, Pizzo made the call.

Bettingen: K♥[10s]
Pizzo: J♣J♦

The board ran out Q♦[10c]Q♣7♦A♦ to eliminate Bettingen in fourth place. Pizzo now has almost 10 million in chips, almost two thirds of the chips in play. -- NW

1.13am: Bettingen keeps it moving
Tim Bettingen has been getting his chips in frequently and is up to 2.5 million thanks to stealing the blinds and antes.

The next money jump of £9,000 is bigger than any of the players largest live cash, except for Pizzo who has a £22,000 score to his name. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day_tim bettingen 3.jpg

Tim Bettingen has embraced push fold poker

1.05am: More shoves from Bettingen
Tim Bettingen has moved in the last two hands to pick up a total of 560,000. -- RD

12.55am: Pizzo does it back to Walker
Just a couple of hands ago Walker had three-bet over Romano Pizzo. That action has just been reversed with Walker's 375,000 open three-bet to 1.5 million by Pizzo. He passed. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 3_gareth walker.jpg

It's one all between Walker and Pizzo

12.50am: Walker shoves over Pizzo
Romano Pizzo opened for 450,000 and was shoved on for 1.9 million by Gareth Walker. Pizzo passed and Walker chips up to 2.5 million. -- RD

12.45am: No flop, no drop
There have been no flops during the opening 15 minutes of this level, so still four players left here in Nottingham. -- NW

12.40am: Shoveaments
The first two hands back have seen the action fold to the small blind who has moved all-in. That was Gareth Walker the first time, with Tim Bettingen passing, then Bettingen who regained his lost chips by shoving into Romano Pizzo. He also passed. -- RD

12.35am: Back into it
We're down to the final four and Romano Pizzo is still ahead with 7.025 million but Brett Angell has gained a lot of ground . He's up to 4.56 million while Gareth Walker and Tim Bettingen have both got a little over 2 million. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 3_romano pizzo.jpg

Romano Pizzo is sat on close to half the chips in play

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