UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 32 & 33 updates (blinds 200,000-400,000)


4.35am: Walker flushes Angell to claim the title
Walker shoved an effective 4.5 million (11.2 big blinds) with 6♣9♣ and was called by Brett Angell with T♥T♦. The flop dropped K♣3♣4♦. Walker turned round to his rail and said, somewhat hopefully: "Flush draw."

The 5♣ completed that draw, as did the T♣ on the river, for Walker to claim the £109,000 first prize and the Season UKIPT Nottingham title.

Wrap of the day's events to come. -- RD

4.30am: Walker wins
Gareth Walker has won the UKIPT Nottingham, £109,000 and a shiny trophy. Brett Angel wins £68,700. Details on the hand coming right up. -- NW

4.25am: Walker taking charge
After his double through Gareth Walker has extended his chip lead. He limped the button and Brett Angell checked his option, before he check-called Walker's 400,000 bet on the 6♦J♣5♣ flop. Both players checked the K♣ turn to see the 5♦ hit the river. Angell checked to Walker who bet 1,000,000, forcing Angell to fold. -- NW

4.15am: And back again...
It's Gareth Walker's turn to double up. He shoved for 5.265 million and was called by Brett Angell.

Walker: A♦Q♣
Angell: A♣3♣

The board ran out A♠2♣2♦T♠7♥ to push Walker back up to 10.5 million. Angell on 5.25 million. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200,000-400,000

4.05am: Angell back on top
Gareth Walker shoved from the button and Brett Angell looked down, paused for a second than announced "call."

Walker: A♣9♠
Angell: K♣Q♠

The Q♣8♥K♦ flop was good for Angell but it also supplied a gutshot draw for Walker. The 5♦ turn and 7♦ did nothing to change the hand. Angell up to nearly 10 million and out in front. -- RD

4am: Walker chipping up
A pattern has emerged since Gareth Walker's double up, he's been opening to a consistent 750,000 from the button and Angell has defended more than he's folded. Most flops have checked through before delayed continuation bets from Walker on the turn or river have won him the pot. No hands have gone to showdown.

He's regained the chip lead too and has about 10 million to Angell's 6,750,000.
-- NW

3.52am: Angell doubles up
Brett Angell shoved from the small blind and was called by Gareth Walker in the big blind.

Angell: T♦3♦
Walker: Q♠J♥

The 5♦9♦K♠8♣3♣ board brought out a large cheer from Angell's supporters as he doubled up to 9 million. Walker is down to 7 million. -- RD

3.45am: Heads up chip counts
There's a short break before heads-up play commences, Gareth Walker has around 11,000,000 and Brett Angell has about 4,600,000. One double up for Angell though and he'll be the man in charge of the chip lead. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_gareth_walker4.jpg

Walker has every reason to smile as he takes the chiplead into heads up play

3.35am: Romano Pizzo eliminated in third place (£40,750)
From the button Romano Pizzo moved all-in for just under 2 million and Gareth Walker made the call from the big blind.

Pizzo: A♥5♠
Walker: A♦7♣

The board of Q♥2♥4♦J♣6♥ meant that Walker's kicker played and Pizzo exited in third place. -- NW

3.30am: Power poker
Gareth Walker has moved all-in the last two hands and won almost 1,000,000 uncontested in blinds and antes. -- NW

3.25am: Romano Pizzo doubles through Gareth Walker
Gareth Walker opened to 700,000 on the button and Romano Pizzo moved all-in for 1,700,000 from the small blind, Brett Angell folded and Walker made the call.

Walker: A♠5♦
Pizzo: J♥[10h]

Pizzo hit the 2♣3♣[10c] and Walker couldn't hit his overcard or gutshot on the 9♦3♥ turn and river. Pizzo is up to around 3,500,000 and Walker slips to about 7,700,000. -- NW

3.15am: Walker makes a great call
It's taken a while but we reached the river, it was a chunky pot too and it involved Gareth Walker (small blind) and Romano Pizzo (big blind).

Walker made it 700,000 to play pre-flop and Pizzo called. The flop was 6♦5♣2♠ and Walker c-bet 750,000 a bet Pizzo called. Both players checked the Q♣ turn before Walker bet 500,000 on the river. Pizzo then slid out a total of 1,850,000. Walker tanked for a few minutes before electing to call. "You win, I didn't bet enough," said Pizzo. The Geordie lad turned over K♥6♥ to claim the pot and the chiplead. "Ah what a mistake," said Pizzo. After that hand Walker has around 9,000,000 and Pizzo is down to around 2,200,000. -- NW

3.10am: Three big blinds
There's about three big blinds separating first from last right now, Romano Pizzo has around 5.6 million, Gareth Walker 5.3 million and Brett Angell 4.7 million. -- NW

3.08am: Taking it in turn to three-bet
Gareth Walker just gave Romano Pizzo a dose of his own medicine by moving all-in over the top of Pizzo's 650,000 button raise. -- NW

3.03am: Romano back in the chip lead
Romano Pizzo has regained the chip lead after three-betting to 1,800,000 after Gareth Walker had made it 700,000 from the small blind. The stacks are still closely bunched though. -- NW

2.55am: Walker gets a walk
Walks have been as scarce as flops during short handed play, but Gareth Walker just got one. -- NW

2.53pm: Back from break
This new blind level means that everyone has less than 20 big blinds with the following chip counts:

Seat one: Brett Angell, 4.345 million
Seat two: Gareth Walker, 5.790 million
Seat three: Romano Pizzo, 5.565 million

This nect level must surely see the exit of one if not two of the remaining players. Play to start shortly. -- RD

ukipt nottingham_day 3_brett angell.jpg

Brett Angell failing to use the power of his mind to move chips

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Rick Dacey
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