Robert Angood heads final 52 remaining at UKIPT Manchester

At 3pm today 177 players took their seats for Day 2 of UKIPT Manchester with one aim in mind - to make the money. A lot of them had never met before as the field was a mash-up of survivors from Day 1A, 1B and 1C. A total of 81 players were eligible for a prize and that meant over fifty percent of the remaining field would leave disappointed.

The unfortunate tag of bubble boy, we thought, was stapled to the chest of Jonathan Huckle but as Mark Bointon busted on the same hand (fives into JP Kelly's queens), the two of them shared 81st and took home £375 each. Huckle exited with A♥K♦ to Rupinder Bedi's J♦J♥. The board ran jack-high to make Bedi a set. The hour of tension on the bubble was over and all remaining players could relax in the knowledge they were a minimum of £750 richer for their weekend's work.

ukipt manchester_day 2_john_huckle.jpg

Semi-bubble boy John Huckle


JP Kelly eliminating Mark Bointon on the bubble

The bust-outs came thick and fast after the bubble burst and once we got down to 52 players, play was halted for the night. Top of the pile going into tomorrow is Robert Angood who bagged up an impressive 578,500 chips. Most of those came when he made a full-house with seven-eight versus Ian Tweedie, who over-shoved with top pair. Chasing him are PokerStars qualifier Matthew McDerra (512,500), Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly (484,500) and Neil Hackman (426,000).


Chip leader Robert Angood

Kelly finished on a high after an up-and-down day. He started electrically and soon spun his 80,000 stack into 280,000 with some brilliant and lucky play. The lucky part of his progress came with the surprise elimination of Nick Abou Risk. Risk flopped trips but Kelly rivered a full house to send the double UKIPT champion home. His stack dwindled before the bubble as he "doubled-up short stacks for fun" but he made a late surge after getting involved in several pots. Other notable players making it through the day include Jeff Kimber (165,500), Jon Spinks (310,500) and Dan Owston (133,000), who finished 7th here last year.


JP Kelly enjoyed a swingy day at the office

Life and poker is all about balance and equilibrium. If there are winners then there have to be losers as well. We've already mentioned the downing of Abou Risk but he wasn't alone in leaving empty handed. Adam Latimer, Micky Petersen, Stuart Fox, Richie Allen and Neil Channing all had hopes of success but all ran out of chips. Channing busted when he found pocket kings and called all-in even though he feared his opponent had the mighty bullets.


Channing out in the cold

Our remaining 52 players will all come back at 12pm tomorrow when we will play as long as it takes to get down to our final table of nine players. All of them will be guaranteed £1,025 but they can bust and earn anything up to and including £3,750 for finishing in 10th place. Until then if you'd like to catch up on any of today's action please click on the links below:

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We're off to enjoy Manchester G-Casino's Las Vegas style entertainment tonight seeing as it's an early finish. Oh, hold on, maybe not......


PokerStars party poopers

These words were supported by the fine picture box creations of Neil Stoddart and Anne Laymond. Reports suggest that parts of Manchester clear out when these two are in town so if you want to use their pictures, I suggest you give them the credit they deserve.

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in UKIPT