UKIPT3 Dublin: Robert Healey surges to the top late in Day 2, 58 players remain

Robert Healey, a 58-year-old managing director from Howth, Dublin, swept away with the lead of the UKIPT Dublin main event after a barrage of big hands late in the day boosted him up to 454,800. Healey goes into Day 3 at the head of the final 58 players, leading the chase for the €100,000 first place prize, but he's hotly pursued by the likes of Con Collins (348,500), Lee Atherton (343,200) and Shifaaz Taus (315,400).

ukipt dublin_day 2_robert healey.jpg

Day 2 chip leader Robert Healey

Healey's charge to the top took place towards the end of the last of seven levels when he trebled in a huge three-way pot, the largest of the tournament so far, when his pocket queens held against the ace-kings of Derrick Wall and Tom Hall. A two-heart flop gave Hall a flush draw but the turn and river blanked sending him to the rail. Wall was left short while Healey rocketed up to 300,000. Shortly after he picked up pocket kings to eliminate Darren Lyttle's Q♣J♠.

ukipt dublin_day 2_con collins.jpg

Con Colllins is also in the running...

ukipt dublin_day 2_lee atherton.jpg is Lee Atherton

But it wasn't just a matter of monsters for Healey, who runs his own digital print publishing company: "Should I say what I done? I bluffed."

Healey is chief among the final 58 players who all deserve credit for making it this far. Day 2 started with 244 players, only 72 of whom were going to get paid. It took six full levels and just a little bit of break time for the main event to reach that number. Brandon 'Mazurite' Rollinson was the player to burst the bubble after open shoving for around 14 big blinds with pocket jacks and finding a customer in Mark Baxter who held ace-king. An ace in the window was enough to send him to the rail.

ukipt dublin_day 2_bubble time.jpg

Bubble for Rollinson (seated, blue t-shirt)

The Canadian Rollinson wasn't the only North American to bust. Overnight chip leader Gabriel Kollander started the day with 151,900 but he made his way to the rail well before the hand-for-hand bubble action began. His day just did not go as planned.

It was a different story for the Day 1A chip leader, William Champion, who decided early on that he wouldn't be pushed around by the aggro kids. He called a three-bet shove from Ross Jarvis with queen-two which spiked against Jarvis' ace-eight. Jarvis wasn't thrilled. Champion chipped up and finished the day on 185,900.

ukipt dublin_day 2_william champion.jpg

William Champion, still going strong

Another player who didn't look happy was Robert Molloy who four-bet jammed with A♦K♦ into Derrick Wall on the bubble. Wall called with aces and Molloy was left with 8,000, just a few big blinds. The Irishman looked pale, perhaps the flush draw that he turned which failed to materialise was just too much to deal with, but somehow he managed to get through into the money and some. He finished on 157,100 while his aces adversary Wall is the one languishing on 41,700.

Neither was Iwan Jones happy, but it was hard to tell whether his ire was aimed at himself for making a move or at Shifaaz Taus for failing to believe it. In the build-up to the bubble, with the blinds at 1,000-2,000, the pair initiated a vicious pre-flop raising war. Shifaaz put in the last bet making it 40,000 to go and Jones made the call, over a third of his stack now in the middle.

The pair checked the T♣A♥5♣2♣A♣ board down to the river at which point Jones moved all-in. Shifaaz didn't have an easy decision, he would have been left fairly short if he was wrong, but he made the call with Q♣Q♦. Jones held 8♥7♥. He left the table at a rate of knots.

ukipt dublin_day 2_shifaaz taus.jpg

Shifaaz Taus

Happy faces, however, will be sported by the 58 remaining who resume play at 12 noon tomorrow and play through until just eight are left standing sitting. To see the full chip count list click through to here or here to see the list of players that have bust and how much can be won. Join us at midday tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the Day 3 seat draw here.

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