UKIPT Dublin, S3: Day 1A, level 5-8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG9pm: Play has ended
There's now as big a queue at the bar tonight as there was at the registrations desk this morning as the 91 remaining players go in search of a congratulatory pint of something cold and wet.

Only three players (by our reckoning) breached the 100,000 barrier by the end of today's eight levels: William Champion (129,700), Paul McCaffrey (112,000) and Marc McDonnell (106,600) head the survivors from Day 1A who'll come back for Day 2 at noon Saturday.

We, of course will be back for Day 1B at noon tomorrow, but before then a full re-cap of the day's play and overnight chip counts will be forthcoming. -- NW

8.40pm: Tussles at the top
As play winds down for the day, there's 15 minutes left the inevitable 'last three hands', klaxon can't be far off, it appears that only two players have broken the six figure mark. It's still William Champion out in front, he has around 110,000 but Marc McDonnell, who has 102,000 is hot on his heels. -- NW

8.30pm: More head to the rail
There's no easy way to say this but if you're looking for any of the following; Surinder Sunar, Mark Coyne, Patrick Rooney, Wei Li, Adrian Tracey, Robert Elkin, Chris Dowling, David Path or Ashfaaq Taus, then you're better trying the bar or the cash tables. Don't head to the main event tables, they're not there. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_sunar and flood.jpg

Surinder Sunar and Liam Flood: there, there, it's going to be all right...

8.25pm: Minimal damage
Such was the gravitas of this hand for UKIPT Cork champion Sam Razavi that he devoted two tweets to it! "WOW! I call c/o 3x raise out of BB w/A-10; flop A83 he fires flop I call; turn Q chk chk riv total brick I bet half pot he flats A8... ..I feel like I won the hand!!! Can't believe I lost the absolute minimum."

Razavi is definitely in a happy mood, he was overheard saying: "Not long to jagerbomb time, I feel like a kid on Christmas eve." -- NW

8.15pm: A few small skirmishes
There hasn't been much in the way of 'double up or go home' fireworks that you usually associate with the last level of the night, but nonetheless there have been a few small skirmishes to report.

Three players including Timothy Boyle and Ann Tran Dinh paid 1,200 each to see a flop of 8♦A♦9♦, it checked to Boyle who bet 3,250, call from Dinh. The K♥ fell on the turn and Dinh wasted no time in moving all-in for around 12,000, Boyle insta-mucked.

Elsewhere Andrew Laurie got two streets of value with A♥9♠ on a 9♦Q♠3♠A♦3♦ board by betting 2,200 on the turn and 3,000 on the river.

There's 30 minutes left in the day and 104 players remain. -- NW

8.05pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Patrick Murray, Nuno Ascensão, Charles Fabian, Milorad Dobrijevic, Rob Yong, Janos Jeszek, Dean Hutchinson, Peter Andrasi, Mark Cullumbine, Shawn Kelly, Simon Brooks, Fergal Nealon, Martin McGeough, Simon Trumper, Devron Hasselnook, Gerard Hall and Antonio Gagliano are all amongst the 44% of the field who've been eliminated so far today. -- NW

7.55pm: Yong five-bets light?
The @PokerStarsBlog just received a tweet that we felt deserved to be aired, Yong is out after all and we did not see his elimination.

"Shout out for Bruce Jones playing the UKIPT? He says he just knocked out Rob Yong with QQ when Yong 5-bet shipped 95off" tweeted @RobLloyd91.

We hunted Jones down and indeed that had happened. Jones had opened with queens in the hijack, Yong had three-bet out of the big blind and had then tried to make Jones pass his 6,200 four-bet with an all-in of nearly 20,000. It did not work. Easy pot for Jones. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600 ante 75

7.50pm: Two pots for O'Flynn
Ian O'Flynn has chipped up to 30,000 after winning back-to-back pots, both of which had been opened by a resurgent Sam Razavi. He first flatted a 2,700 three-bet from Joseph Lalor only stabbing at the pot on the river of the K♥3♥2♦8♣8♦ board. Lalor passed. The next hand he jammed the river of a K♦5♠3♠5♦A♦ board after being led into for three streets. He took the pot without showdown. - RD

7.45pm: Chip counts
News of those still alive as we head into level eight. Max Silver was covering his stack and didn't want me to see it, 24,000 he proffered eventually which is less than the 38,000 we previously clocked him at.

He was chatting to Jason Tompkins about a hand, "I don't want to check-raise the turn, I think you've got a made hand," was all I caught, Tompkins is up to 37,000 he may well have taken some of Silver's chips. Chipleader William Champion has increased his stack to 120,000, Fergal Nealon is at the other end of the scale as he's hanging on with 5,700. Dara O'Kearney (14,300) and David O'Connor (14,250) seem to be stuck in neutral, whilst Richard Haile (25,000) will be hoping to increase their stack in the last level of the day.

7.35pm: Ainsworth's boat sunk
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is out having just busted in what he described as: "A cooler, my usual UKIPT really."

The heavy action occurred on the river, with a full board of [9][9][5][J][9] on the felt Leonard White led for 3,500, Ainsworth moved all-in for 7,000 and White called. Ainsworth showed a jack for nines full of jacks but White had K♦9♦ for quads.

"I could've just called on the river and left myself 10 big blinds," said Ainsworth. "But I didn't think he had the nine, I put him on a smaller pair than me. Back home to play SCOOP's it is." -- NW

ukiptdublin_day1A_jude ainsworth.jpg

Ainsworth's day is done

7.25pm: Numbers on the board
The board currently shows that 120 players remain from the 199 that started the day, giving an average stack of 24,875. If you're anywhere near that then you're doing okay. Ross Jarvis certainly seems to think so, "I'm singing M-People," he said, doing an embarrassing little dance in his chair.

We think he's alluding to the 'Moving on up'? -- RD

7.15pm: Razavi doubles through Ainsworth
No sooner had he doubled up, Team PokerStars pro Jude Ainsworth was knocked back down again.

I was alerted to a big pot by Sam Razavi's booming baritone: "Don't do it to me," he said in the general direction of the dealer. The situation when I arrived was this: Razavi was all-in on the turn of a 9♠8♠A♥J♦ board with A♦9♣ up against Ainsworth who held 8♥7♠.

The river card was the 6♣ and Razavi said, half stupefied: "I didn't lose, I didn't lose, the way I've been running I thought it was coming."

"You'll have to repay the favour and double me up now," said Ainsworth who is down to 8,000, Razavi meanwhile doubled to around 29,000. -- NW
7.10pm: Zero sum game
There's no easy way to say this but if: Paul Portelli, Kyle Johnston, Michael Kane, James Waldron, Martin Dench, Alex Scullion, Daragh Davey, Mark Buckley, Chistopher Czilinsky, Paul Romain, Frank Stevens, Nicky Power, Andrew Kelly or Kevin Killeen offered to swap a percentage with you durin the break then you've been had as they're all out of this tournament. -- NW

7pm: Ainsworth double
Jude Ainsworth has doubled through Chistopher Czilinsky in a battle of the blinds. Ainsworth made it 1,000 from the small blind and Czilinsky jammed from the big setting Ainsworth's 11,500 stack all-in. Ainsworth made the call.

Ainsworth: A♦J♥
Czilinsky: 9♣9♦

Ainsworth flopped it as the board ran out A♠6♠K♥7♣7♠ to double up to 23,000. Czilinsky bust shortly afterwards. -- RD

6.50pm: Chip leaders
The players are back in their seats for the final two levels of the day, these fellas are the chip leaders with 120 minutes or folds, calls and raises to go:

William Champion - 101,000
José Esteban - 66,000
Ross Hall - 64,000
Neil Raine - 56,000
Con Collins - 54,000

ukiptdublin_day1A_ross hall.jpg

Ross Hall

6.35pm: Break! That calls for a montage
The players have just gone on the last break of the day so in the meantime we'll post up a hat-based montage of some of the Day 1A players. 'Why?' you may ask. 'Why not?' we reply.

ukipt dublin_day 1a_joseph lalor.jpg

Joseph Lalor: hat, curious

ukipt dublin_day 1a_fintan hand.jpg

Fintan Hand: hat, Kermit

ukipt dublin_day 1a_surinder sunar.jpg

Sur-in-der hat Sunar

ukipt dublin_day 1a_surinder sunar.jpg

Sur-out-the hat Sunar

6.25pm: Chip counts
We're busy updating the chip count page as often as we can and have just done another batch. We can tell you that Thomas Hall (42,000) is among those doing well. On the next break (eight minutes) we'll be doing a sweep of the tables to unearth the big stacks. -- NW

6.18pm: Last year's final table
UKIPT Cork runner-up David O'Connor is getting it quietly with 28,000 while UKIPT Dublin, Season 1 winner Max Silver is not, he's gassing away at Jason Tompins who also made the final table here last season. Silver is up to 38,000, Tompkins also performing well on 30,000.

Last year's runner-up Chuck Fabian looks like he's got a tough couple of hours of grinding ahead of him though, he's down to 13,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_jason tompkins.jpg

Jason Tompkins is setting himself up for another run

6.05pm: Boatman bites the dust
A short while ago Ross Boatman was knocked out and his brother Barny has now joined him on the rail. "I had about 12,000 to start the hand and I'm in the big blind with [7][5] off-suit. It folded to the button (Ross Hall) he's min raised and I've called," explained the elder Boatman sibling.

"The flop was [9][5][4] with two diamonds, I've checked, he's bet half the pot, I trebled his bet and he set me all-in. I put him on the flush draw, I knew exactly where I was and at that point it was too late to do anything apart from put the chips in and hope to hold up. He had A♦3♦ and hit an ace on the turn."

After claiming the scalp of the Hendon Mobster, Hall is up to 46,000. -- NW

5.58pm: Fallen, busted, done and dusted
There's no easy way to say this but if you'd had a premonition that Cormac O'Dea, John Hughes, Graham Pound, Martin Nathorst-Westfelt, John Hanaphy or Anthony Keogh would win UKIPT Dublin you are not a psychic. They are all out and, let's face it, evidence for ESP abilities is pretty slim. -- RD

5.50pm: Whiteside on the right side this time
Earlier (see post at 3.52pm) Dicky Whiteside lost a three-way all-in against Ross Boatman and Stephen McGrath which left him with around 2,000.

Well he'd spun that up to 6,000 and has just got some much-needed chips back from McGrath. It was all-in pre-flop with Whiteside holding A♠K♥ whilst McGrath had A♥J♥. The board ran out K♣2♠[10d]7♦K♠ and Whiteside is close to getting back to starting stack. -- NW

5.40pm: The rollercoaster ride of Razavi
It's been an up and down level for Sam Razavi who was down to 10,000, doubled up, then got up to 30,000 only to slide back down to 17,000. He told me about his latest hiccup. " I raised with A-10 the flop has come [10][8] rag and I've bet 1,100 he (Aidan Connolly) raised to 3,100, I've made it 8,800 and he calls with just 14,000 back.

"The turn was a jack, the river a brick and both got checked through, he showed [J][9] meaning he'd called off a lot of his stack on a draw, if the turn is a blank I'm all-in. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300 ante 25

5.35pm: Yong doubles with aces
Rob Yong, now on what seems like a steady stream of cigarette breaks, has doubled up with aces to around 12,000. Thomas Ward was the player that he doubled through looking more sullen than ever when he tabled pocket tens and was told by the player opposite him, Darren Kearney, that he'd passed two tens. Not exactly the news that he wanted hear. Ward mucked his hand on the turn of the 4♠5♥J♠K♣6♠ board. Kearney apologized shortly after.

To see the chip count page you can click here - or in the widget on the right of the page. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_thomas ward and rob yong.jpg

Thomas Ward (left) and Rob Yong

5.30pm: Done in Dublin
There's no easy way to say this but if you were relying on: Dario Festa, Owen Robinson, Ondrej Drozd, Priit Brikker, Conor O'Driscoll, Graham Parkin, Ross Boatman, Patrick Mulcaire, Chris Barclay, Barry Carson or Mateusz Warowiec to buy you a pint of Guinness with their UKIPT Dublin winnings then you're going to be waiting a lot longer than the 119.5 seconds it takes to pour a pint of the black stuff, as they're all out. -- NW

5.20pm: Haile fail
Richard Haile has enjoyed a string of results on the UKIPT making five cashes since UKIPT Manchester in March of last year. That puts him joint third alongside Jamie Burland for number of cashes and just behind Sam Razavi (six) and Rupinder Bedi (seven). Four of those were relatively small cashes but the last one, UKIPT Galway this season, was a final table finish for €10,900. The boy is making progress.

Haile appears to have got off to a solid enough start but just lost a small chunk to John Keown after calling 675 and 1,675 on the turn and river of a 7♥3♥J♠4♦4♣ board. Haile looked unsure on the river but made the call. Keown's J♣8♥ was good enough to take the pot. A small setback but Haile is still likely to have his name in the counts come the end of the day. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_richard haile.jpg

Richard Haile

5.10pm: Razavi doubles with diamonds
UKIPT Cork winner Sam Razavi is up to 21,000 after doubling up with a flush. He tweeted: "Doubled to 21k! Call 79d from bb, flop 7 hi 2diamonds (mbn)...chk/raise/snap guys shove. He has the mighty ak off. Kd instant delivery turn."

Meanwhile Max Silver, who has never failed to final his local UKIPT tweeted: "Swingy day so far but up to 24k from 15 and a low point of 5k."
-- NW

5pm: Chip counts
Nicky Power is one of the most consistent players on the Irish poker scene having racked up earnings of $386,005 since 2005. He's always a danger when he gets chips and has nearly trebled his starting stack here as he's up to 40,000.

One of the real up and coming stars of Irish Poker is Jason Tompkins, he's been consistently cashing since 2009 and had a breakout year in 2011 including a fifth place finish at UKIPT Dublin in September 2011. He's going the right way about repeating that success as he's chugging along on 33,000.

Meanwhile Barny Boatman (18,000) and Dara O'Kearney (16,000) are just above starting stack whilst Fergal Nealon (13,050) and Devron Hasslenook (13,800) have slipped the wrong side of the break even line. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 1a_barny boatman.jpg

UK legend Barny Boatman

4.50pm: Esteban eliminates two
José Esteban is the early chip leader as he's up to 70,000 after eliminating two players, in two separate hands at two different tables. I'll explain.

In the first he had raised to 700 from middle position, Barny Boatman flat called from the small blind before Maximilian Bassil moved all-in for 3,000 total from the big blind. Back on Esteban he made the call and Boatman got out the way.

Bassil: K♦Q♠
Esteban: Q♥J♠

"Here comes the suckout," said Bassil and he was proved right as the board ran 2♦6♥J♣6♦J♦, that hand took him to around 50,000.

That table then broke but he soon found himself involved at his new table. I joined the action to see a board of A♥3♣6♦K♠ on the felt and the pot size was around 12,000. Action was on Esteban who fired out a bet of 5,550, call from Paul Doyle. The 9♠ completed the board, Esteban set Doyle all-in for his last 9,000, and Doyle announced call, Esteban showed A♦K♣ whislt Doyle mucked his hand. -- NW

4.40pm: Halfway through the day
The players have returned to their seats, the 160 of the 199 which remain anyway. This is the last level without antes, the point at which the men separate themselves from the boys and the grinders just annihilate everyone. Stay with us as the big stacks start to emerge.

Cash games and side events are also running throughout. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_chips.jpg

Starting stacks are fast becoming short stacks

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of Danish liquorice eaten today): Rick Dacey (too much) and Nick Wright (not enough, still going). Photos by Mickey May (she supplied the stuff).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT