UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, Levels 1-4 updates (100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPGBreak time
That's the end of level four. Join us in this shiny new post.

4.20pm: Chit chat
James Glossop is up to about 55,000 now and is entering pretty much every pot. He's winning the majority too, which accounts for his near quadruple up since the tournament began.

On a neighbouring table, there isn't quite so much action but there is a significant amount of chatter. With Jason Herbert sitting next to Harprit Singh Gurnam and David Kingswell, there was little chance for silence.

Just recently, Paul Haycock, also on that table, opened to 575 from early position. It was folded to Kingswell, who re-raised to 1,200. All this went on as Gurnam began a conversation about Kyriacos Dionysiou's baked potato.

Dionysiou was scooping out the fluffy white middle of his potato (covered in cheese and beans (the wise choice)), but was leaving the skin to one side.

"That's the best bit," said Gurnam.
"I don't like it," said Dionysiou.
"Get some roughage inside you," encouraged Gurnam.
Dionysiou opted to ignore the advice.

Anyhow, Haycock called the re-raise and the went to a [10h]3♣4♦ flop. Kingswell fired out about 2,000 and Haycock instantly folded. Kingswell flipped over two aces, then joined the quipping. "Tell you what, that's twice I've had aces this year," he said.

Cue chortling, smiling and discussions about baked beans. -- HS

4.10pm: Chip leaders
It's a marathon not a sprint (tournament staff reckon it'll take somewhere around 33-35 levels to finish the tournament) nonetheless these are the early top dogs: Rahul Patel leads the way with 58,000, just ahead of Matt Simpson (56,000) and James Glossop (55,000). A chasing pack of Gary Banks, Antonio German, Tom Sabell and Pieter De Korver are all hovering around the 50,000 mark. To put that in perspective that'll be around the average stack at the end of play today. -- NW

4pm: Moonlighting
I'm not sure if the former Manchester City legend Uwe Rosler reads PokerStars Blog, but for the sake of Antonion German, I hope not. Rosler is now the manager of Brentford FC, and is therefore the boss of German, who is a striker. But today German is moonlighting as a poker player at UKIPT Nottingham. Hasn't he got training to go to?

Whatever the state of his football career, German is actually doing all right as card sharp, having picked up a couple of decent results in comps in the UK. In his own words, he's "on a heater" here too, and has just nicked another few chips from Danny Toffel.

Toffel opened from early position to 500. German called from the button. The flop came 4♥7♣K♥ and Toffel c-bet something like 700. German called. The turn was [10c] which they both checked, and they went to a Q♠ river.

Toffel check-called a bet of 2,000 from German, who declared "two pair" and tabled K♦[10c]. That was good. -- HS

3.50pm: Quads for Herbert
Jason Herbert is a regular on the UKIPT, it's hard not to notice him as he has a penchant for brightly coloured hoodies. I just saw him take down a nice pot from Daniel Tilley. I missed the pre-flop numbers, but Tilley raised, Herbert flatted on the button and both blinds came along too.

On the flop of 6♠7♥9♣ Tilley bet 1,200 and Herbert was the only caller. The turn was the 7♣ check from Tilley, bet of 2,000 from Herbert, call from Tilley. The 6♣ completed the board, after Tilley checked, Herbert quickly bet 3,500 and Tilley swiftly called. 'Quads' announced Herbert, rolling over 6♦6♥ unsurprisingly it was good and Tilley mucked his hand.

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_jason herbert.jpg

Jason 'Herbie' Herbert

3.40pm: Rich and the poor
Poker is a zero sum game, some stacks go up, and others go down. Two players who've suffered markedly different fortunes over the opening three levels are James Atkin and UKIPT Coventry runner-up Dave Jones. The former tweeted: "Playing Day 1A of Nottingham UKIPT, had a very good start, up to 35k from 15k starting. Just ~1600 players to make it through!"

Whilst Jones said: "Going horribly, 8800 going into 100/200, been dealt kitchens about 6 times, gonna have to play them soon."

No we've no idea what 'kitchens' are either! -- NW

3.30pm: Glossop gulps up chips
From a distance, James Glossop looks a bit like Nick Abou Risk, the UKIPT legend. Today he is also playing like Abou Risk and has just collected the last remaining chips of Kyle Johnston, who seemed to be a mite frustrated before he headed out the door.

Johnston opened to 500 from early position and Glossop was the only caller from late. The two of them saw a flop of J♥9♠9♥ and Johnston bet 700. Glossop asked how big was Johnston's remaining stack then announced, "I'm all in," after learning it was about 3,500.

Johnston didn't seem to like it at all, but called and showed king-queen. Glossop had K♣J♠, for top pair, and the 6♥5♠ turn and river were irrelevant. Glossop has an Abou Risk-sized stack - something like 40,000. -- HS

3.25pm: More exits
The big screens are showing that 460 of the 525 players who started remain. One of the recent exits was Sinem Melin, the Londoner has UKIPT form, having finished fifth at UKIPT Brighton in July 2011.

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_sinem melin.jpg

Sinem Melin


3.20pm: I'm a fighter not a lover
Ladies and gentleman in amongst the sharks, fish and part time heroes, we have a UFC fighter playing today. His name is Terry Etim and he won his first UFC fight by using a guillotine choke which made his opponent pass out unconscious. Probably not someone to goad at the table then. -- NW

3.15pm: The rules according to Bambos
There was a huge pot on Bambos Xanthos's table. With about 17,000 in the middle and a board of 2♦A♥Q♥J♥6♦ exposed, Iqbal Ahmed had moved in for about 30,000. That covered Willie Tann's stack of about 15,000. (It was just the two of them involved.) Tann took a long time about his decision but then folded, telling Xanthos across the table that he had let a straight go.

"If you have queen ten of hearts, you must show," said Xanthos to Ahmed, insisting that we all needed to see if he had a royal. Ahmed was unmoved. "It's the rules!" Xanthos said. Ahmed didn't want any of it and flicked his cards away to scoop the pot.

He has close to 50,000 now. -- HS

3.05pm: Win some, lose some
Anyone who's ever played against Albert Sapiano will probably agree that he plays a high variance game. Unfortunately he's been struck with the brown end of the variance stick in Nottingham and is one of the early fallers. Waseem Ahmed and Tom Macdonald are also out. -- NW

3pm: McGrane back in the fold
If you're only going to have two results on your Hendon Mob database, you would probably want to have John McGrane's. We first encountered him in Las Vegas in 2005 when he was going all the way to 18th place in the Main Event, good for $350,000. He then nicked another small cash in St Kitts, at the Caribbean Poker Classic, back when Caribbean travel was all the rage for up and coming poker players.

We haven't seen much of McGrane since then, but he's here in Nottingham playing Day 1A of the UKIPT. He's a thoroughly decent bloke and a fine player. It would be great to see him prospering again. -- HS

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_john mcgrane.jpg

John McGrane

2.50pm: Chip counts
A lap of the room unearthed the following chip counts for the names and notables: Alan Vinson (6,400), Andrew Couldridge (10,300), Jerome Bradpiece (18,400), Jon Young (33,000), Jon Lundy (11,250), Kevin Iacofano (22,325), Luke Marsh (18,000), Marc Goodwin (20,050), Mickey Werinck (20,500), Paul Jackson (12,800), Ben Carpenter (36,400) and Ash Mason (10,000). -- NW

2.35pm: Walker clinging on
Few players have enjoyed their trips to Nottingham as much as Gareth Walker, what with two final tables and a championship. But he is not looking quite so healthy today and just had to make a big fold on a board of 8♦8♣9♣5♦7♥. With something like 10,000 in the pot by this point, Walker checked. But Paul Newey moved all in for 5,475. Walker dwelled for a while - the call would have represented pretty much all his stack too - but ended up folding. He has 5,000-ish left.

Update: Walker himself just tweeted: Sigh, going awful. Lost a biggy, folded QQ on a 8c8d9d 5c 7d to river shove from nit after 3b pre and cbet flop and turn and he raised turn. -- HS


Gareth Walker at UKIPT Nottingham

2.25pm: De Korver in-out-in
There was a bit of confusion earlier concerning the presence or not in Nottingham of Pieter de Korver. The former EPT Grand Final champion was on one list, not on another list, which meant we didn't know whether to put him on our list or not. Anyhow, we now have proof once and for all that De Korver is in the field: I've seen him with my own eyes. What's more, he has about 37,000, more than double his starting chips. -- HS

2.21pm: Back from the break
Like a herd of stampeding buffalo the 495 remaining players are now back in their seats and play is under way again. -- NW

2.01pm: Break time
Two levels down and players are now on a 20 minute break. -- NW

2pm: Exits
The good news for any alternates is that 18 players have been eliminated in the opening two levels amongst them: Peter Charalambous, Kirit Patel and Warwick Brindley. --NW
1.50pm: Back in 1999
There are numerous methods by which to plot the development of poker through the modern era. One need only look at the boom in numbers of events like this, or at the manner in which they play these days. I remember not so long ago when limping from under-the-gun meant only aces or kings and, what's more, it meant you were playing them in a dastardly tricky manner.

I'm not sure it works like that any more, but I did just see two hands in which an under-the-gun player made what looked like a sneaky kind of play. First up, Trevor Pearson made it 200 to play from under the gun, which is a min-raise. It was called in seven places, leaving only one of the nine-strong table out of the near family pot.

The flop they all saw was 3♦[10d]6♠ and after four checks, including Pearson, Peter Vu bet 675. It was folded back to Pearson, who now sprang his trap, raising to 2,000. Vu, though, was a non-believer. He called.

They saw a 5♦ turn, which they both checked, and then the 7♠ rivered. Pearson checked and Vu counted out a bet of 2,100. Pearson wasn't having it, and folded. The general consensus at the table was that Vu must have flopped a set of sixes, but he neither confirmed nor denied that assessment with a smirk.

On a neighbouring table, Matthew Davenport limped from under the gun and Phil Wordsworth called in the cut off. Jamie O'Connor made it 550 from the button, but it wasn't enough to get either of the others to fold.

Three to a flop: A♥7♥9♥. Davenport checked, Wordsworth checked and O'Connor bet 850. Davenport also clearly wasn't playing the aces cute and he folded, but Wordsworth called.

The 9♠ turned and Wordsworth took over the betting, making it 1,300. O'Connor called. The 7♣ rivered and Wordsworth fired 2,800. O'Connor now thought better of it and let it go. -- HS

1.35pm: Chip counts
We mentioned earlier how both former UKIPT Nottingham champions were playing today. Well Gareth Walker is not off to the best of starts as he's down to 9,700, the Geordie simply laughed when I asked him for a chip count. As for Andrew Couldridge, he's not in the seat he's meant to be in (and there's no chips there either) according to the current seating chart and he's not out according to the wonderful software that Dusk Till Dawn use so we're at a loss right now.

Elsewhere Willie Tann is down to 11,500 and Charalambos Xanthos has slipped to 13,950. -- NW

1.25pm: Table mates, table talk
The random seat draw always throws up some interesting combinations, Jamie Dale (3rd UKIPT Edinburgh) is sat to the left of Raj Verma (2nd UKIPT Newcastle). Elsewhere Dave 'LilDave' Nicholson and Rick Trigg are sat opposite each other and nattering away and I'm sure Willie Tann and Charalambos Xanthos will have much to reminisce over, on table 53. -- NW

1.15pm: Show the bluff
I missed the pre-flop action but three players: Terry Carter (UTG+1), Antonio German (cut-off) and Mitch Johnson (button) all put in 775 pre-flop to create a sizeable pre-flop pot.
The dealer spread a flop of 2♣2♥5♥, it was checked to Johnson who bet 1,100, both players called. Interesting.

The 7♦ turn was checked through before German led for 5,150 on the A♦ river, Johnson sigh folded as did Carter. 'Show the bluff, it's good for the game," shouted another player at the table. German showed Johnson and then tossed his hand face down towards the dealer, who enforced the 'show one, show all' rule revealing German's hand to be 5♣5♠. -- NW

1.05pm: Wild wild Woodley
Ian Woodley is one of the early fallers here at UKIPT Nottingham, losing with a smaller two pair to Paul Corrigan's bigger two pair. "Ace four versus ace eight," chimed Woodley's former table-mates when asked of the details. That'll do it. -- HS


Ian Woodley: Nonplussed


1pm: Wright wrong
Andrew Wright's stack just took a huge hit. He lost at least two thirds of it to Ami Tayar. I didn't see the pre-flop action, but it was just the two of them at a flop of K♠[10s]K♦. Tayar bet 425 at that, Wright raised to 1,550, Tayar three bet to 4,150 and Wright called.

The turn was J♥ and Tayar bet 4,100, which Wright called. The 6♦ rivered and again Tayar came out firing, making it 5,200 this time. Wright didn't seem at all happy and said: "There's only one hand beating me," before calling and tabling A♦K♥.

Tayar turned over [10c][10d] for the flopped house. Although there are a few hands beating Wright here, losing after a flop like that isn't exactly a pleasant way to start a tournament. -- HS

12.55pm: You off the telly
It can be hard flying under the radar when you're the defending champion of an event, "Just got my first "you won this last year, right?", tweeted Gareth Walker. If that had dented his hopes of remaining low key his cause was positively in ruins moments later,. "Simmy3k has just @$%@ my plans of flying under the radar by shouting GL defending your title over 3 tables." It's tough at the top. -- NW

12.45pm: Astley nailed by Carpenter
News of that exit now, it was Anna Astley who was first to feel the pain of being knocked out. It was a case of set over set as she flopped a set of threes on a [2][3][6] flop but Ben Carpenter turned a set of aces. Astely led the betting on all three streets, shoving all-in for 9,000 on the blank river. He's now up to 30,000 which has got to be good for the chip lead. --NW

12.30pm: Out they go
Cheering another player's demise is not exactly good etiquette, but with a big gaggle of potential alternates waiting their chance to join the action, every departure in today's early levels represents someone else's opportunity. And we have just lost our first player - details to follow - meaning we have begun nibbling into those alternates. -- HS

12.20pm: Name dropping
As you'd expect with such a large field there are sprinklings of stardust scattered throughout the numerous tables. Both Gareth Walker and Andrew Couldridge, UKIPT Nottingham champions from seasons past are in the field.

There's a dash of old school UK flair in the shape of Marc Goodwin, Paul Jackson and Mickey Wernick. And lastly there's a bit of real glamour in the shape of Pieter De Korver, EPT Grand Final winner back in 2009. Tasty. -- NW

12.10pm: Sell out
Word has just reached us that Day 1A is now a sell out and that alternates will now be taken as and when players are knocked out.

12 noon: Off!
Well, some of those queues are still there, but the ever-efficient poker club has got this thing started on time. Our 11 levels are already under way, so you can follow all the action from here.

Our chip-count page has some selected big names and/or big stacks on it. Remember, this is not a comprehensive list, but we will do our best to keep it updated.

Here's proof of how busy we are already.


Dusk Till Dawn day 1a

11.55am: Packed house
The UKIPT is always popular. UKIPT Nottingham, at Dusk Till Dawn, is always even more popular than most. But UKIPT Nottingham, season three, looks like being among the most popular tournaments on this series to date with two days already sold out and lines for today already snaking out the door.

Last year 1,058 rocked up for this £700+£70 event, producing a first prize of more than a hundred grand, which swelled the bank balance of Gareth Walker (pictured below). This year, there is a guaranteed prize pool of £1m - set by out hosts, this fine poker club in Nottingham - and we seem very likely to reach that the natural way.

Play is due to begin at noon, but sheer numbers suggest we'll be a little later than that. But stick here for all the details when proceedings begin.


Gareth Walker at UKIPT Nottingham season two

Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Pictures by Mickey May.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT