UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, Levels 8-11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.35am: Done for the day
Players have bagged their chips and are now milling towards the exit, the bar or the cash tables. We're still beavering away and will bring you a wrap of the day's play shortly. Chip counts of the 102 or so players who made it through will be available on the blog overnight. -- NW

1.22am: Last four hands
The tournament clock has been paused and players will play four more hand before bagging and tagging. -- NW

1.20am: Dale continues to chip up
I joined the action to see Jamie Dale (big blind), Paul Haycock (middle position) and Mickey Wernick (button) all still in the pot as the dealer spread a flop of Q♥[10c]A♣. It was checked to Haycock who fired out a bet of 5,000, turbo fold from Wernick and call from Dale.

Both players checked the 3♥ turn, before Dale bet 4,600 on the 5♠ river. Haycock cut out the calling chips, riffled them for a while and then mucked his hand. Dale goes from strength to strength and now has 160,000. -- NW

1.15am: Milde looking very strong
Marcin Milde has appeared as if from nowhere and is sitting behind a stack of about 230,000. He now has Timothy Chung and Adebayo Odetoyinbo on his table - both with significantly more than 150,000 - so the prospect remains for a massive tangle in these late, late stages. -- HS

1.10am: Exits
James Atkin, John Black and Paul Grummitt are amongst the recent casualties. 117 players remain. -- NW

1.05am: De Korver in race training
There's a lot of big egos in poker but the man who has the biggest indivdual tournament cash in the field today is Pieter De Korver who won $3,024,167 when he took down the EPT Grand Final in 2009.

He's chipped up to 28,000 (up from 17,000) and I caught up with him between hands to ask him what bought him to Nottingham. "I hadn't played in a while and I fancied a tournament. I've been in training for a cycle race in France but when I saw that the prizepool was £1,000,000 guaranteed it seemed like a good tournament to enter," he said. "But you've got to win of course," he added with a smile.

Stop press: Shortly after this post De Korver doubled to 60,000 when his pocket twos held against the A♠Q♠ of Damian Evans. -- NW/HS

12.55pm: Long going strong
Phil Long has a stack of around 175,000 which is up there with the chipleaders. I just saw him win one of those 'who blinks first' pots. Richard Turner opened to 2,700, Long three-bet to 7,700, Turner four-bet to 20,700 (leaving himself about 50,000 back) and Long then plonked a big tower of blue 5k chips totaling 100,000 over the line in a manner that said: "I think I have the best hand, what you gonna do?"

Well after counting and re-counting his chips Turner turned them into the muck leaving long with the spoils. -- NW

12.50am: UKIPT tougher than EPT - fact?
Ok it's a small sample size but EPT Loutraki champion Zimnan Ziyard is out of UKIPT Nottingham. Pieter De Korver fights on though. -- NW


Zimnan Ziyard, tough day

12.40am: State of play
As the last level ticks down here's the state of play: 130 players remain, average stack is 61,400 (51.66 big blinds) and the current chip leaders are Adebayo Odetoyinbo and Tom Kugelstadt who both have 170,000. -- NW

12.35am: Worm tales
I caught up with Mickey Wernick during the break to see how his tournament has been going. The Worm - just one of his nicknames - has seemingly had the same stack (around 50,000) every time I've looked for the past few levels. "I've had no cards for the last three hours," he said ruefully. "I've maintained my stack by stealing a pot here and nicking a pot there." That's good poker if you can do that. -- NW

12.15pm: Break time
The players are taking their final 15-minute break of the day and will be back to play one more level tonight. -- HS

12.10am: Just a min
Calvin Anderson and Scott Davies, who are sitting next to each other and each have close to 100,000, just got involved in one of those tricky little pots that sometimes break out. It was folded to Anderson on the button, who raised to 2,000. Davies three bet to 6,200 from the small blind and it came back to Anderson. He four bet to 13,400 and then Davies five bet to 19,600. It seemed as though they were going to continue in this min-raise fashion until Anderson suddenly seemed to think better of it and folded.

Also on that table at the moment is Peter Evans, whose name will be well known to anyone around right at the very start of the UK poker boom. Evans, known as "The Bandit" finished runner up to Dave Ulliot in the final of the inaugural Late Night Poker series. They didn't min-raise five times without getting their stack in back then, that's for sure. -- HS

12am: De Korver clinging on
It's fair to say the last few levels have been a slog for 2009 EPT Grand Final winner Pieter De Korver. He's been on that dreaded 20 big blind stack for a while, but despite this is still smiling. I just say him raise from early position to 2,200 from a stack of 19,000 but fold when Oliver Fabian moved all-in for about 15,000.

At the same table sits UKIPT Newcastle runner-up RaJ Verma, he's got about 88,000. -- NW

11.50pm: More for Kugelstadt
It's one thing to make hands, it's another to get paid, when you manage both at the same time it's a potent combination and one that Tom Kugelstadt has managed time and time again today.

In the latest example I only saw the river action but with the board showing 5♠5♦J♦4♠Q♥ and about 15,000 in the pot Kugelstadt bet 10,000 and got a call from Trevor Pearson, he rolled over J♥J♣ for the flopped full house and Pearson mucked. After that hand Kugelstadt is up to around 170,000. -- NW

11.40pm: Bradshaw loses to Ade, gains from Mina
The Adebayo Odetoyinbo show is now in full swing as he is now up to about 170,000 having taken a big chunk from Andrew Bradshaw with what Odetoyinbo claimed was a gutsy call with ace high. Bradshaw is not looking best pleased, and recently asked for a discussion with the tournament director about some of the speech play at the table. But Toby Stone assured Bradshaw that "people are allowed to talk."

As this was going on, and as Odetoyinbo was doing what his does best, congratulating himself to anyone who would listen, Bradshaw was actually in another pot against Marinos Mina. It would end with the latter's elimination.

Odetoyinbo began things, opening to 3,000 from under the gun. Bradshaw called from late position and then Mina shoved for 14,800 from the small blind. Richard Stanley looked like he was interested in calling from the big blind, but folded. Odetoyinbo also let it go.

But Bradshaw tossed in a call and tabled A♣5♣. Mina had 6♣6♥ so was ahead and looking good for a double up. But after the board ran Q♣7♠[10h]8♥A♠, Bradshaw had spiked his overcard and sent Mina out. -- HS

11.35pm: Hero fold
Sometimes it's nice to give yourself a pat on the back for making a good play and John Black did just that calling himself a 'hero' after making a nice laydown.

I caught the action live on the turn, with the board reading 6♠4♣5♠6♥ Benjamin Preece bet 2,600, Marc Goodwin made the call, as did Black. The 7♠ completed the board, Preece checked, Goodwin bet 3,000, Black dwell-folded and Preece tank-called. Goodwin rolled over 3♣3♠ which was good, Black said: "Yes, what a hero. I folded aces."

Goodwin's revival continues, he's up to 55,000. -- NW

11.25pm: Dale blowing a gale
Jamie Dale, who finished third at UKIPT Edinburgh in Season 2 is up to 120,000 and as such we've just added his count to the chip count page. Click here to see how Dale and selected others are getting on. -- NW


11.15pm: Dane power
Martin Jorgensen is continuing to confound table-mates on table 71. After Daniel Heald opened to 2,100 from under the gun, Todd Robinson three-bet to 5,600. "I'm all in," said Jorgensen and slid about 44,000 over the line.

Heald folded, but it wasn't so easy for Robinson. "I've seen this act before," Robinson said. "'Oh, I'm so tilted I'm all in'," he added, obviously mimicking something that had happened earlier.

Robinson flicked his cards away, but asked to see Jorgensen's. "If you show me your hand I'll show you mine," Jorgensen said. Robinson initially instructed the dealer to expose his folded hand, but then thought better of it and told him not to.

"You don't want to see?" Jorgensen said.
Robinson thought a bit more, then took a swig from a tea cup and said, "No." Jorgensen flicked his cards away too. -- HS

11.10pm: Chip counts and exits
Here's the counts of some of those still in: Matt Simpson (42,000), Luke Marsh (19,000), Marc Goodwin (45,000), Mickey Werninck (48,000), Gary Banks (99,000), James Atkin (35,000), Martin Jorgensen (58,000) and Todd Robinson (57,000).

And some of those who tournament has ended recently include: Guy Johnson, Robert Woodcock and Leon Louis. 170 players remain and the average stack is 46,941. -- NW

11pm: Huge pot for Kugelstadt
Tom Kugelstadt is back in the chip lead as he now has a chip stack of around 170,000, his latest boost came at the expense of Khoa Nguyen. The latter had raised with Q♥9♥ to 1,800, Kugelstadt had flat called on the button with K♥6♥ and one other played called too.

The flop was a tasty 7♥3♥2♥, Nguyen check-called a bet of 6,000 from Kugelstadt. The turn was the Q♣ and Nguyen check-called a bet of 12,000. The K♠ completed the board and after Nguyen checked once more, Kugelstadt emptied the clip, betting 18,000, but Nguyen check-raised to 40,000 total, a bet Kugelstadt elected to just call.

So Kugelstadt regains the chip lead, fellow big stack Timothy Chung has been moved two seats to his left. Could get tasty. -- NW

10.50pm: Ade on the up
Adebayo Odetoyinbo goes from strength to strength. He is now up to about 120,000 after winning a big pot with some pre-flop aggression. Stuart Meek opened, making it 2,100 to play. Odetoyinbo three-bet to 6,100, Meek four bet to 12,500 and then Odetoyinbo min five-bet. The precise amount of this was up for debate and the tournament director was called for to make sure everything was exact. But it was irrelevant really as Meek folded. -- HS

10.45pm: Marshy waters
Luke Marsh is a tough opponent, he pretty much bossed the UKIPT Edinburgh final table in 2010. Not bad going considering it contained Max Silver, Joeri Zandvliet and Nick Abou Risk. Infact such was Marsh's prowess that Silver remarked, 'It's been horrible playing with you,".

It's easy to see why he's such a feared opponent every action he takes is studious and seems to say: "I know something you don't," but Marsh is struggling here and currently has around 19,000 and I just saw him tangle in a pot with Jack Walters.

The latter opened to 2,000 from the hijack, Marsh three-bet to 4,500 on the button and Walters called. On the flop of K♠8♣3♣ Marsh c-bet 5,200 and Walters made the call. Both players checked the 9♥ turn before Walters fired out a bet of 8,500 on the J♦ river. After a brief think Marsh released his hand and the pot went to Walters. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_luke marsh.jpg

Luke Marsh

10.35pm: Geordie Gareth gobbled up
Defending champion Gareth Walker is out. I saw his exit first hand; the Geordie moved all-in for 8,100 from under-the-gun and two seats along he got a caller in the shape of Michael Kossov. Everyone else folded leaving the two of them to it:

Walker: A♥J♠
Kossov: J♦J♣

The board ran 7♦5♦6♣[10s]8♠ and Walker was eliminated. "I've been card dead all day," he told me. "And when I did get a hand I didn't get any action, that was the first ace I'd seen in ages. I'm going to give jagerbombs with Sam Razavi a miss though and go home," he added. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1a_gareth walker.jpg

Gareth Walker - out

10.25pm: Chatterboxes
It takes some talent to out-talk Adebayo Odetoyinbo at a poker table. Likewise Andrew Bradshaw, who is also fond of a conversation around the felt. But Marinos Mina is somehow managing it on table 12 at the moment, holding court not only to those two but to anyone around.

Odetoyinbo is the man with the chips, however. Richard Stanley alerted railbirds to Odetoyinbo's stack, which is up to about 90,000. "Aces against kings," Stanley said by way of explanation. But that was about all he could get in as Mina continued his story about playing baccarat at the Empire in London. -- HS

10.15pm: Back from the break
Players are back in their seats for level 9. They''ll play this level and then two more before play is done for the day. We guesstimate play will end around 1.30a.m, stay right here for continued coverage. -- NW

10pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break while tournament staff colour up and race off the 25 chips. Why not fill this gap by checking out the Eureka Croatia coverage by clicking here. -- NW

9.55pm:Sieder sickner for Cullumbine
I only saw the river action but with the full board showing K♦6♥4♥5♦9♠, Chris Sieder moved all-in for 20,550 into a similar sized pot. His lone opponent, Mark Cullumbine, went deep into the tank, some of the table watched on, others were watching the end of the QPR vs Swansea match that was on one of the TV screens near the table.

Eventually Cullumbine counted out the call from his stack and slid it across the line, Sieder showed 8♠7♠ for the nuts, Cullumbine let out a frustrated sigh that suggested he was well ahead before the river drowned his dreams. -- NW

9.45pm: Racing out the door
Anthony Jacobs is out. Tan Le sent him to the rail. It started when Gary Jones opened from mid position to 2,000 and Le made it 3,375 from one seat to his left. Jacobs moved all in from the small blind, a total of 15,275 and although Jones folded, Le called.

Le: A♠K♥
Jacobs: 8♣8♦

The board ran A♦3♦Q♣9♥6♣ and that ace was decisive. Jacobs departs. -- HS

9.35pm: Chip counts
Poker journalist Jon Young's stack continues to trend upwards. He's now got 66,000 and John Black has 80,000. He's sharing a table with Kevin Iacofano (48,000) and Marc Goodwin (35,000).

Former chip leader Tom Kugelstadt is down to about 94,000 I saw him win a pot to bounce back a little though. Iqbal Ahmed opened to 2,000 from the small blind with A♠[10d], Kugelstadt three-bet to 5,200 with pocket kings and Ahmed folded, with both players graciously showing each other (and the table) what they had. -- NW

9.30pm: Lazarus
Rajesh Verma has pulled off the kind of resurrection today that only tends to happen in PokerStars Blog land. Reported out earlier, he has now been discovered not only still with a beating heart but with 147,000 chips in front of him, which is probably chip leader at this stage. That's why you come to PokerStars Blog: always first with the truth. And the lies.


Raj Verma on day 1A of UKIPT Nottingham

Tim Chung is also now up to about 130,000 after making a straight flush against the nut flush. -- HS


Tim Chung

9.20pm: Up and down day for De Korver
Earlier today there was some confusion as to if Pieter De Korver was playing or not. His name was on the Day 1A entrants list, but he wasn't on the seating chart. Eventually he showed up and the mystery was cleared, the 2009 EPT Grand Final champion was here to play a UKIPT event, the London leg apart we don't think this has happened before.

And the will he won't he saga has set a precedence for De Korver's entire tournament, he shot up to 37,000 early on but since then it's been a slow dribble down, first to around 17,000, then 13,000 and when I just checked he was down to just 9,000. Still, there's plenty of time to turn that around. -- NW

9.15pm: Hiding in plain sight
Yung Hon Ngan has been hiding in plain sight today. He's so near media row (or "media corner, just round there, behind the posters by the bar" as it is more accurately known) that we have barely noticed him silently climb to 114,000, which must be very close to the chip lead. Photographer has now been primed, so we'll have eyes on him from now on. -- HS


Yung Hon Ngan

9.05pm: Exits
We've lost over half the players who started today as just 246 of 532 players remain. Those who've recently exited include: Valerie Bennett, Harprit Singh Gurnam and arc Foggin. -- NW

9pm: Four more levels
It's nine o'clock, we've been playing since noon, but the news is that we still have four more levels to play. That's what happens when you've got a field that seems likely to swell to more than 1,500 players by the time we're done this week.

The main reason for the long day ones is to make sure enough players have been eliminated to fit the day two field under one roof. So far, so good on that score. There are 247 players remaining from today's 532. And with blinds now up to 300-600, many more will fall. -- HS


Pieter de Korver, one of the big names remaining

Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos: Mickey May

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT