UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B: Level 5-7 updates (200-400 50 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.40pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level eight updates in a new post here. -- NW

8.35pm: Burland battles on
Level seven has just ended and during the break UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland wandered over to media corner. He's is on 34,000 and is wearing a suit that looked very similar to the one he wore when he won his title. "No, it's a different one," he explained. "I actually bought it as a gift to myself when I won, there was a tailor I'd always wanted a suit from so I treated myself." -- NW

8.25pm: Chip counts
Veteran UK players Surinder Sunar and Carlo Citrone have both rallied to 25,000 and 27,000 respectively having earlier been below 10,000. Both Alain Medesan (15,625) and Dara O'Kearney (12,600) are below average. Shamil Patel - who was one of the early chip leaders - is still going strong on 66,000 whilst Tereza Brouckova is one of the current chip leaders given that she has 98,000, whilst Kes Beech with 95,000 isn't too far behind. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_tereza brouckova .jpg

Tereza Brouckova

8.15pm: Huff and bluff
I joined the action live to see a bet of 4,525 in front of Dom Kay (button) and a bet of 2,700 in front of Arran Fletcher (big blind). This suggested that Kay had opened on the button to somewhere between 800 and 1,100, that Fletcher had three-bet him from the big blind and that Kay had then put in a four-bet.

Fletcher was now in the tank, he uncapped his cards took one last look at them and tossed them in the muck, Kay showed 6♦2♦. "Nice hand,' said Fletcher. "I figured you were probably full of it," said a smirking Kay. -- NW

8.05pm: Nemec czechs Mallu
The Czech player Lukas Nemec has just secured a double up through the always aggressive (but shrewd) Alli Mallu. It seemed as though Mallu may have limped from mid position and Nemec raised from the button because when I arrived at the table Mallu had 6,925 in front of him and Nemec had 1,525, suggesting Mallu had now three bet.

Anyhow, the key point is that Nemec now shoved, for 26,000, and Mallu called, covering him by about 40,000. It was as standard a race as they get in hold 'em: Mallu had A♥K♦, Nemec had Q♠Q♣.

This time the pocket pair held through a board of 8♦8♣J♦4♣5♥. Nemec clenched his fist in quiet celebration and stacked up about 55,000. Mallu is still alive and battling, but slightly less comfortable than before. -- HS

7.55pm: Gone
There's no easy way to say this but if you're a fan of Warren Wooldridge or Gary Bush then you're out of luck as they've both been eliminated from this tournament. -- NW

7.40pm: Back together again
As we enter level seven, a few things have happened. Firstly, late registration has now closed, meaning our day 1B total reached 558 players. Secondly, the staggered dinner break is now over, meaning we're all together again in one room. There are 349 players left, on 42 tables, and we will be playing five more on-hour levels. -- HS


7.35pm: Ignoring the rule book
Pretty much all of the Big Book of Poker Truisms - 1995 edition is now irrelevant, including the big chapter entitled Received Wisdom/Exploiting Stereotypes. That details how a woman player will only bet with aces pre-flop, at least a set post flop and if she's still betting on the river, she has at least a straight flush. And probably better.

Annette Obrestad was among the players who did the most to undermine that particular chapter, but the likes of Sandra Naujoks and Liv Boeree have also had a word to say about that kind of thing.

Caicai Huang also clearly doesn't believe in the old-school female approach to poker, but unfortunately for her Kajetan Masiewicz hasn't read the old book either. Huang just three-barrel bluffed and was picked off every step of the way.

Huang started it, opening to 750 from under the gun. Masiewicz called on the button. They saw a flop of 2♦[10d]K♣ and Huang bet 1,225. Masiewicz raised here, making it 2,525, and Huang called.

The 3♣ came on the turn and Huang bet 3,500. Masiewicz called. The 4♣ came on the river and again Huang bet, this time 7,500. Once more, Masiewicz called and Huang said, "Ace high." She showed A♥J♦. Masiewicz exposed [10h]9♥ for second pair, and second pair was good. -- HS

7.30pm: Potentials
There were all kinds of possibilities on the following hand, but after it played out we were left no nearer to guessing what the players had.

There were four of them looking at four exposed cards: 6♣Q♦Q♣[10c]. Damian Porebski, from a stack of more than 70,000, bet 850 and the only called was Ben Wyatt. So those two saw a river of K♦ and it was Wyatt (sitting in what would have been the small blind) who led for 1,600.

Porebski raised to 5,600 and after a good long dwell, Wyatt folded. See, who knows what they had, but Porebski was certainly the happier. His stack is getting on for the 80,000 mark. -- HS

7.25pm: Chip leader
Pete Akery is the current chip leader and the first player to have over 100,000, our beady eyes guesstimate that he's on around 103,000.

"I won a few medium pots to get this stack," said Akery. "I had queens against tens and nines against sixes, he said. "Although I did win a 50,000 pot just now.

'Blind on blind I called a raise in the big blind with pocket fives and the flop came [j][6][5] rainbow. He check called a bet and then check-raised me on an ace turn, I just called. The river was a king and he went all-in, I called and he had [q][5]. -- NW

7.20pm: Exits
We're down to 359 players on Day 1B, meaning the average stack is now 23,272. Out in 365th place was local player Simon Deadman who'll now have to try his luck in the cash games.

Alex Martin is still in, he's seated near media row and he just shouted. "I'm up to 8,500, inform the fans, I just made a Scottish fish pass a pair." -- NW

7.05pm: Triple D
Ok so it's a tenuous title at best but Dom Kay has 26,500, Maria Demetriou is on 13,000 and Dan Owston boasts a stack 57,000.

That figure of Owston's is 2,700 lower than it was a few moments ago as he just doubled up Suketu Patel, The Welshman opened to 675 with [10h]9♥, Patel then moved all-in for 2,700 with K♠Q♣ and Owston called off the extra.

The flop of 7♥8♦3♥ made Owston say: "Could be worse," but the 2♦ turn and 3♠ river kept Patel alive. -- NW

6.50pm: The clock is ticking
Anyone reading this who wants to late register for Day 1B of UKIPT Nottingham you have until the end of this current level (7.40pm) to get in. 556 players have so far done just that today, although only 372 of them remain.

Laurence Houghton, Kevin Williams and Tom Hall are all amongst those to have been knocked out recently. -- NW

6.40pm: Groundhog level
The players have just performed a switcheroo and the rest of the field are now on dinner break with the other half now back in their seats and playing level six, one of those is Maria Demetriou. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_maria demetriou.jpg

Maria Demetriou

6.35pm: Hales gets one through
If he didn't have it then it was a brave move by Henry Hales, but let's back up... Team PokerStars online Mickey Petersen had opened to 700 and been flatted in two spots, first by Lee Taylor and then by Devron Hasselnook. Action was now on Hales and he moved all-in for 7,975.

After getting a count Petersen ducked out the way but Taylor - who had a stack of about 54,000 - was not so quick to fold. But this was no Hollywood show, he clearly had a close decision, but eventually he gave it up, as did Hasselnook.

As Hales took the pot, Taylor said: "Did you have a pair?"
"Yes," replied Hales.
"Eights or nines?" asked Taylor. But Hales was done talking. -- NW

6.25pm: Icelandic Invasion
There are 11 Icelandic players in the field today and we believe 17 total. One of them is the aforementioned Oskar Kemp. An Icelandic journalist who's here to cover these players told me a bit about why they've all come to Nottingham.

Turns out that they are all from the Reykjavik area and a few players decided they wanted to come over and play it and the interest subsequently snowballed. Three of those in the field today, including Kemp, qualified online, the rest have bought in directly. The Icelandic journalist told me that Kemp has an aggressive reputation in Iceland so he'll be one to watch as Day 1B plays out. -- NW

6.15pm: Ruiz' race is run
Claas Stoob has just sent Lucia Garcia Ruiz to the rail. Ruiz only had about 3,000 when she got them in behind A♥9♥. Stoob had a much bigger stack and Q♠[10s], and when the board ran 4♦[10c]5♥J♥7♠ that was that for Ruiz.

The table captain over there is Andy Noble, who has about 65,000. -- HS

6.10pm: Bullets bust Bill
Thomas Maxell just scored a near triple up courtesy of aces, sometimes they actually do hold up!

First to speak was William Kassouf who moved all-in for 2,850, to his immediate left Oskar Kemp flat called off a stack of around 60,000. It folded to Thomas Maxwell who raised to 6,000 (about half his stack), back on Kemp he called.

So before the flop there was now a main pot of around 10,000 and a side pot of some 6,500. The flop was 6♦7♦4♥ and Kemp set Maxwell all-in who called off his last 5,500.

Maxwell: A♥A♦
Kemp: 8♠6♣
Kassouf: K♣7♣

The turn and river were the 3♣[10h] meaning Kassouf was eliminated and Maxwell scooped both pots to move to around 27,000. -- NW

6pm: Another way to look at flips
All poker players know that overcards versus pocket pair is essentially a 50-50 shot, but the way in which the executioner sharpens his blade and then wields it can vary greatly. Espen Sorlie just lost his tournament life to Grahame Monaghan, but they were toyed with a little by the poker gods.

Sorlie had K♣Q♥, Monaghan had [10c][10s] and they were all in. The 2♦9♥J♥ swung the pendulum to Sorlie. The Q♥ made it quiver a bit and the K♥ swung it ultimately back to Monaghan and sent Sorie out. -- HS

5.55pm: Flipping hell
Alex Martin is down to 8,325. "I lost an 11k flip with ace-king against pocket eights," he said.

5.50pm: Fallen Angell
One of the players who's currently on dinner break is Brett Angell, runner-up here last year. I caught up with him to find out how his tournament has been going. "I must've been chip leader after 20 minutes as I had 35,000," he said. "Since then I've just run into monsters! I flopped top two and lost to a straight flush. I'm down to 8,000. -- NW

5.40pm: Dinner time
That's the end of level five, and half the field has now heard the bell toll for their dinner break. They will now spend approximatel 40 minutes in a queue for the buffet, gobble it down in 20 minutes, and then return to play level six. By that point, the other half of the field will have already played their level six, which they're tucking into right away. That's how staggered dinner breaks work, in case you didn't know.-- HS


5.35pm: Flipping
Warren Wooldridge's up and down tournament continues. According to the oracle that is Twitter, he is now down to 20,000 after "3rd tournie in a row run KK headlong into AA. Never the other way round!!" Yeah, but he did flop quad sevens and get two players moving all in, so it's not all one-way luck traffic.


Warren Wooldridge

The Total Entries section on the tournament board now shows 555, while the Player Remaining section shows 409. There are a lot of flips being won and lost out there, while the big stacks purr along.

Here's one such example of a standard flip. Gemal Husnu opened to 1,050 from second seat. This was less a calculated bet than just the sum of his loose change, leaving himself only his high denomination chips behind. Martin McNicholl asked how much Husnu had behind, learned that it was 5,500, and tossed out 10,000 to cover his opponent.

Husnu called and flipped over [10h][10s]. McNicholl had A♣Q♥. The board settled it in Husnu's favour fairly swiftly. It ran 8♠4♠2♠7♠9♣. The pocket pair was good enough already; the flush was overkill. -- HS

5.30pm: Gone
Dan Carter, Sam Macdonald and James Tomlin have all been eliminated. -- NW

5.25pm: Chips
"Go away," said a grinning Carlo Citrone. I was trying to get a count of his stack for the chip count page and as things weren't going too well he was playfully trying to stop me. After putting on a bit of a show he said, "Five thousand two hundred and fifty."

Elsewhere Lawrence Gosney has 31,000 and Marius Lietuvninkas is up to 26,000. -- NW

5.20pm: A couple of double ups
I just saw a couple of shortstacks get it in ahead and hold; here's what happened.

Hand One: Wesley Wassenberg opened to 1,000 from early position, Ari Schröder then moved all-in for 3,125 from the button and Wassenberg made the call, on their backs:

Wassenberg: 7♦7♥
Schröder: A♠A♥

"Ah, I hoped you had ace-king," said Wassenberg. The board ran 6♥K♦6♦Q♠5♥ to double Schröder up.

Hand Two: Mark Wagstaff moved all-in for 2,250 and as I stuck around to see if he'd get a call he playfully told me to go away! It folded round to the button and Costas Constantinou made the call, everyone else folded.

"I hope I'm live," said Wagstaff showing A♠9♦.
"You're in front," said Constantinou as he flipped A♦2♦

A board of 6♥[10d]9♣7♠4♥ kept Wagstaff in front, "four more of those please dealer," he said as he took the pot. -- NW

5.10pm: Petersen on the prowl
Team PokerStars Online and EPT Copenhagen champion Mickey Petersen is up to 29,000. Typically I missed how that happened but did see him peel a raise from the big blind before folding to a bet on the turn.

Like comedy, poker blogging is all about timing. -- NW

5pm: Wooldridge gives back
Warren Wooldridge, or @Warrenw26 has been tweeting about that hand mentioned below (at 4.40pm). He added a couple of extra details (although I'm pretty sure he was in the big blind, with Akindele under the gun and Mulhall in the small blind):

"35k at end of level 4. First hand back defend bb with 78 v early min raise and button call. Flop 777. Both players all in b4 it gets to me!!"

"Next hand give most back with. KJ

Win some, lose some. -- HS

4.50pm: Grafton a gonna
Sam Grafton is out, I didn't see the exit hand but Miles Mckenzie was at the same table and tweeted. "Sb limp calls 20bb shove with 9To. Is good against graftons 84o. Say wat." Indeed. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_sam grafton.jpg

Grafton - couldn't get the shove through

4.40pm: Wooldridge in dream land
You've heard about those dream hands where other players get tricky and you see a cheap but brilliant flop from the big blind? Well Warren Wooldridge just lived that dream and has knocked out two players, putting his own stack on the right side of 55,000.

It was the first hand back from the break and Oluwashola Akindele opened from under the gun. Dominic Mulhall flat-called from the small blind and that allowed Wooldrige to see a cheap flop with his 7♥8♠. And what a flop. It came 7♣7♦7♠.

And then it got even better. Mulhall shoved for his short stack, Wooldridge called with his quads and then Akindele over-shoved! Wooldridge snap-called her bet too.

Mulhall turned over A♣A♠ and Akindele showed 9♥9♠. There was no miracle runner runner quads for either of them, so Wooldridge took all their chips and sent them both to the rail.

Bet sizes are a little sketchy as I didn't actually see all of this. It was the first hand back from the break and happened in a flash. -- HS

4.35pm: One hundred gone already
We begin level five with the tournament information board indicating that 453 players remain on day 1B. What's more amazing is that the total number of entrants today is now up to 554, so we have already lost more players today than survived yesterday.

There were 532 players in yesterday's field, 100 of which lasted the day. We're well along the same path already today, and heading for about 1,700 in total.

Among the fallers already today are John Eames and Victor Ramdin, whose aggressive approach didn't pay off here. One suspects the pair of them are now preparing for EPT Berlin and/or Monte Carlo. But they have stolen none of the riches from the people of Nottingham to fund those excursions. -- HS


Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT