UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, Level 8 - 11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.45am: That's a wrap
Play has now ended, chips have been bagged and the players go their separate ways into the night. A wrap of the day's play will be with you shortly, but we believe that Ken Isaksen is the overnight chip leader with 227,600. Full chip counts of the 120 or so players who made it through to Day 2 will be available overnight. -- NW

1.25am: Five more hands
The clock has been paused and players will play five more hands.

News has also just reached us that Jamie Burland has been eliminated late in the day. -- NW

1.20am: Chip leader conundrum
Right now there appears to be no clear chip leader, there are perhaps a dozen stacks all between 150,000 - 175,000 and the end of day chip leader may well be determined in the final 15 minutes. -- NW

1.10am: Desperation stakes
Right now there are plenty of runners and riders taking part in the desperation stakes, also known as the double up or go home handicap.

James Martin opened to 2,000 from the hi-jack, next to act Philip Görres moved all-in for 18,500 and action was then on Jose Pena. He tanked, tanked some more and just for good measure tanked some more. Eventually he slammed his stack of around 23,000 over the line. Back on Martin, he clearly was in a bind, eventually though he folded what he said was ace-jack and it was time for the showdown.

Pena: 8♣8♦
Görres: K♥[10d]

The board ran 9♠A♠4♥[10s]K♠ and Görres doubled, whilst Pena was left with about 4,000. -- NW

1am: Palmer completes the job on Brouckova
And just like that, Tereza Brouckova is out. She flew incredibly high this afternoon, but these last couple of levels have been little short of disastrous, and she has just hit the rail. She was all in for her last 4,600 with 2♦2♥. Christopher Nicholas called to her left, but then Mark Palmer shoved over the top and that got Nicholas out the way.

Palmer showed A♠J♠ and he ended up making a straight on a board of 9♦4♥8♠[10d]7♥. That was the end of an intriguing cameo from Brouckova. -- HS

12.55am: Isaksen tames Tereza
Ken Isaksen has emerged as a dominant force late on tonight, sitting with something like 210,000. He's got them stacked in awkward size piles, so it my be even more. (Or less.) Tereza Brouckova is also on his table, and she is now at her low point for the evening with about 20,000. I think I know where most of those chips went. -- HS

12.45am: Tear it up
There's no easy way to say this but if you'd had a bet on Ben Meredith, James Kerrane , Tom Slikboer, Lucas Reeves, Martin Mcnicholl, Jose Miguel Esteban Nieto, Lorraine Wasiuta, Jotaro Sera, Steven Fitzpatrick, Matthew Chard, Jose Pacheco De Noronha, Morgan Sorfleet, Florin Calin, Adam Studholme, Foyzul Hussein, Jamie Wilby, Jareth East, Matthew Heap, Dara Fitzgerald, Steve Russell, Carlo Citrone, William Freeman, Brook Saunders, Wayne Finlay, Arran Fletcher, Maria Demetriou, Adrian Smith, Mark Wagstaff, Stephen Rawle, Liam Reddin, Sean Smith, Najam Qureshi, Melonie Finan, or John Yeardley winning UKIPT Nottingham then tear up that betting slip as it's worth nada. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_carlo citrone2.jpg

Carlo Citrone

12.40am: Peaking
UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland is up to 54,000, a tournament peak apparently. And David Rudling-Smith (who finished sixth in Brighton in Season 2) is up to 150,000. Both timing their Day 1 runs nicely then. -- NW

12.37am: Back from the break
The 148 remaining players are now back in their seats. The average stack is 56,554 (47.12 BBs). -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 100

12.20am: Break time
That's the end of level 10, the remaining players are now on one final 15 minute break before returning to play one more level. -- NW

12.10am: Big stacks
I just did a sweep of the remaining 18 tables to find the current big stacks, anyone over 100,000 made the cut. Here's who's at the top with a level to go. Richard Sturman (150,000), Alex Martin (160,000), Kajetan Masiewicz (115,000), James Olias (130,000), Lee Cowmeadow (118,000), Scott Van Der Vliet (180,000) and Kes Beech (190,000).

For reasons unbeknownst to us the PokerStars blog chip count page refuses to update, so any chip counts on there right now are not accurate. -- NW

11.55pm: Surging Sturman
Robert Sturman is up to 150,000 and Jack McDermott is down to 65,000. Given that these two are at the same table I figured that the two incidents were related and Fergal Nealon filled in the blanks for me.

Apparently Sturman won a huge pot with A♥7♥ against McDermott's [K][J]. McDermott had set Sturman all-in for about 70,000 on a flop of [3][6][4] (two hearts) and Sturman had called it off with his nut flush draw, gutshot and overcards and got there.

Incidentally Nealon also told us that it was he who had lost the pot that got McDermott up to his previous peak of 170,000 when McDermott's pocket kings had spiked another against Nealon's pocket aces. -- NW

11.45pm: No Hick-ups for Nick
Local player Nick Hicks is going along nicely with 75,000. So much so that we've added him to the chip counts page. Click here for selected chip counts. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_nick hicks.jpg

NIck Hicks

11.40pm: Snowmen get a walk
Back in June 2011 Tim Slater made it all the way to the final table of UKIPT Newcastle, eventually finishing fifth. And in February he cashed on the fist stop of season three when he finished 49th in Galway.

He's down to 17,000 here in Nottingham so you think he'd be happy about getting a walk, "I just got my first walk of the entire tournament," he told me. "I had pocket eights, I didn't want one! I wanted someone to make a bad raise or shove in front of me." -- NW

11.30pm: Scrunch up the ticket
There's no easy way to say this, but if you bought a UKIPT Nottingham sweepstake ticket with the name Radoslaw Wielewicki, Ugnius Simelionis, Miles Mckenzie, James Lowrey, Shaun Hegarty, Gavin Foster, Timotheos Timotheou, Arnor Freyr Gudmundsson, Grahame Monaghan, Yusuf Mehdi, Alex Thomas, Sandra Hardwick, Lukas Nemec, Chris Canadine, Paul Lammas, Callum Smith, Ning Li, Dominic Kay, Samo Muhic, Ben Longstaff, Zahir Aslam, Ashley Pridgeon, Giacomo Altto, Henry Hales, Sean Belton, Iain Bowden, Craig Owen, Andrew Wayman, Nicky Katz, Rory Curtis, Ross Johnson, David Kilmartin, Tracy Tompkins, Callum Stewart, Ross Macintyre, Grant Pullen, Semesa Brown, Niall Farrell, Thomas Maxwell, Joe Frost, Tomasz Wiedlolha, Michael Archer, Darren Woodcock, Jonathan Cooper, Danny Young, Ben Jones or Liam Mclaughlin on it, it is now worth b*gger all. They're all out.

We now have 179 players remaining in this day 1B field. -- HS

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_andrew wayman.jpg

It is all over for Andrew Wayman

11.15pm: New chip leader
Jack McDermott has emerged as a tournament chip leader, sitting with what looks like 170,000. We didn't get far enough into the conversation to learn how he got those chips, but we'll certainly try to see how he uses them from here. -- HS


11.10pm: Chip counts
I've just given the chip count page a bit of a spring clean. Tereza Brouckova still leads the way with 135,000 the Icelandic challenge is being led by Máni Elmarsson who has 105,000. Elsewhere Surinder Sunar (28,000), Carlo Citrone (16,000), Marius Lietuvninkas (38,000) and Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen (36,000) play on. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_marius lietuvninkas .jpg

Marius Lietuvninkas

11pm: Not O-Kay
It was either him or him, and it just happened to be him. Dom Kay is out, losing a race to Craig Owen and finding his stack of about 22,000 almost precisely matched by that of Owen. Indeed, Owen had marginally more, so Kay hits the rail.

It was as standard as standard gets in these stages and with those stacks. Owen opened to 2,400, Kay made it 8,900 and Owen shoved. Kay didn't need a count and called.

Kay: A♦K♦
Owen: 8♦8♣

The board ran dry and that was that. -- HS

10.55pm: Six figure club
Alex Martin is the latest member of the six figure club as his stack has just bust through the 100,000 mark. I'm told that he got up to 70,000 when his aces held against Peter Akery's [Q][9] (this explain's the latter's drop to 65,000) and he just eliminated Ashley Pridgeon to get to 125,000. -- NW


Alex Martin

10.50pm: Big moves
We still have two and a half levels to play tonight but already a late-night atmosphere has descended. Players seem to be taking much longer over decisions as they contemplate the destruction of their hard-won stacks.

There was something sinister brewing on table 14 where James Rann and Kajetan Masiewicz were in a hand. There was at least 11,000 already in the pot and four cards exposed - Q♥[10c]A♣3♠ - when Rann bet 7,600.

Masiewicz raised to 15,200 and Rann called. That meant they saw a K♦ river. Rann checked but Masiewicz seized his chance, betting 16,000. This was a tough amount for Rann to contemplate. "If you shove, I probably call," he said, riffling a 33,000 stack.

In the end he let it go, happy to battle on with what still amounts to double his starting stack. But that start now seems so long ago. -- HS

10.40pm: Unhappy Kemp-er
My Icelandic source had told me that Oskar Kemp was known for being aggressive and I just witnessed this first hand. Richard Evans raised on the button, Kemp three-bet from the big blind, Evans shoved for 37,900 and Kemp quickly called. Two monsters right?

Kemp: 6♥2♥
Evans: A♠A♣

Just the one as it turned out, the board ran K♠Q♣5♠9♦7♠ and Kemp slid a lot of his stack over to Evans. -- NW

10.30pm: Jones runs into slick
Ben Jones came back from the latest break to find 9,100 in front of him and blinds at 400-800. He then looked down and saw J♥9♥ and shoved all in. He must have known he was in trouble when Suzanne Gilbert almost immediately called behind him from her stack of 70,000. It was just those two, and it might actually have been worse for Jones.

Jones: J♥9♥
Gilbert: A♠K♦


Suzanne Gilbert

The flop, however, wasn't what Jones wanted to see. It came A♥2♦4♦. The 6♣ ended that though and he was out the door. -- HS

10.25pm: Start the car
There's no easy way to say this but if you were expecting a lift home from Alan Dickens, Mike Thomas, David Trigg, Mark Kirkpatrick, Scott Prather, Adam Latimer, Philip Peters, Kevin Killeen, Mudasser Hussain, Milan Rabsz, Alan Hessell, Robertas Zebrauskis, Craig Lear or David Oldacre then you might want to arrange a different way of getting home as they're the latest fallers in Nottingham. -- NW


10.05pm: Jacks good, aces bad
Losing with aces is never easy. Losing with aces to an under-pair that rivers a set is among the worst ways to do the aforementioned. It looked as though the majority of the money between Arrash Zafari and Michael Vassiliou went in on a flop of 7♦3♠4♣, and Zafari's A♠A♥ were well ahead of Vassiliou's J♠J♥. But after the 2♦ turned, the J♣ rivered. Vassiliou clapped his hands and allowed himself a quiet celebration, before offering his apologies to Zafari. Zafari, suffice to say, wasn't best pleased. Let's leave it there.

Players are now heading to a 20-minute break so tournament officials can colour up and remove the green chips. -- HS

10pm: Lovatt dusts off Duta
Stephen Lovatt just added 10,000 to his stack and eliminated Florian Duta in the process. The former opened to 1,300, Duta moved all-in for 10,400 and Lovett called off the extra. On their backs:

Lovatt: 7♣7♠
Duta: A♠5♣

The board ran out 9♠8♦K♣[10c]J♦ to send Duta to the rail. -- NW

9.50pm: Leaderboard
This season there are two UKIPT leaderboards, there's the live event one where players gain points for their performance in UKIPT live events, but there's also the online one. Basically for every package or seat only package won to the UKIPT a player gets 10 points and the winner at the end of the season gets entry to a UKIPT event of their choice (excluding EPT London) and a seat at the UKIPT champion of champions event.

Leading the way after two events is Fergal Nealon (pictured below) he told me that he won 17 packages to UKIPT Galway and 13 to UKIPT Nottingham. That's some going, he tells me that his closest rival is Dara O'Kearney and that there's also a Russian player who wins a lot of packages but never actually comes to the UKIPT events, simply sacrificing the value of the first package. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1b_fergal nealon.jpg

Fergal Nealon - king of the qualifiers

9.45pm: Roll call of the departed
There's no easy way to say this, but if you've carved the name Simen Gangstoe, Florian Duta, Tom Hall, Robert Cowen, Oliver Mcdonald, Gavin Oldman, Simon Legg, Istvan Csabai, Rumen Nanev, Stuart Fox, Oliver Waters, Ben Spraggons, Karl Caldeira, Padraig O Neill, Paul Wilson or Alain Medesan into the UKIPT Nottingham trophy, you need to get scratching it out. That little lot are our latest fallers. -- HS

9.40pm: Spraggons sprung
This was Ben on Ben action as Ben Wyatt sent Ben Spraggons to the rail, ending their neighbourly arrangement on table 14. Adam Studholme started it, raising to 1,350 from mid-position. Wyatt called on the button, but Spraggons wanted to play for more, raising to 4,000.

Studholme realised that this pot was open only to Bens, so he folded. And that sprang Wyatt into action. He moved all in, covering Spraggons' 15,000-ish stack.

Spraggons called and we were looking at two big hands. But Wyatt's K♥K♦ was bigger than Spraggons' A♠K♠. As soon as the K♣ appeared in the window, this was all but done. There were no miracles on the rest of the board and Spraggons was sprung. -- HS

9.35pm: For chips go to Iceland
Oskar Kemp continues to do Iceland proud, he's currently got a stack of 75,000, whilst one table over Dom Kay has 18,000. Elsewhere satellite specialist Fergal Nealon is up to 50,000. -- NW

9.25pm: Blessed
"You could've got the lot, I feel blessed," said Alex Martin as he counted what was left of his stack (about 16,000).

Martin had got the action started, raising it up to 1,325 from middle position, next to act Samo Muhic raised to 3,100 and when it was back on Martin he made the call.

Flop: 9♠2♥Q♥ - Martin check-called a bet of 4,550

Turn: J♠ - Martin check-called a bet of 9,000

River: 7♦ - both players checked, Muhic had A♦A♠ for the overpair whilst Martin showed
A♦Q♦ for top pair top kicker, Muhic is up to around 70,000 after that hand. -- NW

9.15pm: Tangle with Tereza at your peril
We weren't sure earlier today how Tereza Brouckova got all her chips. But having now watched her play a pot against David Rudling-Smith from start to finish, we are getting an idea. Pure aggression is the consensus. Or, rather, aggression coupled with a demeanour that suggests butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. It's a formidable combination.

This hand started when David Kilpatrick made it 1,200 from early position and it made its way to Rudling-Smith on the button. He called but Brouckova raised to 4,075 from the big blind.


Tereza Brouckova: fiercer than she looks

Kilpatrick passed, but Rudling-Smith called and the two of them went to a flop of 9♥4♥4♦. Brouckova bet 7,500. Rudling-Smith called, but it didn't slow down Brouckova. After the dealer peeled the 4♠, she bet 11,500. Rudling-Smith was already in deep, and he called again.

The river was 5♣ and Brouckova bet again, this time 20,000. The rest of the table seemed to be willing Rudling-Smith to call, just so they could see what Brouckova was playing this time. But Rudling-Smith thought better of it, leaving himself with about 30,000 after this skirmish with the mysterious Czech lady. -- HS

9.10pm: State of play
At this point on most UKIPT stops I'd be telling you that we were playing the last level of the day, but with three more to come here's the current state of play:

- 286 of 558 players remain

- We've lost almost half the field then, meaning the average stack is 29,265

- Peter Akery is still chip leader with a smidgen under 110,000

- Amongst those still in are Ian LeBruce with 66,000 and Marius Lietuvninkas who has 19,500.

9pm: Plain sailing for Petersen
Nick Wright caught up with Mickey Petersen just before the players went off for their break at the end of level seven. "It's been smooth sailing so far," said mement_mori. "I've never been below 12k and I haven't won a pot of more than 10k."

He is sitting happing with his iPad, playing some kind of game that involves a lot of shooting. He had previously been invited to play in a promotional freeroll, on the PokerStars mobile client, while he was also in this day 1B field. I'm not sure if he actually did or not, but he's certainly not in it now.

Anyhow, off we go into level eight. Four more of these suckers until we bag and tag once more. Don't forget, selected chip counts are always available on the chip-count page. It's far from exhaustive, but we're trying to keep up with the big names and/or big stacks. -- HS


Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT