UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 1-4 updates (100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.20pm: Champ getting bullied
Back in December Richard Sinclair won the UKIPT Champion of Champions event here at Dusk Till Dawn, thus guaranteeing him entry to all legs of Season 3 of the UKIPT.

He missed out in Galway but is back again today in Nottingham, so far though it's not going great as he's down to 11,000, "I keep on getting bullied off of pots," he told me.

Level four has just ended and players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level five updates here. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_richard sinclair.jpg

Richard Sinclair

4.15pm: MacPhee's Nottingham jaunt comes to early end
In his own words: @kevinmacphee "Bust. Tilted after the K10 hand and couldn't find the food button for the next hour. Easily the worst I've played in a live mtt this year." -- HS

4.10pm: Bad round for Talbott
What a bad couple of hands for Gavin Talbott. He is now left with only about 6,000 after consecutive defeats against two different opponents. First up, he got involved in a raising battle from the button against Charles Fabian's big blind. It ended with Fabian all in for 3,200 and Talbott making what turned out to be a good call with A♥J♣. Fabian only had A♦[10c] but the [10d] was the window card and Talbott never caught up.

Then on the very next hand, Talbott raised to 500 from the cut off and Kenneth Kull made it 1,200 from the big blind. Talbott called. The flop came 4♣6♠5♣ and Kull bet 1,200. Talbott called. The turn was 9♥ and Kull bet 5,000, which covered Talbott's remaining 4,425.

Talbott thought about this long and hard but folded, leaving himself with that stack. With the big blind still only at 200, he still has plenty of play left in him. -- HS

4.05pm: Details
Word has reached us - thanks Jamie - that Marcel Luske bust with A-K v J-K on a king high flop. Luske had called a small raise pre-flop blind and then flopped top pair, top kicker. But then a jack turned, and he was done. -- HS

4pm: Nicking some more
The Nick Abou Risk recovery continues as he's doubled up again. "AQ > JJ. 8k at 100/200," he tweeted. -- NW

3.55pm: Chips
I'm keeping the chip count page ticking over, I can tell you that Jack Ellwood is up to 16,800, Nik Persuad has just above starting stack with 15,700 whilst Toby Lewis (6,400), Matt Perrins (11,800), Andrew Teng (11,600) and James Mitchell (10,475) have all lost a bit of ground. -- NW

3.50pm: Bad beat
There's no easy way to say this but if you see Christian Palm, Derek Miller, Gabriel Carter, Adam Mackay, Sunny Chattha, Uri Hadar, Ashley Horden, Huthafa Tawfiq, Peter Gizzi, Martin O'rafferty, Marcel Luske, Paul Marrow, Richard Brown, William Elliot, Evaldas Stanevicius, Steven King, Christopher Czilinsky, David Iftakhar, Antti Maatta, Kieran Noel Mcivor, Stephen Pratt, Leigh Ralph, Jason Bright, Gabriel Tuna, Nicolas Segredakis , David Clark , Lee Cockroft or Costas Artemi and they want to talk to you about a hand then it's probably a bad beat or their exit hand so run away! -- NW

3.45pm: Dutchman flies away
Marcel Luske is out. We don't know how, but the Team PokerStars Pro from Holland is not going to win UKIPT Nottingham. -- HS

3.40pm: Dorey checks Mohammed
It's not often one feels sorry for Jude Ainsworth, but with Kevin MacPhee to his right today, and Ifzal Mohammed to his left, there's barely a spot for him to get involved. But after winning that recent pot against MacPhee, it is Mohammed who is more deeply involved than either of the two superstars.

That said, he has just lost a big chunk of his stack to William Dorey, who secured a full double up. Mohammed started the hand, raising to 550 from under the gun. Mark Green called from a few seats round, before Dorey made it 1,650 from the button. Mohammed and Green both called.

The three of them checked a flop of K♠8♣3♥ and saw a J♠ turn. Mohammed bet 3,500 and after Green folded, Dorey took a while over his next decision. Eventually he decided to move all in, a total of 6,025, and Mohammed couldn't really fold.

Dorey tabled J♥J♣ for a turned set. Mohammed didn't really want to show his 9♥9♠ but was made to by the dealer. The river was irrelevant. -- HS

3.35pm: Boeree busts Gizzi
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree has added more to her stack after busting Peter Gizzi. I didn't see the hand in question but that hand was recounted to me.

Boeree had pocket twos and Gizzi [A][Q] and the flop of [Q][Q][2] was therefore action inducing. Gizzi bet 1,100, Boeree made it 2,300, Gizzi made it 10,000, Boeree moved all-in and Gizzi called. The turn and river bricked off and Boeree is now up to 49,000. -- NW

3.25pm: Irish six-pack
This is of course the UK and Ireland poker tour and admittedly at times the blog can be a bit UK biased. So Irish readers here's an update on how the Irish cream in today's field is getting on.

UKIPT Galway champion Emmett Mullin has carried his form over the Irish sea as he's on 23,000, whilst Galway runner-up Ronan Gilligan's stack has gone in the opposite direction - he's down to 8,200.

Serial casher Chris Dowling is up to 23,000, Killarney champ Femi Fakinle has 10,000, Gavin Flynn has 12,100 (just folded ace-king to aces pre-flop) and UKIPT Dublin runner-up Chuck Fabian (he's listed as Irish on the player list!) has 10,200.

With the likes of Nick Abou Risk (listed as Irish) and Fintan Gavin also in the field the Irish have a strong contingent on Day 1C. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_emmett mullin.jpg

Emmett Mullin in Galway


3.15pm: MacPhee up, MacPhee down
Kevin MacPhee was getting up to the 20,000 mark, but he is now back down to his starting stack after losing a pot to Ifzal Mohammed. It started with Paul Clark opening to 325 from mid position and William Dorey three betting to 750 from one seat to his left. This kind of thing is red rag to MacPhee's bull, and he four bet to 1,675 in the cut off.

Jude Ainsworth folded his button, but Mohammed called from the small blind. Faced with what seemed to be a lot more action that he would have liked when he started the whole thing, Clark folded. As did Dorey. That left MacPhee and Mohammed for a flop of J♣K♠7♦.

Mohammed check-called MacPhee's bet of 1,425. He check-called MacPhee's bet of 3,200 on the A♦ turn as well. After the Q♠ rivered, Mohammed checked for a third time and MacPhee checked behind. Mohammed tabled K♦[10c] and MacPhee mucked.

"Would you call a shove there?" Mohammed asked. MacPhee politely shook his head and said "No" with a chuckle. -- HS

3.10pm: Another EPT Winner
The number of EPT winners in the field today now stands at six as Toby Lewis has got in as an alternate. The EPT Vilamoura winner had flown from Vienna this morning to play, "I haven't slept," he told me. "But I couldn't miss out on this big a prize pool." -- NW

3.05pm: Chips
Here's a few chip counts from the sea of tables (55 and counting) here at Dusk Till Dawn: Liv Boeree (35,000), Max Silver (11,000), Fintan Gavin (37,000), Jake Cody (14,700), Michael Piper (14,800) and John Kalmar (20,400)

Sam Razavi is on about 18,050 and told me, "I think today is going to see the record for aces cracked by kings," and Nick Abou Risk has doubled up he tweeted: "Doubled! AA > AJ. 3925 at 75/150.

We're doing our best to keep the chip counts page which contains selected (not comprehensive) chip counts updated. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_max silver.jpg

Max Silver

2.50pm: Czech it out
There are a couple of interesting players from the Czech Republic in the field today.

First there's Martin Balaz who is a Supernova Elite on PokerStars he's up to 17,000 and then there's Veronika Pavlikova. The teenager caused a bit of a stir when she won the France Poker Series Snowfest event in Rhone-Alps at the end of March. She took home €70,000 for that win and beat a final table that included Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder and Guillaume Darcourt.

It wasn't so much her age that caused the shock, more that her style of play and confidence drew comparisons with Annette Obrestad. She's going well so far here in Nottingham and you can read all about her victory in Rhone-Alps right here. -- NW

2.40pm: Free afternoon
There's no easy way to say this, but if any of Mark Southwood, Mark Lewis, Tim Van Iperen, Ian Gascoigne, Teemu Vornanen, Sandeep Singh, Henrik Rose, Alex Goulder, Jonathan Kittridge, Neil Fox, Michelle Bennett, Rupinder Bedi, Roman Dohnal, Nicholas Crisp, Larry Mayes or Jonathan Rees tells you they can't pick up the kids this afternoon because they're in the UKIPT Nottingham main event, then they're having you on. That lot are our first batch of fallers on Day 1C. -- HS

2.35pm: Aces good
Something very strange is happening here today. Every time I've seen aces, they have won, and big pots to boot. The latest examples were in the hands of Jonathon Prested, who moved all in for 11,225 on a board of 9♠4♣6♥K♠[10c]. (There was already about 9,000 in the pot by this stage.)

Christopher Czilinsky had the decision to make, and eventually called. But he mucked when Prested tabled A♣A♥. -- HS

2.30pm: Tilt
If you really want to tilt Neil Channing steal his mobile phone. "I had my phone nicked yesterday. That's put me on tilt more than anything else in the past six months," he told me. "Quads over quads or any other cooler in poker I can take, but having my phone stolen really tilted me. I was just reading something on the internet and a kid on a bike nicked it."

So far Channing's tournament is as you were as he's on about 15,300. At the other end of the table sits Tim Blake, a popular UK circuit player who came 4th at the Irish Open in 2008. Blake suffered a stroke last year but is now back playing poker and in his own words is "80% recovered." Good to see you Tim. -- NW

2.20pm: Twittering
During the break a few players tweeted about how their first two levels had gone here's the choice cuts:

Nick Abou Risk - "Lost a 33k pot. KK < KQss on J22ss in 5b pot. Down to 2k "

Chris Dowling - "Got 18k at the first break. Happy as I was as low as 10k at one stage."

Alex Goulder - "Flopped a pair, turned a flush draw. Got it in vs a house. Dream over."


2pm: Tournament housekeeping
That's the end of the second level of the day and players are heading to a 20-minute break. However registration remains open until the end of level six. That's four more hours - plenty of time to get down here and get yourself on the alternates list.

So far today 494 players have joined the fray but that total will tick steadily upward over the next few hours. Day 1A attracted 532, day 1B attracted 557 and if that pattern continues we should have more than 560 today. (Although that's not yet guaranteed.)

Only after registration is officially closed will we have confirmation of the prize pool and the payout structure. Suffice to say the £1m guarantee has been surpassed. -- HS

1.55pm: Good start for Liv
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is up to 31,000, getting three streets with aces. She got check-raised on the river and her table jovially tried to claim she'd nit rolled her opponent Mark Lewis who is now out.

Elsewhere Vicky Coren has 23,000, "Going in the right direction," she tweeted. Jude Ainsworth (13,575) and Marcel Luske (15,025) all are just above or just below starting stack. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree at UKIPT Nottingham in 2011

1.45pm: Squeezing monsters
The squeeze play is so prevalent in poker these days that it has become very difficult to know when it's in use or whether there's simply an old-fashioned monster hand lurking behind. On table 45, Tomas Trampota just lost what must equate to the absolute maximum as Joseph Lalor woke up with a giant that looked like a squeeze.

Richard Young started it, raising to 250 from mid-position. Trampota called in the cut off, which set up the potential squeeze play for anyone who fancied it. Lalor made it 1,000 from the button, which seemed to suggest he was accepting that invitation. Young folded, but Trampota called and that took them to a flop of 2♠9♣5♥.

Trampota checked, Lalor bet 1,500, and Trampota called. The went to an A♥ turn. Trampota checked, Lalor now bet 3,500 and Trampota called again. The Q♦ rivered and Trampota checked for a third time. Lalor now counted out 7,500 from a stack of only about 7,800, obviously hoping to be a short-stack ninja if he was called and beaten here.

Trampota did call but Lalor showed the nuts - A♦A♣ - and Trampota mucked with a rueful shake of the head. "You have second set?" asked a table mate? Trampota didn't answer, but one suspects he had a genuine hand of some sort there.

Lalor may have played the early part like it was a squeeze, but it quickly came to resemble the monster it was. -- HS

1.30pm: Sympathy part two
It's cooler central right now. Ian Gascoigne has been eliminated by a one outer, although he did turn a four outer to take the lead. He held K♣6♣ and an opponent had pocket fives. There was betting on all streets of a [k][6][5][6][5] board with Gascoigne jamming the river and getting called. Four players out so far here in Nottingham. -- NW

1.25pm: Chopping snowmen
Oliver Schaffmann, the German who talks with a Scottish accent, came second here on season one and has been a UKIPT regular ever since. He is sitting on the same table today as Keith Hawkins, himself no stranger to the UKIPT, but also a familiar face on the tournament tables across the world. And online.

This introduction is especially wordy mainly because the hand they just played against one another is so feeble. Schaffmann raised to 250 from the cut off, Hawkins called from the big blind, and they then checked all streets of this board: Q♠5♥9♠J♦3♠.

Turns out, neither were ever likely to improve their hands. After Schaffmann flipped 8♥8♦, Hawkins fipped 8♣8♠. Chuckle, chuckle, chop. -- HS

1.20pm: Sympathy
"Can I get some sympathy on the blog?" asked William Elliot, "I've just been knocked out as a 97.8% favourite." Oh go on then.

Turns out Elliot had 3♠3♣ on a K♦3♥8♣ flop and Peter Haslam had K♥Q♠. Elliot said half the chips went in on the king turn and the rest on the queen river. -- NW

1.10pm: Chip counts
Regular followers of the blog might notice that our chip count page looks a little different today, that's because Gremlins have got into the system overnight and we're having to use a different format to display them right now.

The page itself right now is pretty much a list of the notables and names in the field. As well as the aforementioned big names (see 12.25pm) we've added such glitterati as Irish Open winners Neil Channing and James Mitchell, WSOP bracelet holder Matt Perrins, WSOP Main event finalist Jon Kalmar and UKIPT Season 3 Galway winner Emmett Mullin. -- NW


1pm: MacPhee moving
Kevin MacPhee likes playing poker, in all formats, at all buy-ins and during all levels. He's already mixing it up early today, with differing results. He opened from mid-position to 150, got three bet from the small blind, so let it go. But shortly after, he was involved in another hand, betting 600 after Paul Clark checked a board of 3♣9♥6♠.

Clark called, and they went to a turn of 8♠. After another check, MacPhee bet 1,325 and got another call from Clark, and then the J♦ turned. Check. Bet of 2,400 from MacPhee. Winner.


Kevin MacPhee, pictured earlier this season in Galway

As mentioned earlier, Jude Ainsworth is sitting to his left, so this probably won't be allowed to continue for too long. -- HS

12.55pm: Buckaroo Bedi busted
Rupinder Bedi holds the record for UKIPT cashes but he's bust out of UKIPT Nottingham in what we can only describe as a cooler. He tweeted: "The dream lasted less than an hour. 99 vs kt on kt93t board." Ouch.

Also Femi Fakinle is in the field meaning that the number of UKIPT winners playing today is now equal to the number of EPT winners, five apiece.

12.50pm: Exits
We reported earlier that two players had already bitten the dust today. There's no easy way to say this but if you're a fan of Jonathan Rees or Larry Mayes then you can get back to organising the office Grand National sweepstake. -- NW

12.45pm: Home and Away More neighbours
It seems I've spent too long around my blogging colleague as our brain patterns seem to have synchronised. Right near us in media corner I can see that Kevin Allen is sat next to Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren and two time UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk has UKIPT Manchester Season 2 runner-up Rob Angood on his direct left and Fintan Gavin to his direct right.

Also, the number of EPT winners in the field has now risen to five as Jake Cody is on the player list although he's not in his seat as of yet. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_nick abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk pictured at the Champion of Champions event

12.35pm: Neighbours
Kevin MacPhee has come all this way to Nottingham and has found himself next to Jude Ainsworth. Worse, he's on his right. That one should be a good little contest. Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot is on the next table along, and rumours reach us that Marcel Luske is also in the building. Hide the microphones! -- HS

12.30pm: Another double
EPT Madrid runner-up Fraser MacIntyre is another recipient of an early double up. Holding pocket aces he flopped a full house on a [A][6][6] flop and got ace-jack to stack off on the turn. -- NW

12.25pm: Glittering field
Today's field contains AT LEAST the following:

Rupinder Bedi, Kevin MacPhee, Ronan Gilligan, Sam Razavi, Chris Brammer, Dean Lyall, Keith Hawkins, Victoria Coren, Liv Boeree, Andrew Teng, Nick Abou Risk, Fintan Gavin, Max Silver, Julian Thew, Oliver Schaffmann, Jude Ainsworth and Richard Sinclair.

They represent four EPT champions (Coren, Boeree, Thew and MacPhee), four UKIPT champions (Silver, Abou Risk, Razavi and Sinclair) and a handful of other top, top names. It will be a fun one. -- HS

12.10pm: Double up for Brammer
UKIPT Season 1 leadeboard winner Chris Brammer is off to a good start as he's already doubled up. He had pocket kings and connected nicely with the [K][6][5] flop as did an opponent who had pocket sixes. All the money went in and Brammer is up to 30,000 and we're one player down already. -- NW

Noon: End of the beginning
If you imagine a UKIPT event like an old car on a cold morning - and I'll confess, the notion hadn't crossed my mind until now - then the beginning of Day 1C represents the moment the starter motor finally fires after a couple of unsuccessful, choking turns of the key.

After the klaxon sounds to begin play at noon today, we will be moving in only one direction, sailing through the weekend to Monday's final without having to check back and start again.

It is the last of the three flights that constitute the opening of UKIPT Nottingham, and some time today we will discover precisely how many players are competiting to win precisely how much wonga. It seems likely to be somewhere in the region of 1,700 contesting something close to £1.2m.

That one million guarantee has been comfortable surpassed.

Today's field will likely be even bigger and more shimmering than before, and just as soon as internet issues, taxi issues, cup-of-tea issues are all resolved, we'll have full details of what you can expect today. -- HS


Vicky Coren is in today's field

Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by...we don't know yet. Mickey May is ill!

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT