UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 5-7 updates (200-400 50 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.45pm: Break time
Players are taking a 20-minute break. We will be back in a shiny new post. -- HS

8.40pm: Big stack + good omens. You do the math(s)
Tournament trivia time. During the evening sessions of both days 1A and 1B, table 76 was the place to be for chips. The day 1A leader, Marcin Mille, was sat there, as were two others in the top ten overnight. Similarly yesterday it yielded a couple of the day-end stacks, even if Ken Isaksen was only on the neighbouring table.

The news that Sam Razavi is sitting on that hallowed felt today, behind 65,000 chips, is good for those who believe in omens. Razavi has won one of these things and has come second at an APT event.

He has also made a final table on the Aussie Millions. In short, he has form. And now today he has chips as well. Keep your eyes peeled. -- HS

8.35pm: Fallers
Players continue to bust out in their droves on Day 1C, is there something we don't know? Anyway...

There's no easy way to say this but if Colin Young, Derek Collinson, Jason Savage, Chris Bingham, Martin Hanham, John Dalby, David Gassian, David Burn, Akhil Avasthy, Peter Higgins, Rukes Ahmed, Anthony Pugh, Jonathon Prested, Jake Cody, Ganesh Bathmanathan, Yigit Isilsoy, Richard Milton, Matt Perrins, David Kristiansen, Richard Sinclair, Jamie Coles, Darren Farr, Thomas Syversen, Wayne Penford, Ian Wright, Ian Bradley, Frank Flanagan, John Murray, Martin Donoghue, David Louden, Andrew Miles or Luke Fields claim they can't come home right now because they're in the tournament they're lying.

And if John Gallagher, Andrew Mcbean, Fintan Gavin, Matt Mcgetrick, Sean Davey, Christopher Goodson, Christopher Whitnall, Andrew Teng, Weland Holroyd, Philip Butt, Adrian Smith, Gary Shaw, Pawell Kapczynski, Andreas Valhjalt Afeldt, Jonathan Bowers, Nicolai Kolandjian, Natalie Riley, Kevin Parkes, Patricia Mclean, Arkadiusz Liszewski, Robert Malvasi , Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq, Dave Ulliott, Jehan Zaib, David Rawnsley, Barry O Shea, Kevin Macphee or Damian Collins try to swap a percentage with you in this tournament, walk away swiftly. -- NW

8.30pm: Big boys. And girl
It's not immediately obvious who is the outright individual chip leader in this tournament at the moment, but I'd be amazed if there's a table with more chips on it than No 38.

Veronika Pavlokova (still the most likely candidate for leader) is there, sitting in the one seat with 74,000. But also sharing the felt are Benjamin Jenkins, with 64,000, Spyros Mouzoura, with 64,000 and Martin Donoghue, with 32,000. Toby Lewis is also there, with a smaller stack but a much bigger reputation. -- HS

8.25pm: Chip counts
Team PokerStars pro Jude Ainsworth is on 28,750, Chris Brammer has 38,000, Nik Persaud currently has 24,000 which is 2,000 more than Emmett Mullin. Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong is still in, although he's short with just 6,400, Neil Channing has 11,000 and Jon Kalmar is on 26,600. -- NW

8.20pm: Cody eliminated
I think we may have cursed Jake Cody as he's now out. I didn't catch the hand with my own eyes but am told that Cody had [A][J] on the button and
Edward Roger found queens in the small blind. There was action pre-flop and the rest went in on a [J][10][4] flop and Cody failed to catch on the turn or river. Roger now has a stack of about 65,000. -- NW

8.10pm: Sinclair sunk
The curse of the champion of champions continues for Richard Sinclair as he's just been eliminated from this tournament.

The Scotsman opened to 900, Przemek Piotrowski three-bet to 2,000, Sinclair moved all-in for 8,150 and Piotrowski made the call.

Sinclair: A♦K♦
Piotrowski: [10d][10h]

The flop of 8♠[10c]7♦ saw Sinclair up and out of his seat before the dealer completed the board with the K♥Q♣.

Word also reaches us that Matt Perrins is out, losing with ace-king against the pocket nines of Spyros Mouzoura. -- NW

8pm: Sharky
As mentioned earlier (see 7.25pm update), the unofficial feature table today features Jake Cody. He is sitting near the rail and has a fan club of poker aficionados watching and learning from the master. Cody has more than 30,000 chips, so that's plenty for him to do some damage.

Also on the table, however, is Edward Gascoigne, who has about 60,000 chips and a few mates of his own watching on. -- HS


Jake Cody


Edward Gascoigne

7.50pm: Perrins slips back
It's been a bit of a grind so far today for Matt Perrins, if he managed to snaffle a few chips they seem to be gone soon after and that pattern has continued. "Had 18k at dinner just lost ak vs a5 1st hand back for 12k... Down to 12k." -- NW

7.45pm: Tough for tufat
Andrew Teng is out, continuing his luckless streak in UKIPT Main Events. The man known as "tufat" has made hay on numerous other tours, and recently came third in a High Roller event in Galway. But he hasn't yet cashed in main events under this particular banner.

The hand that did the damage this time was against Charles Flynn and would probably be notated on message boards and/or Twitter as "JJ < 77 all in pre". Flynn had opened with the sevens, Chen shoved, Flynn called all in.

A seven flopped and that was a bad card for Teng. He went out soon after. -- HS

7.40pm: Back as one
The remaining 327 players are now all back in their seats and playing level seven. This and four more still to navigate in order to get to Day 2. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400 50 ante

7.30pm: Slowly does it
This is called the post-prandial slump. After the chaos of the earlier levels, action is notably slower now with the only half of the field at the table those who have pigged out on fish and chips, chicken or something else. Even the table featuring Sam Razavi and Andrew Teng is quiet. Well, the action is, but Razavi is keeping the volume up with bursts of song punctuated by anecdotes from Frankie and Benny's restaurant where he spent his break. (Reading between the lines, it doesn't get a Razavi Star for Cuisine.)

The only pot of note kind of fizzled out. Gavin Powell opened to 725, Charles Flynn, one seat to his left in the hijack, made it 1,750 and when it was folded back to Powell, he four bet to 3,750.

There was a match hovering somewhere near the touchpaper, but Flynn folded and again we plod on slowly. The rest of the field is due back in 10 minutes, and things will likely pick up after that. -- HS

7.25pm: Chips for Cody
There's quite a crowd gathered around table 11. It may be that it's because it's the closest table to the rail and to the cash desk, but it's more likely because it cotains Jake Cody. While the Rochdale youngster may be a member of the exclusive triple crown club (EPT, WPT and WSOP title/bracelet) he's yet to win a UKIPT main event, although he did win the high roller here last year.

And, he just added 7,000 or so to his stack after eliminating Christopher Goodson. It was Goodson who was first into the pot, he raised to 725, Magnus Martin flat called and Cody then raised to 2,300 from the big blind. Back on Goodson he moved all-in for 7,275 total, Martin folded and Cody called almost instantly.

Cody: A♦K♦
Goodson: K♣J♠

The board ran out 9♠Q♥A♣2♦8♦ and Goodson shook Cody's hand and said, "Good game," as he walked off. Cody is up to 28,000. -- NW

7.15pm: Tasty table
Table 38 is definitely one to keep an eye on as not only does it contain Veronika Pavlikova (seat one) but also EPT winner Toby Lewis (seat two), WSOP Bracelet winner Matt Perrins (seat four) and Ben Jenkins (seat seven). -- NW

7.05pm: Stacking up
There appears to be a group of players all on around the 55- 60,000 mark, which whilst no the chip lead is more than double average. They include: Bayazit Zorlu (55,000), Arturs Daugis (54,000), Phil Goron (56,000) and George Hassabis (60,000). -- NW

6.55pm: In Memorium
There's no easy way to say this, but there have been so many players busting since the last time we could find no easy way to say what you know we have to say that we're going to have to find no easy way to identify about 45 names, and then find no easy way to say that another 45 have busted. There's really no easy way to do this.

Anyhow, this lot have bust: Jamie Wilkinson, Dean Elwell-Deighton, Gavin Talbott, Mark Chantler, Masaki Kawano, Michael Welland, David Zermon, Albin Boruc, Teresa Clark, Adrian Gray, Zachary Ford, Ian Wright, Tomas Trampota, Jakub Kyrian, Tomas Pleticha, Mark Warnock, Andrija Martic, Venkata Gireesh Kumar Desu, Vamshi Chaitanya Vandanapu, Andrew Phillips, Jaroslaw Lipien, Nick Ramsey, David Barraclough, Peter Self, Gary Peniket, Gladys Long, Charlotte Godwin, Radoslaw Kopec, Petter Brunell, Umar Khan, Ben Farman, Stephen Mckay, Neville Oates, Ashley Chase, Colin Bidwell, Paul Romain, Jean-Pierre Gazian, Frode Hoel, Ashley Patterson, Mark Spellman, Rhys Jones, Thomas Horton, Dean Lyall, William Dorey

As have this lot:
Mark Goodchild, Richard Iwan Strittmatter, Inderpal Doshanjh, Charles Chattha, Jace Swift, Russ Cochran, Paul Davies, Mohammed Suhail, Carl Grant, Paul Senter, Michael Shaw, Victoria Coren, Vincent Isoz, Pat West, Claire Robinson, James Walsh, Nigel Hannan, Charles Snowden, Branimir Barac, Nicholas Gibson, Julian Thew, Edward Ash, Allan Muggleton, Borui Xu, John Keown, Jamie Roberts, Jonny Gawith, Christopher Brider, Cina Fara, Nicholas Abou Risk, Kiyas Gungor, Douglas Macqueen, Mosjin El-Yakoubi, Casper Kyhl, Thor-Erik Hoftaniska, Joe Laming, Joop Sjouwerman, Gregoire Monnay, John Dunford, Ryan Spittles, Colette Murphy, Rickie Silcock, Max Silver, Alan Oakley, Mark Wates.

The tournament board is showing that 345 players remain from the 517 who sat down today, and with only 40 minutes left on registration, time is running out. Get yourself down here. You'll get a 15,000 starting stack, and all those sharks listed above are already gone. -- HS

6.40pm: Second sitting
The first half of the buffet feasters have returned to their seats. The second half have now joined the long queue to get their fill. This is now the second half of the last dinner break of the week. The plan for the last three days is to play something like eight levels, right through. -- HS

6.30pm: New chip leader
Earlier (see post at 2.50pm) I introduced you to Czech sensation Veronika Pavlikova. She recently won a PokerStars France Poker Series event.


Veronika Pavlikova

Well she's at it again here in Nottingham as with 75,000 she's the probable chip leader. -- NW

6.20pm: Easy for Emmett
UKIPT Galway champion Emmett Mullin has unsurprisingly been letting his hair down since winning €100,000, "Aye I've done plenty of partying," he told me. "I played the Irish Open and I'm trying to settle down and get back to it," he added.

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_emmett mullin2.jpg

Emmett Mullin

It's going well so far in Nottingham as he's got around 36,000. -- NW

6.15pm: Stealing from the chop
There was hardly anything in the pot - about 1,200 only suggesting three players limped pre-flop - taking them to a board of K♦K♥J♠. But then it seems as though the fireworks flew. Huang Guoxun had 900 in front of him, Richard Milton had 3,500 in front of him and Anthony Woolley was all in for 9,550.

Huang called, which gave Milton the opportunity to get away. Woolley tabled K♣5♣ and Huang nodded a sigh of relief. His K♠4♥ was behind, but this was a certain chopped pot, right?


The [10s] turned and the 5♠ rivered. Woolley got it all to himself. -- HS

6.05pm: Lewis, Liv and more
Toby Lewis was one of many who got into today's tournament as an alternate. He might though be the only one who flew in from Vienna to be here.

He only got in during level three and he's had a up and down time of it so far, "13k to 20k to 12k and now 24k," he tweeted.

Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree has just been moved tables. She took 55,600 with her. Matt Perrins - who was eagerly awaiting the introduction of antes - is up to 19,600, and with 19,000 James Mitchell has a similar stack to the WSOP bracelet winner.

Chris Brammer (29,400) and Sam Razavi (23,625) are two of the notables who are currently on their dinner break. -- NW

5.55pm: Roberts roasts Mulders
After a limp from under the gun, Joe Roberts made it 900 from the hijack. Roberts came third in Galway a few weeks back and is on a UKIPT heater. Johannes Mulders was prepared to put Roberts to the test, though, and announced that he was all in for 8,025. The decision passed back round to Roberts, who said, "Call?" slightly quizzically, as if he was actually asking a question.


Joe Roberts

If he was doubting his decision, it turned out to be the right one. He tabled 9♥9♣ and was ahead of Mulders' K♦Q♣ even before the flop - 5♠9♦A♥ - gave him a set. The turn was [10s] and, well, look what came on the river: 9♠. Quads were good to take Roberts up to about 26,000. Mulders is out.

Liv Boeree is still table captain over there, mind you. She has about 55,000. Funnily enough, we have a photograph of Boeree from today.


Liv Boeree at UKIPT Nottingham season three

Why is it that even brand new photographers to the poker game head straight to Boeree's table. -- HS

5.50pm: Ainsworth doubles up
This post does exactly what it says in the title. I just saw Team PokerStars pro Jude Ainsworth score a near double up and eliminate William Dorey in the process.

Dorey was on the button and min-raised to 600, Ainsworth three-bet to 1,650 from the small blind, Dorey jammed all-in for just less than 10,000 and Ainsworth made the call.

Dorey: J♦[10c]
Ainsworth 8♠8♥

The board ran K♥9♦K♦8♦9♠ and Dorey was drawing dead on the river, Ainsworth said: "There'd been a bit of history," as he stacked his chips. Ainsworth up to 26,000 -- NW

5.40pm: Food!
Earlier Kevin MacPhee tweeted that he couldn't find the food button, given the context he meant fold, but it acts as a nice little segway to the fact that half the field are now attempting to find the food button as they're on dinner break. The other half continue and play level six. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300 25 ante

5.35pm: Thew through
In a bad few minutes for former EPT champions, Julian Thew has also left the building. Jake Cody, Toby Lewis and Liv Boeree are still in, but Kevin MacPhee is also on the sidelines.-- HS

5.30pm: Coren crushed
Greg Howard has just accounted for Victoria Coren, sending the Team PokerStars Pro to the rail with flush-draw over flush-draw that became flush over flush. According to Howard, who was stacking up Coren's remaining chips, Coren raised from the cut off to 700. David La Ronde called in the small blind and that persuaded Howard to call from the big.

They saw a flop of 5♦7♦7♠ and La Ronde bet 850. Howard called and Coren moved all in for her last 6,000. La Ronde got out the way of that but Howard called with K♦3♦. Coren had J♦Q♦ and so if the flush had come, Coren would have been beaten. -- HS

5.25pm: News in brief
Here's a few snippets of what's been happening on the tournament floor...

- Jamie Roberts is out, "I lost a 50k pot with queens against ace-king," he told me
- Michael Piper is up to, "running good at getting people to do what i want," he tweeted.
- Jeff Kimber has 40,000 a bit of a cryptic tweet but it seems a set of nines gave him a boost.
- Matt Perrins is on 16,000 and Toby Lewis has 11,000 both courtesy of recent double ups. -- NW

5.20pm: Gift of the Gav
Fintan Gavin has racked up almost $1,400,000 in career earnings and I just saw a little flash of how he's done that.

Grzegorz Matla opened to 650 on the button, Gavin three-bet to 1,700 from the small blind only for Rob Angood to make it 4,250 from the big blind. It passed back to Gavin and he made the call, leaving himself perhaps 11,000 back.

The flop was A♥9♣J♠ and Gavin took the initiative, leading out for 6,000, Angood gave a sigh and extravagantly folded, by tossing his cards a couple of feet in the air towards the dealer. As he took the pot Gavin rolled over pocket fives and Angood made a face that suggested he folded the best hand. -- NW

5.10pm: No Silver lining
I was about to write about how Max Silver and Jake Cody were sat at the same table but, Silver, who was down to 11,000, has just been eliminated. He tweeted, "Out. B3b ai on 983ss with JT and ran into 33. Gl all."

Jake Cody though is very much alive, he's got just above 15,000, I just saw him raise to 750 from the button and win the blinds uncontested. -- NW

5pm: There's no easy way...
...either to say this or to write it, but all of this lot will not be winning UKIPT Nottingham. They are the latest eliminees: Jamie Coonan, Endre Sagstuen, Femi Fakinle, Bayazit Zorlu, Gordon Happer, George Stewart, Winston Jones, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Jamie Birdsey, Sandiep Khosa, Adam York, Nicholas Prycem, Satnam Sandhu, Albert Rolander, Lloyd Bridge, Gavin Flynn, Chris Bulmer, Mateusz Warowiec, Dean Hendry, Ronan Gilligan, Daniel Charlton, Alex Rhys Davies, Tim Blake, Michael Horne, Alasdair Smith, Ben Martin, George Clyde-Smith, Firat Baltaci, Ifzal Mohammed, Yordan Petrov, Michal Polchlopek, Craig Betteridge, Anooj Sareen, Simeon Zacharias. -- HS

4.50pm: 1603 and rising
The total number of players is now 1,603 one of the latest to take their seat in the tournament is none other than Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong. He's sat to the right of Jack Ellwood who is up to 24,000. -- NW

4.40pm: Abou Risk out
Earlier Nick Abou Risk had spun his stack of 2,000 up to 8,000 but he's now out. "Well that was fun... Out! KK < TT of Mr. R.Angood bvb to get me back to starting stack," he tweeted.

Elsewhere Sam Razavi is up to 32,000, Chris Dowling has 20,000, Jude Ainsworth is down to 10,000 and Mehtab Shabir appears to be the early chip leader with 65,000. - NW

4.30pm: Into level five
That's the end of that break, and we are now progressing into level five. Vicky Coren may have wished the break had come a few minutes earlier as she lost a big chunk of her stack just at the end.

Coren is sitting close to media row, and we heard her say, "Ah, straight flush. Nice hand sir. Easy game." And she soon headed to Twitter to confirm it: "Oh for heavens' sake! Straight flush for my opponent, nice hand sir... Down to 10k now, need a change of fortune to buck these odds."


Vicky Coren on day 1C

Follow Vicky at @VictoriaCoren. It's good, because she often tweets about stuff that is nothing to do with poker.

Coren's demise also gives us the opportunity to introduce our new photographer for the day, Mark Gregory. With poor Mickey May laid up sick, Gregory has been drafted in. His first subject was Coren, who he also then tracked outside on the break for a private shoot.



Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos: Mark Gregory.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT