UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 8-11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.50am: Done
Play is over for the day and it appears Chris Brammer is the overnight chip leader from this third and final Day one flight. A full wrap of the day's play is on the way. Join all the remaining runners and riders from 12 noon tomorrow when play restarts. -- NW

1.28am: Four more hands
The tournament clock has been paused and players will be dealt four more hands before bagging and tagging commences. -- NW

1.25am: Ellwood out
Jack Ellwood is a late faller, he ran pocket queens into the pocket kings of Mark Hawkes.

Paul Foltyn, is up to 60,000 "I sucked out," was all he would tell me. -- NW

1.15am: Stacking a claim
As the day draws to a close a few more contenders for the top spot on the chip charts are emerging.

Chris Brammer is on 169,000 and Gareth Teatum has a similar amount. The latter got a boost to his stack by eliminating Louise Duffy when he had pocket kings to here K♣J♣ the money going in on the flop and turn of a 8♦3♦K♦J♥4♠ board. -- NW

1.05am: The magic table 76
We mentioned earlier how table 76 has had a habit this week of propagating the big stacks, and this evening has been absolutely no exception to that rule. Sam Razavi and Richard Young are still going strong, but the new daddy is Nikita Staroverov. He has at least 160,000 at this point, and it may be even more than that. If his chip towers are in precise 20s, then 160,000 is his count. But I've got a feeling they're slightly taller than normal, which could put him closer to the 190,000 mark. There's 25 minutes until bagging, when all will be revealed.

Meanwhile Chris Brammer, who was the first person to double up today, is still purring along. He is now up to 155,000. -- HS

1am: News in brief
-Steven Warburton is up to 150,000 he was on the right side of an aces versus queens cooler against Steven Harding in a pot worth 120,000.
- Keith Hawkins has 13,000, tablemate Jeff Kimber is on 40,000 whilst Nathan Kiely (seat one at that table) is another of the stacks with around 150,000
- Emmett Mullin has 18,400. "I'm grinding," he told me. "Every time I chip up I get knocked down again.

Just 35 minutes left in the day. -- NW

12.55am: Playing the rush
A quick word about Scott Kenyon. He was up all of last night, winning about $7,000 for taking down a $16 tournament on PokerStars. He decided to play the rush and motor up to Dusk Till Dawn to join the day 1C field of the UKIPT as an alternate.

It seemed like being a good decision as Kenyon moved up to about 100,000 earlier today. He's slipped back again now, but is still battling. With 40 minutes left he has about 40,000 and had better start thinking about a hotel room for the night.


Scott Kenyon: the rush continues

He didn't have time to arrange that in his haste. -- HS

12.45am: Razavi coolered
Sam Razavi is down to 50,000 after losing that most classic of races: "Just lost a 60k flip ak into qq." He's still in good spirits though as I can hear him from where I'm sat.


Sam Razavi

Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is still in, he's got 66,000 although the Irishman's stack is dwarfed by Rowan Schaap. The Dutchman, who is two to Ainsworth's left, has 130,000. -- NW


Rowan Schaap

12.35am: Last level
As we head into the last level of the night Don Campbell (167,000) appears to be the chip leader. Both Robert Parkin and Tim Clark have around 150,000.

Players are now back in their seats and cards are in the air.-- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 100

12.23am: Break
Ten down, one to go. The players are on a final break of the evening, back in 15. -- NW

12.15am: Salinkova slays aces
Alina 'Catgirl' Salnikova has just cracked aces with [10s]7♠. A comfortably stacked Sanders Jansen raised to 2,500 (for the second hand in a row) with what turned out to be A♣A♥ and Salinkova moved all-in from the big blind for 16,000, instant call - as you'd expect.

The flop of [10h]7♥9♣ saw her vault into the lead and she stayed there on the 6♦ turn and Q♠ river.


Sanders Jansen

Despite that dent Jansen still has 130,000. -- NW

12.05am: No luck of the Irish
It's not been a good level for former Irish Open winners as both Neil Channing and James Mitchell are out.

160 players remain. -- NW

11.55pm: Frazer flounders
Ian Frazer has flown under the radar for the most part so far today but he's chipped up to around 100,000, well that was until this hand went down.

Frazer came in for a raise, making it 2,200 to go, it passed to Adam Palethorpe who three-bet to 4,900, back on Frazer he nonchalantly threw in a blue 5k chip to call.

The flop fell 9♦A♠7♥ and both players checked to see the K♥ fall on the turn. At this juncture Frazer decided to take the lead, betting 7,000, call from Palethorpe. The river was the [10h], not exactly a blank, and perhaps with this in mind both players rapped the table, Palethorpe rolled over A♦J♦ to claim the pot.

Despite that hiccup Frazer is still well stacked with about 80,000. -- NW

11.45pm: Chopping Boeree
One suspects that if Liv Boeree wasn't currently in the midst of an extended massage, she would be a lot more angry about this hand than she currently appears. After Veronika Pavlikova opened to 2,100 from the button, the Team PokerStars Pro shipped from the small blind for about 20,000. Pavlikova, with a stack about five times the size of that, called and Boeree was in great shape.

Boeree: A♥Q♣
Pavlikova: A♦5♦

The board, though, had other ideas. The flop was 7♦A♣A♠, giving both top trips. And then the turn 7♥ gave them both the same full house. Only a queen on the river would now decide it in Boeree's favour, but instead it was the 6♥. Chop, chop. -- HS


Liv Boeree: Missed the double up

11.25pm: Big stacks
A wander around the tournament room reveals that these four gentlement: Kenneth Kull (105,000), Nick Woodward (85,000), Sanders Jensen (115,000) and Huang Guoxun (99,000) appear to be the closest challengers to Veronika Pavlikova (130,000). -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000 100 ante

11.15pm: Prizes!
The abacus wires of Dusk Till Dawn are as tangled as a Slinky after a 9-year-old's tantrum. That can only mean that the prize pool information has now been calculated.

The winner of this tournament will take £210,400, the lion's share of a £1,137,500 prize pool. Click over to the prizepool page for full details of how this all breaks down. -- HS

11.10pm:Piper and Dowling's dreams over
Michael Piper is one of those to exit during level nine, he tweeted: "Aaaaaaand its gone, QTs < JJ on T55r. #gg ukipt, still yet to make a day 2!"

Chris Dowling is another to go, "Busted.... Folded around to the SB and he shoves, I'm in the BB with A2 and 9 bigs? Enough said really," he tweeted. -- NW

11pm: Pavlikova getting the cake
On the table nearest to us on media corner sit Veronika Pavlikova and Liv Boeree in seats one and two respectively. This is more than enough for us to keep our eye on that table and indeed Pavlikova just scooped another pot to take her stack to around 130,000.

I only saw the action live as she was scooping the pot but it seemed that she had 4♥3♥ and had made a seven high straight to eliminate Krzysztof Nega who had turned a set of sevens and was saying. "I couldn't get away from it." The Czech may well now be chip leader. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 1c_veronika pavlikova.jpg

Veronika Pavlikova

10.55pm: Frazer the raiser and the chatterer
No one really wants to play for nine hours and then go home with nothing, but such will be the fate of about another 90 players tonight if the past two days are anything to go by. The tournament information board is currently showing that 204 players remain and the previous two days have ended with about 110 left. It's not a precise science, but it seems likely to be repeated today.

Ian Frazer has been in this position on numerous previous occasions and knows how to profit from uncertainty. He also knows not to give anything of his own away at this late stage, and is using his experience judiciously on table 25 at the moment.

Folded to him on the button, Frazer opened to 1,600. Richard Dawson was the only caller, in the big blind, and they saw a 7♥Q♦6♣ flop. Dawson checked. Frazer bet 2,100 and now Dawson raised, making it 6,100.

Frazer asked the dealer to pull in the raise, meaning he had to cut down the chips into smaller denominations, and during the whole process Frazer was only actually staring at Dawson. Frazer then asked Dawson how much he had left, and even after Dawson pointed Frazer to his stack, his inquisitor actually only continued to look at Dawson's face.

Frazer had seen enough and three bet, to 9,000. That put Dawson into the tank, but he opted to spend most of the time quizzing Frazer, with the usual "What have you got?" and "Will you call if I go all in?" half questions that don't really seem to expect a response.

Frazer is always up for a chat, and his replies included, among others: "I don't really want to go out." "I'd have to re-evaluate." "I've got a better hand than you." And then, eventually, "Clock!"

A tournament official duly arrived, counted Dawson all the way down (during which the chatter continued) and then Dawson folded. That's how it goes in these late stages. -- HS

10.50pm: Big stacks
Both Kristian Linnell (90,000) and Huang Guoxun (99,000) are playing themselves into contention here on Day 1C. They're two of the biggest stacks we've seen so far. -- NW

10.40pm: Four-way pot, no action
I was hopeful I'd stumbled on a potentially explosive pot when four players on table 22 all put in 1,700 to see a flop of 4♠[10s]8♠. But that was the heaviest action there was as the flop and 2♣ turn were checked through, before Rowan Schaap (original raiser) bet 3,100 on the J♦ river. Matthew Buckland decided to give him a spin, Schapp showed J♣6♣ which was good. -- NW

10.30pm: Always an ace
There's always an ace on the flop when you don't want one, that's what we imagine David Gunter was thinking after he tussled in a pot with Shaun Conning.

Pre-flop Gunter made it 1,700 to go from the hi-jack, Conning raised to 4,000, Gunter made it 9,000 and Conning flat called.

The flop fell A♠3♣Q♠ and Gunter bet small in comparison to the pot, just 5,800, Conning quickly moved in for about 25,000 and Gunter folded in frustration and showed K♦K♥ as he did so. -- NW


10pm: Busting at the seams
There's no easy way to say this, but there are so many people who have just busted in the last level that we're going to let them tell you who they are themselves. They did, however, include: Rob Yong, David Tighe, Toby Lewis and Oliver Schaffmann.

Players are now going on a 20-minute break while the tournament officials race off the green, 25 denomination chips. They'll return to a one-chip ante (worth 100) and blinds of 400-800.-- HS

9.50pm: Dowling gets a double
According to the twitterverse, Chris Dowling has just doubled up through Jude Ainsworth. It's always good to get both sides of the coup. Dowling said: "Doubled through @Jainsworthpoker shoved 11bb from btn with 94o which easily deals with his A9."

The Team PokerStars Pro didn't even dip his toes in bad beat waters simply saying. "Just doubled up @ballymorechris (Dowling). Was up to 44k got 35k now av is 31k." -- NW

9.45pm: In and out of the lead
Sanders Jansen just flickered onto our radar as a man with possibly a tournament leading stack - about 130,000. And then as we waited to watch him play a pot, he duly did. And lost about 12,000 or so.

There was about 5,000 in the pot when we arrived, and a flop of J♣[10h]8♠ spread on the board. Leonidas Maroulis checked it, Jansen bet 3,200 and David Thor Runarsson ran away. Maroulis called.

The two of them check the 9♦ turn, taking them to a 3♦ river. Maroulis bet 5,500 and Jansen contented himself with a call. Perhaps he smelled what lurked in Maroulis's hand: he turned over K♠Q♠ for the nut straight to the king.

Jansen flipped his A♣Q♣ for the smaller straight. Jansen still has about 100,000 but it's not as good as it was a few moments before. -- HS

9.35pm: Chips
Sanders Jansen with 130,000 appears to be the chip leader right now and Richard Young has 110,000.

Here's the counts of some of the other players still plugging away on Day 1C: Paul McTaggart (76,000), Veronika Pavlikova (85,000), Paul Foltyn (17,600), Jack Ellwood (28,000), Rob Yong (19,000), Chris Brammer (36,000), Rob Angood (67,000), Keith Hawkins (37,000) and Neil Channing (12,000)
-- NW


Rob Yong, owner of Dusk Till Dawn, playing today

9.20pm: A couple of exits
I caught two hands and two exits on my last lap of the cardroom that suggest pre-flop all-ins are becoming more common.

Hand One: Markus Garberg open ripped the button all-in for 15,000 with 9♣2♣ and looked pretty unhappy that Daniel Robertson decided to call him with A♣J♥. A board of A♦[10d]2♥K♠Q♥ later and his day was done.

Hand Two: James Morris opened to 1,600, Gudjon Heidar Valgardsson then moved all-in for 18,100 and Morris called off the extra.

Valgardsson: J♦J♣
Morris: A♦K♥

The board was a cruel 6♥7♠8♦8♥A♥, it's never nice to get done on the river. -- NW

9.10pm: Spitfire display
Ever since the poker boom ignited, those folk who had taken the brave career choice to make a living out of embroidering clothing have been in clover. Previously they had to scrap it out for the honor to stitch "Raging Roy" or "The Force" into the shiny short-sleeved shirts of darts players. But these days there are any number of poker teams drawn from any number of player pools, who all need their affiliation stitched on their livery. "My House Poker Club 2009 - Team Pro" and the like.

One player in the field tonight has a somewhat more impressive bit of stitching going on. The white block capitals on the side of Lee Townsend's cap declare him to be a member of a "Spitfire Display Team". This conjures charming images of my colleague Stephen Bartley (a real fan of the war, like all dads) standing holding his son's hand in a cold Farnborough field staring at Townsend buzzing overhead. (Young Master Bartley, one suspects, would likely be staring at an ice cream van.)


Lee Townsend

Townsend is clearly enjoying his afternoon on solid ground at the moment. He has about 25,000, which is OK for this stage. That said, he just lost a pot to Fraser Bellamy, who is chipping up nicely on table one.

Bellamy opened to 1,200 from under the gun and Townsend called in mid-position. Dominik Dimitrovic also called from the big blind and it was three of them to a flop of 8♥2♥4♠. Dimitrovic checked, Bellamy bet 2,000 and Townsend made it 4,000. Only Bellamy called.

That took them to a 3♠ turn and after Bellamy checked, Townsend bet 3,000. Bellamy didn't think too long before moving all in for about 20,800. Townsend snap-folded.

Bellamy will need to be careful. Townsend will be strafing his house. Or at least performing a somersault over it. -- HS

9.05pm: News in brief
Here's a few snippets for you courtesy of twitter...

- Michael Piper is up to 46,500

Chris Dowling is clinging on with 11 big blinds (6,600)

- UKIPT Dublin finalist David Docherty is on 19,000

- Jeff Kimber is on 45,000

- The average stack is 29,250

8.55pm: Back to it
And another break is in the books as players return to the fray. The tournament information board tells us that 281 are still remaining from today's starting field of 536.

The bean counters and number crunchers are currently busy finalising, verifying, ratifying and shallowfrying the figures and we expect to have full prize pool and payout information shortly. A little bird tells me that second place this year could end up being worth more than first place was last.

This has been quite some tournament. And day one is not even over yet.

Righto, all focus. That's means you too Jude Ainsworth.


Jude Ainsworth: focused

Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mark Gregory.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT