UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 19-22 updates (10,000-20,000 2,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.35pm: Break time
That's the end of level 22, players are now on a 20 minute break. You'll find level 23 updates in a new post. --NW

4.30pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this, but if you have an each way bet on any of David Hudson, Jason Herbert, Seun Oluwole, Costas Constantinou, Mark Karoullas, Jack Mcdermott, Timothy Chung or Michael Howard, it's lost. That applies if you had a "to win" bet as well. They're all out. -- HS

4.25pm: Chips
A few chip counts: Sean Byrne (1,100,000), Grant Pirie (1,700,000), Kevin Kevin Iacofano (770,000) and Warren Bennett (1,500,000). -- NW

4.20pm: Baguley schools Hudson
Robert Baguley is on a charge and has just sent David Hudson to the rail in a big pair versus big pair coup. The former was the senior party in more ways than one: he had kings to Hudson's jacks and flopped another one. -- HS


David Hudson, out

4.10pm: An exit and a double up
It has not been a good five minutes for anyone all-in with ace-queen. First Jason Herbert was eliminated when Przemek Piotrowski's pocket sixes held up on a 4♣4♦K♦[10s]K♥ pot. That pot was worth about a million and Piotrowski, who is seated to the direct right of Iqbal Ahmed, is up to 2,400,000 and the second biggest stack behind Ahmed.

ukipt_notthingham_day3_przemek piotrowski.jpg

Przemek Piotrowski

Then almost as soon as that hand was done, on a different table Hasmukh Khodiyara doubled through Jamie Dale, the former's K♣J♣ spiking on the J♠6♣3♠9♠4♠ board. He's up to 950,000, Dale is down to 350,000. -- NW

4pm: Gordon Bennett! Warren surges into seven figures
What's your four-bet jamming range? Situation dependent, of course, but Mark Karoullas just shipped in his short-ish stack with 9♣8♥ after being three bet by Warren Bennett. Bennett wasn't doing it light though. He had K♥K♠, which held on a 2♦2♣Q♥5♠A♠ board.

Karoullas was the player who rivered a king on day one when he was all in with kings against aces, and he played that rush all the way to 29th place today. That's worth £2,700.

Bennett, meanwhile, has more than 1.5m. -- HS

3.55pm: Chips
There's just 31 players remaining now and we've got everyone's chip count here. The guys listed below are the current top five:

Iqbal Ahmed 3,000,000
James Cummings 1,600,00
Barry McMahon 1,350,000
Sean Byrne 1,150,000
Christopher Brammer 980,000

chips_Ukipt_nottingham_day 3.jpg

The chip leaders stack

3.45pm: Triple double
Three double ups in quick succession to tell you about:

Hand one: Chihao Tsang doubled through Chris Brammer in fortuitous circumstances, his pocket tens rivering a set against Brammer's pocket kings. The all-in was for 211,000 knocking Brammer down to 980,000.


Chihao Tsang

Hand two: Jack McDermott's overcards - A♥J♥ spiked against the pocket eights of Keith Ridley on a 3♠J♥4♥7♥5♠ board. McDermott up to 600,000, Ridley down to 900,000.

Hand three: Scott van der Vliet had to pass 378,000 of his stack to Robert Baguley after the latter's A♣K♣ got there against Van der Vliet's pocket sevens on a 3♣2♠K♦K♥J♣ board. -- NW

3.40pm: Michael Howard voted out
Michael Howard is out, the victim of Majid Iqbal - and some wishes from the rail that came true. Howard's short stack was all in with K♥Q♣ versus Iqbal's 5♣5♥. "Five in the window!" bellowed one of Iqbal's supporters and the dealer immediately obliged. The flop came 5♦5♠3♥ and needless to say the quads were in front.

"Well if you're going to go out, you might as well go out like that," continued to commentator from beside the table. Howard didn't seem to hear it, which is probably for the best.


Michael Howard

He made his way to the cash window and we're down to 31. -- HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

3.30pm: Ahmed up to 3 million
As the title of this post suggests, Iqbal Ahmed didn't relinquish his chip lead for long. I didn't see the hand but Jason Beazley told me that Ahmed had jack-ten and check-raised Michael Howard on a jack high flop, bet 175,000 on a blank turn and 400,000 when the river was another jack. Ahmed up to around three million now, Howard down to under 400,000. -- NW

3.20pm: Pearce pierced
It's all over for Richard Pearce, who got involved in a pre-flop raising war with Michael Howard and was behind when all the chips finally got in the middle. Howard had queens, Pearce had jacks. There were no miracles on the board and Pearce's race is run. -- HS

3.15pm: One pound
There are many things you can get for a pound these days but it's not often you can turn a pound into £220,400. But Scott van der Vliet still has a chance of making that a reality. He qualified to this event on PokerStars for just a pound and is currently going along nicely on 940,000.


Scott van der Vliet

He's definitely turned that pound into £3,400 but he'll be hoping it'll stretch even further. -- NW

3.10pm: Ridley makes bait of Batey
More aces on table 12 where Keith Ridley has just eliminated Liam Batey. Batey had about 365,000 and 8♠8♥ and got it in pre-flop. But it was no match for Ridley's A♥A♦ when the 7♥3♦Q♥7♦K♦ fell.


Keith Ridley

Batey is out, Ridley is up close to a million. -- HS

3.05pm: Chihao the ladies man
Chihao Tsang has just doubled through Craig Burke in a hand that took about five minutes to complete.

All the action happened pre-flop, Tsang opened to 26,000 from the hi-jack, Burke three-bet to 57,000 from the button, Tsang moved all-in and this is where the hold up started.

Almost immediately Burke, who had about 350,000 back, asked for a count. The dealer counted Tsang's chips and Burke then asked for the 57,000 to be pulled in and for a count of the amount it was to call. Eventually it was determined that it was 167,000 more for Burke to call the all-in.

He clearly had a close decision both in terms of the hand he had and the damage that would be done to his stack should he call and lose, but after reasoning it all out he decided to call. On their back:

Burke: A♠[10s]
Tsang: Q♣Q♠

The board ran K♦5♦3♣Q♥4♣ to double Tsang up and leave Burke with 160,000. -- NW

2.50pm: Dobson dusted. Senior growing up
As wonky-eyed warbler Gabrielle famously informed us, dreams can come true. But not always. After Ben Dobson open shoved from the hijack and Ian Senior over shoved from the seat to his left, Dobson probably knew he was in a spot of bother. Indeed his A♠[10c] was crushed by Senior's A♥A♦, but that didn't stop him dreaming.

"Come on, give me jack, queen, king of spades," he said.
"You don't ask for much," scoffed Nick Woodward from the nine seat.

Well the request was out there, but it was ignored by whoever decides these things on high. The board ran J♥6♣9♠J♠5♥ and that was the end of that for Dobson. -- HS

2.35pm: McTaggart out, McDermott short, Cummings massive
A huge, massive, gargantuan three way all-in just took place, easily the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

The action was started by Paul McTaggart who raised to 25,000, Jack McDermott then three-bet to 55,000, James Cummings four-bet to 112,000, McTaggart raised all-in for 536,000, McDermott (the largest stack) then re-raised all-in, and Cummings called all-in for 755,000. Got that? Good.

And the reason for all this action was clear when the cards where revealed.

McTaggart: Q♣Q♥
McDermott: J♥J♠
Cummings: A♣A♦

Three huge hands had collided but could the best one hold up? The flop of 4♦[10c]9♦ kept Cummings in front and he stayed there on the 6♥ turn and 9♥ river.

So McTaggart departed, McDermott is down to 300,000 and Cummings is up to 2,100,000, which is probably even more than Iqbal Ahmed. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1000

2.10pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20 minute break, 42 remain and we're hopeful we'll get full chip counts from the tournament staff at the end of the break. -- NW

2.05pm: Tournament house keeping
A woman will not win UKIPT Nottingham as the last remaining female player has just been eliminated from this tournament.

Barry McMahon opened from under-the-gun, Iqbal Ahmed flat called and Veronika Pavlikova then moved all-in for around 400,000 from the big blind. Back on McMahon he re-raised all-in and Ahmed got out the way.

McMahon: A♦A♥
Pavlikova: A♣Q♠

The board ran out J♠8♠7♦2♥Q♦ and Pavlikova was whisked off to the payouts desk. McMahon meanwhile is up to 1,300,000. Given that he started the day with 144,000 that's some rush. -- NW

2pm: Ahmed wounded by Piotrowski power
Iqbal Ahmed is mortal after all. He just made a huge move against Przemek Piotrowski but ran into the second nuts, which weren't going to be passed.

Heaven knows how the hand played out, but they were in the blinds - Piotrowski in the small, Ahmed in the big - and they were already to a river. The board showed 6♦5♠9♠6♥Q♦. There was 45,000 in front of Ahmed (probably after a check by Piotrowski) and the Polish player then raised to 157,000.

Ahmed announced that he was all in, comfortably covering anyone in the field, but Piotrowski in particular. But Piotrowski called instantly and tabled Q♥Q♠.

Ahmed mucked his hand but the dealer forced him to show it as it was a called all in. Ahmed wasn't too thrilled about it, but had to show king-two.

This tells us two things: firstly that Ahmed doesn't win every pot he plays. But also that he doesn't always hit, so those chips he accumulated yesterday weren't only the result of run good. He can play a bit too.


Iqbal Ahmed tries to get a read

Piotrowski now has about 950,000. Ahmed still has about two million. And one seat further round the table is Richard Pearce, who has about 400,000 and is creeping steadily upward. -- HS

1.55pm: Tournament house keeping
It's been a hectic opening here on Day 3 but if you click here you can the chip count page, a pack of challengers is forming behind Iqbal Ahmed. And if you click here you can see who's won what so far. -- NW

1.45pm: Premiums not at a premium
Sometimes hands play themselves and when two premiums collide that's usually the case.

Bjorne Lindberg found pocket jacks, James Cummings pocket kings and it all went in, Cummings that at risk player with the effective stack of 378,500.

DSC_0109jamie cummings.jpg

Jamie Cummings

The flop of 9♦8♦K♦ raised a few eyebrows as it gave Lindberg more outs, the [10c] turn even more so, but the 5♠ river was a blank. Cummings up to nearly 800,000 whilst Lindberg was left severely depleted with just 100,000. -- NW

1.35pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but Lee Dixon, Neil Rogers, Mark O'Connor, Richard Evans, Neil Harvey, Kin Wong, Jonathan McCann, Mukesh Morjaria, Paul Haycock, Nathan Kiely, Gareth Teatum, Michael Leng, Sami Yusuf and Pawel Czartoryski won't be having to pull a sicky tomorrow to get off work as they're all out. -- NW


Paul Haycock gathers his thoughts after his elimination

1.25pm: Czartoryski and Leng, opposite ends of the Scrabble spectrum, both out
An ace in the small blind with a short stack is plenty enough to get them in, especially if it's been folded to you. But if the big blind, also with a short stack, then wakes up with an ace, it's all going to be about the kickers. And even then there's still the bonus out-draw button.

To decipher this wordy intro: action was just folded to Pawel Czartoryski and Hasmukh Khodiyara in the blinds and they got all their chips in. Czartoryski had A♣9♠ and Khodiyara had A♥7♠, and his stack of 245,000 was the one under threat.

But when the board ran 7♥A♠4♣6♠2♠, the smaller kicker had come good and Czartoryski was left with about ten big blinds. They went in soon after and ended up being added to the stack of Chris Brammer. Czartoryski is out.


Chris Brammer, moving into seven figures

Brammer is now actually up beyond a million chips, having also accounted for Michael Leng in the past couple of hands. Leng had A♠8♥ to Brammer's 9♦9♣ and the pocket pair stayed good. Leng is also on the rail. -- HS

1.20pm: No stopping the runaway train: Huge pot for Ahmed
There is no stopping Iqbal Ahmed, he's up to 2,400,000 after accounting for Nathan Kiely, himself one of the big stacks at the start of play.

I only saw the river action but with a full board of 2♥J♥8♣4♦7♣ on the felt and around 450,000 in the pot, Kiely (big blind) led out for 210,000 leaving himself a similar amount back. Almost instantly Ahmed announced all-in, but there was no snap decision from Kiely.

He leaned back in his chair and began talking the hand through, some of it was inaudible but he clearly said: "All I can beat is a missed flush draw, that's all I can beat."

After a few minutes he eventually announced call, Ahmed showed the nuts [10c]9♣ and Kiely said: "that's sick, so sick," and showed the ahead to the river K♣K♦. -- NW

1.10pm: Bad light stops play
It's just not cricket! The remaining tables are each being moved in turn to a different area in Dusk Till Dawn due to bad lighting in the current area that they're in. Tournament staff will be adding three minutes to the clock so that the players don't lose out. -- NW

1pm: Van der Vliet accounts for Haycock
A couple of the players around table 74 were left muttering "standard, standard" as a disconsolate Paul Haycock prepared to take his leave. In truth it was the kind of thing we see every day in these big events - ie, a pretty grim out-draw - so although it was standard in one sense, it was still galling in another.

Haycock had got it all in pre-flop with [10s][10d] versus Scott Van Der Vliet's A♣[10h]. The flop was Q♥9♠9♦, which was OK for the pocket tens, but the A♦ turn certainly wasn't. The Q♠ river finished it.

Van der Vliet has about 450,000 now, 200,000-odd of which used to belong to the late Haycock. -- HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000 1,000 ante

12.50pm: Aces hold in huge pot
Such has been the propensity of big pairs to be cracked during this opening level of the day Majid Iqbal must've feared the worst when he found aces. A flurry of raises and re-raises pre-flop saw Liam Batey six-bet shove all-in with A♥Q♣ and Iqbal call all-in for 386,000 with the aces.

The board of 2♥[10d]8♥7♠7♦ was positively pedestrian compared to some we've seen so far today and Iqbal doubled to nearly 800,000 whilst Batey slipped to 500,000. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_liam_batey.jpg

Liam Batey

12.45pm: Pearce flops set, busts Evans
Big hand here for Richard Pearce, who has just knocked out Richard Evans and all but doubled his own stack. It was folded to Pearce in the small blind and he raised to 17,000. Evans defended the big blind with a call and they saw a K♣8♣3♦ flop. Pearce checked and Evans announced that he was all in. Without even needing a count, Pearce instantly called and flipped K♥K♦ for flopped top set.


Richard Pearce on day three

Evans had 7♦9♣ and even his faint hopes for a dramatic outdraw were quashed when the turn paired the board. Tournament officials measured out the stack sizes before confirming that Pearce did indeed have Evans covered and now stack about 300,000. -- HS

12.42pm: Pavlikova lays the trap, Ahmed dances round it
As the short stacks continue to throw their holdings into the middle with gay abandon, things slow down remarkably when two of the big players get involved. Iqbal Ahmed just opened from the cut off to 16,000 and Veronika Pavlikova called from the big blind. The flop came A♦5♦2♦, which was checked through, and they also checked the 4♠ turn.

The 6♠ rivered and Pavlikova bet 35,000. Ahmed seemed to be calling more out of curiosity than anything else and threw in few chips. Pavlikova tabled K♦[10d] for the flopped nuts. Ahmed clearly hadn't caught up sufficiently to pay her off. -- HS

12.40pm: Jacks cracked
Kin Wong's rollercoaster opening level continues as he just doubled up Paul Haycock. The latter got his last 85,000 in with 9♣7♣, Wong found pocket jacks and made the call. The flop of 9♥7♣Q♣ was the wrong one as far as Wong was concerned and he couldn't re-suck on the 8♠ turn or A♣, he's now down to 55,000.

More all-ins and outs than a hokey-cokey contest on table 74. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_kin wong.jpg

Kin Wong

12.35pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but if you're on you're way to rail Danny McHugh, Edward Roger, Mateusz Matla, Richard Milner, Tina Bandyle, Phil Long, Mani Elmarsson or David Prince then turn that car around and head back where you've come from. They have all exited in the opening 30 minutes of play. -- NW

12.33pm: Kings cracked
I only caught the hand live at the all-in stage, but given what was in the middle there had certainly been some medium to heavy pre-flop action. Anyway on the felt was a flop of Q♣J♣Q♦ and Lee Dixon with K♦K♠ and Przemek Piotrowski holding A♠Q♠ had all their respective chips across the line.

The turn and river came 9♥5♣ the stacks were close and Dixon initially thought he was out, but after count he was left with 45,000. -- NW

12.30pm: Wong begins comeback
Mani Elmarsson is cursing his luck having just lost a race to Kin Wong. Wong had been left cripplingly short after that skirmish with Robert Baguley and got his last 65,000 in with A♠Q♥. Elmarsson made a standard call with [10s][10d] but the 2♣7♣3♥9♥Q♦ board meant he was counting out about half his stack to slide it across the felt. -- HS

12.27pm: Bandyle banished by Clarke
Tina Bandyle is the first casualty from Table Terror. Tim Clarke got her, hitting a king with his ace-king to beat Bandyle's pocket threes. That will be the third table to break today, so the rest of the field had better look out when those players are scattered among it.

We are down to 70 already. Our nine starting tables are down to eight. -- HS

12.26pm: Long gone
The exits continue as Phil Long has followed Mani Elmarsson out the door. Coming back with just 115,000 he three-bet all-in with K♠J♣ but Keith Ridley had opened with a genuine hand - A♣Q♥ - and made the call. Neither connected with the board and Ridley motors on to 750,000. -- NW

12.25pm: Wong wrong, Baguley bags
Robert Baguley has just doubled his short stack to about 240,000 after he flopped a flush with 3♦4♦ on a 6♦J♦7♦ board. The Q♠J♠ of Kin Wong couldn't catch up on the K♠7♠ turn and river. Wong is now clinging on. -- HS

12.20pm: First exit
Mani Elmarsson is the first today to feel the sharp pain of having his tournament life extinguished. He moved all-in for 65,000 from the small blind with 8♦6♥ but Scott Van Der Vliet found pocket queens in the big blind.

The flop of J♣6♦8♥ saw Elmarsson take the lead, but the J♦ turn gave it back to Van Der Vliet and he even improved on the Q♥ river to recoup some of his earlier losses. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_scott_van_der_vliet.jpg

Scott Van Der Vliet

12.15pm: Bullies and the bullied
Any table featuring Iqbal Ahmed today was always going to be a tough one, but when you add Veronika Pavlikova and Tim Clark to the mix, it's going to be even harder. Pavlikova flexed her muscles early, three-betting from the big blind after Nathan Kiely had tried to pinch it from the small blind. Kiely folded. And then Ahmed joined the party, opening from early position and getting no callers.

The relative short stack of Richard Pearce then made its way into the middle. He open shoved from early position and Tina Bandyle surrendered her big blind. Not many flops being seen over there on table 11 in the early stages. -- HS

12.10pm: First double up
The first double up of the day has seen Bartek Palka double through Scott Van Der Vliet. The Pole, three-bet all-in with A♥K♦ Van Der Vliet made the call with pocket eights but failed to hold on the [10s]K♣2♦6♣6♥ board. Palka up to 200,000, Van Der Vliet down to 115,000. -- NW

Poker reporters do a lot of stupid things during the course of an average day. But more foolish even than the OK-one-more-for-the-road or the It'll-be-fine-it's-only-been-sitting-there-three-days is the attempt to predict how long it will take to reach a certain number of players.

Today our target at UKIPT Nottingham is to reduce a returning field of 76 to a final table of eight, and we can't resist the guessing game. Yesterday they fell about one per minute, at which rate we'll be done before 1.30pm. But the wise estimates set the line at about seven to eight levels, taking us closer to 9pm.

We shall see, of course. But one thing is for certain: if Iqbal Ahmed continues his form from yesterday, it could be over before it has even begun. He was utterly sensational, but today will be in everyone's sights.

Click through to the day three seat draw. And then join us back here for all the action. -- HS


Iqbal Ahmed, the man to catch

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT