UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 23-28 updates (30,000-60,000 5,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.20am: Devron Hasslenook eliminated in 9th place (£17,050)
Devron Hasslenook had been the player most at risk of elimination for a while and had moved all-in numerous times, eventually someone looked him up. That someone was Grant Pirie. Some would call it a brave call, some would call it stupid, both Nick Woodward and James Cummings called it sick. Here's what happened...

Hasslenook moved all-in for 835,000 from early position it passed to Pirie in the big blind and he asked for the 60,000s to be pulled it so he could know how much more it was. It was 775,000 more beans to call, that equated to more than half Pirie's remaining stack. But call he did, time for the reveal:

Hasslenook: 5♠5♦
Pirie: K♥6♦

It was a flip, but how could Pirie know that? The flop of K♦8♦Q♥ made it a very one sided race, the 9♦ turn changed nothing and neither did the 3♣ river. The players offered commiserations to Hasslenook and thank you's to Pirie as he had bought the long bout of nine-handed play to an end and ensured everyone left in had made the final table.

A full wrap of the day's play and chip counts are on the way. Play resumes at 2pm when we play down to a winner here at UKIPT Nottingham. -- NW


Devron Hasslenook - out in eighth

12.10am: Over
Devron Hasselnook out in ninth. Details to follow.

11.55pm: Nick Woodward doubles through Grant Pirie
From under-the-gun Grant Pirie made it 200,000 to play, it passed to Barry McMahon on the button and he threw out 125,000 without saying anything, clearly having missed the previous action. The floor was called and McMahon was told he could either surrender his bet or make it up to 200,000 total, unsurprisingly he chose the latter.

Then from the big blind Nick Woodward moved all-in for 1,175,000, Pirie announced call and McMahon folded. On their backs:

Woodward: A♦K♣
Pirie: A♣Q♥

The board ran [10d]5♦6♥9♦[10h], Woodward up to 2,400,000, Pirie down to 1,700,000. -- NW
11.45pm: Three shoves, no calls
The title says it all. The short stacks are moving in. The big stacks aren't calling them. On we go. -- HS

11.35pm: Hassle for Hasselnook
It's looking bleak for Devron Hasselnook. He just raise-folded to a shove from McMahon, leaving himself with 725,000. He was all in himself the next hand but got no takers. -- HS

11.30pm: Cummings keeps coming, doubles through McMahon
Barry McMahon opened to 125,000 and James Cummings moved all in for 1,345,000. Folded back to McMahon, he called and showed J♠J♥. But Cummings had the bullets: A♣A♦ and after the board ran Q♥2♠4♠[10h]3♦, he was back in the game with more than 2.7million. McMahon is now down to 1.9m.


James Cummings

BLINDS UP. NOW 30,000-60,000 5,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 28

11.20pm: Chip leader still chipping
Iqbal Ahmed is still playing some poker here, even though he could probably fold every hand and finish in the top three. He just got involved with the resurgent Hasmukh Khodiyara and put the brakes on a spirited comeback. Khodiyara had probably moved into second place before the following hand, but he has slipped back down the pecking order now.

It started when Khodiyara opened to 140,000 and Ahmed called on the button. They saw a flop of 4♥Q♣[10d] and Khodiyara fired 180,000 at it. Ahmed called. The turn was K♠ and Khodiyara checked. But Ahmed wanted to play for more and bet 325,000. Khodiyara called.

That took them to an 8♥ river and Khodiyara checked again. Ahmed bet 900,000 and after an agonised pause Khodiyara folded. -- HS

11.10pm: Grant Pirie doubles through Ian Senior
He didn't say it but Grant Pirie just used his one time.

He opened to 125,000 from early position, next to act Ian Senior slid out a big stack of white 100k chips, totaling 2,000,000. It passed back to Pirie who shrugged and called all-in, his stack totaled 1,185,000.

Pirie: 7♦7♥
Senior: K♦K♣

The flop of 5♦2♦2♠ changed nothing, neither did the 4♥ turn, but the 7♠ on the river certainly did. The crowd gasped, Pirie gave a look of a naughty schoolboy and play continues.

Still nine left. -- NW

11pm: Quiet
It's quiet out there with nine players left. No one wants to be left out of the final. Devron Hasselnook is now the man most at risk: he just opened to 100,000 from the button but was forced to fold when Hasmukh Khodiyara moved all in from the blinds. Few flops and few big pots. -- HS

10.50pm: Woodward doubles
Nick Woodward is still battling, and has just doubled up through Iqbal Ahmed. He open shoved for 680,000 with Q♠J♥ and Ahmed did what a chip leader is supposed to do. He called with A♥4♥.

But Woodward hasn't read the script in which Ahmed picks off everyone to set up the final. The flop came 7♠Q♥5♣2♠4♠ to keep him alive and keep this nine-handed table intact. -- HS


Nick Woodward

10.30pm: Not the final table
So, they are down to nine in Nottingham, but a final table in these parts only has space for eight. The following are now seated around a single table, but they will play on until one more is ousted and then we'll be done for the night.

Here's the new table draw and approximate chips:

1 - Ian Senior 4,500,000
2 - Devron Hasselnook 1,300,000
3 - Hasmukh Khodiyara 2,150,000
4 - Robert Baguley 2,400,000
5 - Iqbal Ahmed 6,000,000
6 - Barry McMahon 3,400,000
7 - James Cummings 1,150,000
8 - Nick Woodward 700,000
9 - Grant Pirie 1,275,000


Ahmed - chip leader with nine left

10.25pm: Iqbal ousted in tenth (£17,050)
Majid Iqbal is out, and no one can really blame him for playing the hand exactly like this. It's what's known as a cold deck. Iqbal opened to 125,000 from the cut off and Ian Senior called from the small blind.

They saw a flop of 7♥4♥2♠ and Senior shoved, comfortably covering Iqbal. Iqbal snap-called for his tournament life. He had the nuts at this stage: 7♠7♦.

But Senior had the flush draw, and that would prove decisive. The [10h] on the turn swung it Senior's way, and the 3♦ was not the pairing card Iqbal needed.

He goes out in tenth and they are now all arranging around one table. -- HS


Majid Iqbal, bubbles the unofficial final table

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000-50,000 5,000 ante

10.15pm: Chris Brammer eliminated in 11th place (£11,350)
Chris Brammer was the player regarded by many to be the most talented left in the field but he's just missed out on making his second UKIPT final table.

In his exit hand Iqbal Ahmed min-raised to 100,000 from under-the-gun, it passed to Brammer in the small blind, he had a stack of about 1,100,000.

He capped his cards and began to riffle chips, running through the various options in his head, after a minute or so had passed he announced all-in, Ahmed took far less time to announce call. On their backs:

Brammer: K♠Q♥
Ahmed: A♥Q♣

Brammer grimaced as he saw what he was up against and although he flopped a pair, Ahmed flopped a bigger one on the K♦A♠7♣5♣3♦ board.

10 left, with one more elimination the players will combine at one table and with a further single elimination the final table of eight will be set. -- NW

ukipt nottingham_day 3_chris_brammer .jpg

Brammer (foreground) and Ahmed (background) sweat the board

9.55pm: Break
The 12 remaining players are taking a break. They'll be back in 20 minutes. -- HS

9.50pm: Chihao Tsang busts
Chihao Tsang is out. He got involved in a raising battle in the blinds with Barry McMahon and they got it all in. Tsang had about 300,000 at the time and queen-eight. He was up against J♥[10h].

The flop had an eight on it, but the river was a ten. And that was decisive, sending Tsang in search of 12th place money. -- HS


Chihao Tsang

9.45pm: Two-hand roller-coaster for Cummings
Here are the changing fortunes of a poker player in two consecutive hands. Both involved James Cummings: he lost one, then he won one and his chips evened out as a result.

First up, he found black kings when Majid Iqbal had found black aces. Needless to say, all the chips went in pre-flop and the aces held. The all in was for about 500,000, so that left Cummings with slightly more than 600,000. (Iqbal moved up to more than a million.)


Majid Iqbal's supporters celebrate a double up


Majid Iqbal

But almost straight after, Cummings got it in with J♦K♠ and he was up against the 8♥8♣ of Hasmukh Khodiyara. This time the board favoured Cummings. It ran 7♥J♣J♥2♥Q♠, so he doubled back up. -- HS

9.40pm: Score two for Omagh?
Barry McMahon is having a very fine day indeed. He came back with just 144,00 but now sits third in chips with more than three million. What's perhaps even more remarkable than this phoenix like rise from the ashes is that he's Emmett Mullin's best mate. Yep the Emmett Mullin who won UKIPT Galway in February.

The UKIPT champ is railing his buddy and said: "It'd be crazy to have back to back winners from Omagh. I'm sweating him hard and I don't even have a percentage."

Turns out McMahon is lucky to be in the tournament at all let alone this deep, "He made a last minute decision to come and play, he only decided on the Tuesday to come and he bought in as an alternate."

ukipt nottingham_day 3_barry_mcmahon.jpg

Barry McMahon

So who's the better player? "Well I wouldn't like to say, but if he wins I taught him everything he knows, but if he bubbles the final table then I didn't teach him anything. -- NW

9.30pm: Huge pot means Senior ranking for Ian
Ian Senior is now the main pretender to Iqbal Ahmed's chip lead as he has 3,800,000 after eliminating Przemek Piotrowski in a huge three million chip pot.

Nick Woodward lit the touch paper by raising to 105,000, Piotrowski three-bet to 225,000, Senior moved all-in for an effective 1,500,000 and after Woodward got out the way Piotrowski made the call.

Senior: J♦J♠
Piotrowski: A♥K♠


Ian Senior

The board ran 4♦5♣Q♥[10c][10d] and Senior was the calmest man at the table as he stacked the chips. -- NW

9.20pm: Hasselnook wriggles out of tough corner, felts Lindberg
Devron Hasselnook is now a serious contender here. He has just sent Bjorne Lindberg out, casting anguished glances skyward at what was a four-outer on the river.

Hasselnook opened to 55,000 from under the gun and Lindberg moved all in from the button, for 435,000 total. Hasselnook was in a tough spot - he had a stack of about 1.1m that he had been building steadily over the past few levels. In the end he announced an uncertain call, and soon learned that he was behind.

Hasselnook: K♣Q♥
Lindberg: A♠J♥

At this stage, Lindberg was only a 59 per cent favourite, but a flop of 5♥7♣A♦ gave him a 97 per cent lock on the hand. However, that three percent was telling because although the J♣ turn may have looked good, it actually gave Hasselnook four outs.


Bjorne Lindberg

The [10h] river was one of them. Lindberg was aghast; Hasselnook delirious. Lindberg is out in 14th and Hasselnook is up to about 1.6m. -- HS

9.15pm: Baguley bullies Hassel off pot
He might be the eldest gentleman left in the field but Robert Baguley has got a few tricks up his sleeve as well as a few chips in his stack. It folded to him on the button and he raised to 85,000 and then called when Devron Hasselnook raised to 210,000.

The two of them saw a flop of 3♥Q♣7♥ Hasselnook led for 155,000 but passed (eventually) after Baguley made it 400,000 to go. -- NW

9.10pm: Atherton stumped by senior
It took about 15 minutes for the first post-dinner casualty and Lee Atherton is the man who has been sent to the rail. Ian Senior raised it up to 100,000, Atherton jammed all-in for about 500,000 and Senior called.

When the cards were revealed Atherton knew he'd have to catch a three outer as his A♠J♣ was dominated by Senior's A♥K♥, but a non-descript board of 9♥3♠6♥4♠[10s] saw him exit in 15th place for a £8,000 payday.

Meanwhile James Cummings has been moved to table one for balancing purposes. -- NW

9.05pm: Chip counts
Here you go. These are the full counts, as scanned during the last break.

Iqbal Ahmed 5018000
Barry McMahon 3198000
Hasmukh Khodiyara 2562000
Robert Baguley 2236000
Grant Pirie 1412000
Ian Senior 1406000
James Cummings 1293000
Christopher Brammer 1282000
Przemek Piotrowski 1169000
Devron Hasselnook 1111000
Nick Woodward 1091000
Majid Iqbal 756000
Lee Atherton 664000
Björne Lindberg 502000
Chihao Tsang 411000

9pm: Back!
Hello again. We're all back in place. Chip counts are coming right up. -- HS


LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000 4,000 ante

8.05pm: Break time
And so to eat. We're taking a 45-minute break to shove some sustenance down our necks and will be back to play to this final.

Full counts of the remaining 15 players will be with us shortly. Suffice to say, and you knew this already, Iqbal Ahmed is your leader. -- HS

8pm: Byrne busts, Devron digs in
Hasmukh Khodiyara has just knocked out Sean Byrne in a hand that no one seems to know anything about. Even though the two cameramen were standing watching, the most details they could provide were that Byrne had 8-5 and Khodiyara had kings. Majid Iqbal, also at that table, looked baffled and said: "Did his nut." That's probably the best way to describe it.

However it happened, Byrne departs in 16th and Khodiyara goes up to 2.6m.

Shortly after, and on the other table, Devron Hasselnook doubled up to about 1.6m with ace-king against the jacks of James Cummings. An ace rivered. -- HS

7.55pm: James Cummings doubles through Iqbal Ahmed
This could be a tournament changing pot, or it could be a mere flesh wound, either way Iqbal Ahmed has lost the first significant pot I can remember him losing in near on two days.

It was James Cummings who dented him, all-in for 883,000 with pocket sixes he was up against Ahmed's A♠K♠. Few would've bet against an ace or the face card Ahmed needed appearing in the community cards. But the board ran Q♦9♣7♣[10h]Q♠ and Cummings is up to 1,800,000 while Ahmed slips to 5,200,000 and despite that hit he's still comfortably in the lead. -- NW

7.45pm: Two table redraw
With 16 players left, they have reassembled around two tables. Here's the redraw details:

Table 1
1 - Majid Iqbal
2 - Przemek Piotrowski
3 - Sean Byrne
4 - Ian Senior
5 - Hasmukh Khodiyara
6 - Lee Atherton
7 - Grant Pirie
8 - Nick Woodward

Table 2
1 - Robert Baguley
2 - Devron Hasselnook
3 - Chris Brammer
4 - James Cummings
5 - Barry McMahon
6 - Björne Lindberg
7 - Chihao Tsang
8 - Iqbal Ahmed

The plan is to play to the end of this level - about another 15 minutes - and then take a 45-minute dinner break. -- HS

7.40pm: Gordon Bennett Mk 2! Warren out
The main intrigue about this hand is how long it took the chips to go in. Warren Bennett had K♣K♦, Barry McMahon had A♠A♦ but they waited until the 5♥5♣6♥ flop was out before all the chips went in. Bennett bet 55,000, McMahon raised to 120,000 and Bennett moved all in for about 300,000 more.


Barry McMahon and Emmett Mullin

Only then were the hands turned over and Bennett saw the bad news. The 9♣4♥ turn and river changed nothing, and Bennett is gone. -- HS

7.35pm: Chips
Click here to see chipcounts of all 16 remaining players. Below you'll see the top five:

Iqbal Ahmed 6,300,000
Barry McMahon 3,100,000
Robert Baguley 2,400,000
Ian Senior 1,350,000
Grant Pirie 1,200,000

7.30pm: Miracle of Majid continues
Earlier we reported how Majiq Iqbal had come back from less than two big blinds to over 600,000 (more than 20 big blinds) through a series of improbable double ups. Well, he just did it again and now has over a million.

Keith Ridley open shoved for 364,000 with A♥K♠, and Iqbal called with A♦Q♥. He had to wait until the river of a 4♠2♣[10c]8♥Q♣ board but his miracle recovery continues. Although that's little consolation for Ridley who departs in 18th winning £6,820. -- NW

7.20pm: Brammer trebles, Clarke out
They say luck evens itself out, well Chris Brammer , who minutes earlier suffered an outdraw just trebled up despite having the worst hand pre-flop.

Tim Clarke open shoved the cut-off for a little under 400,000, Brammer then called all-in for 265,000 and Chihao Tsang, who had both covered, called from the big blind. On their backs:

Clarke: A♠8♦
Brammer: K♥J♠
Tsang: A♦Q♥

The flop of K♣7♣5♣ put Brammer in front and he stayed there as the turn and river came Q♦J♦. Brammer now up to 850,000, Tsang down to 550,000 and Clarke out in 19th for £5,680.


Tim Clarke

-- NW

7.10pm: Baguley leaves Brammer steaming, licking severe wounds
Here's a huge hand - one that has sent Chris Brammer steaming off into the Dusk Till Dawn car-park to try to gather his thoughts. When he comes back he will find himself left with only 370,000 after losing a monster pot to Robert Baguley.

Brammer opened from under the gun and Baguley called from the big blind. The flop came 3♣5♠Q♠ and it looked like there was a small bet and call here. (Note: most of this was being reported second hand by Iqbal Ahmed at the table.)

The J♦ turned and then it all went nuts. Somehow all of Baguley's 881,000 found its way into the pot and Brammer called. Baguley had flopped bottom pair and turned two pair with his J♥3♦. Brammer had little choice but to pay him off with his pocket kings.


Robert Baguley

Gulp. You can make of that what you will. -- HS

7.05pm: The miracle of Majid
Down to just 40,000 (less than two big blinds) just a short while ago Majid Iqbal now has a stack of 600,000 after doubling up three times. I caught the latest double first hand. He was all-in with pocket fours against James Cummings A♦K♥.

"Low board, keep it low," shouted his fans. The board ran Q♥3♥6♠Q♦7♣ and whilst not all low, the board was devoid of aces or kings which was what mattered to Iqbal. -- NW

6.55pm: Van Der Vliet eliminated: more for Ahmed
Iqbal Ahmed has just eliminated Scott Van Der Vliet and added another 1,300,000 to his stack. He now has around 6,000,000 which is a quarter of the chips in play.

In the hand in question, Van Der Vliet opened to 52,000 on the button, Ahmed three-bet to 112,000 from the big blind, Van Der Vliet tanked and then made it 234,000 on the button, Ahmed set Van Der Vliet in for about another million and Van Der Vliet called it off.

Ahmed: A♣Q♣
Van Der Vliet A♠8♦

When he realised the situation he was in Van Der Vliet pushed his cards towards the dealer in a manner that suggested he was disgusted with his play.

The board ran [10s]4♣J♠2♠A♥, Ahmed's aggressive image clearly working in his favour in this hand. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000 ante 3,000

6.45pm: Nunes out, Ahmed continues in familiar fashion
Paul Nunes has been sent to the cash desk, looking for £5,680 for 21st. He lost a chunk to Chris Brammer with nines against jacks, and then ran sixes into tens to finish him off.

Brammer, though, gave a load away soon after when he ran into Iqbal Ahmed. Brammer raised to 50,000 from under the gun and Ahmed called on the button. The rest of the table wisely got out the way, and the pair of them saw a K♥K♦6♠ flop.

Brammer bet 55,000. Ahmed raised to 150,000. Brammer called. The 3♣ turned and Brammer checked. Ahmed bet 250,000, which Brammer called. And then they went to an A♣ river.

Brammer checked and Ahmed checked behind. He now had showdown value with his A♠5♠ and Brammer shook his head and mucked. -- HS

6.45pm: Kugelstadt out in 22nd
Tom Kugelstadt is the first faller this level and the first for sometime. He open-shoved for 420,000 on the button with K♠[10s] and Barry McMahon found ace-queen in the big blind. He didn't need it but a queen on the turn sealed the deal. -- NW

6.35pm: Nick Woodward doubles through Majid Iqbal
If hands held up on the basis of your rail calling cards in then Nick Woodward will win this tournament.

He opened to 52,500 from middle position, Majid Iqbal, three-bet to 118,000, Woodward moved all-in for 585,000 and Iqbal called. On their backs:

Woodward: Q♦Q♠
Iqbal: A♠Q♣

"Queen on the flop," shouted Woodward's rail, the dealer duly delivered as it came K♣Q♥K♦. "You like that flop Nick?," shouted one of Woodward's mates.

The turn and river were blanks and Woodward is now back above average stack whilst Iqbal is down to just 40,000. -- NW


Nick Woodward

6.30pm: Attrition continues
As noted below, after four days of pretty much relentless action, things have finally slowed down in Nottingham. The three big stacks of Iqbal Ahmed, Chris Brammer and Scott van der Vliet are all on one table, so they are being circumspect around one another. Furthermore even the short stacks aren't perilously short yet, so there's no need to panic.

Ahmed and Brammer did just play a pot together, but kept it small. After Ahmed raised to 50,000 from the cut off, Brammer called from the big blind, and they saw a [10c]3♦5♦ flop. Brammer check-called Ahmed's 75,000. Then Brammer took the lead and bet 135,000 on the 7♣ turn. Ahmed called. The Q♠ rivered and they both checked.

Ahmed showed [10h]8♠ and his pair of tens were good. -- HS

6.20pm: Slowing
The action has slowed since the start of level 24. This must've been the longest we've gone without an all-in and call. Here's what I did see though...

- Tom Kugelstadt moved all-in twice, once as an open shove and once over the top of a Przemek Piotrowsk open. He got both through as is up to about 460,000.

- Grant Pirie took a pot from Lee Atherton by three-betting to 200,000, Atherton who had opened to 60,000, took a couple of minutes in the tank before folding.

- Robert Baguley won a three-way pot against Iqbal Ahmed and Scott Van Der Vliet, he had to fire two barrels though to shake them off. -- NW

6.10pm: Chips
During the last break tournament staff did a comprehensive chip count, you can see counts of all remaining players here. Below are the top five, and the rest are on the chip-count page:

Iqbal Ahmed United Kingdom 4183000
Christopher Brammer United Kingdom 1716000
Scott Van Der Vliet United Kingdom 1626000
Przemek Piotrowski Poland 1609000
James Cummings United Kingdom 1567000

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 12,000-24,000 3,000 ANTE

5.55pm: A heavenly intervention
Curse our sinning ways. In the coming five minutes, Tottenham Hotspur will play Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final and you would expect that to prompt a nervous wave of anticipation around a poker club like Dusk Till Dawn. There are countless football fans in here, many of whom will have had a financial investment on the outcome of the game, and there are also loads of TVs. Football heaven, right? Wrong. The real heavens have actually intervened and the tellies are broke. Not that the screens are blank, oh no. In fact they're showing Songs of Praise on BBC1 - and no one can even turn the volume down.

So instead of the chanting of football fans and the bellowing of bettors, we are currently being bathed in the tones of a school choir proclaiming All Things Bright And Beautiful or some such. It's not what you see everyday in a poker room, that's for sure. -- HS

5.50pm: Iacofano out
Scott van der Vliet has just sent Kevin Iacofano to the rail in a million chip pot. Van der Vliet's Q♣[10c] connected rather nicely with the J♦4♥K♠A♦7♣ board, betting all the way, and then Iacofano called all in on the river. He mucked when shown the nuts.

Both those guys were PokerStars qualifiers so have already recorded a significant ROI. Van der Vliet, remember, qualified for $1. -- HS

ukipt_nottingham_kevin_iacofano_day 3.jpg

Kevin Iacofano

5.30pm: Million more to Ahmed
Iqbal Ahmed has just chipped a million out of Przemek Piotrowski's stack, defending his big blind with queen-nine, hitting a queen on the flop and then another on the river. -- HS

5.25pm: Two exits
Exit one: Ish Patel was down to just 74,000, K♠J♥ more than good enough to go to war with then, but Barry McMahon found K♦Q♠ and started and stayed in front.

Exit two: Jamie Dale moved all-in for 125,000 with 8♠4♦ and got a call from Bjorne Lindberg who held A♦J♦. The A♥5♦5♣ flop left Dale drawing thin, it was all over on the 9♠ turn and Dale was out of his seat before the meaningless 7♣ fell on the river. -- NW

5.20pm: Outdraw keeps Hasselnook alive
Devron Hasselnook is still alive - but knows that he is very fortunate to be so. Jamie Dale called Hasselnook's shove with A♦J♣ and was way ahead of the Dutchman's Q♣J♠. But the dealer swung it all in the opposite direction, dealing a [10s]3♥4♠Q♠4♥ board.

ukipt nottingham_day 3_devron_hasselnook .jpg

Devron Hasselnook

That queen was decisive to keep Hasselnook in it and leaving Dale looking green. He was out soon after (see above). -- HS

5.10pm: Beazley busted
Jason Beazley is the first post-break casualty, Barry McMahon the man who got his chips. Beazley was all-in for 260,000 with K♠[10s] against McMahon's A♠Q♦.
He flopped a flush draw as the flop came 2♠8♠7♥, the J♣ turn gave him more outs but he missed them all on the 5♥ river. After that hand McMahon is up to 700,000 and he also used his one time. -- NW

5.05pm: Brammer hits monster, roars back into contention
Everything about this double up is massive: massive hands, massive pot, massive reputation of the player who won it. Robert Baguley had a pair of kings. Chris Brammer had a pair of aces. And in no limit hold 'em, this tends to mean willingness on both counts to get it all in.


Chris Brammer, back in contention

Brammer was made to sweat. The board came [10c]8♣9♣ and only Baguley had a club. And then when the Q♠ turn, Baguley picked up even more outs. But the 6♦ rivered and that kept Brammer not only alive but up to 1.6m.

Baguley is pegged back to 500,000 approx. -- HS

5pm: Scores on the door
I've just updated the chip counts page with 100% accurate counts of the final 26, these counts were done by tournament staff during the last break.

The current top five are:

Iqbal Ahmed, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player 3,000,000
Przemek Piotrowski, Poland, 2,600,000
James Cummings, United Kingdom, 2,030,000
Grant Pirie, United Kingdom, 1,720,000
Chris Brammer, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,600,000

4.50pm: Watershed
We start level 24 with 26 players remaining. Seems likely that the level number will overtake players in the next hour, which is always a landmark of sorts in tournaments like this.

Iqbal Ahmed is still out front, but there is the potential for huge fireworks on his table. He is sitting beside Przemek Piotrowski, who has another monstrous stack, and Barry McMahon is playing into them both.

Just before the end of the last level, we got an indication of how those three are playing. McMahon raised the cut off, to 34,000, and Piotrowski three bet the button to 78,000. That was enough.

Then the next hand, Piotrowski raised the cut off to 32,000, Ahmed raised the button to 75,000 and Piotrowski four bet to 208,000. That was too rich for Ahmed.

That's going to be a fun table to watch. This is what you'd see if you were playing into them all:


From left to right: Barry McMahon, Przemek Piotrowski and Iqbal Ahmed

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT