UKIPT Nottingham: Marcin Milde leads after first leg of whopper

ukiptthumb.JPGIt has been a whopping day on the UKIPT, so here's a double-quick wrap of the earliest stages. Just the facts folks. Just the facts.

It was Day 1A at UKIPT Nottingham, which is always the most popular stop on the entire tour. This year, a £1m guaranteed prize pool - for a £700 tournament! - was dangled as further incentive, and the players responded in their droves.

Of the 532 players who showed up to play, 100 remain after 11 one-hour levels. The man with the most is Marcin Milde, who bagged 278,700 after hitting cruise control, particularly after the dinner break.


Marcin Milde, chip leader at end of day 1A

He kept his closest challengers close by. At the end of the day, Milde was on the same table as Sean Byrne (218,800), Timothy Chung (159,900) and Adebayo Odetoyinbo (167,400). Phil Long (193,200) was one table over and Jamie Dale (153,600) another along. (Shean Smith had 175,900 at the end too, but he was in the other section of the tournament room.)


Jamie Dale: every right to smile


Adebayo Odetoyinbo: happy with himself

A full list of the end of day chip-counts will appear on the chip-count page as soon as we have them.

Not everyone was smiling of course. We lost the two former UKIPT Nottingham champions Andrew Couldridge and Gareth Walker. EPT Loutraki champion Zimnan Ziyard also arrived very late - into level six - and bust before the day's end. They were among many others who will not see Saturday at Dusk Till Dawn.


Andrew Couldridge: No second title


Zimnan Ziyard: Tough luck on the UKIPT

Day 1B starts at noon on Thursday - about ten hours from now - and is almost certain to be even bigger. Day 1C, the day after that, will be the biggest of them all, meaning numbers could reach the dizzy heights of 1,700. That would mean more than £220,000 for the winner. I repeat, from a £700 tournament. Wow.

But all that is to come, and right now resting up is the priority. If you're in need of a soporific, then there's little better than our level-by-level updates to sooth you into slumber. Take a look back on them with the links below.

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That'll be all for now. Good night.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT